Earth Abides

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  1. Has anyone else read Earth Abides, by Geogre R. Stewart? I picked this book up in my senior year of HS. Didn't really think I was going to read it, but then I became emarsed. I know I read this book because in some ways it is similar to fallout. It is about the earth ravaged by plague, killing off almost all of human life. And one mans journy across it and how he settles down and creates a comunity, and how the world expands. It is not futuristic like fallout, set in the 1950's, but is one exelent book. I would suggest any fallout fan to sit down and read it.

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    it would be nice to make it a storyline, when the gaz u spred in the enclave gets to a chiniess fishig boat from san-fran and from thats it spred to the rest of the wastelands. when ur job is to save what's left. the map will contane ruins from F2 and new places.