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    Feb 5, 2005
    About a week or so ago I began an RPing group called Earth's New Man on the Of Many Minds Art and Roleplaying forum. Right now it's small, but Welsh gave me pemission to tell you all about it in the Roleplaying forum.

    Earth's New Man, of course, happens after World War Three. The USA collapsed and wackos took over the nuclear arsenals, firing them off. China took this collapse as an advantage and went on an invasion spree while India and Pakistan fimally went at it, while Israel and Iran let 'em fly at each other. Now every major capital except for London, Paris, and IStanbul, which were able to stay out of the conflicts, are seriously nuked. Civilization fell apart, and Mankind entered a Dark Age.

    But then came Noah. Noah visited tribals, gangs, groups, whatever represented some sort of government, and told them to return to the cities. He told them what governments were and the different forms. The people listened to Noah, and the City-State emerged once again.

    Each player gets to play as a City-State, the largest ones being about 5/7 the size of Switzerland (Or so.) Each City-State has their own distinct advantage, such as a greater access to high tech stuff or a fleet of naval vessels that can easily be used for trading and military, and their own Elites group, such as the Gunslingers or the Cids.

    Earth's New Man looks promising, and it only needs members, and the members that we have will be more than happy to help you out.

    Earth's New Man
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.