Endings!?!? Fallout 3 GotYE All content added.

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    May 3, 2010
    Possible spoiler because it's about the end of the game.

    [spoiler:b9e0dfeeb6]Stated above, I have the GotYE, with all the content installed. I went through the main part, and only doing OA of the DLC. Finished the main quest using myself to hit the buttons. I got one picture of me playing at the console and a narrative of "You badass you're like your dad, blah blah...". So I continued on with Broken Steel hoping the endings would show up there. Woo hoo blew the hell outta Adams AFB... Back at the BoS base. NOTTA.

    Are there no endings like the first 3? No Ron telling me how I saved Megaton, blew the hell outta Tenpenny??? Did I do something wrong in game? Do I have to complete every damn quest?
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    Well, you got the ending"s" after you finished Fallout 3. That's all you get, there is nothing more.