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    Ok i give up, maybe im stupid :-( but what exactly am i supposed to do witht the ent. editor...lol.
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    what you do is open the files in the core/entities. then search for the folder called recruits. (I don't know if this was there before the patch) you can now change the recruits into anything you wish, i.e. raider,humanoid-robot, you'll have to search around for the files that list the names of everything. but I think they are in the folder called core/locale/game that folder should give you all the character names and items and such. just open them with wordpad.:)
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    Is it possible to change the tag skills/traits/portraits/names of the recruits as well as the race/stats/et cetera? On certain entities (from the entities_0.bos archive) I can remove existing tag skills (set to FALSE), but not add new ones; I cannot find any mention of tag skills in the BoS recruits' .ent files. Could someone who knows more about this please enlighten me? :)
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    (ignore that last post of mine please. too late to edit it :()
    Anyway, here's what I currently know how to change in (full version, not demo) BoS recruits:

    SPECIAL Stats

    Things I can't change include Tags, Traits, Perks, Inventory items, Portraits, or derived stats like Resistances and Critical chances. Does anybody know how to edit these?
    Phil the pill
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    Below SPECIAL stats is a bunch of 0's, some of them represent tag skills (kind of a boolean array) - and just below that comes another bool array with traits.

    Resistances, perk rate and those are mostly hardcoded (to my knowledge) and linked to race (a robot has a natural >100% resist to both poison and radiation).
    Critical chance likewise, but is also affected by luck.

    Perks, Inventory items and Portraits - dunno :|

    Ps. When you edit race, do your perk rate change - if not then read my second (and first) post in the "singleplay as any race" thread. The bytes I mention there are BTW just after traits...