Fallout 1 DVD case - is it the US version? Patched?

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    Jul 18, 2017
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and I think this forum is where I would post something like this... if not please let me know where it belongs. I recently replayed the first Fallout, which I got through GOG, but later discovered that both the Steam and GOG downloads are the UK version of the game, which has some limitations such as removing kids and drug references from the game. I know there's patches to fix that, but when I started surfing the web, discovered that I could get the original US CD-ROM for a decent price.
    Call me crazy, but I've always preferred physical things as opposed to virtual downloads, I like the feel of having a movie DVD or music vinyl in my hands a lot better than having it stored on an app. Ideally, i would like to get the original big box version, even if its used, but that seems to be financially impossible. Instead, I've come across a CD release of the game that comes in a DVD box, not a CD case like others. The DVD box looks like its a more recent rerelease of the game because it lists Windows Vista as a playable operating system. I think it's the US version because it has the ESRB "M" rating on its cover but because the recent rereleases of the game are the UK version, does anyone who owns the DVD case version know if it is indeed the US version? Also, I've read that the original CD version came with a bunch of bugs that have since been fixed by patches that are conveniently found on this site: does the DVD version, since its a more recent release, come with those patches already installed or would I have to later install fixes just like I would on a vintage 1997 disc? I've already scoured the internet looking for some sort of information on this DVD box release, but can't find anything. Searching for it through the forums hasn't helped that much either.
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    The steam version is the US version, includes the required patches, and content the original was missing. That should satisfy your need for the specific Fallout version.

    For a CD copy, look on Ebay, craiglist, or any other online auction site. I promise you will find a couple copies floating around.

    You do not require a physical copy to get the US version. However I am not sure if the version is region locked so if your in the UK I cannot say if you will get the UK version on steam, although I doubt Steam actually cares about that distinction on such an old game.
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    Only some US CDs produced during a certain time have the corrupted cathedral map. My Fallout 1 1.0 US CD doesn't have the defect.
    There are multiple versions of DVD compilation releases. Currently I own two different DVDs, one is "Fallout Collection" DVD with box cover like this:

    This one has Fallout 1 in European 1.2 (censored, without children) and Fallout 2 in US 1.0 (main DAT files) with 1.02d patch.

    Last month I bought a older "Fallout Trilogy" DVD from US Amazon, with the same box cover as in wiki page:

    This one has both Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 in uncensored US versions.
    It seems also a more controversial (or interesting) release, because it includes older unofficial patches for both games, TeamX's 1.3.4 for Fallout 1 and killap's 1.02.25 for Fallout 2. And AFAIK Interplay didn't ask the authors for permissions.

    BTW, GOG/Steam version of Fallout 2 is also a censored one, only in a lesser way (has children but no drug references).
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    Thanks for replying guys. I tried out the Steam version a month ago and I could tell it was the UK version because of the lack of kids and drugs. Also, I've been playing the GOG Fallout 2 and I didn't even notice that one was also censored! Anyways, I had no idea there were other DVD case Fallout releases. I might consider picking out the trilogy release instead now you mention it...
    In any case (no pun intended) the case I was mentioning is this one: (took me a while to find a good pic)

    I've seen it advertised as the US version, but if there's anyone who owns this game copy, can you confirm if that's the truth?