Fallout 1 Encounters Map, by Darek

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    [I figured this info may be useful enough to the community that it deserves its own thread, instead of being forever buried in a long thread.]

    Darek, while working on the FO1-in-FO2-engine project, went through and manually recorded exactly which encounter table is used on each square of the world map. (e.g. Vats area encounters, Raiders area encounters, Brotherhood area encounters, etc.) Thanks Darek, you're awesome! :clap:

    This might be useful for example to see what part of the map spawns Deathclaw random encounters, as a "guide" of sorts, since the vast majority of players have no idea where these would be found or that they even exist at all. (I have played for years and didn't know exactly which squares spawned it.)

    One thing I found interesting was that the Raiders (Khans) table is only used on TWO squares of the map -- that's out of 840 squares -- and they aren't even between Shady Sands and the camp! It's just two of the squares south of camp. Even if you play my FIXT mod which allows Desert tables on Mountain squares, it would only bring Raiders area from 2 to 3. Very lame but interesting.

    Here is the map in text format: (Excel .xls file)
    Area names with words & labeling as referenced internally: (includes modifications & ideas for/from my mod) http://www.mediafire.com/view/agtzdimf1s9cmbb/Encounters_map_Fallout1_from_Darek.xls
    Just area codes as shown in Darek's map: http://www.mediafire.com/view/er3xvhhn8irt5tg/Encounters_map_Fallout1_from_Darek_--_no_names.xls

    The letter is for terrain. D for desert, M for mountain, C for coast and Ci for city.
    The number is 65:G_var World_Terrain, it decides what encounter table is used.
    Random City: don't check g_var 65, only 1 table
    Random Coast: don't check g_var 65, only 1 table
    Random mountain:  G_var65 set to   2 = North_table, 3 = South_table, else = Vault table
    Random Desert:   G_var65 set to    0 = North_table, 1 = South_table, 2-4 = random North_table or South_table, 5 = Shady_table, 6 = Raider_table,
                                      7= Junk_table, 8 = Hub_table, 9 = Necrop_table, 10 = Steel_table, 11 = Vats_table, 12 = Glow_table,
                                       13 = Bone_table, 14 = Death_table
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    nice. now it would be good to know which code and type of encoutner fit to each other. does anybody know?
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    Could you clarify your question a bit? I can probably answer but I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.
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    Oct 27, 2010
    OP updated with Excel versions of the map.
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    Great work this is actually a great idea even though I don't really understand what alot of these numbers mean. This should help alot of modders out.
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