Fallout 1 or Fallout New Vegas?

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    It's stated on a Loading Screen Message:
    Also the Graphic Novel "All Roads" shows what happened at that location before the Cazadores go there. That was when Benny was looking for the Courier, several days to maybe a week before the start of New Vegas (Courier wakes up in Doc Mitchell's). This is corroborated in-game by having "relatively fresh" bodies (instead of advanced decomposing or just skeletons):

    Goodsprings is a town settled more than 7 years ago (when Trudy says she took over the Saloon). People already lived there before that, because she says that Victor's owner used to live with Victor's in their shack, but the owner was already gone after she got to Goodsprings (She never met the owner):
    The Cazadores being there is quite recent compared to when Goodsprings was settled.
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    Same about the Deathclaws, which moved into the quarry not too long ago. So it's really not "hey, there's deathclaws! How about we settle here?"
    Putting up hastily crafted signs makes sense and has a logical ground in the games universe.
    (Not sure why this is even argued about... is it really that hard to understand?)
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    If the sign was far away enough from the cave, it would do a much better job than egg shells on the ground. Then people would go away instead of probably dying if they saw the egg shells. Because seeing the egg shells would require them to be too close to the cave to even know of its dangers. The sign warning about Cazadores is far away enough for the people who read it to be in a safe place and not risk getting killed by them.

    Don't really know what is your issue with this and why you are even arguing against it. Putting signs telling people to not go into dangerous areas is a logical thing.
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    I agree.

    The signs aren't there just for the player, they are there as "world building". Caravans pass by Goodsprings on their way to and from NV, so placing signs and having some people comment about keeping clear of the dangerous areas that were relatively safe until a short time ago makes sense in terms of the world being alive.

    Caravans that always traveled those routes would have no way of knowing they are now deadly without the signs. So they would see them and go to Goodsprings or Sloan and ask why these roads are dangerous.
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    I'm not saying you did. I'm saying that between signs that say keep out and visual indicators that display danger that aren't signs, Fallout 3 players aren't going to give a damn either way.
    This is what I was saying.

    You can't ignore that the context of New Vegas was a contracted game to serve Bethesda customers between games. It's neat that they got Obsidian's team of people on it that had some old Fallout workers on it but that didn't stop them from using the same frame for Fallout 3 or needing to accommodate to those players as well to keep Bethesda happy.

    We've all said the same things multiple times at this point. It should be obvious. Dangerous animals moved into the area after the humans settled there. Humans don't see predators and think to build there.
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    I love fallout 1, but I've put way more hours into New Vegas so I would probably lean in that direction. It's hard to objectively compare them as far as gameplay, as they're radically different and both games are functional for what they are. Personally I find the gameplay of New Vegas to be more immersive and engaging but since both games function properly, I think it's a matter of personal taste. It could also be a generational thing. I imagine that people who grew up playing old style CRPGs will probably be more comfortable with that than with first person, action oriented gameplay.

    As for everything else, I like that stuff almost equally. I think New Vegas does individual characters better, the atmosphere is similar in both games, though I find the plot of Fallout 1 to be slightly more interesting. It could be that I enjoy how you're intended to be out of your element, whereas the courier should be pretty experienced with the wasteland given their occupation and backstory.

    Edit: I'd also like to add that I think the design choices of new vegas end up being much closer to fallout 2. I'm not sure if that's my imagination or if other people picked up on it as well.

    Overall I've still put more hours into new vegas so I'll just say that.
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