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    Aug 3, 2005
    Hi all, I was just reading through the teamX forums with babelfish and have found the english demo release of "base mod" which can be aquired here: http://www.basemod.nm.ru/files/base_eng.rar and heres the translated page: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babe...n&trurl=http://www.basemod.nm.ru/fallout.html

    Heres an extract from the readme:

    Attention! This mod is exlusively designed for "Fargus" localization. It won`t work with any other version of the game because of some
    differences in fallout2.exe.

    Current mod is a demo-version. However there are 4 quests, 4 new critters, 2 features and 1 extended dialog. I think you`ll uderstand what
    I`m talking about after playing the mod. There also 2 fully working lifts added.

    The events of the mod take place during main scenario line. The Brotherhood of Steel Base wich was so much spoken about is being added to
    the game. The main differrence between the original and present version is the ground level of the Base. Underground levels have not been
    changed. There are few people on the base now but it is only demo. In time the vault will be "populated". Thus you can complete a couple of
    quests. The Base is meant to be a quite "viable" location with links to other cities. The main idea of creating this base (why did the
    Brotherhood founded it by scenario) is scientific research. This idea is not discording to fallout bible. Not in the least. There are two
    items lying somewhere in the mod. They are not included in the scenario now but they will be in later versions of the mod (the quests for
    them have already been written).

    Note: I advise you to think logically in some places to complete quests. All quests are completable that`s why there should be no problems.
    I also advise you to look for an object of some kind in Navarro. It was in the original game but wa not engaged. I found the use for it in
    my mod :) thus it is unneccesary one unless you want to get the maximum.
  2. $py

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    Aug 18, 2005
    Hi everybody.

    It`s not worth this word. But since the original page does not have its english variation I can only say that the block of "English" text in the middle of the page is that readme extraction from Dude101`s post and "skachat" and "skrinshoty" are "download" and "screenshots" respectively.
    P.S. The english page will appear soon and I will keep you up-to-date about it.
  3. $py

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    Aug 18, 2005
    For those who is interrested:
    1) Fargus is the company that has translated many english games into russian. (not the best company I`d say).
    2) This restriction is not applicable any more - the mod works with all versions of the game now.