Fallout 2 BIS mapper configuration.

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  1. Mulligun

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    Dec 14, 2006
    What is the difference between the librarian and override_librarian options in Fallout 2 BIS mapper mapper2.cfg file?
  2. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    There's a documentation by Red ("Mapper keys 1.6 by Red!"). Which says:

    F9: /Rebuild item protos (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
    F10: Quit/Rebuild proto lists (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
    F11: /Rebuild all (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)

    - [ Librarian mode ] -
    The librarian menu can be toggled on with override_librarian=1 in the cfg, note
    that while it's enabled you can't save your map.

    - [ Editing PRO files ] -
    To get the PRO files to be editable, on the same drive that you run the mapper,
    create /fallout2/dev/proto, and in it place the directories critters, items,
    scenery, tiles, walls and misc. Once that's done you can edit the PRO files by
    simply Right-Clicking on them with the mouse and Clicking the Edit button (or
    pressing E). You also need to make sure that librarian is set to 1 in the cfg
    (and preferably librarian_override still set to 0 if you still want to be able
    to save maps).

    An important note is that each PRO contains it's own PID in the file. If you
    copy a PRO file to overwrite another one or create a new one at the end of the
    list, you'll need to make sure the internally contained PID matches the it's own
    critter.lst line number. You could hex edit it, or:
    - edit the proto, thus creating the text file reference;
    - rebuild the protos (F9, see above, though you might need to use F11).

    Here's a sample of how it looks on my drive for reference (in hopes it looks
    good in whatever media you read this in...)

    So, I'd say Librarian is a function when you want the mapper to edit proto files.
    And override_librarian enables a menu (?), but you can't save the map... but I never tested it.

    Btw, regarding the internal PID, I have not yet (!) found an issue in-game (...), but it messes up the mapper's "P" hotkey. Which is a very useful hotkey.
  3. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    The mapper can always edit proto files.
  4. Femic

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    Nov 22, 2015
    With librarian and override_librarian toggled to 1 you can create new protos but with librarian you cannot save the current map and with override_librarian you can or something like that.