Fallout 2 box template needed

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Hi everybody, I need some help...
    I'm very poor person (I live in a dumpster near nuclear reactor :()
    So I can't afford fo2 full set (disc in jewelbox, cardboard box and manual)
    So i want to ask you for something...
    I need a template of fallout 2 cardboard box, I'm going to make a "replica" of original game set, I can print manual, jewelboxes are cheap, and with disc cover I won't have much trouble, but I dunno how to do the box, the most attractive (at least I think so ;) ) part of the set!
    If somebody doesn't know wth I'm talking about, here is the full set pic

    (The box is on the right :p)
    I would really appreciate that!