Fallout 2 Tweaks Healing Revision Clarification Needed

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    Jan 27, 2022
    Hey everyone,

    So I downloaded, installed, and customized FO2Tweaks for my first playthrough of Fallout 2. However I'm still not very clear on one aspect of the mod, the healing revision. Here is the full description of the mod as seen on the GitHub page:

    • First Aid is no longer Doctor's little brother. Now it's being treated as a skill of practical application of your Doctor knowledge.
    • Doctor is "theoretical knowledge". Doctor's effectiveness is directly proportional to First Aid level.
    • Both skills can be used once per day per patient.
    • Effectiveness is capped at 100% for both skills.
    • Amount healed is proportional to skill level. Maximum amount to heal (100% both skills) is 5 with First Aid and 10 with Doctor, with a little random added. (Also, each level of Healer perk adds extra 2 HP healed.)
    • XP granted is 10 per HP healed.
    • For purposes of determining the amount healed, best skill level in party is used.
    • Healing is applied automatically during rest and travel, Baldur's Gate style.
    • Doctor's bags and First Aid kits are unchanged. They grant bonus to skill when used by dude explicitly, but they will randomly deplete as in original game. The items are not used in automatic healing described above.
    • As a final bonus, if Doctor skill is raised to 135+, dude will receive Living Anatomy for free. (Applied when entering the next map. Can be configured or disabled.).
    So my questions in regards to this description are thus:
    1. What aspects of healing yourself and your party does this actually change?
    2. Does doctor and first-aid still function the same way as vanilla for healing limbs?
    3. Are quest and encounter skill requirements changed by this revision?
    4. If it states that effectiveness is capped at 100% for both skills, what does it mean by living anatomy being granted if doctor is raised to 135+?

    I can only potentially guess the following:
    1. Doctor now represents maximum healing potential, while first-aid now represents how much you'll actually heal by.
    2. Doctor functions the same as vanilla for healing limbs, it is only HP that is affected by this revision.
    3. Quests/encounters function the same as vanilla for requirement percentage needed to succeed.
    4. Effectiveness being capped at 100% means that you cannot surpass maximum healing potential, so raising it to 135+ (outside of granting living anatomy) means that the total amount you can heal for increases with level up. Up to a limit of 5 for first-aid and 10 for doctor. But does not increase past that. So leveling is more about efficiency than raw amount healed with each use.

    Am I anywhere close to correct on any of this? The description does not make it clear at all what some of this revision actually changes in regards to practical gameplay.

    (Side question: it states in the .ini for the min_light_level that the recommended value is 49. I set that option in the FO2Tweaks .ini to equal 1 to activate it, but where would I actually alter the light level value?)