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    Sep 3, 2014
    So I am just trying to remember/find where and how you can raise your skills through dialog options with NPCs. An example would be Lucas in Arroyo, he can raise Unarmed to 55% (I think if below 40%, it will only raise it to that.) A second example is Jordan in Arroyo, he will raise your Melee by 10%.

    I know there are others, but I just can't recall them off the top of my head. Would anyone be willing to help me compile a list?
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    Sep 3, 2014
    Updated 9-14-14
    This will be edited as I fill the list. Some of these have conflicting sources on how much they are raised, I will try to confirm what I can.

    Updated Dragon's Training, a total of 104% can only be obtained by having your final training at 99%.

    Cameron - Raises Unarmed and Melee by 10% Only with an Agility of 6 or less, and none of the 6 combat skills can be tagged.
    Lucas - Raises Unarmed to 55% Only 40% if below 40%
    Jordan - Raises Melee by 10% Must have at least 35%

    Slim Picket (Trapper Town) - Raise​s Outdoorsman by 16% for $100. If you don't get the option when asking about geckos, just keep trying and eventually he will offer. With a high enough speech check, he will sometimes offer for $50 or ask for sex from a female player.
    John L Sullivan (Golden Gecko Bar) - Raises Unarmed and Melee by 10%
    Smiley - After saving him from the Toxic Caves and gaining Gecko Skinning, speak to him about Gecko Lore to raise Outdoorsman by 1-6% From the multiple tests, it appears to give you a higher percentage if you actually sound interested in what Smiley has to talk about. "Gecko Milk? I thought geckos were reptiles." and "Teach me, oh great trapper." seems to reward 5%, the latter options where you say something along the lines of "Oh, yeah? Keep talking." gives only 1%.

    Vault City
    Dr. Tory (Vault) Speak with to receive Vault City Training perk, raises First Aid and Doctor by 5% A Doctor skill check of 75% is required.

    New Reno
    Renesco (Renesco's Pharmacy) - Take the spectacles which can be stolen from the Professor's Radscorpion in Broken Hills, then give them to Renesco for free (not taking a discount or reward). You then must ask him 20 times, "How are the glasses working?" before he will become annoyed with you and throw the Pip-Boy medical enhancer at you. Use it to raise Doctor by 10%.
    Miss Kitty (Cat's Paw) - Choose "Just Talking" option to raise Speech by 3% Only 2% if tagged.
    Miss Kitty (Quest) - Delivering 10 copies of the Cat's Paw magazine will reward you with Cat's Paw No.5, using this will add 10% to Energy Weapons
    Lil' Jesus Mordino (Desperado) - Raises Melee 5% if approached with a knife in the active weapon slot and then paid. If you are a female with Cha 6+, you can sleep with him and earn a bonus 5% if you 'perform' well.
    Mason (Salvatore's Bar) - Raises Energy Weapons by 5% Louis Salvatore must agree to give you a Laser Pistol, Mason will then offer to train you.
    Punching Bag (Shark Club Basement) - Use to Raise Unarmed by 5%
    Leslie Anne Bishops (Shark Club) - Once you sleep with Mrs. Bishops, you must follow the dialog branch when Vault City is mentioned to obtain the Pip-boy lingual enhancer, this will raise Speech by 10%. An Int of 9 is required to open the dialog option.
    Stuart Little (Jungle Gym) - Becoming a Prizefighter will raise Unarmed by 5%

    Broken Hills
    Bill (Downtown) - Picking up Brahmin dung 5 times in a row gives you the Expert Excrement Expeditor perk, raises Speech by 5%. Must have an Int of 4 or less to get this option.

    Sierra Army Depot
    Punching Bag (Level 1) - Use to Raise Unarmed by 5% Only 4% if tagged

    San Francisco
    Dragon/Lo Pan (Chinatown) - You can train with Dragon (Karma 250 or more) or Lo Pan (Karma -250 or less) to raise Unarmed by 5%, can be repeated every 22 in game hours to a max of 104% (Last trained at 99%) but only a total of 20% gained. It is possible to learn from both Dragon and Lo Pan, if you can do enough to change your karma. Doing this can net you 40% total.

    Kitsune (Blue Level) - Once Recruited, you can speak to her about personal story to raise Lockpick, Steal, and Sneak by 10%
    Dex (Blue Level) - Once Recruited, you can ask him for tips to raise Speech and Barter by 15%
    Cat Jules (Blue Level) - Once Recruited, you can ask him for training to raise Small Guns, Big Guns, and Energy Weapons by 10%
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    New Reno - Little Jesus offers training (5%?) with melee weapons, when you're wielding some knife in your active weapon slot while talking to him.
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    New Reno: Centre of the Universe
    Miss Kitty, first time 'just talk' +3% speech, 10 Cat's Paw Magaines
    +10% Energy weapons
    Give Renesco the Spectacles from Broken Hills Pip Boy Medical Enhancer +10% Doctor
    Winning all boxing figths +5% unarmed
    Other Pip Boy Enhancer (speech) after you slept with Mrs. Bishop

    RP: EPA
    Kitsune: 10% Sneak, Lockpick & Steal
    Dex: 15% Barter
    Cat: 10% Small Guns, Big Guns & Energy Weapons.
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  5. Blue Link

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    Sep 3, 2014
    I haven't gotten to the EPA yet since I am doing an Ironman run and have died in The Den, but could you verify if these bonuses are just for having them in your party or permanent from dialog options?
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    Jun 17, 2007
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    Feb 19, 2015
    What about damage resistance??
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    seems you get +5 lockpick from the new quest related to chad in broken hills.
    for dmg resistance there is just implants and perks but nothing new from RP afaik.
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    Nov 22, 2016
    I can confirm the +5 lockpick from Max, related quest is Determine whether Chad is skimming money from the caravan runs, quest giver is Marcus.
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    This game always marvels, the hidden stuff is just amazing.