Fallout 3 : A succesful re-branding

Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by krysalist, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. sentorio

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Same here :)

    TBH when I first hear that Bethesda got the IP, I thought "that's great, because everyone keep talking about this game called Oblivion". Then I played Oblivion and that was a terrible experience. But it's a personal preference, so I see why some people really F3, because they also like Oblivion. Where id you don't like Oblivion like me, wasteland won't fix very similar mechanics, crappy graphics and weird game play elements.

    I don't like FP view RPGs however Bioware developed titles such as Mass Effect and Baldur's Gate.

    Shame that we don't have Troika any more, I love "Temple of Elemental Evil"..

    BTW, yes I hate most of the bits of F3 and I'm still playing it because I waited 10 years for it, I need to suck it up, stand up and then say "it was terrible, damn you Bethesda". Then I'm gonna sell my copy on ebay and buy COD5 and never gonna play a FPSish RPG again.
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    Oct 30, 2008
    Mass Effect suffered a lot of problems as well you know... slow down (console wise, played it on 360), an often broken fighting system and various bugs/crashing. It needed more time in development just as FO3 could've used more time.

    Bethesda sticks by their products though, which is what I think a lot of you guys forget or do not realize. Oblivion had numerous expansions and additions and bug fixes. Unlike Mass Effect, where you get one 30 minute extra planet with dog-faced aliens...

    COD4 is pretty good... but isn't COD5 not from infinity ward? I got a feeling it'll be crap if so. Every other dev screws around with COD in the wrong ways.
  3. chaosapiant

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Just to add, I have Mass Effect for PC. It is a very smooth and solid playing experience, and doesn't feel like a console game to me. I haven't played the 360 version. The Baldur's Gate series is still my all time favorite game. Fallout 3 is right up there though as one of my newer faves. It rocks my anus.
  4. Ihniwid

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    Oct 30, 2008
    PC version came out after the console version. IE they had more time after the initial launch.
  5. chaosapiant

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Agreed. Glad I don't own a 360, then I get to experience all the good 360 games on PC later when they are polished. Mass Effect was a bit short (thought it is part of a planned trilogy) but the storyline and characters really sucked me in. KOTOR was the same for me, but then KOTOR 2 came along and crushed it. Both are great games, but KOTOR 2 leave the entirety of the series with tons of question marks, that now won't get answered because the next game will be an MMO. But now we're way off topic. I like Fallout 3. :D
  6. Ihniwid

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Lol yes we are. But yes I like FO3 too, heh.

    Thats the one thing about owning a 360, we get all these great games first but they are always rushed to the shelves. Its as if Microsoft wants the product super quick...hmmm... :roll:
  7. sentorio

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    Oct 16, 2008
    I've got PC version of Mass Effect as well, and as others noted it's actually OK. I haven't come across any silly bug. FPS bit of it is not awesome but so much better than F3 and Baldurs gate style, pausing and issuing commands works just fine. Better than VATS :)

    Actually I'm really impressed with the game engine as it doesn't require really high-end PC and still looks stunning. Anyway quite gone off the topic.

    Finally I played COD 5 beta today, actually it's quite good it's just like COD4, not any better. COD4 was awesome it's still that awesome. So new maps etc. should keep you busy if you are into Multiplayer FPS thingy.
  8. Ihniwid

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Yeah? thats good. Am i right about a different dev than Infinity Ward? As long as they dont mess with the main mechanics of COD4 it should be decent. I liked the "today" setting of COD4 though.

    I'm looking forward to Left 4 Dead though, as far as my online FPS fix is concerned. Demo came out today for pre-order people, cant wait to play it tonight after work. :lol: each to their own though.

    Anywho. I have heard that the PC version of Mass Effect played better than the 360 version. But since I just run off a 360 as far as games go... I've got the right to complain about it :) .
  9. Willybean

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    Nov 6, 2008
    Why would you want Fallout 3 to fail?

    I want to say something. I read a couple of reviews on this site and sounded like the person liked the Turn-based combat system. Ok great for you I thought. But I remember playing Fallout 2 recently and yes I played it back in the day and yes it was fun but I also remember thinking at the time I did so that I didn't really care for the turn based combat system, though I liked the setting and game itself I overlooked it and moved on.

    I guess what I'm saying is I'm glad that company that was going to make the Van Buren version of the game failed cuz then we got a game that the originally probably should have been.

    Meaning I like the 3-D graphic approach. Don't get me wrong I liked the graphic style of Fallout 2, its had its coolness but at some point I also thought when playing "Wow if this game could be done in 3-D environment it would rock"

    I remember playing games like Deus Ex and then played Dark Corners of the Earth (a Call of Cthulhu based game) and thinking wow these are great games. Bethesda did the CoC based game and I knew right then that things they make are probably a good product.

    I then heard about Fallout 3, and was very pleased. Just to do it, I bought and played Oblivion. I liked it and yes it has things about it I didn't care for but overall I enjoyed playing it a lot, and its a large task to create such an open interactive environment game.

    Bottom Line: I'm glad Fallout 3 was done by a company like Bthesda but I would think other companies if they took a simliar approach might do a simliarly good job. Sure little things about it might be offputting but the graphics and combat system isn't one of them. I'm sure there are turn-based combat fans out there, and yet do we have to waste such a great setting like Fallout on such graphics?

    I like how they re-booted the Fallout setting so that Fallout 3, really is like a remake of Fallout 1 with a new 3-D immersed graphic, with a simliar storyline to the first game: ie you live in a vault and have a reason to leave it. The first game was due to to a problem in the vault, this time it involves you wanting to leave to look for your dad. They changed the reason but the formula is the same, you needed a reason to leave.

    I say Fallout 1 (which I played some but not all of) and Fallout 2 which was a great game and fun for playing 8 years ago, back when games like Doom and Tomb Raider were just coming of age and 3-D graphics were still not up to par and are still getting there but have come a heck of a long way. At that time it wasn't probably as possible to do Fallout in the fashion it needed so a second-rate graphic approach was picked. Somethin the programer knew how to do, but times change year by year and now, lets face it, Bethesda at least kept a VATS system, which itself is a compromise as they didnt' need to have that. They choose to add it.

    The fact is you have a choice if you want to use it. I think that is the best choice if your going to even include something like a turn based game.

    I'm sure Fallout 4 will be a lot like Fallout 2 and an expasnion of the rebooted setting started with Fallout 3. I'm guessing they might decide not to start the person from a vault, just like Fallout 2 starts out with a decendent of the Vault Dweller. I'm guessing they will take the skeleton of the story, and insert their own reasons, and own details. Why is that a bad thing? Its not, its great.

    Oh by the way. being a fan of both Darwin's World (which is an rpg that is heavily influenced by Fallout, ie the Foundation = Brotherhood of Steel but only in theme) and Gamma World, as well as Planet of the Apes. I wish to see a Fallout 4 that incorporates more mutant humans, more mutant animals, mutant plants and robots, and perhaps even allow us to make our own Mutant Character. That would be cool. Make fallout more like Darwin's World (a composite of madmax, fallout, gamma world, etc.) and Gamma World with its high tech Black Ray Guns and mutant animals.

    But that is wishful thinking and if they don't go something like that, fine, I won't feel Fallout 4 is a bad game, as I know it will be great and worth the money. I'm sure they will take some of the comments you guys make to heart but comments like "I miss the old turn based combat', seriously, I can hear them thinking to themselves 'whatever' and instead do something more creative and give us something like the VATS. You get what you wanted and for someone like I'm not stuck with having to play a turn-based combat system that I think is annoying to use. Every combat with every ant and radscorpion turns out to be tedious.
  10. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    That's great, but there are a number of people who don't want to change their tastes and "move on".

    Because there's such a shortage of possible settings?

    They didn't.
  11. Nodder

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    Oct 28, 2008
    What shortage? Just take Rifts and tone down the over-the-top elements and make it into a sandbox postapocalyptic Mad Max world (with magic and high tech).

    And of course there's the Twilight series.
  12. Ausdoerrt

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    Oct 28, 2008
    ^ I think Per was being sarcastic.

    BTW I don't really see any relation between TB system and GFX quality. Where is the argument that a TB game has to look bad come from???
  13. Hroesvelgr

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    Oct 29, 2008
    What, you don't like complexity in your games? Van Buren was going to be fully 3D. Personally I don't hate FO3 and I don't care if it's isometric and turn based or first person and real time. I just wish that Van Buren had made it because then I'd be playing a game that made me... think. Which I know is frightening for some.
  14. Willybean

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    Nov 6, 2008
    Perhaps that sounded harsher than I meant but all I meant to say was I'm glad Fallout 3 was made and done so in the game engine it was done in.

    Personally, if they'd have made a Van Buren game and then sold the right to Bethesda, that too would have been great. At least if it were a great fallout game like some think it might have been then that would have been a trio of games in the older style and that would be cool (or in an updated diablo 2 style combat). Anyway I would have bought it and played it, but still would have bought/played Fallout 3 too.

    I like games that make me think. I haven't played Fallout 3 yet, but ordered it and will play next week. I did play Oblivion and yes I do see things in the rpg aspect that I found wanting.

    I also remember back to Daggerfall and how far a game like Oblivion has come. Its an open-ended sandbox and that is not easy to do.

    I'm simply glad they made Fallout 3, and apparently reworked many aspects of their game engine so that Fallout 3 is much better than a game like Oblivion, which had its issues but was woefully cooler than many earlier games.

    After I play Fallout 3 and I'm trying not to learn as much as I can via spoilers and such as I want the experience to be fresh, I'll post some thoughts on it. I'm sure there will be things I didn't care for or wish were different.

    First thing I see though is I want more mutant creatures but I don't remember a terrible variety in Fallout 2. Mutant ants, rad scorpions, those nasty apelike creatures with claws (forgot the name), two-headed cow.

    I want mutant plants, and perhaps in Fallout 4 they can have the pc stumble on a Genetics lab complete with experiments gone wrong and some that escaped, or bioengineered animals. That might evolve Fallout in a wholly different feel but no I'd want to see it kept with the same fallout flavor, just kick it up a notch in that area.
  15. Pablosdog

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    Oct 30, 2007
    It is sad actually, to see a franchise that I grew up on being bastardized and simplified. Ever since I saw the first advert for in pc gamer back in 97.

    Its eleven years later, the graphics are better, but the game has been reduced to what it once was, the fallout feeling is lost.

    I've been playing fallout 3 for 50 hours, and its literally a struggle for me to try and beat everything. I can't even tell anymore if I'm having fun with the game or it's just some sort of obligation.

    It was never like that with fallout 1 and 2.
  16. lewis

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    Oct 3, 2008
    the feal its not the same even if got the same name.
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    Nov 6, 2008

    That leaves the Vagabond class. And, uh... well, that's it.