Fallout 3 (almost) drops GfWL

I still dont like the evolution of gaming, with this intrusive DRM measures. I see the need for protection, but games become a lot less user friendly and they dont always offer you a better experience with their always online requirement. Not to mention, they really dont leave you much of a choice here, they are not going with a compromise, its either buy the product or dont. But I am not sure if I really whant to be a part of that, and luckily, I am not even playing any games anymore. If I consider, that you might have to get 3 or 4 different accounts with each game you buy ... what ever if its from Ubisoft, Steam, EA or Blizzard etc. And as said, if you dont want to use their services, you don thave a choice really but to still accept it.

True that, but it was really inevitable for the industry giants like EA or Activision to find a scapegoat, in this case piracy on PC, in order to implement their draconian measures in order to bleed our wallets dry. But hey, at least we have more than two decade's worth of games to go back to, right? :wink: