Fallout 3 and NV

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    Sep 12, 2011
    Also, the combo packs still prominently say "Interplay" on them rather than Bethesda. As far as I know, Bethesda doesn't see a dime on the old games or those combo packs.

    Interplay used the money Bethesda gave them to produce some more of the combo packs and sells the old games on Steam as well. And a sizable portion of that money is being used to fund development of Fallout Online.
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    Maybe on Amazon.com, but not in any stores where I'm from, before the new games came out.

    Also, welcome DevilTakeMe! Yarr!
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    There are plenty of successful FPS games, which I never played. Half-Life or Deus Ex for example. Sure they are great, I'm just preferring different game style, that's all. (Those FPS combats are just too frenetic and boring for me.)
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    Videogame journalism is a joke, so those scores and awards mean nothing.
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    Lumping New Vegas and Fallout 3 together isn't entirely accurate either. Sure there are some people that don't like New Vegas because the first person interface, but for me I think its better than Fallout 2, which just has too much nonsense and pop cultural references sometimes and the story and setting feels a bit disjointed as whole.

    Fallout is still my favorite in the series, but in my opinion New Vegas is the best mainstream rpg in 10 years or so.

    Fallout 3 on the other hand is nonsensical loot and shoot exploration game that has almost nothing to do with the rest of the series; I think it is good game as a sort fairly mindless distraction that appeals to broad audience, but its not a good RPG and not a continuation of the Fallout series.

    I also agree Bethesda gets way too much credit for saving the series. The original games were still selling even 10 years after their release and there was still a lot of interest in the series, any semi-competent developer could have picked up the series and had success with it and plenty were interested.
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    Here's what I always think when someone says this...

    There's an authority on what is fun now? A game reviewer is just one of us with an actual audience. Ultimately it's entirely irrelevant how fun or otherwise Fallout 3 was, a lot of flack was at it's huge change in gameplay and it's buggering of some lore aspects.
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    I actually agree with this completely. I've noticed that here most people like New Vegas but put it well after the first two, whereas, while Fallout 2s gameplay is fucking amazing, there's so much wacky shit that it's kinda distracting. Which has obviously been discussed to death here, probably more than the Fallout 3 bashing.

    I would have preferred New Vegas as a turn-based isometric RPG, but it's as close to a complete Van Buren as we're likely to get, and I was really happy with it.

    I actually had fun with Fallout 3 once I stopped thinking of it as a Fallout game and more of a post apocalyptic exploration adventure game. I agree with the consensus that it was a terribly written game created by people who didn't really understand the original game, created for a completely different audience to the fans of the original game, with sub-par FPS combat.