Fallout 3 & Oblivion Remasters

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    Also, adding in a new setting here and there (godrays n shieet), upping the texture quality through AI (lol, GTA remaster) and adding in mod support for consoles ala FO4 is really cheap and they can charge 70 bucks for it again, 100 for a special edition that comes with an ebola-coated vault-boy bobblehead.

    I will not give a single dev studio the benefit for the doubt when it comes to the word "remaster". It's just an excuse to double dip while doing the minimum amount of work because that's how scuffed the AAA industry is when it comes to their desperation to make linegraph go up for daddy investor.

    I want to believe that but Microsoft has a very weird "hands off" approach that doesn't make any business sense at all to me so it makes me wonder if uh... There's HR issues for why they can't. Like if we ask people to actually do their jobs then they'll strike and cause negative PR for us and call us literally hitler or something.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for Microsoft to tell any dev studio to do their job properly. HOWEVER... if the reason for why Bethesda has been shit is because of THEIR investors meddling with the game to pump up the profits then if being a part of Microsoft means that they don't have that sword of Damocles hanging over their heads then... I dunno, maybe they can show what their 'real work' really is.

    Starfield, Redfall, anything by Activision and Blizzard was or is in production outside of Microsoft's management. We won't get to see how Bethesda, Arkane, Blizzard or Activision fares until years down the line.

    However, comparing Fallout 76's updates and monetary scumbaggery past Microsoft acquisition and post acquisition I don't think Microsoft is going to step in to do the right thing at all. "If it makes money bleeding the customer dry then hey, let 'em keep at it." basically
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    Starfield is really the worst of both worlds: it's too boring and souless to be a glorious disaster, and too mediocre to be praised to the high heavens by bethesda fans.

    So this is where Bethesda is at, making boring ass games that are too mediocre to get excited or angry about.
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