Fallout 3: Scrapped Wolves


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Dang, Adam Adamowicz was such a legend with his artstyle!

Recently I was looking through the Concept Art for Fallout 3, and I came across this really cool artwork for what appears to be Wolves. Dude, can you imagine encountering one of these things looking like THAT!? YIKES! :shock: :tired:

But this also raises a question that I have, why did they cut these creatures from the game? I mean they've appeared in the other games in the series, (except New Vegas & BOS) so why not this one & NV? :confused:

Also, please tell me that I wasn't the only one to see this, after looking at the artwork for the first time:
it was probably this or the mutated bear. and since we already have a doggo they chose the bear. and also, does the DC area and surroundings even have wolves?