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  1. TheKingofVault14

    Fallout 4: Scrapped Centaurs

    Here's yet another piece of Concept Art, for a creature that was cut from the game! You know, I had no idea that Centaurs were originally considered to appear in Fallout 4, and of course I find this out through Fallout 4's Concept Art collection. Hmmm yeah, it's things like this that make...
  2. TheKingofVault14

    Fallout 3: Scrapped Wolves

    Dang, Adam Adamowicz was such a legend with his artstyle! Recently I was looking through the Concept Art for Fallout 3, and I came across this really cool artwork for what appears to be Wolves. Dude, can you imagine encountering one of these things looking like THAT!? YIKES! :shock: :tired...
  3. xxdemonxspawnnxx

    How NPCs respond to "tell me about"

    Posted by TriangleCity on his discord: Digging into the Tell About System in F1 some more. The NPCs in the Boneyard were intended to have 3 levels of information likely depending on their status in a given faction, "People who know nothing", "People who know something" and "People who know...
  4. TheKingofVault14

    Fallout 1 Designer Jesse Heinig Shares New Details of The Cut Raider Factions The Vipers & Jackals.

    Recently on Twitter, TriangleCity asked FO1 Designer Jesse Heinig if he remembered any details of the original plans for the scrapped raider factions The Vipers & Jackals, and this is what he had to say... Here's the transcript of the Twitter thread: TriangleCity: "I know this is a longshot...
  5. Risewild

    S'Lanter and Burrows Development Documents 2018-12-05

    The S'Lanter are a race of intelligent FEV mutated raccoons that were cut from the final release of Fallout 1. The Burrow was S'Lanter's settlement. This file is a PDF version of the developer documents for this content that never made it into Fallout 1. It has a lot of backstory and lore...
  6. Aurelius Of Phoenix

    New Vegas Cut content

    On youtube there is a series going through all the cut content and interviewing people who worked on the games I found it interesting so here it is.
  7. Sunking

    Previously Unknown Fallout 2 Cut Content - Sourced From Designer

    Hello there NMA community, I know I am still rather new here so you have little reason to trust me, but a month or two back I got a chance to talk with Fallout 2 designer John Deiley about content that was originally meant to be in the game. John told me that originally the Intelligent...
  8. R.Graves

    Would Sand Sharks Have Worked In A Fallout Setting,?

    I'd like to discuss all cut creatures eventually but this one from fo2 really caught my attention: the sand shark. Now all I've been able to find on this thing is the name. But based on its name I'm sure it would have been like the graboids from tremors (Loved those movies) Anyway do you...