Fallout 4.0 PnP - Looking for a player or two

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    May 18, 2018
    I've been streaming and playing my new system and on the way of getting approved to be published on roll20, but what I did was post the HTML/CSS coding and the google doc of the PnP for all to use.

    If you want to use the HTML/CSS code, you'll need to have Pro on roll20.

    I'm also looking for a player or two to stream Friday at 8:00 PM EST. If you're interested just give me a message.

    Fallout PnP 4.0

    HTML/CSS Code

    They're files that you just open with notepad then copy and paste.

    The link to my stream on twitch is below. As well as the YouTube Channel with all the episodes saved.

    Twitch -d100

    YouTube - d100

    This is all for free and all I ask is to give credit where its due.