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  1. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    I see that fallout series concentred on west and east of America,why not on midwestern America.You know,Chicago,Macomb...
    Heres the story:
    After the warrior defeated the computer,the warrior was chosen as the leader of the Brotherhood next 60 years,in 2247 The Brotherhood owned all the Midwestern region and controlled hundreds of towns.Their military force was powerfully,having 200 tanks and alot of hummers and APCs.But one day the brotherhood was hit by a powerfully gang of Enclave.Some remnants of east.It took to the brotherhood 30 years to fall in the darkness(year 2280).But of course,there were refugees of the Brotherhood,a small group leaded by one man.


    Thats the story for now.The fallout 4 game will be 3d of course.
    Why i chosen midwestern?
    Because is a interesting place,and there is no 3d game settled on this region.All the series are settled on West and East.Is getting boring to explore same regions again.Why the game makers forgot about midwestern,and made stories only about east-west.

    What i want to be new in fallout 4
    -new set of guns
    -vehicles(like hummer,APC,Tank)
    -sky needs to be changed(I got bored by the grey sky,i want a normal one,the grey sky makes the game boring)
    -New creatures(Other than deathclaw or mutants,for example the mutated crocodile)
    -New armors(Tired of same power armors they should add new one,for example 3d Midestern Power armor)
    -Mission(I got bored of quests,so they should add squad and missions like in fallout tactics,but this time more missions)

    thats all new things i want to be added,fallout tactics was more interesting with missions,than boring quests.
    So this will be a new type of fallout tactics but 3d variant.
  2. ludisonmandela

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    Jun 13, 2013
    those vehicles are simply not going to work
    we are actually talking about fallout and not bf3 or some shit like that
  3. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    and i am actually talking about fallout to.
  4. ludisonmandela

    ludisonmandela First time out of the vault

    Jun 13, 2013
    you mention vehicles that is not going to fit in
    the sky is grey for a reason the world got nuked
    crocodiles does not exist in the midwestern usa
    then squad missions is not fitting into an adventure game

    you know tactics was a spinoff

    it would not be what people wants from the future fallout
  5. Alesia

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Hummer: Jeep instead of Hummer. From WWII up through Vietnam, maybe longer, the Jeep was the workhorse personnel carrier of the US Army. Since the Fallout world follows our Cold War world, that would be your likely candidate for a mass production army vehicle.

    Tanks: IMHO, too much maintenance for a PA world. They could barely run them before the war with the oil shortages and whatnot. Also, parts for repair would be a bitch to come by unless the figured out how to manufacture them on their own, and for some parts, that may not be possible.

    Sky: I kind of agree. I assume FO4 will be set sometime between 2278-2300, and by then those kind of atmospheric effects should be cleared out. That was my major beef with FO3. 200 years later, there should be plants (look at Bikini Atoll, 57 nuclear tests including the notorious Castle Bravo, yet it's still vegetated albeit they are irradiated.) Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chirnobyl, and the area where the nuclear plant disaster happened in Japan are all other very good examples that plants and crops CAN grow in irradiated soil. In short, yes I want to see a slightly less depressing world.

    Animals: In the midwest, mutated badgers in WI I bet could be pretty mean. I always wanted a giant spider too. Tired of scorpions being the sole representative of arachnids.

    Squad missions: No. This isn't Call Of Duty.
  6. pyroD

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    Aug 26, 2012
    So basically you want fallout tactics 2 in SPECTACULAR 3D? That's all it would be, they would never make a game like this for the main series. And 200 tanks? Pfffffff Hahahahaha! :lol:
  7. shihonage

    shihonage Made in USSR

    May 8, 2007
    Extending combat mechanics to vehicles could be its own kind of nightmare.
  8. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    It's fallout 4 not fallout tactics 2 you moron.
    Okay i can delete the sky thing,but the settlement idea is good at mid west.Because i got tired of west and east.For me FT was better than those quest games.So i want it on 3d.But of course i want another storyline.Like:''After the warrior defeated calculator...''.
    About the tank,cars ideas are good.It will not turn into a Battlefield 2 or what your calling it.If you don't know fallout tactics had hummers,and tanks.The ideas are good especially the settlement for me.We will have brotherhood of mid west as the protagonists and a enclave remnant as antagonists.
    But as you know,no one knows yet the settlement but i hope there will be a 3d in mid west.

    Oh and i forgot about something,in fallout tactics there was mission with squad,but you can't controll six members of a squad in 3d,so you can finish alone the mission.