Fallout 5 Predictions

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  1. Golbolco

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    Jul 12, 2015
    In fairness though, it's an entire village and your goal up until that point was to bring them an item that would save said village. You can't save a nonexistent village. Compare that to Fallout 3 where you are only following your dad because he is your dad and Fallout 4 where the Shawn plot is just sort of tacked on to a sandbox shooter.
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  2. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    The Village Elder is the PC's mother; so it becomes a 'Find Mommy—and everyone else' quest, once the Enclave rustle them off the the rig. See Bethesda copied even that from Fallout 2.
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  3. Loremongrel

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    Jan 5, 2019
    At least the Village Elder isn't revealed to be the Enclave president. I liked the idea in Fallout 4 that Shawn was instead the head of the Institute, but... after that first moment of finding out (by spoilers), it felt so wrong, to don't say how he described the true mean of the Institute, what they want to do for the future (ie they don't know either what to do after replacing every person in the commonwealth).

    Even Caesar gave you a better explanation on why he's crucifying and enslaving people.
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  4. Valwin

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    Jan 6, 2019
    Hi there

    I will do a serious prediction for Fallout 5.

    I think the game will be set in New York or Florida but would not mind if it is set in San Fransisco as many people think.

    Why would I want New York ? because I think is what the series needs to get back to that fallout Bethesda feeling we got from 3?

    Why would I want that feeling? why not the Fallout 1, 2 and Vegas feeling? because Bethesda does not know how to do that.

    Compare Fallout 3 to 4 and well 76.

    Fallout 4 and 76 are just too cheery like everything feels like a joke especially 76

    Just look at the opening of 3 how slowly shows it moves and reveals the ruins then it shows that guy in power armor that looks at you

    Thats the feeling the feeling of no hope that evertyhing went to shit, compare it to fallout 76 and your like you know evetyhing looks pretty good for a nuclear war.

    So whats my Prediction.

    Fallout 5 will be set in New york or Florida, in game date should be at the same time of either 3 or 4 and will bring back that fallout 3 feeling.

    Im sure the enclave will be in it but hopefully no BOS
  5. Loremongrel

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    Jan 5, 2019
    I hope to don't see neither, or at least a small splinter of the Enclave that isn't even to consider "a faction".
    At the core, I really love the Enclave, but after the events of Fallout 2 and 3, there may be just a few members that still stand grabbed to that "rebuild America" idealism.

    Many are now something like mercenaries, or remnants living in places forgotten even by God itself. They are hunted down by the NCR in the South-West, Chicago is maybe just a tomb now and those that managed to let go and start anew have completely abandoned the Old America.

    The BOS is still kicking, but I think the bucket is getting close. They gathered technology for centuries, the Bear is closing his mouths and a new form of it is manifesting, harsher than before, without fear to say where they are.
    The old Brotherhood is starting to become the new Enclave, with Maxson as their new guide, and the Elders of Lost Hills manipulating him, is clear that or the Brotherhood is going to become a new "big bad", and with all that tech they got... just immagine what we hadn't seen yet.
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  6. Valwin

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    Jan 6, 2019
    I have to disagree we need a game where we can join then at least one time before finally getting rid of them.

    for what I saw from Bethesda I feel they building up to something more with them eventually.

    I think there could be a future for an eastern enclave, we now know they went to multiple locations.

    or we have New Vegas that implies some things like a general winters or Chicago enclave.

    like for example when they were called to the capital a group keep going west or something who knows I just feel the book is not over for them.
  7. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    then they failed miserably. Who cares about Arroyo when we have a boxing championship going on in the city?
  8. Loremongrel

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    Jan 5, 2019
    I think that the Enclave still lives, but is at the final stand: if Beth want to take them back, I hope it will be in Chicago then, but the book is possibly at the end.
    If, for some reason, the Enclave and the BOS return for one last showdown, I hope they both will annihilate themselves, or at least mutate into something new: in the end, the Brotherhood and the Enclave are the same coin, a last breath of the Old World.
    The BOS been the technology of the past, remaining attached to values that are slowly killing them, while the Enclave is just the spirit of something that will never return, and even if technologically advanced, they will never live long enough.

    Both have to end or change, this is my view.
    They got to forget the past, let go, and start anew.

    Also, you can join the Enclave in 76, even if without actual true members, made exception by that funny guy of MODUS.
  9. SpookyBees

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    Mar 12, 2017
    Fallout 5 will be an iPhone appstore exclusive

    In order to do any actions whatsoever you'll need to purchase surprise card packs.

    Each card pack will give you random 1 time use action cards you can use in random encounters.

    To use an action card you'll need to use "energy" that runs out and replenishes every 24hrs.

    The card packs will cost 5$ for 2 cards, 10$ for 5 cards, and 20$ for 25 cards. You can also pay money to refill your energy.

    Alternatively, you can wait every 12hrs to roll the vault boy wheel which will give you a random chance to win energy and cards, you can pay to roll the wheel at any time.

    The art will be similar to fallout shelter and the primary demographic will be the Asian markets, it will be released in China and Korea then a NA release will follow after 2 months of "polishing"

    They will then sell the fallout license to tencent and epic games will create fallout themed season for fortnite after they close down the f76 servers and make all past fallout games epic store exclusives.
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  10. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Seems legit
  11. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I'm waiting on Bethesda to have the protagonist work for the Enclave instead of the BoS. Like the villain really being your son. In this one the villain will be your dad. Whhoooooaaaaa. GOTY 2023!
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  12. DirtyOldShoe

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    Dec 15, 2015
    Location: New York because of Statue of Liberty
    Time frame: Whatever retcons the whole franchise the best including their own broken lore.
    Plot: The player is Rick Grimes or Lori Grimes and the quest is to find your whole family. A mishmash of ideas harvested from mods on nexus and plot fillers in the form of CC content.
    Micro transactions for all your outfits and Elianora saying it is the greatest game ever created.
    Dumpster trash that countless shits will shell out big bucks for to get diarrhea loot crates and the most dumbed down super hero knock-off of every somewhat popular zombie media from the last 7 years.
    Emil Pagliaro will be your only companion and his only dialogue will be to call the player a retard.
    Nuka Cola, Caps, Supermutants, Fatman, Radroaches and all the other staples will be there with no justification.
    Everything will be cannibals.
    Edit: There will also be throw backs to one of their best known quests.
    There will now be Dude on a Roof, Man in the Box, Creature in a Crater, and Baby in a Basket.
    You will also have 5 ways of saying yes.
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  13. Hardboiled Android

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    Jun 7, 2015
    It's difficult to say. Unlike Fo3 which, for all its faults, did expand the world and set up things going on elsewhere beyond the Capital Wasteland. Erie Stretch, Broken Banks, Great Lanta, the Broken Banks, the Abbey of the Road, Ronto. Fo4 has none of these, which makes the world feel so much more constricted by comparison. So I think that they'll probabl pick Ronto - they'd have a field day focusing on the American occupation of Canada, and it would allow them to feature the Midwestern BoS, maybe even the Enclave, and they'd make a big stink about it being the first Fallout not set in America.
  14. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I honestly think Mexico would be cool but there is no way they would get a voice cast that is not comprised of 5 people in a closet.
  15. Eshanas

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    Jul 6, 2016
    They might use "Great Lanta" and shift it all to the south. Expect them to fuck it up by shoving the Civil War shit everywhere.
  16. Hardboiled Android

    Hardboiled Android Vault Senior Citizen

    Jun 7, 2015
    Actually Great Lanta is probably Atlantic City, since it's mentioned as being on the coast.
  17. Eshanas

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Huh. I thought it was just Atlanta, but Atlantic City probably works. No one would nuke that shithole.
  18. caplanchy

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    Feb 16, 2021
    I think they'd just make the NCR goody-two-shoed Minutemen who want peace and prosperity, because all games with tough choices and moral decisions give you the ultimatum of being the second coming of Christ or apprentice of Hitler. They'd hardly care about the NCR's objective to restore some form of prewar government with the pros and cons that would entail. Their takeaway from NV is probably 'Since the Legion is obviously bad, the NCR is obviously good', and what more could the player possibly want than a simple 'good versus evil' story?
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  19. Blastwave Dave

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    Sep 12, 2021
    I feel like San Fran would require acknowledging that Fallout New Vegas exists in some capacity so Bethesda won't touch NCR areas outside of very brief mentions. Manhattan seems much more in their wheelhouse, it's the laziest pick and easiest to slot into their boring wasteland with landmarks design philosophy and I'd say Bethesda is more prone to taking the easy way out than any other.

    The story will center around finding a lost family member, or at least someone related to you. Even 76 had you hunting down someone. You'll be a vault dweller because this is Bethesda's Fallout version of you being a prisoner at the start of every Elder Scrolls.

    The plot will center around some kind of magical macguffin. Whatever the cool new selling point of Elder Scrolls 6 was will be lazily reskinned into this new Fallout. Mods will also only be on the creation club and the game will have coop.

    The Brotherhood will show up again as the major default faction. Nick Valentine will appear. And the pc will still be voiced but have a few opportunities for perks to flavor dialogue since stats will still be absent entirely.
  20. RadioactiveGirlfriend

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    Sep 15, 2021
    idk but i genuinely wish for them to pull a Rockstar Games and milk the shit out of 76 for years on end instead of making a new entry in the series.
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