Fallout: Broken City

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    Fallout: Broken City is a fan made DLC that sends the courier off to San Francisco. It's a work-in-progress and you can download the alpha.


    In the ruins of what remains San Francisco, Vault 44 has been sending a distress signal.
    "To Anyone who gets this... This is Vault 44... Power Running Low... Rations are Depleted... Please Send... (static)"

    Fallout: Broken City is a DLC-sized modification for Fallout: New Vegas. Created by a Dead Shock Studios, Fallout: Broken City is a large modification released for Fallout: New Vegas, and aims to be a new and eccentric experience for players.

    Featuring New Gameplay Mechanics:
    • Drivable Boats
    • Fishing
    • Underground Railway
    All of this wrapped up with quality voice acting from over 70+ actors, dozens of side quests, tons of hidden loot and all sorts of enticing new characters!


    • A New DLC Intro Video
    • Over 3 Different Main Questlines with over 30+ Side Quests each.
    • Over 100+ Hours of Voice Acting.
    • A Very Large Worldspace in California - San Francisco.
    • An Epic War between The Shi, The NCR, and The Brotherhood Of Steel.
    • Pirate Radio Station "The Bay" with DJ Jimmy Reese and DJ Grover Biggs
    • News Radio Station "The Breezeway" with updates in the News.
    • 10 Potential Human Companions
    • 4 Potential Robot Companions
    • A Potential Aquatic Companion

    Fallout: Broken City takes you through what remains of San Francisco.

    Featuring 3+ different main questlines:
    • Join The Brotherhood of Steel and Take San Francisco
    • Join The NCR and Take San Francisco
    • Join The Shi and Defend San Francisco
    • Join The Tanker Vagrants and Defend San Francisco
    • Join The Hubologists and Leave Earth
    • Or Form an Alliance and Save San Francisco.
    Included is also a huge variety of extra content, from side quests, to characters and unmarked quests. There’s alot to get lost in, in The Broken City.

    What do you think? Is it another Fallout: The Frontier or Fallout: New California?
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    It is one of those projects that never go anywhere. Someone that has never opened the GECK thinks they can create a huge DLC sized mode, by getting other people to do all the work while they act as project lead. Notice how the trailers show nothing about the mod and how the mod page was taken down because it was just resources from other mod authors.
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    Haha ok! I thought it was a bit odd that there were no gameplay to be seen.
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    It seems like they're using TrickyVein's San Fran worldspace...
    San Fran was a personal mod that TrickyVein was working on his spare time with help from some other TTW devs a few years ago. There were plans to make it linked to TTW using the functional train that allows travel between wastelands. I was lucky to be included in that project and I must say that the world space was awesome.

    Even that picture included in that video is a picture Tricky took from his San Fran worldspace:

    I wonder if this "Dead Shock Studios" got permission to use Tricky's work. Maybe I should investigate this a bit.
    EDIT: Tricky released the worldspace to the community, since he moved away from the project but didn't want his and other people work on it be wasted.

    Now I got nostalgic and decided to share the very pre-alpha videos made by Tricky of San Fran:

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    The presidential metro train from the Broken Steel DLC can be reversed and imported into New Vegas. I already imported the freight elevator from Anchorage that leads down to the Outcast bunker into a mod I'm working for New Vegas. It takes some time and its fucking annoying because a single mistake will break the scripts but its worth. And its not even an elevator. Technically the elevator never moves. It's the elevator shaft that is animated and moves up and down. Same with the train ride from Broken Steel. The player equips an item that is the same model from as the inside of the train and then a script makes you fly along a predefined path. It's all really interesting when you break it down but also really stupid the way they implemented some things.
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    Mar 15, 2012
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    Bethesda's developers could not even program and animate an elevator?
    I knew that they resorted to some trickery to make the train work, but this?

    Yeez, and they continue to do this crap.