Fallout: Crescent Opening Monolgue

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    War. War never changes.

    Throughout history, mankind has engaged in conflict over and over again, each time convinced that their cause is righteous and just. But the reality is much darker; war is not just about pride or power, but about the destructive differences that divide us.

    It starts with simple disagreements - a difference in ideology, a clash of cultures, a fight for resources. These small rifts grow into deep chasms that tear societies apart, leading to hatred, violence, and ultimately, death.

    We see it time and time again: neighbors turning against neighbors, families torn apart, and cities reduced to rubble. Who does it and who the blame goes to is always up for debate, but one thing remains the same: we cannot see beyond our own narrow perspectives, because we refuse to find common ground and embrace our differences.

    The irony is that in our quest for dominance, we destroy ourselves. We poison the land with our weapons, we shatter the bonds that once held us together, and we lose our humanity in the process.

    And even when all seems dead and destroyed beyond repair, someone somewhere knows it still doesn't have to be this way. We have the power to listen to that nobody and choose a different path, to foster understanding and empathy, to build bridges instead of walls. It may be difficult, it may require us to see beyond our own prejudices, but the alternative is too bleak to contemplate.

    And even when do eventually build bridges, we always end up burning them later for either the same reason or the different reason. But they all burn the same way.

    Because war never, ever changes.

    In the rubble of what used to be the continent of North America, a man who once devoted his life to his country has been let down. Having lost everything he once knew, he has taken to walking aimlessly across the wastes, looking for a new life and new friends.

    And all he has to identify himself with is a rusty, 50-year old suit of armor.
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