Fallout et tu 1.6 released!

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    Mar 15, 2012

    Lexx has released v1.6 of Fallout et tu, the mod that let's you play Fallout 1 in Fallout 2s engine. For more info go to this thread. There's a lot of stuff this time as well as some newly restored content that could be interesting to discuss.

    Here's what Lexx has to say about it:

    • Added: French translation by HawK-EyE.
    • Added: New "Black Dude" player character. Can be selected in the race-menu of the character creation.
    • Added: A new mini-mod that enables current / maximum carry weight in the loot screen, similar to what Crafty's Sfall for Fo1 does (disabled by default).
    • Added: New mini-mod that increases the mountain encounter map size to support a resolution of 1280x720px without showing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. It also increases the visible map area in the Cathedral tower maps (enabled by default).
    • Added: A new optional Floating Eye party member to the Glow (disabled by default).
    • Added: A new option to enable Fo2-style weapon upgrades. Jack in Hub Oldtown and Zack at the Gunrunners will upgrade weapons. Miles in Adytum can produce Flamer Fuel MK2 (enabled by default).
    • Added: Combat Shotgun can be upgraded to a round magazine at Jack (Hub) and Zack (Gunrunners) if Fo2-style weapon upgrades are enabled.
    • Added: All Fo2 lockpick items are now supported in scripts (Lockpicks, Expanded Lockpick set, Electronic Lockpick, Electronic Lockpick MK2).
    • Added: World and map radiation around the Glow is now optional (see fo1_settings.ini), but remains enabled by default.
    • Added: Fire Gecko Pelt from the UPU has been added to the game.
    • Added: The Fo2 Karma Beacon perk now works with the Fo1 NPCs.
    • Added: Throwing animation, club, hammer, and knife for the Tycho / Raider critter.
    • Added: Long hair leather jacket (hero) animations as modder resource.
    • Added: Missing animations for tribal hero male and female critters (modder resource).
    • Added: Restored some inaccessible dialog for Lasher inside the Cathedral (about abusing children).
    • Added: Restored some inaccessible dialog for Viola inside the Cathedral (after talking to Laura).
    • Added: Restored various cut characters (Rae in the Master's Lair, a conversation between two mutants in the Master's Lair medlab, Marney at the Followers Library, Hernandez in Junktown, Dumar in the Cathedral, Brenden in the Brotherhood bunker, Calder at the Cathedral crater, Rufus in the Hub Oldtown). They can be enabled in the fo1_settings.ini file.
    • Fixed: The dialog option to ask Sammael in Adytum about the farm parts would show up only once.
    • Fixed: When asking Rhombus at the Brotherhood for questions, his reply got overwritten by an empty line.
    • Fixed: One of the Skulz in the Skum Pitt attack had a knife but couldn't use it due to lack of animations.
    • Fixed: A potential procedure loop in the (generic) super mutant sergeant script when talking to them in disguise.
    • Fixed: After losing a Junktown boxing match, Saul would not stand up again.
    • Fixed: Asking the Water Merchants for a caravan job wasn't possible anymore after asking about a water delivery, but then declining the service.
    • Fixed: Brotherhood crack paladins will show up at the Cathedral again.
    • Fixed: Cathedral technicians would blast the disguise-check code on every game tick, no matter if they see thep player or not. This can cause the game to crash on certain hardware.
    • Fixed: Dan at the Hub entrance was unable to get to the Brahmin pens (waypoint too far away for the ai pathfinding). Added another waypoint in the middle, which not only fixes his daily schedule, but also restores an interaction with Billy, the brahmin boy.
    • Fixed: Dan at the Hub entrance would tell the player to get out of his house at night (and attack him later), even though the player wasn't in his house.
    • Fixed: Gaining Outdoorsman skill points from the gecko hunters (encounter) will now show up in the message log.
    • Fixed: Gizmo would not react to the player trying to steal from him after certain dialog choices.
    • Fixed: Gizmo's dead remains (with animated flies) can now be looted correctly.
    • Fixed: If Kenji is about to attack Killian and the player leaves the map, he will now be removed (if the player returns after days, he would still be there. Now he is killed off-screen by the guards).
    • Fixed: If Killian gets killed while fighting Gizmo, the player would get the experience points and Junktown becomes hostile.
    • Fixed: If Lars in Junktown gives the player 15 seconds to "leave and never come back", he would start combat no matter where on the map the player is.
    • Fixed: If the player is a child killer, Fry at the Hub entrance would still greet him happily, even though it makes no sense in his dialog.
    • Fixed: LARIPPER map borders were wrong (parts of the visible map were inaccessible due to this).
    • Fixed: Loxley in the Hub wouldn't remember having talked to the player before. Also restored a few dialog lines for him and his friends after getting kicked out from the Circle.
    • Fixed: MacRae in the Boneyard now correctly gives the player +5% Damage Resistance, and + 1% Melee Damage (vanilla Fo1 bug + removed the old Fixt workaround which gave skill points instead). Also, gaining the bonus will now be mentioned in the message log (same as how every other bonus gets mentioned).
    • Fixed: Maxon at the Brotherhood was showing the wrong dialog text after asking about the missing caravans.
    • Fixed: Mines / Traps spatial scripts had no range assigned to them.
    • Fixed: Necropolis Motel map had wrong resting settings (No,Yes,No -> No,No,No).
    • Fixed: Patrick the Celt had a dialog reaction to Aradesh being dead, but the condition was wrong, so it would never trigger.
    • Fixed: Player can enter V13 already after waiting 1 day and not 2.
    • Fixed: Player can't get the Champion reputation state anymore if he is a childkiller.
    • Fixed: Restored floating text of Glowing Ghouls in the Necropolis Vault (when talking to them after taking the water chip and not repairing the water pump. Not sure why Fixt removed this).
    • Fixed: Shady Sands would become hostile to the player, even if he kills Tandi outside of town.
    • Fixed: Sherry in Junktown would leave the map after leaving the Skulz gang. This was added by TeamX a long time ago and I have no idea why. Reverted this change for now.
    • Fixed: Sid (Hub / Beth's guard) would float a text message so fast, it was impossible to read.
    • Fixed: Some locations would not be marked as visible when asking about them in dialog.
    • Fixed: Spear-only raiders in Brotherhood encounters weren't able to use their spear. Temporarily fixed this with replacing their blue-pants look with generic leather jacket.
    • Fixed: TMA would crash when not using the Sfall Dx9 mode.
    • Fixed: The Junktown fighting match scenes will play sound effects now (punching, hitting, falling).
    • Fixed: The Skum Pitt cutscene between the Skulz ganger and Trish had no sound effects.
    • Fixed: The Mariposa entrance mutant was showing 60/50 hp for some reason. Mutants on level 1 had 49/50hp.
    • Fixed: The Tag!-perk wouldn't give +20% to the new skill as it did in Fo1.
    • Fixed: The Mr. Fixit perk would give +10% (Fo2) instead of +20% (Fo1).
    • Fixed: The dialog of Talius in the Followers library was a mess. Added new sentences to remove his amnesia, added a new quest entry to the pipboy ("Kill the leader of the mutant army in Necropolis.") and fixed his quest rewards.
    • Fixed: The fisherman and his son would reappear in encounters, even if the player killed them before.
    • Fixed: The player can't rest in encounter locations anymore if there are other critters in the map.
    • Fixed: The teacher in the Brotherhood library was supposed to randomly float text (timer event proc was missing).
    • Fixed: The wanted-sign now correctly shows the current bounty on the players head (in caps).
    • Fixed: Using a crowbar on doors would actually not do anything (Fo2 feature - Added by Killap for the UP, but it never worked).
    • Fixed: When using the stealing skill on Dogmeat, an error message would show (old Fixt code).
    • Tweaked: The Junktown guard in Killian's shop will now move closer to the good tables at night.
    • Tweaked: Added the agility-check back into the Gunrunners toxic goo spatial script (was a Fixt change?).
    • Tweaked: Hotspots in the Glow will give the player randomly 20 to 50 rads again (reverted Fixt change back to Fo1 vanilla values).
    • Tweaked: Improved the floating text code of the FoA invades at the Cathedral a bit (only one will float, not all at the same time).
    • Tweaked: In the character screen, "Karma" was called "Reputation" in Fo1.
    • Tweaked: Added a better floating text management between Guido and Leon (Hub / FLC guards), because the text was barely readable.
    • Tweaked: Moved the inventory weapons of Hub entrance guards into their off-hand slots, otherwise they would never use them.
    • Tweaked: Perk description text still had Fo2 stuff in it. Reverted it back to the Fo1 text.
    • Tweaked: Removed the locker in the V13 medical room - it wasn't there in the original.
    • Tweaked: Reverted the +20% skill bonus of the Survivalist perk. In Fo1 it doesn't give any points and is only used in calculations "behind the scenes".
    • Tweaked: Reverted the MFC / SEC item change in super mutant encounters, because they seem to drop SECs on purpose and not by bug.
    • Tweaked: Rewrote the interaction between Killian and his shopdoor. Also, the inside shopguard will react to the player now if he is found inside the building at night time.
    • Tweaked: Super Mutants in encounter maps will now start out with their weapons equipped.
    • Removed: Old code in Ian, Tycho, and Katja scripts when giving them items. Nobody used this function anyways, also it was possible to exploit their carry weight limit with this.
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  2. ironmask

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    Mar 10, 2018
    I have a problem with this mod. Playing the current version 1.6. So I save Tandi from the the raiders, arrive at shady sands and get my reward and bla bla bla. Everything is fine until I get to junktown and I realize that tandi is still following me for some reason. I went to shady sands and got thanked by the father so I don't know why she is still with me.
  3. Proletären

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    Mar 15, 2012
    She's one of the companions now.
  4. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Can you upload a savegame? First time I've heard about a bug like that.

    /Edit: Just started a new game and tested it, at least for me Tandi leaves the party and remains in Shady Sands.
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  5. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Is this a bug? (...actually bugged, or unintentional?)
  6. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    I don't understand your question.

    If you are a childkiller, you can't be a champion anymore. That's how it is supposed to be.
  7. Gizmojunk

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    Nov 26, 2007
    Ah... I misread the fix as —fixing— it so that they could; brain fart.
  8. Facasito

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    Jul 15, 2021
    yooo do you think that you could add the highwayman?not lore friendly but damn fun haha
  9. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Sadly adding multiple vehicles isn't that easy. It needs a better framework first, which we don't have and which isn't that easy to build (not even sure if I could do it in a good way).
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