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Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by Sduibek, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Thank you. Definitely not intentional and I agree it should be starting combat.
  2. Moldernado

    Moldernado First time out of the vault

    Jul 8, 2015
    Well I have an update on the situation. Since provoking them didn't work I started myself. Immidiately the game exits combat and re-enters it, giving Garl the first turn. The exact same thing happened in Vault 15, with the aggressive rats. They don't "see" me, I enter combat, the game exits combat, re-enters and gives the rat the first turn.

    I tried the same thing in Shady Sands, I enter combat and the game exits combat for me, but this time since nobody is aggressive, the game doens't re-enter combat and give someone else the first turn. It feels very strange and I don't think it's the Jinxed trait I'm playing with. Like my sequence is in the negatives or something stupid
  3. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Weird. I've never heard of this issue.

    What install type did you use and did you select any options that may have modified A.I? Are you playing version 0.80 or 0.81? Were there any errors or issues during install?

    Also please paste here the contents of your ddraw.ini
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  4. lostabroad2

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    Apr 2, 2013
    I'm not saying I agree with @Magnus but I know where he's coming from with the eyesight issues. Forum creators and game designers don't tend to think of such problems, (not looking at you @Sduibek), so they'll lazily use FFFFFF for white not realising that FAFAFA would achieve what they want whilst helping those with vision issues. Even this forum has white and green on maximum colour saturation. (Would 78% really be so bad?) Fonts are personal choice and you can't satisfy everyone. I have Firefox set to Fundamental Brigade with size 16 fonts as a default. It would be nice if the FIXT installer said which fonts and sizes were available rather than ask a font question. Microsoft Sans Serif, Tahoma, and Arial would be good common fonts over FB, OldSansBlack, and some others. I can understand why people like Verdana but it's not for me. Again, it's all personal choice.

    I quite like the 'Nixie' numbers as they're very similar to Fundamental Brigade Schwer, (which would be my numerical preference). I want text to be readable rather than set it a particular style or time period.

    As ever, much encouragement to all mods and modders. Keep up the good work guys!
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  5. Moldernado

    Moldernado First time out of the vault

    Jul 8, 2015
    I used the custom install with the latest version, 0.81 alpha i think?, with no modifications to the AI.

    The issues seems to be gone after I reached Junktown, Killian, Gizmo, Skulz and Saul all responded to provocation and started combat as normal. It was just the vault 15/khan raiders that was weird so far.

    As a sidenote, I was able to start the Saul "relationship miniquest" by talking to him about it first and the game acted like Trish had spoken to me about it. Kinda jarring speaking to him first, then her, then getting the exp for it. Can't remember the exact dialogue I went with though, but maybe you could look into that as well.

    And as you wish, here's the ddraw.ini, I couldn't figure out how to "spoiler" it for others reading convenience though and making it an attached txt was appearantly too big to upload.

    ; Sfall configuration settings for Crafty's unofficial Sfall release v1.19

    ;Change to 1 if you want to use command line args to tell sfall to use another ini file.

    ;Uncomment and point to a file to get alternate versions for some sfall messages

    ;Set to 0 to disable everything in this section

    ;The speeds corrisponding to each slot in percent. (i.e. 100 is normal speed)

    ;The initial speed at game startup

    ;Set to 0 for 8 bit fullscreen
    ;Set to 1 for 8 bit windowed
    ;Set to 2 for 16 bit fullscreen
    ;Set to 3 for 16 bit windowed
    ;Set to 4 for dx9 fullscreen
    ;Set to 5 for dx9 windowed
    ;Mode 1 requires your desktop color depth to be set to 32 bit
    ;Windowed modes incur a performance hit. (Modes 1 and 5 more so than mode 3)
    ;The 16 bit color modes cause movies to display incorrect colors, and slows down fades
    ;dx9 modes cause some corruption of movies, but not as bad as 16 bit color modes
    ;16 bit color modes only work in fallout 2
    ;dx9 modes work with fallout 1, but results in movies being completely corrupted
    ;A dx9 mode is required for any graphics related script extender functions to work (i.e. fullscreen shaders)

    ;Refresh the screen every x frames. Set to 0 to disable frameskipping.
    ;If you don't want frameskipping on initially, but may want to enable it later, set this to 1
    ;This has no effect in fullscreen mode or in dx9 modes

    ;When fading the screen, multiply the time to fade by this value
    ;Value is a percentage, so a value of 100 leaves fade speed unchanged
    ;Only has an effect in 16 bit color mode

    ;If using a dx9 mode, this changes the resolution
    ;The graphics are simply stretched to fit the new window; this does _not_ let you see more of the map
    ;If you want to use an upscaling filter other than the hardcoded once listed below, place a dx9 effect file called 'global.fx' in data\shaders
    ;If set to 0, use fallout's native resolution

    ;If using a dx9 mode, this changes the settings of the global shader
    ;Set to 0 to disable, 1 to use only if screen res > 640x480, 2 to use if screen res != 640x480 or 3 to use always

    ;Set to something other than 0 to apply a software scaler in graphics modes 4 or 5
    ;0 - without scale filters
    ;1 - 2xSai
    ;2 - SuperEagle
    ;3 - Super2xSai
    ;4 - hq2x
    ;5 - AdvancedMame2x

    ;Set to 1 for a linear texture filter, or 0 to disable

    ;Set to 1 to do the palette conversion on the gpu
    ;Set to 2 to do the palette conversion on the cpu
    ;Set to 0 to pick automatically
    ;GPU is faster, but requires v2.0 pixel shader support



    ;Set to 0 to disable everything in this section
    ;This will also disable any input related script extender functions and the keyboard commands used to control other sections!

    ;Set to 1 to enable the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through your inventory

    ;The mouse Z position is dividied by this modifier to calculate the number of inventory
    ;slots to scroll. My mouse moves 120 pixel in the z direction for one click of the mouse
    ;wheel, but this may vary depending on your mouse manufacturer and windows settings.
    ;Set to 0 to only ever scroll 1 click

    ;Adjusts mouse sensitivity to some percentage of normal.
    ;Negative values are valid, if you want your mouse axis reversed for some reason

    ;DX scancode of a key to press when the middle mouse button is clicked
    ;The default of 0x30 toggles between your two weapons
    ;Set to 0 to disable

    ;Set to 1 to reverse the left and right mouse buttons

    ;Set these to 1 if you want fallout to access the keyboard or mouse in background mode

    ;The modifier key you have to hold down to change any speed settings
    ;If set to 0 if you don't want to use a modifier key, or a DX scancode otherwise
    ;Set to -1 for either ctrl key, -2 for either alt key or -3 for either shift key
    ; DEFAULT = -1

    ;A key to press to toggle the speed tweak on or off
    ;Specify 0 if you don't want a toggle key, or a DX scancode otherwise
    ; DEFAULT = 0x00

    ;The keys corrisponding to the 10 speed slots
    ;Set to 0 to disable a slot, otherwise specify the DX scancode of the key you want to use

    ;The modifier key you have to hold down to change any graphics settings
    ;Set to 0 if you don't want to use a modifier key, or a DX scancode otherwise
    ;Set to -1 for either ctrl key, -2 for either alt key or -3 for either shift key

    ;Increase/decrease frame skip.

    ;Toggle the global shader on or off
    ; DEFAULT:

    ;Changes the current scaling and texture filters

    ;A key to hold down to move the window around when using graphics mode 5
    ;Set to 0 if you don't want to use a modifier key, or a DX scancode otherwise
    ;Set to -1 for either ctrl key, -2 for either alt key or -3 for either shift key

    ;A key (LShift) to press to toggle the highlighting of all items on the ground on the current map

    ;A key (w|W) to press to reload your currently equipped weapon or use item
    ;DEFAULT: 17


    ;To start a new game somewhere other than V13Ent.map, uncomment the next line and set it to the map you want to load

    ;To change the 'FALLOUT 1.2' version string on the main menu, uncomment the next line
    ;You can use up to 2 %d's in this, if you want to include fallouts version number somewhere
    ;VersionString=Fallout %d.%d

    ;To use a config file other than fallout.cfg, uncomment the next line and add the name of your new file

    ;To change the default player models, uncomment the next two lines.

    ;To change the various ingame movies, modify the next 14 lines

    ;To change the starting year, month or day, uncomment the next 3 lines

    ;To change the limit of the distance away from the player to which you're allowed to scroll the local maps, uncomment the next two lines
    ;Defaults are 0x1E0 in the x direction and 0x190 in the y direction.
    ;Not compatible with the res patch!

    ;Change the colour of the font used on the main menu for the fallout/sfall version number
    ;It's the last byte ('3c' by default,) that picks the colour used. The first byte supplies additional flags


    ;Prevents you from using 0 to escape from dialogue at any time.

    ;Set to 1 for force fallout not to use multiple processor cores even if they are available

    ;Uncomment these lines to modify the default modifiers for aimed shots at specific bodyparts

    ;Set to 1 to get notification of karma changes in the notification window

    ;Set to 1 to force the player to play the idle animation when reloading their weapon

    ;Set a number of milliseconds to idle each input loop
    ;Set to -1 to disable
    ;Set to 0 to idle only if other processes are waiting for processor time
    ;Set to 1 (or some higher number if needed) to prevent 100% cpu use

    ;Set to 1 to skip the 2 opening movies

    ;Causes npc's who complete their combat turn with ap left over will try and find other ways to spend it.
    ;Only npcs with ap left equal to or greater than the value given here will be considered.
    ;Set to 0 to disable

    ;Remove window position rounding

    ;Set this to a valid path to save a copy of the console contents

    ;Set to 1 to speed up the hp/ac counter animations

    ;Modify this value to change the players speed of rotation on the inventory and character screens
    ;Default is 166

    ;Set to 1 to remove the limits that stop the player rolling critical successes/misses in the first
    ;few days of game time

    ;Set to 1 to fix the issue with doors being able to dodge bullets.

    ;Set to 1 to disable the pipboy alarm button

    ;Controls the speed of combat panel animations (lower - faster; valid range: 0..65535)
    ;Controls the speed of dialog panel animations (lower - faster; valid range: 0..255)

    ;Automatically reload weapon at the end of combat

    ;Changes the way weapon reloading works when you drop the ammo onto a gun picture in the inventory:
    ;-1 = vanilla behavior with a pop-up window to choose the amount of ammo to use
    ;0 = use all the ammo packs to reload
    ;1 and more = (reserves extra magazines) - if the amount of ammo mags is more than the reserve, all the mags are used minus the specified reserve amount. And if the amount of ammo mags in the inventory is less or equal to the reserve, then only one mag is used.

    ;Stack together identical weapon without bullets

    ;Enable view of free weight in an exchange window

    ;Russian language encoding for character and savegame names.
    ;Ïîääåðæêà ðóññêîãî ÿçûêà ïðè ââîäå èìåíè èãðîêà è îïèñàíèÿ ê ñîõðàíÿåìîé èãðå.
    ;1251 (1C)
    ;866 (Fargus)

    ;Assigns a keyboard button to switch russian language encoding in-game.

    ;Turns off the effects of drug abuse to prevent skill books and perk gain exploits

    ;Fix "Pressing A to enter combat before anything else happens, thus getting infinite free running"

    ;To leave the music playing in dialogue mode with talking heads

    ;Maximum player level (1..99); Default is 21

    ;To use more than one save slot for quick saving (F6) and without picking a slot beforehand. The number assigned is a number of save slots (1..10) to use for quick saving, cycling from the top one down and over to the earliest one.

    ;To leave the sneak ability on for run-to-walk-to-use the item or scenery situation.

    ;To set highlight color of NPCs outside of your line of sight
    ;1= animated red (FALLOUT DEFAULT)
    ;2= red
    ;4= gray
    ;8= animated green
    ;16 yellow
    ;32 pink

    ;Allows you to directly control other critters in combat
    ;Set to 0 to disable
    ;Set to 1 to control all critters in combat
    ;Set to 2 to control all party members
    ;If you want to control only specific critters/party members, uncomment the ControlCombatPIDList line
    ;and set it to a comma delimited list of PIDs: 63=Tandy, 76=Ian, 122=Dogmeat, 210=Tycho, 302=Katja

    ;Remove "Friendly Foe" perk, but have the effect active

    ;Set to 1 to fix the bug that caused bonus HtH damage to not be applied correctly.

    ;Set to 1 to enable debugging output to screen or 2 to create a debug.log file
    ;While you don't need to create an environment variable, you do still need to set the appropriate lines in fallout.cfg

    ;Set to 1 to skip the executable file size check

    ;If you're testing changes to the falloutw.exe, you can override the crc that sfall looks for here
    ;Sduibek testing version: 0xf43d208c
    ;Public release version: 0xf0fd4d53

    ;These option control what output is saved in the sfall-log.txt, the debugging version is required
    ;Prints messages duing sfall initialization

    ;KEYCODES - you can use these as reference when setting keyboard codes in this file

    ; ESCAPE 0x01
    ; 1 0x02
    ; 2 0x03
    ; 3 0x04
    ; 4 0x05
    ; 5 0x06
    ; 6 0x07
    ; 7 0x08
    ; 8 0x09
    ; 9 0x0A
    ; 0 0x0B
    ; MINUS 0x0C /* - on main keyboard */
    ; EQUALS 0x0D
    ; BACK 0x0E /* backspace */
    ; TAB 0x0F
    ; Q 0x10
    ; W 0x11
    ; E 0x12
    ; R 0x13
    ; T 0x14
    ; Y 0x15
    ; U 0x16
    ; I 0x17
    ; O 0x18
    ; P 0x19
    ; LBRACKET 0x1A
    ; RBRACKET 0x1B
    ; RETURN 0x1C /* Enter on main keyboard */
    ; LCONTROL 0x1D
    ; A 0x1E
    ; S 0x1F
    ; D 0x20
    ; F 0x21
    ; G 0x22
    ; H 0x23
    ; J 0x24
    ; K 0x25
    ; L 0x26
    ; SEMICOLON 0x27
    ; APOSTROPHE 0x28
    ; GRAVE 0x29 /* accent grave */
    ; LSHIFT 0x2A
    ; BACKSLASH 0x2B
    ; Z 0x2C
    ; X 0x2D
    ; C 0x2E
    ; V 0x2F
    ; B 0x30
    ; N 0x31
    ; M 0x32
    ; COMMA 0x33
    ; PERIOD 0x34 /* . on main keyboard */
    ; SLASH 0x35 /* / on main keyboard */
    ; RSHIFT 0x36
    ; MULTIPLY 0x37 /* * on numeric keypad */
    ; LMENU 0x38 /* left Alt */
    ; SPACE 0x39
    ; CAPITAL 0x3A
    ; F1 0x3B
    ; F2 0x3C
    ; F3 0x3D
    ; F4 0x3E
    ; F5 0x3F
    ; F6 0x40
    ; F7 0x41
    ; F8 0x42
    ; F9 0x43
    ; F10 0x44
    ; NUMLOCK 0x45
    ; SCROLL 0x46 /* Scroll Lock */
    ; NUMPAD7 0x47
    ; NUMPAD8 0x48
    ; NUMPAD9 0x49
    ; SUBTRACT 0x4A /* - on numeric keypad */
    ; NUMPAD4 0x4B
    ; NUMPAD5 0x4C
    ; NUMPAD6 0x4D
    ; ADD 0x4E /* + on numeric keypad */
    ; NUMPAD1 0x4F
    ; NUMPAD2 0x50
    ; NUMPAD3 0x51
    ; NUMPAD0 0x52
    ; DECIMAL 0x53 /* . on numeric keypad */
    ; F11 0x57
    ; F12 0x58
    ; F13 0x64 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; F14 0x65 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; F15 0x66 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; KANA 0x70 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
    ; CONVERT 0x79 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
    ; NOCONVERT 0x7B /* (Japanese keyboard) */
    ; YEN 0x7D /* (Japanese keyboard) */
    ; NUMPADEQUALS 0x8D /* = on numeric keypad (NEC PC98) */
    ; CIRCUMFLEX 0x90 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
    ; AT 0x91 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; COLON 0x92 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; UNDERLINE 0x93 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; KANJI 0x94 /* (Japanese keyboard) */
    ; STOP 0x95 /* (NEC PC98) */
    ; AX 0x96 /* (Japan AX) */
    ; UNLABELED 0x97 /* (J3100) */
    ; NUMPADENTER 0x9C /* Enter on numeric keypad */
    ; RCONTROL 0x9D
    ; NUMPADCOMMA 0xB3 /* , on numeric keypad (NEC PC98) */
    ; DIVIDE 0xB5 /* / on numeric keypad */
    ; SYSRQ 0xB7
    ; RMENU 0xB8 /* right Alt */
    ; HOME 0xC7 /* Home on arrow keypad */
    ; UP 0xC8 /* UpArrow on arrow keypad */
    ; PRIOR 0xC9 /* PgUp on arrow keypad */
    ; LEFT 0xCB /* LeftArrow on arrow keypad */
    ; RIGHT 0xCD /* RightArrow on arrow keypad */
    ; END 0xCF /* End on arrow keypad */
    ; DOWN 0xD0 /* DownArrow on arrow keypad */
    ; NEXT 0xD1 /* PgDn on arrow keypad */
    ; INSERT 0xD2 /* Insert on arrow keypad */
    ; DELETE 0xD3 /* Delete on arrow keypad */
    ; LWIN 0xDB /* Left Windows key */
    ; RWIN 0xDC /* Right Windows key */
    ; APPS 0xDD /* AppMenu key */
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  6. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    @Moldernado Thanks! Didn't see anything in the settings that jumps out at me, darn. I'm glad it's working for you now.

    re: Fonts: Okay. I'll make the font not-default on all of the installs. (Currently it was only default on Full). This is the first complaint/request I've gotten regarding it, but I don't want to be causing issues for people, that's not cool. If anyone's curious, the reason I made it default in Full is that option is intended to add a maximal amount of "cool new stuff" :nod:

    @lostabroad2 Well there's not really font size options for Fallout. The font question is simply a matter of tracking (space between letters) and the width of the letters themselves. (Which is communicated in the installer, as best I could.) European versions use, for the big yellow fonts on most interface text, letters than are thinner horizontally *and* closer together. Personally I think it looks totally shitty, I have no idea what they were thinking. I would prefer if the installer only used the U.S. version because it's far superior in my opinion.

    Shitty non-U.S. versions font:

    Proper U.S.-versions font:
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  7. Magnus

    Magnus Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 6, 2007
    I agreed to fight Garl in the ring and got smacked around a bit, but then I managed to knock him out with one good punch. He said something like "take the girl and get out of here", and then I was teleported back to the raiders map. I now had all of Garl's stuff in my inventory, including a metal armor, Desert Eagle, Spiked Knuckles, and Garl himself was nowhere to be seen, although his buddies talked about him as if he was still there.

    Did I just become the new Garl? If this is in the vanilla game then I must have missed that. But if it's something from FIXT then congratulations on an absolutely legendary new feature. I'm going to have to go back to the Khans after I've finished banging Tandi and see if they have any new dialogue.

    Other than the numbers (and the ammo meter, but I'll give that one a pass) I love what I've seen of the mod so far.
  8. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    I'm pretty sure this is how it worked in vanilla game :lol: I'll check.

    Fo2-engine version of Fixt will add several things to Khans, such as joining. As for now it's pointless since you won't get a quest entry or Perk. But when engine conversion done I plan to have a "Khan" perk like they did with Made Men in Fo2, as well as "quests" for killing the slaves, joining, becoming their new leader, helping them reaid Shady Sands, etc. Raiders in Fo1 was a potential for a lot of cool stuff that I think the developers could have had fun with.

    lol @ ammo meter comment. Should I have that be disabled by default? YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE THE FATE OF THE METER. CHOOSE WISELY.

    EDIT: Yeah here we go, from Per's guide:
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  9. Magnus

    Magnus Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 6, 2007
    Awesome. I'm trying to stay the hell away from Per's guide this time, since I remember almost nothing from the game.
    One thing I'm curious about is, am I supposed to start with Mentats? I tagged Speech, Lockpick and Small Guns, but still had two packs of it in my inventory. They came in handy when I decided to "talk" Tandi's brains out.

    I don't like the ammo meter because again I think it looks too "high-tech" and is just a change for the sake of change, it doesn't really add anything. But I did choose the Full installation, which is stated to be for non-purists and contains everything in the mod, and the fact that I don't like it doesn't mean that others won't. As long as there's a Custom option to disable it (say, which file do I have to delete for it?) I say leave it enabled in the Full version.
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  10. HawK-EyE

    HawK-EyE It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 28, 2006
    Well that's simple : European languages usually have more letters than English for the same word/string.

    French Main menu in vanilla version :
    {10}{}{NOUVEAU JEU}
    {11}{}{CHARGER JEU}

    With the new fonts i had to change it :

    That's completely fine but that may explain the choice of the "thin" font in the first place.

    Something else totally unrelated :

    - Aghata doesn't show up, even if you tick the option during the custom install (If you manually change the GVAR with the f12se, she correctly appears tho).
    What is the plan regarding the storyteller ? Do you want/need stories ? Do you want to remove her completely ? (i agree she is quite useless currently)
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  11. Gramblosh

    Gramblosh Irradiated Dwarf

    Jul 7, 2015
    I did a little more testing, so far it looks like 99% of the installation (chose the full option) works correctly under Wine, only the changes to VAULT13.GAM are not applied but written to the log. Looking at the repo on GitHub I assume that the sed command in the bat files isn't working on Wine. Not really a big deal once you know what it is causing the problem, Linux users only have to apply the changes manually.
  12. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011

    Would killing the slaves make any sense? Aren't they useful alive?
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  13. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    @Oppen Killing slaves makes perfect sense if you want to become a Khan and/or are an evil character. It already exists in vanilla game, you never played that way? If you ask Garl to join, he said he tires of the slaves and to kill them immediately.

    @Magnus Laughed hard at you using talk in quotes like that. I know what you're referring to :lol: And yes Mentats is on purpose; Fixt changed so that every skill, if tagged, actually starts you with items. In vanilla, only about half tag skills had any effect on starting items, which is stupid. Skills with "generic use" such as Speech/Barter give Mentats because there wasn't much else to give that made sense. Barter and Gambling gives caps instead if you aren't playing Fixes Only.

    @HawK-EyE Ohhhh I hadn't thought of longer translation phrases. Good point and thank you! Is it possible still to use the U.S.-version font then? I really do think it looks significantly better than the others. re: Agatha Do you know anyone who'd be willing to write stories for her? I'd love to see that.

    @Gramblosh That makes sense, I think the only people who've had issues with global variables not applying properly were the folks using Wine. Thank you. That is a significant issue though and needs to be fixed. Is it safe to assume that all Wine installations will include sed.exe? If so, can I just use normal sed commands instead of using the version of sed.exe that I provide? Or maybe the issue is how Wine handles the commands; maybe by echoing the results into a text file, it's actually skipping right to the echo instead of doing its normal task first? If you're willing to play around with the sed situation and see if you can come up with any solutions/workarounds I'd greatly appreciate it. I am using batch files for those, so if we're lucky, we can just run different batch files that use different commands using the built-in version of sed.exe

    UPDATE FOR EVERYONE: I need to focus on school now. I'll be silent here for at least a month, maybe two months. This is do-or-die time; I need to get a job in Los Angeles / Santa Monica and finish my "final project" class, all in about 6 weeks. I'll be back soon ;)
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  14. Gramblosh

    Gramblosh Irradiated Dwarf

    Jul 7, 2015
    So far I can only guess what happens based on the results, so it is really vague.

    I don't know which version of sed you are using, I tried this one
    h t t p://www.pement.org/sed/gsed407x.zip
    and ran the command
    sed -i "s/TANDI_SEX_ENABLED         :=0/TANDI_SEX_ENABLED         :=1/" VAULT13.GAM
    in the terminal under wine and it works fairly well, the -i directly applies the change to the file, so there is no need for the second line.

    PS: The spam protection on this forum seems a little paranoid, still cant post links and even the tag gets blocked....
    PPS: Good luck!
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  15. Gramblosh

    Gramblosh Irradiated Dwarf

    Jul 7, 2015
    Good, trying to answer in a bit more depth, after doing some more testing.

    No, Wine itself doesn't know sed, sed is a Linux/Unix command but it's not accessible through the wine console.

    See above: no.

    Actually, Wine should handle the native commands like Windows.

    I will try to help as much as I can, however, last time I played with batch is a little while ago, And I never really cared about batch on Wine. So I am far from being an expert on either of these, but I try my best.

    That's about the same idea, I had in mind.


    Anyway, here is what I have got so far:

    I will keep Tandi as a test-case, so the script in question is
    sed.exe s/"TANDI_SEX_ENABLED         :=0"/"TANDI_SEX_ENABLED         :=1"/ VAULT13.GAM > globalvars.tmp
    cmd.exe /c copy globalvars.tmp VAULT13.GAM /Y
    echo TANDI_SEX_ENABLED = 1 >> ..\DATA\FIXT\install.log
    (short: sed, copy, echo) as taken from https://github.com/Sduibek/fixtsrc/blob/master/Batchfiles/Components/TANDI_SEX_ENABLED.bat. As a result of the script I get an unchanged VAULT13.GAM and a changed install.log. So, I would assume that the script is executed, since the log file is changed. It also indicates that - obviously - the echo part is working. The culprit can be either sed or copy.

    Here is what I found out so far using this www.pement.org/sed/gsed407x.zip version of sed.exe copied to "c:/GOG Games/Fallout/Fallout Fixt/DATA/DATA" (so everything is in the same directory):
    1. I ran sed -i "s/TANDI_SEX_ENABLED :=0/TANDI_SEX_ENABLED :=1/" VAULT13.GAM (that's the code I would use with the Linux sed command in a linux command line) on the wine command line => works
    2. I created a batch file containing the above code and ran it from the wine command line => works
    3. Next I tried a code similar to yours
    sed s/"TANDI_SEX_ENABLED         :=0"/"TANDI_SEX_ENABLED         :=1"/ VAULT13.GAM > test1.tmp
    cmd.exe /c copy test1.tmp test2.tmp /Y
    and => works , this is interesting cause we can exclude the copy command as the culprit, it's also no problem to overwrite an existing test2.tmp. The odd thing is, if I remove sed.exe from that directory (which should break the scripts function completely), I get an empty test1.tmp and an empty test2.tmp, so in your code VAULT13.GAM would be empty. The only way to leave VAULT13.GAM unchanged is to cause a missing test1.tmp, only if test1.tmp does not exist, the copy command also breaks.

    Now the only thing left is the sed command, problem is that, the way I implemented this version of sed in the test setup, it also works, so it might either be the way you implemented it or the version you used... or something completely different.
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  16. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Awesome, thanks!
  17. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
    Well, I meant exactly as a slavist. Why would you break your own commodity?
    As an evil character it could make sense, specially for the (admittedly very fun to play) stupid evil or sadist ones.

    On another note, I found some things that I think could be improved and/or are bugs. I'll explain more later, and put it on the wiki (I actually didn't check if it's there, yet).

    And on yet another note, is there a way to name local variables on the scripts? I thought about it, and typed and named variables would probably help in preventing some of the bugs.
  18. Gramblosh

    Gramblosh Irradiated Dwarf

    Jul 7, 2015
    You are welcome :)

    EDIT: I also tried the sed.exe included in your installer, that one also works. Now the only options left are the way it is implemented or something completely different. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to repack your installer, I downloaded and installed Inno Setup and it runs but it complains that there are files language missing.

    You could sell them in parts to a certain fast food restaurant :wiggle:
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  19. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    @Gramblosh if it's cool with you I might want you to test for me after my brief hiatus. Let's shoot for September if that works for you :D Because I can rewrite the batches and whatnot but don't have a Wine setup to test on.
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  20. Gramblosh

    Gramblosh Irradiated Dwarf

    Jul 7, 2015
    That's okay for me. I can also write a guide how to install FO1 + Fixt on Linux, it's fairly easy once you found the pitfalls.

    I have in the meantime also checked how the bat files behave in the Crahsfix folder and also there they are working, so there is virtually no reason why the change should not be applied. Fun is that you are using more or less the same type of code in install(32|64)bit.bat and there it works.