Fallout 1 mod Fallout Fixt - next release will be some time in Jan 2020

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    Oct 27, 2010

    With any luck however, it should be more stable than the previous release (since these files fix several bugs and crashes). :clap::cool:

    It also includes Sfall1 (ddraw) v1.7.6 by Crafty! Lots of new stuff with it, check out ddraw.ini :)


    1) Back up your current Fallout Fixt installation.
    2) Drop these into your Fallout Fixt folder.
    3) Say yes when asked to overwrite.

    New features:
    - Can now perform in-game customizations via the Vault 13 door control computer!
    -- Console message and float message display upon game start, to remind players about in-game customization.
    - Can re-watch the endgame slideshow via the Vault 13 door control computer, if you've already beaten the game with that character.
    - Customization options allowing play to continue after/if: Vault 13 runs out of water, Vault 13 is invaded, player dipped.
    -- If player chooses to continue play after being dipped, the following applies:
    --- Weapons are limited to Big Guns / Energy Weapons / Thrown / Melee, just like other Super Mutants.
    --- Armor cannot be worn, and stats are modified due to dipping process.
    --- Supports "running" (walk animation sped up) because walking at Super Mutant speed is just painful after a while.

    New OPTIONAL customizations:
    - There is now a No Knockback version of the Sledgehammer and Super Sledge. You can swap out the versions via Vault 13 Door Computer.
    - Smitty can now hotwire multiple Plasma Rifles for you.
    - Miles can now harden multiple Power Armors for you.
    - Can now choose to have hirelings level up or not, independent of whether Fixes Only mode is enabled.
    - Can choose whether hirelings level up every [1 to 8] player levels. (default in NPC Mod was every 4 player levels)
    - Can have hirelings level up based on current player level rather than relative player level - as if you'd hired them at player level 1.

    Other new features:
    - All quest-related holodisks are now automatically discarded when no longer needed. (Many of them already were in vanilla Fallout, but my most recent release broke it by accident)
    - Console message now displays when automatically dropping explosives at your feet from active hand slot.
    - Katja now has a unique Combat AI entry just for her, like Ian and Tycho always have.
    - Hover description for the Vault Dweller will display player's title after their name. (Titles are from official game manual)
    - During endgame sequence with the Overseer, items are unequipped first so that the player appears in their Vault suit (to match the ending cutscene).
    - When killing the Overseer, instead of a wimpy 10mm Pistol firing animation and sound effect, 14mm Pistol is now used.
    - Updated items received at game start. Breakdown here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RnVz7Mfct14Xw3P4l8LNZHX2NpBQd_4z8c1r75-o3R0/edit?usp=sharing
    - Map load message now displays on "Ruins" maps post-destruction for Military Base and Children's Cathedral, like with other maps in the game.
    - Message when hirelings gain a level is more clear (and indicates that level 3 is max level for them).

    Comprehensive version confirmation to assist with troubleshooting:
    - Versions listed at bottom-right of main menu screen confirms Sfall1(ddraw) and executable OK.
    - Info at bottom-left/bottom-middle of the starting screen confirms text and dialog OK, installer customizations OK.
    - Results of performing an Examine(Binoculars) on the Vault Dweller confirms scripts OK, global variables OK.

    Crashes fixed:
    - When giving quest holodisks to people.
    - When getting quest holodisks.
    - When leaving Military Base if you recruited the Brotherhood's Crack Assault Paladins.
    - When setting destruct sequences on the Vats Control Computer.
    - When exiting or entering certain worldmap encounters in specific circumstances.

    Text fixes:
    - "Error"/mismatched/empty holodisk PIP-Boy entries.
    - Centaurs and Ghouls in random encounters are no longer ever called Floaters.
    - Clarifed that Bonus HtH Attacks/Damage also applies to melee weapons, in the title and description of these Perks.
    - Berserker karma status changes are now notified via the message box, as its Karma entry was broken and interfered with the display of other karmas.
    - "You earn 10000 experience" messages for The Vats and The Master are more clear now, and always display.
    - Weapons with special perks (Penetrate, Knockback, etc) now have these effects mentioned in the item descriptions.
    - Vault 15's door is no longer called "Wall" on its hover name.
    - Some fixes for messages received when examining and using the Vault 15 elevator shafts.
    - No longer will any Super Mutants have a "human female" description when examining.

    Bug fixes: (these bugs all existed in Vanilla Fallout)
    - Can no longer get infinite Karma by using explosives repeatedly on Radscorpion Caves wall.
    - Ian, Tycho, Katja now always use their respective Combat AI settings.
    - Slideshows for The Vats / The Master no longer have their order of completion reversed.
    - Some minor fixes in the code used to determine whether or not you kill the Overseer during endgame sequence.
    - All messages that were supposed to display while exploring Vault 15, do actually display now.
    - During endgame sequence with the Overseer:
    -- Animations and audio/video are now in sync, and they last an appropriate amount of time.
    -- Party members are hidden while player interacts with him. (this was necessary to prevent some issues)
    -- It's no longer possible to run away and otherwise interfere with or break the interaction.
    -- If you kill him you're no longer left with a free phantom 10mm Pistol.
    -- Death sound effect now actually plays if/when he dies.
    -- Once dead, his body is no longer obscured by the Vault door platform art afterward.

    Fixt feature fixes:
    - Invasions are now checked properly for the Restored Good Endings addon.
    - Fixed WAB1XXX2 at 2.5x volume to replace WAE1XXX1 (14mm & .223)
    - Lieutenant no longer starts with Vats Control Computer keycard in his inventory. (He wasn't supposed to)
    - Better tracking of "every 5 seconds" updates in MilBase and for Master, incl during combat.
    - Flares giving light while held in hands should now be glitch-free! [Note that the Fallout1 engine destroys lit flares when moving to a new map. This is an engine bug.]
    - When the Brotherhood Crack Assault Paladins leave the Military Base via a screen fade, time won't pass due to it (because that triggers the explosion).
    - Fortune Finder and its associated customization once again work properly.
    - Initiating dialog with Crack Assault Paladins in Military Base will cause them to move, so they can't block you anymore.

    Fixt feature changes:
    - Crack Assault Paladins in Military Base now leave upon arriving at Level 3. (Necessary for the crash fix)
    - If you selected Fixes Only or Purist, items at game start will now be identical to vanilla game.
    - For other install types, items on start are now better balanced and based on difficulty level chosen. More info at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RnVz7Mfct14Xw3P4l8LNZHX2NpBQd_4z8c1r75-o3R0/edit?usp=sharing

    Fixt features removed:
    - Player is no longer given any kind of warning or special message upon loading saves from old Fixt versions. (not really needed anymore, just ruins immersion)
    - No more 'darkness' msg on game start (was a restoration but realized it was totally unnecessary)
    - Removed the "angry" step aside option for NPCs and Dogmeat - left the normal ones intact obviously.
    - No longer find extra items in Vault 15 that weren't included in the vanilla game. I realized this restoration was silly and unneccesary and didn't serve much purpose.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Time for some testing then..

    :sad: that's a pitty.. Miles/Smitty changes did not make it into this neigther sfall 1,8 did but anyways I'll monitor for any crashes bugs i find.

    Did some minor tweaks to how items are managed and will be using sfall 1,8 in my playthrough mainly because 1,7,6 does not have combat_looks=1 option to have awareness description under targeting cursor during combat (vanilla Fo1 has only binocular description wich is kind of tricky when mob is hidden behind a wall from isometric view but in line of sight of the character)
    also v1,8 has awareness for party NPC when using combatcontrol=2.

    Tweaks to item stats:
    returned armor resistances and thresholds back to vanilla (mainly laser one) ; //Sduibek You've already gave penetrate to gatling laser so having 60% laser resist in best armor in the game would kind of been pointless to wear armor at all since it would most of the time kill you anyway and if master shoots you and couple of rounds in burst score armor bypasing critical wich is DT/5 *and* DR/5 You're 1 shotted. instead I decided to return armor values to normal but keep penetrate instead of Weapon_Long_Range on gatling laser.

    Returned ammo stats to vanilla (they won't matter anyway in 1,8 since 1,8 uses .ini config files for ammo stats and it only causes confusion to have AP ammo with -90% AC and positive DR% modifier in some cases [for AP] within base files.)

    Added weapon perks to weapons that had none melee unarmed

    for ranged:
    Deagle got penetrate (this iconic pistol deserves it :D )
    10mm pistol got accurate (little help from the start to pass all those rats with gifted and lower PE past shady sands you won't be using it anyway, besides Ian won't shoot your back that often).
    10mm SMG left untouched
    Granades normal/plasma/molotov got penetrate (barely any use in game so let's make them feel right when smeone uses them aginst You).
    Plasma Pistol got penetrate
    Laser Pistol Sduibek gave penetrate i left it untouched.
    most weapons already had long range or accurate this is mostly left untouched with the exception of gatling laser wich Sduibek changed to penetrate I left it untouched ( let's face it it was doing enaugh damage in our hands but far too low in the hands of enemies in vanilla)

    I would consider a change similar to Gatling to be done to Minigun as PA was completely absorbing Minigun damage because of high DT on armor and low weapon damage. Penetrate perk would correct this issue. (BoS assault would no longer be a cakewalk). Although still possible with HPA and 3xtoughness or HPA and Psycho. with penetrate or not for Player it would still be 1 burst to 1shot an enemy. it would only benefit enemies to do so (wich has a point) *or* edit BoS critters in PA to reflect PA resistances and not some gibbers they have now.

    Everybody knows that in order to fix beeing OP in this game is to change sniper perk to only work with targeted shots, then if you choose sniper and use fast shot it would be of no benefit and burst weapons wouldn't be op critting on every bullet since there is no targeted shots for burst mode. Burst weapons wuld make a use of unused 3x More Criticals high Luck and possibly finesse triat. if on avarage ~ 1/3 of bullets crits it would still cause enaugh mayham to be considered powerfull but not OP, and Sniper perk would bring single shot weapons on par (well at least with YAAM formula wich is available since 1,8 as a damage formula of choice).
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  3. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Hmm I think some of the item changes you mentioned I did not intend to make or had made just to test and forgot to switch back .Whoops. I'll audit the items before next release.
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  4. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    I thought that armor laser defence changes were ment to be, since they are present in 0.81a as well, hence why fight with Master is so damn hard in comparsion to vanilla.

    Just to be clear not all changes I mentioned above were made in the game files already. Some of them are my proposal to achive balance. I just don't know how to tweak sniper perk myself to get rid of it's ludicrusness, however my proposal seems to be a fair change to balance sniper weapons and nerf fast shot and burst weapons.
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  5. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Sorry, for the confusion. What I meant was that my 0.81alpha Fixt version only plays the added Ron Perlman audio when I join Lou. When I join the master the restored audio does not play after the two videos. Which is a shame as it's really good. And probably should play in both scenarios.

    And I figured out the issue on the wiki. The problem (copy & paste, plus text-format issue) was on my end. Go figure :)
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  6. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Oh gotcha! And weird, I'll have to fix that :)
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  7. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Got sad news 9mm Uzi was (accidentally/on purpose) cut out by You from 255 present items now in Vault 15 instead of uzi castrated version of super sledge is spawned ( the one without knockback) along with 100 bullets of 9mm ball.

    Besides that I encountered only a small glitch info message box with sneak or NPC name duing their turn vanished until save and reloading game. Currently in Hub and it occoured twice one in raider base and once in junktown. No crashes whatsoever. Playing with sfall 1,8 instead 1,7,6 You've provided.

    Economy still sucks although gambling is significantly less rewarding (or is it just my bad luck:/) still possible to shoplift Also noticed more digits in item quantity is visible vanilla had five digits i now have reached six digit caps sum and it is visible correctly in inventory.
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  8. Hubal

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    Sep 11, 2014
    OK Bugs so far:
    1. First Aid Kit from Overseer does not stack. Other items as well, mainly ammo.
    2. Super Sledge in Vault 15? Why there is a 9mm ammo for?
  9. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Uzi was removed on purpose since I realized that restoration was silly and unnecessary. 10mm SMG already exists in V13, restoring Uzi was a bad decision on my part.

    Forgot to remove the code for spawning it and ammo for it in V15 though, whoops. Thanks guys.

    It is planned to allow player to trade between knockback and no-knockback versions of sledgehammers via in-game customizing, I just haven't added it quite yet

    Personally I hate knockback, I think it's a stupid annoying mechanic that ruins HtH gameplay.

    Can you clarify about the items not stacking ?
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  10. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    There's another annoying bug that is introduced in test release the Holodisk from dying mutant during far-go traders quest after killing the deathclaw and talking to the mutant the holodisk get's instantly discarded. no way to acces inventory to read it or to give it to far-go traders. the quest is basically screwed by this. I'm holding off further gameplay untill this is fixed.
  11. Hubal

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    Sep 11, 2014
    First Aid Kit you can get from Overseer does not stack with others First Aid Kits. Excuse me, english is not my first language.
    I hate knockback on melee weapons as well. I think all shotguns should have knockback perk and some melee weapons should have Penetrate perk to compensate their lacking power.
  12. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 Vault Senior Citizen

    Oct 28, 2009
    which melee weapons exactly? I mean You don't expect to deal any kind of damage with let's say spiked knuckles to guy in power armor do You?
    In theory T51b should withstand 2500 Joules. That is a shitload of energy which I think frankly can't be generated by human muscles. Hence only Power Fist and Ripper should have this perk because they're powered by small energy cells.

    Besides, wasn't the melee character sepose to be a joke/mock of a traditional RPGs where melee weapons are used. I don't think it should be possible to finish any Fallout this way. Just another wrong build trap. Anyway Who brings guns to a knife fight? (Sly answers: The winner).
    Although I agree that knockback on melee weapons is a dumb idea for close range combat.

    And as for shotguns instead of knockback they should have Gauge-12 Slug ammo Like in EcCo for Fo2 with high negative number to DR% or high DT when using YAAM. Base Shotgun ammo should have damage modifier increased because shotguns tend to do shitload of damage to unarmored targets.


    forget what i said earlier it appears that top Boxers can achive 5000 pounds hits and MMA kicks can achive 9000 pounds. Since 1 pound force is an aproximatly 1.3 Joule my earlier statements of melee guy only tickling guy in PA is not true.
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  13. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Thanks guys, I'll look into these.

    I do have sad news about knockback - I was able to easily remove the added knockback weapon perk on sledgehammers, but the engine itself adds a 1-hex or 2-hex knockback to all melee attacks if you do enough damage. As far as I can tell this can't be removed in Fallout1 engine. Bummer
  14. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    @gustarballs1983 @Hubal
    Finding unexpected items in Vault 15 should now be fixed, as should losing the holodisk right away after getting it from the super mutant during caravans quest. Also includes various small fixes for Vault 15.


    If anyone feels like playing through Vault 15 several times to check for crashes, that would be appreciated. I got a crash once but wasn't able to make it happen again.
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  15. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    I liked the UZI.

    It gave 9mm a reason to exist.

    And I thought the UZI is balanced by the limited access to 9mm ammo (I mean there is only X amount of it, no respawn, right?). So it's just a short time (limited ammo), high damage weapon (had penetrate, I believe) for those who manage to find it (like the Alien Blaster).

    I thought that was very neat design.
  16. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    - Talius and Harold are not ghouls, but unique beings (especially Harold\Bob). There was an issue between Cain and Taylor about if you could become ghoul with Fev or not. It was settled by Avellone in the Fallout Bibles.
    This is not really “settling it”. Besides the argument was only if it requires FEV. The other question if a dipped person can turn into a “mutant” like Harold or Talius is not an argument, but a fact. The only discrepancy in that regard is that Chris Taylor called it “into a ghoul” while “into a mutant like Harold” may have been more accurate.
    Again this argument is about the Vault 12 ghouls. Dipping a human into the vats can result in a mutant like Talius. And according to Chris Taylor, the level of radiation decides this.
    It just needs to be noted that he probably means “a mutant that looks like a ghoul” when saying “ghoul”. However, I'm not sure how much difference there actually is, as mutants (like Harold) have almost all characteristics of ghouls: immune to radiation and a long life-expectancy.
    The problem is actually that Tim Cain said
    and Zax said
    Both say that exposing an irradiated human being to FEV results in death. While in-game, the master believes that exposing an irradiated human being to FEV results in stupidity. And of course, Chris Taylor said it results into a ghoul. And this contradiction has not been clarified. However, the most logical thing would be to go with Chris Taylor.
    This is the only explanation that answers all questions (the importance of pure-strain, Talius/Harold and the variance in intelligence). That means the effect of FEV on intelligence is random. And being exposed to FEV while irradiated results into a Harold/Talius mutant. So the master was correct in regard to radiation, but not in regard to its effect on intelligence. This is the one explanation that addresses all cases. Otherwise the fact that super-mutants are dumb (radiated) but not dead, wouldn't add up. Chris Taylor's approach is the one that explains it all. Without it especially Talius/Harold would be an unexplained oddity.

    - Nightkin was a term I misused for lack of a better word for “improved super-mutant”. However, I didn't research it, as I probably should have. It was a dumb choice of word. Or it needs to be adjusted to: If the player lucks out and becomes a “smart super-mutant” he'll gain the rank of nightkin.

    - The key to be dipped and remain smart is the level of radiation. The less exposed you are, the more likely you are to not become dumb. The vault dweller is assured to not become a dumb dumb (unless he already is dumb in the first place). Also, it becomes a major plot point in the end of the first game, as both Lou and Grey want the location of your vault, so they could gather pure subjects.
    The radiation explanation is a theory of the Master. But there are alternatives, like the dipping process or Chris Taylor's take (randomness). It is also interesting that the bible never says it clearly (i.e. they never say: no radiation means you'll be fine, but only that radiation causes complications and/or death). Instead the Fallout bible repeatedly states that the process will cause damage (from memory loss to decreased intelligence). This may be as they never considered the case of FEV on pure-strain, or because the designers' intention was that FEV will always be a flawed process.
    It shouldn't overlook that the bible says “reason unknown”, it does not say “radiation” as it easily could have if that was the intention. So there is room for interpretation. Contamination (like radiation) will cause complications, but oversimplifying that radiation angle presented by the master's diary isn't accurate.

    - Marcus and Lou both consider themselves smarter after they became super-mutants. Same for the first pure human that the master converted (who might be or might not be Lou)
    I think this (memory loss) shows that statements by in-game characters may be in-character and confused or delusional. Even the Master may have been wrong, after all he never opened a vault and tested FEV on a pure-strain human. And Lou is contradicting the master with his wild FEV theory, which means we have two in-game explanations of which one must be wrong. Or both. Or neither. Anyway, not everything said in-game can be taken as an absolute truth.

    Regarding the player: after wandering around outside for several hundred days and visiting the Glow (see Talius, who had something going wrong during his dip, according to himself (may be mistaken, though)), I'm not sure the dweller will necessarily make the dip unscathed. Talius is the only known example of a dipped vault-dweller, and he became a mutant.
    But especially Talius is weird. As he's not dumb (suggests that he's not radiated), but neither a success (suggests that he is radiated, or at the very least that there is another factor than just level of radiation). Harold is similar (smart, but not a super-mutant).
    I'm not sure what to take away from this, but that the player may end up like Talius.

    Here is another quote which puts it very well:
    I only would add that Zax claims that FEV can not be transmitted via air and is immune to radiation (i.e. it won't mutate). Which means the Lieutenant may have been mistaken. Then again this effect of “wild-FEV” was a concept of the designers, especially Chris Taylor, as mentioned in the bible, to explain why creatures survived massive radiation damage (i.e. why the Vault 12 inhabitants didn't die in the fallout). However, this is what Avellone cleared up in the bible by saying it just happened (i.e. FEV is not required to become a ghoul, but it's the miracle of radiation that explains everything (as it did in the 50s), except when it doesn't, e.g. when the player visits the Glow he'll die of radiation poisoning rather than becoming a ghoul).
    Last, as pointed out above, it really is unknown and nothing proven (i.e. there is no record of FEV mass-producing IN 10 super soldiers). The only possible case of super-beings are the master and his psykers. However, both suffer horrible side-effects from disfigurement to insanity, which again suggests the unstable nature of FEV (which “could” be understood as the designers intent at this point), and there always may be side-effects, with the “memory-loss” just being the beginning. The only exception to this appears to be animals, who never showed any side-effects and always had improved intelligence.
    P.S. I did found a note (FEV Reserach Disk & Maxson's Log) saying the military experimented on human beings at Mariposa (for about 9 months), but nothing more. However, it would be interesting if there is any documentation (Anderson file), as it would be the only tests on pure-strain human-beings. But I don't think there is anything to find.

    All that said I believe the truth is in what Chris Taylor said:
    Perhaps that's how FEV is supposed to work on a human-being (no matter the level of contamination). As the same quote adds that radiation decides if the outcome is a ghoul or super-mutant (explaining Harold & Talius). And the assumption that radiation influences the in- or decrease of intelligence may have been a false conclusion by the master, who failed to consider randomness as a factor. Which may be understandable as, apparently, there is none when he tested FEV on animals.

    If interested this is a folder with all the sources I've used (includes the Fallout Bible.pdf, several screenshots and a word document with Wikipedia articles, size 24.7 MB, 12.5 MB zipped): http://www.filedropper.com/fo1fevradiation
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  17. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    True, I appreciate the feedback I think you have valid points . :)

    But the problem is the graphics file for 10mm SMG is literally "uzi.frm" - at some point in the game's development uzi became 10mm SMG.

    I was honestly just trying too hard to find stuff to restore. Lol
  18. Oregano

    Oregano First time out of the vault

    Jan 22, 2018
    I did two Fallout Fixt0.81alpha playthroughs and both times I came across two very annoying bugs in The Glow: one is that after you download the Delta experiment disk to your Pip-Boy you only get 15 pages of error messages when you try to read it, the other bug is that the Ancient Brotherhood disk doesn't have a entry in the content-list, just a blank space (unlike the Delta disk you can still read the Brotherhood disk by clicking on the blank space, but it's still incorrect). I read your changelog and I noticed you didn't cover these bugs so I hope you can fix then before the full release.

    You might also want to take a look on this page, there are many other bugs listed here, some are from past Fixt versions but there are many about 0.81alpha: https://falloutmods.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_Fixt_bug_reports. Thanks for continue supporting this mod tho!
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  19. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    I'm working on fixing the ones from that page :) Currently the holodisk bugs you mentioned are fixed in the testing files http://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-fixt-0-81alpha-july-5th-2015.194562/page-188#post-4307860

  20. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 Vault Senior Citizen

    Oct 28, 2009
    Hey I got to lvl 99 level by level but this time not the legit way exp. pts. shortcut (Vad's) only to find out what extreme title One's character gets while reaching this height...

    You decided to call People who grind their way to 99

    "the Supreme Jerk".

    That's not funny at all