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Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by Sduibek, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Leaderboard? What for? What do you mean?
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    A page who give the highest scores amongs the owner of a game. (can also be used for any kind of competition)
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    I agree, it would probably be best to split this.

    Being insulted quite literally means hurt feelings.
    Also, duels were pretty much a nobility's privilege, which consituted some 1-5% of the population. So unless we have prince Harry lurking here, a "duel" in the middle ages would yield approximately the same results as now - one dead, another one imprisoned (hanged, sent to mine coal, etc - take your pick).

    The main problem with "insulted" or "offended" folks is that most often they do not want to actually do anything themselves. Instead, they lay their claims and expect others to cater to those.
    Whereas a constructive way do deal with say, this particular issue would be:
    Option 1 - just change the title locally and be happy with it.
    Option 2 - go to github, fork the repo, make an optional addition to replace it (maybe even add a new stylized picture for this rank - not sure if F1/sfall supports it) and submit a pull request with words "I think this joke is in bad taste, here's my alternative".
    The second option is respectable, and I'd say, even welcome.
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    Or option 3, he learns to deal with the fact that his feelings are not everyone else's priority.

    He's acted like this in other topics before and, personally, I don't want to validate his behavior at all.
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    Insulted != hurt feelings
    Insulted = stain on honor ( in the medieval meaning of the word)

    As for my nobility I don't want to go into details however i did have nobles in both great great grandmother's and great grandfatherfather's bloodline. not royals like Princes and Kings, more like an eqivalent of like a Sir tite is in uk. However my branch of family is not entitled to the heraldic sign and so not to the title itself. So Your mockings are not so far off.

    3. I'm not talking what would happen now if i had a duel only what would happen if we were living in middle ages. Of course that I'm aware that death duels are illegal in present times, however this was not always the case.
    Additionally I said what i said only so You all realise that freedom of speech sometimes goes too far. The ethnic groups that I've mentioned few posts above had this issue settled for themselves, which i think is a good thing (unfortuneatly post got moderated). Unluckily for the rest of earth's population the issue of freedom of speech beeing wild west with no additional regulations is still a thing, and i think this is bad.

    I remember only one Evolution thread that asked if one "belives" in it. I said I don't and shit started to fly around. And even today i think the same, it's a dangerous and stupid religion.

    and finally..
    I thought this is FIXT thread where we discuss topics related to FIXT mod for Fallout 1.
    Now I'm not the one who started the offtopic (the one who threw the first insult about that supreme jerk did). And I suggest that after over 1 page of throwing shit at each other We finally drop it and return to meritoric discussion on FIXT.
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    I believe there is a typo. Tycho should have Unarmed +5, +4 and Melee +10, +8. Like Katja. The post quoted (at the bottom of it) has it the other way round. I checked with ProtoManager.

    P.S. It could also mention that all three had changes to their base stats (e.g. Tycho doesn't start as 56% small guns (EDIT correct is 65%), but 93% (EDIT correct is 102%). Or Ian & Katja unlearned Big Guns, but still use them unfortunately. Well, Ian did in 0.81. May be fixed by now). There had been also adjustments to PE (Ian, Tycho), AG (Katja) & LK (Tycho & Katja).
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    @gustarballs1983 The only one person who "insulted" you was the Author of the mod itself.
    Sduibek clearly stated that it wasn't his intention and bunch of other people told you that there is NOTHING insulting to your person.
    I don't even know what you wrote before Sduibek moderated your post ( and I am against it ) but I believe that he had his reasons.
    If what dudejo001 said is true then your behavior is beyond ridiculous.
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    Oct 27, 2010
    Thanks for the detailed report! I'll look into this.

    I already had on my list to audit stats, skills etc of followers so this is a good reminder :)
  9. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Testing files updated! Download link at: http://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/...rked-on-dec-2018.194562/page-188#post-4307860

    New in this version of test files:
  10. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    In the runner up version the one from 25 dec there's a glitch with Adytum fight.
    I took the holodisk and aproached zimmerman while giving blades weapons from gun runners.
    Unfortuneatly during the fight neighter adytowners nor regulators seemed to care there is a war going on in the town. Regulators opened fire only aginst those that attacked but no one else dumbing down the fight. After the fight finished Razor did not show up in Adytum,however her dialog on downtown map (where she stayed) was updated to thank the player. so i guess it's ok.
    the last issue is probably related to that zimmerman/razor glitch. Someone tried in the bug wiki when modding the game to save zimmerman after regulators were dead razor attacked zimmerman when she arrived on the adytum map.
  11. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010

    Zimmerman dies via scripted event if you give him the holodisk. He cannot be saved - this is by design and I did not change it from the vanilla game. That being said I'll see if there's way to add an option to save him in a way which fits with the game. Looks like a few people provided different ways to do this which is great!

    I'll look into the other issue during the fight. If you can provide savegames that would be very helpful :)

    As long as issues are posted on bugs wiki there's no need to also report them here as I do check the bugs wiki.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    Unfortuneatly i already overwritten that save. :(

    I know You check the Bug wiki.. Both save zimmerman and that it was impossible to achive are both in the wiki..

    EDIT: how come only my posts get moderated and others who don't contribute to the thread are treated lightly?!

    Are Armor "laser resistances" sepose to be modified from those vanilla ones?
    Hardned Power Armor has like 65% instead of 90%

    Seemes in latest test release You've removed penetrate from laser weapons.
    Does it mean laser resistance changes to all armors are here to stay?
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    Jan 4, 2019
    Hey guys, how you doin'? This is my first comment.

    I think I have a problem.

    See, I've installed this mod, but when I see the root directory, I see something that shouldn't be ok. The most of the mod files are located in a created folder called "Fallout Fixt." I've installed Restoration Project on Fallout 2, and the files overwrote all the vanilla's.

    Why's not the same with this one? How can I overwrite vanilla's? When I try it and run it, I see a popup saying something about a missing file or to run the disc of the game and doesn't let me in. What's wrong there?

    I just wanna merge the mod files with the mere vanilla, like FO2's mod :(
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  14. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    @TONYGANHey there! Welcome. :) This is intended, as I'd gotten complaints about Fallout Fixt overwriting the game's main files - when folks tried to uninstall Fixt it'd break their Fallout installation.

    As long as you run the correct exe you should be good to go.

    In the next release of Fixt it will have better support for Steam and GOG (for people who like having their Hours Played tracked)

    Aw dang :(

    Regarding laser dmg & resistances i'll make sure to review those.

    TONYGAN First time out of the vault

    Jan 4, 2019
    Then could you release a ZIP manual version for advanced users? That we can overwrite the vanilla's? Please?
  16. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Can you let me know what reasons you need to have this? I don't recall getting a request to overwrite main game files. Quite the opposite - as mentioned overwriting the main files used to be how the installer worked, but I had multiple complaints. So it now installs into a subfolder instead, to keep the main install folder clean. If you follow install instructions there shouldn't be an issue.

    TONYGAN First time out of the vault

    Jan 4, 2019
    Two simple reasons. To rip the modded game, and save disk space. But I get your point. So at least, I'll ask for an executable (falloutw.exe) or specific group of files, that can allow me to play the overwritten game with the mod files, if you don't have any problem. I'd appreciate that.

    Out of it, your mod is awesome :)
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    Oct 28, 2009
    I have a sad bug to report regarding literally *all* recent crafty's sfalls... Something prevents player character from triggering instant kill criticals (the one with less damage than critter current health causing critter death) all 1shot deaths are due to damage> current critter hp.

    Seemes the Better Criticals don't increase the critical table roll on d100 up to a possible d120 where anything above 95 is a insta death. If this would work properly Better Criticals should trigger insta death for any roll above 75. but during my original grind to 99 the one without editor not a single deathclaw died by insta death (used 1.7.6 back then although there is no difference with 1.8). Instead the damage roll is increased by 20%.

    However the above is only true for the Player character. If any NPC has better crriticals stat increased beyond 0% (for now possible only by hex edit) he/she does roll insta death criticals from time to time. I checked this with my cheated version of party NPC addon they have 100% crit chance 100% base better criticals and 100% bonus better criticals and they trigger insta death kill literally every shot so it does indeed work as it should for NPCs.

    Now I stumbled on a few ideas with this.. instead of tweaking with animations to enable better guns (miniguns gatling lasers and turboplasma) why not leave them mainly intact (Vanilla weapon use and TeamX mod/vanilla stats, ability to wear turtle shells, small guns and hp upgrades per level only) and instead play with crit chance and better critical setting to hit the sweet spot?? the sweet spot beeing somwhere between end game viable and overpowered. So that they actually be able to kill supermutants within a reasonable time ( before supermutants kill them) but without party members wiping everything for the player. I think this option would fit somwhere between Purists and Full because it wouldn't give that modded feeling of tweaked npc's with weapons they're not sepose to use, and they would still be able to do end game contnent if turthe-shelled and leveled up properly. the downside is that they could do this with practically any weapon. Even such a peashooter as 10mm Pistol.
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    I just tested the newest 1.8 using an character with 100% critical chance and 100% bonus better criticals, and he can still one-shot enemies like he should.
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    I would also like a version that overwrites the default files. It takes 20 seconds to delete and reinstall the game with steam if I want to start over anyways, and its more convient for me to be able to start the game normally through steam
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