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    Hello everyone,
    I have been working on a pen and paper scenario for Fallout. While I have been making progress I'm curious to know if our fine community would be willing to lend a hand in small minor or major ways to give the entire open world more flavor.

    Currently I'm still outlining factions, locations, characters (talking heads), etc...
    Therefore I'm curious to know if any of you would like to provide input to potentially improve the ongoing work.

    Here's the Link: https://fallouthv.quora.com/

    Bear in mind a lot of it is rough around the edges, and a lot still needs to be included.

    Here's my to do list, feel free to take a crack at anything that peaks your interest!
    • Major Factions
    • Minor Factions
    • Locations
    • Characters
    • Past Events
    • Present Events
    • Future Events
    • New Items (Weapons, consumables, armor, etc..)
    • Established in Universe items (Weapons, consumables, armor, etc...)
    • New Creatures
    • New Races
    • Main Quest
    • Secondary Quests
    • Tertiary Quests
    • Random Encounters
    • And Anything Else that would fit
    Understand that I am trying to build off of the established lore of Fallout 1 and some of 2. Therefore please feel free to fact check what I have so far. If this project somehow gets completely adopted by NMA that would be great as I consider you fine individuals to be of the highest and prime source of honor when it comes to respecting as well maintaining the integrity of Fallout.

    If anyone wants to assist just let me know, I'll even divvy out goals to reach for those that are interested.

    I intend the final product to provide players of pen and paper with the following:
    • An entire world to explore just like the original Fallout games.
    • A detailed lore friendly rich experience for players to explore.
    • An entire comprehensive rule set for players to use with or without the provided open world scenario.
    • Separate rule books (Overseer, Player Characters, Creatures, Factions, and items).
    • Art for factions, locations, major characters, weapons, items, etc...
    • Pre-made characters for new players.
    • New and old weapons for players to investigate.
    When the project is complete I intend to generate 1 comprehensive document with all the required information. Which of course can be split up based upon the need or convenience of those playing.

    Some issues I have encountered is the inconsistency of established rules for Fallout pen and paper, so I will very likely create my own or blend other rules to provide the entire project with something comprehensive for the players.

    Right now here is what I could use help on:
    1. Pen and Paper Rules (This is paramount!)
    2. Factions
    3. Locations
    4. New Items
    5. Quests
    6. Random Encounters
    FHoV Map.jpg
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