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    I started a fallout pnp online over my favorite program, Skype! Here is the story so far!!

    Overseer Log, Kendall Washington, 15.4.2256
    Our heroes meet in a small town in North Western Washington in what used to be the United States of America, some still call it as such.
    The heroes are:
    Annabelle Cougar
    John the Preacher
    Isadora Wills

    Annabelle is a genius from a group who is using old world military equipment. She is good at big guns, energy weapons, doctoring, first aid, sneaking, and lock picking. There is something extremely off about this girl. She has snow white hair, pale skin, and weird unnaturally blue eyes. She wears a Kevlar suit that has a camoflauge print on it and carries a lazer rifle on her back.

    John the preacher is good at energy weapons, small guns, repairing, and speech. He has blue eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin. He has some battle scars from a previous life. He wears a long trench-coat leather jacket, a pair of white gloves, black boots, white slacks, and a white long sleeved shirt along with a cross around his neck.

    Isadora Wills is lean and toned, scars of abuse litter the expanse of visible skin. Wears a shirt and a pair of slacks, leather boots, sunglasses, duster, and a hat. She carries the few belongings she has in a sack. She has green eyes and black hair with fair colored skin.
    Rain was a common place in Kendall, and it was raining like it always did. There was a caravan that had arrived this morning to trade stock with the town. They traded food and water for armor, weaponry, and other food that couldn't be found in Washington along with the finer things in life like alcohol.

    Now to tell the story of our heroes, of their meeting, and what is to come…

    --- Start---

    When the caravan arrives they pay their mercenaries 500 caps each and do their trading with some of the local merchants.
    A woman dressed in military issued armor walks into the tavern. She has a little bit of a different appearance. Pale skin, white hair, and her eyes are an odd color of blue, an unnatural color seemingly but they look normal. For someone in the wastes the white to her eyes are an unnatural white, not a single red vein to it upon further inspection. Her frame looks almost delicate but from her stance she looks like she's all business and no emotion.

    She has an odd beautiful glow to her, as if she was made to look beautiful but it's an unnatural beauty. One of the nearby men asks her if he can buy her a drink and a slight smirk crosses her face.

    "Why don't we have a drinking contest civilian? If I win, you pay me 300 caps... If I lose, hell, I'll let you touch me... I doubt you'll win but if you do..." She chuckled.

    The man's eyes widened before nodding.

    "I'll go with that," He said before he ordered the hardest drink in the house. A few drinks in and he finds himself falling to the ground while the girl continued sitting at her seat. She gently leans down and picks up his sack of caps, shaking her head and taking out the 300 caps.

    "Tsk tsk, anyone else willing to try this bet?" She asked.
    "Come back to me after you beat a few more unlucky saps," Isadora replies with a smirk as she deals out to the people at her table.

    John walks into the tavern with his caps. when he saw this unnatural gem in the tavern and a gambler dealing cards he sighs "such sin.." he muses and ask the bar keep on the latest rumors in town. He then finds a seat and begins to read a book with a cross on his cover and back. "Blessed are the poor in sprit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, blessed are those who morn for they will be comforted." John was reading aloud Holy Scripture, not caring who heard him.

    The woman looked over at him, cocking a brow before another man attempted it, yet again getting the hardest drinks in the house. He fell and she looked like it hadn't even affected her. This time she had a higher bet going, 600 caps or sex. Of course she got the 600 caps. She shook her head.

    "Anyone else willing to be stupid?" She asked. Another man came up and she looked him over.

    "... shame you're gonna lose this," She stated flatly. The man grinned before putting down his sack of caps.

    "a thousand caps, if you win that's yours... if I win, you'll marry me," He stated. She couldn't help but laugh.

    "Sure, why the hell not?" She asked. It took a few drinks before that man fell over too and she grabbed the sack.

    "Sorry but you're too stupid," She said, stepping over to him and walking over to the man preaching out of his book.

    "So, tell me somethin', where'd you find that relic?" She asked.
    John looked up at the Gem who addressed him before closing his book and said "The Lord showed my sinful ways and gave me this book to lead me down the path of righteousness." he said simply like he was speaking to a child. "now can i help you?"
    She cocked a brow at him.

    "Please, do not talk to me like I am a child, for I am not a child. Actually, my people are looking for old relics like such... We actually have a collection of religious relics in our libraries... Now, I wanted to know where you found that relic, not how god found you," She stated firmly.

    One man glared at the woman with cards.

    "You're cheating," He snapped.

    "You wish I were cheating. It's all a random chance whether or not you call my bluffs. I don't control whether or not you call or fold," Isadora replied calmly with a slight smile, "or would you prefer I buy you a drink?"

    John cocked an eyebrow at the gem and rose from his seat and was about to speak when someone accused the dealer of cheating. He went to towards the man and the dealer and said there a problem here?” John asked. He had taken his book with him.

    "... Buy me a friggen drink... taken enough caps from me..." He grumbled, taking a sip of his current drink.

    "... She's cheatin' that's whas she's doin'?" He stated.

    Annabelle cocked a brow to this before getting up and walking over. The civilian fights were always too fricken’ hilarious, that, and of course, more entertaining and less dangerous typically.

    "Not my fault you don't choose correctly whether or not I'm bluffing you. There's no cheating in how I shuffle and deal these cards."

    John shook his head, petty squabbling. He sat at the dealers table and said "deal me." he watched the gambler and the dealer watching their every move with keen eyes. he put no money on the table. he looked at his cards and said "let’s see who the lord favors."

    "Hn, let me watch this, I can tell you if she's cheating or not," Annabelle stated, standing there with her arms crossed. She didn't even look like she was breaking a sweat from the drinking, which with how much she had drank it was pretty simple.

    "I'm gonna put in fifty caps on the preacher's bid," She said before setting the caps down.

    Isadora deals in the preacher with a scoff. "Of all things to put faith in and you choose and old, hokey religion. I prefer putting faith in one's abilities or weapons. But hey, it's your caps and your life, preacher."
    The other man put in the rest of his caps, confident that he was going to win this round since, well, there was a guarantee that she wasn't cheating.

    In the end of it, John won, though by a slightly higher hand, just slightly higher.

    "Didn't see any cheating here," Annabelle stated.

    John nodded and gave the man the caps he put down at the start of the hand and said "I would lay off the drink for a while before making bets and accusation" he gave the gem back her fifty caps and half of his winnings.

    "Interesting how you saw through my bluff,” Isadora responded.
    She took back her 50 but handed him the rest of the winnings.
    "Keep it, I've made more than enough tonight off of stupid people thinking they can out drink me," She said, handing him his winnings which was, well, 425 caps.

    John merely said "the Lord rewards the faithful." He then thought for a moment and said "have you heard rumors of a group of people using prewar tech nearby? i am on my way to see who they are I could use some extra hands if you two are interested."

    "I've heard of the rumor, however, the amount I'm interested in such a task is directly proportional to the amount I'll be getting paid. Nothing comes free 'round here, preacher."

    Annabelle couldn't help but laugh at the mention of it.
    "... Town started talking that early about it huh?"

    John thought a moment ignoring Annabelle’s outburst "if they have to be removed anything of value is yours. If not ill pay you 525 caps when the job is done." john then turned to Annabelle and said "you seem to know more then you let on"

    "Then consider me very interested in this business venture, preacher."
    "... Of course I'd know everything about them... If you try to take them away, well... it's a death wish... They have technology not even the brotherhood of steel has... and will never be able to have. They represent the old world government," She stated, crossing her arms, her face getting serious.
    "They are my family."

    --- This concludes the story for now, will be posting an update next week!---
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    John didn't seem surprised at her statement "figures. some things just don't know when to just die." he sighed as he stood up "the old government has done enough damage we don't need them nor do we want them" he said as he walked out the door."
    Isadora follows John, knowing that he was going to pay her. "She sounds like she's going to be a pain."
    She rolled her eyes before following them.
    "Look... Maybe you guys should try some other things first, I heard there was a raider problem, and that's more of a problem then you might think it is... The... organization I'm a part of is less of a hindrance than the raiders that are around her... Besides... You'd need the cash to get the type of equipment needed to fight them. Call me a devil's advocate, but truthfully I would know from the equipment you're carrying that they would plow right through you without any qualms."
    "And I should believe you because...?" Isadora asked the woman.
    John paused his mind deep in thought "if the raiders are such a problem then why aren’t they doing anything about? This is their fault they should fix it. He said his arm showing the town and the wasteland beyond. "The world is messed up because of them. Why should the people pay for their screw up? The reds may have shot first but as far as I am concerned every government and those who claim to fight for the old world are as much fault as the reds.”

    --- Overseer interruption ---
    You will take note that she has warned him three times or more about this ‘organization’. Who I mean by she is Annabelle. She is my overseer player character and she is there currently strictly to help the characters along and get to where they need to get…. She has been suggesting it and suggesting it…
    I had thought I had saved my character data for her, including her cybernetic implants… but found that I came up short on said things… So, I had to pause the game and then explain to the player that he may want to create a new character really soon. He asked me why and I explained to him that she carries the weaponry that this organization has… This weaponry could very well kill him so it’s best to be prepared soon….
    After I came back and I continued working on the character, not even an hour after we started he stops playing for the night so I could not continue the story due to him being a vital piece currently in the rp.