Fallout: Miami

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    This seems unlikely, but I am intrigued by the possibilities:

    *A tropical setting, maybe featuring massively overgrown cities and the possibility of catching stat-killing tropical diseases like malaria from contaminated water, or being infected directly from giantantic, cazadore like mosquitoes, or maybe even catching disease from infected NPCs...

    *New forms of mutant wildlife from the Everglades (Enormous albino alligators and pythons? Two headed Flamingos? Ferocious, man-eating manatees? Hyper-intelligent, telepathic Dolphins?) as well as local folklore (Skunkapes, if only as a jokey random encounter).

    *Underwater exploration, maybe of a totally submerged Vault, in a toxic/heavily mutated environment

    *A Vault with a geriatric/retirement theme (reference to Florida as a popular retirement location), exploring inter-generational conflict (maybe have the Vault be controlled by old people, with the younger members living in virtual servitude to them?)

    * Alternative: a creepy, abandoned retirement community which was supposed to be a 50s suburban utopia, with robot caretakers still running around.

    * A Vault with a joking reference to "Hanging Chads" and the 2000 US Presidential election fiasco (maybe have an Overseer named Chad, whose remains can be found "hanging" from a RobCo Automated Voting Booth?)

    *The ruins of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral as an explorable location with lots of old world tech, with possibility of a space mission (NOT Mothership Zeta nonsense, but maybe fixing/launching some kind of satellite or orbital weapons platform, or even a Moon Base DLC).

    *Possibility of exploring ethnic/racial tension between Anglo and Latino factions. Could feature landscape/terrain differences as well, i.e. North/West Florida vs Miami and the South.

    *Remnants of Communist Cuba as a faction (either to exterminate, join, or ignore, with the ability to influence leadership decisions), maybe with a Cuban-themed DLC? Gameplay even might incorporate elements of guerilla warfare (or alternatively, counter-insurgency) as a strategy...

    *References to the criminal culture of Miami during the 1980s, with elements reminiscent of New Reno and New Vegas. Ability to become a post-apocalyptic "Cocaine Cowboy" instead of a "Made Man".

    * The remains of a desperate exploration of offshore oil by Poseidon Energy (maybe with an oil rig as a nod to the Enclave) resulting in small amounts of gasoline remaining hidden throughout the landscape, and leading to a "Mad Max"/biker gang vibe. Return to car or bike mediated exploration, a la FO2.

    *Totally unexplored region of the country, an opportunity to explore new material and new factions without overly-relying on old canon (i.e. no more than cursory nods to NCR, BOS, Super-mutants, etc)

    What do you think, NMA?
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  2. That sounds pretty cool. Except for the part where you insulted the best Fallout DLC ever made.
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    And it's sequel would be Fallout:Hotline.
    just kidding :lol:
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    I would need to try fountain of dreams first...
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    I'd like to see a Fallout game somewhere in the Gulf Commonwealth. But personally I would choose New Orleans over Miami.
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    The thing with Miami is that it's a pretty 80's place. 1950's doesn't quite match up, imo...
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    When you say "Miami," I personally think more of the postwar period/cold war than I do of Scarface of GTA: Vice City. The establishment of a huge Navy presence, a postwar population boom, the communists taking Cuba (and the subsequent Cubano influx into South Florida), and the Cuban missile crisis all happened between the end of WWII and the height of the Cold War and were all pretty big, historically conspicuous deals.