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    So, first off I'd like to say this isn't meant to be some massive trash on NC as I appreciate the manpower/effort/love that went into it and even though I'm about to make this post I have neither the skill, talent or dedication to actually try and make this a thing. So, yeah.

    Either way, I was very disappointed with New California's story. Stuff like Project Brazil, the Super Mutants "Father", the Enclave storyline, the player being a clone of the Vault Dweller etc etc, didn't cut up to scratch and I thought tying it so directly into New Vegas was unneccesary. I thought it had a lot of potential, however, for a small self-contained story set in the Core Region during the era between Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 and there were a number of good ideas there. We've seen before with Fallout 1.5 and Fallout Nevada that mod campaigns can be great venues for making the kind of Fallout games the community really wants, and it's a shame that New Vegas doesn't have its own 1.5/Nevada.

    So here's my go at giving some rewrites

    Introductory Cutscene :

    We open with Geoff Muldaur's "Brazil" playing off a tinny radio, the camera pans out and we hear the sounds of a massive battle going on. We are inside a guardpost at Navarro, the building shakes and thumps. Distant vertibird sounds can be heard. Outside the window, an Enclave soldier is blasting off a gatling laser and being peppered with small arms fire. He is backing away. We here a chorus of various chatter "Rangers, suppress those runners!" "Paladin, I need a rocket on that turret now!" we hear the crackling of radio, as we hear a voice say "This is Bravo team, last set of birds are away. Repeat, last set of birds are away." Another bit of radio chatter overcomes it, a different,more solemn voice "Kiss America goodbye, boys." Cut to black.


    The year is 2253, 11 years after Fallout 2 and a few years after the sacking of Navarro. The setting is still San Bernadino Forest/Cajon Pass, but moreso into the national park. Vault 18, a control vault, is also still our setting.

    Vault 18

    2077: The Great War occurs, Vault 18 seals its door.

    2087: A small expedition is sent to the surface, and reaches as far as the edge of the park, overlooking San Bernadino and the distant LA Boneyard. Nothing is alive. The expedition make it back to the Vault, each suffering from rad poisoning of varying severity.

    2162: Another surface expedition occurs with the premise of judging the safety of opening the Vault, the expedition's equipment picks up still present radioactivity (In truth this is due to the atomic detonation of the Master's lair in LA, however the expedition chalk it up to the Great War). Upon return to the Vault, the expedition are attacked by raiders. All but one of the expedition are killed, and the Overseer declares the surface too dangerous.

    2177: Three vocal seditionists, demanding the opening of the Vault are exiled into the Wasteland after a violent confrontation. The exiles discover a simple village of hardy survivalists living in the hills, calling themselves "The Arrowheads", and begin to integrate.

    2236: After a particularly bad winter and an explosion of tensions, a splinter group of the Arrowhead Tribe flee to Vault 18, chasing the stories of their ancestors. For years they had approached and fled from the spot out of curiosity, but were now beginng for help. Picking this up on the door cameras, there is commotion in the Vault as to whether to accept the dying refugees. Overseer Chevy Bragg at first rules no, but on the urging and appeal to her better nature by Doctor Rossman, Bragg allows refugees to enter, but only young women and children. The rest are turned away.

    2237: Doctor Rossman and two of his assistants lead an unsanctioned, secret surface expedition. They come across a crew of travelling NCR Prospectors, and the two trade. Rossman learns of NCR, but doesn't quite grasp the scale, believing the Republic to be some sort of well-armed post-nuclear milltia. Rossman exchanges medical goods for robot parts.

    2241: Overseer Bragg recieves the "All-Clear Signal" from the US Government, with the caveat that this notice was for Overseer eyes only and that they must await the arrival of US millitary servicemen before taking any action. Dying of cancer and unable to bear the secret alone, Overseer Bragg tells her husband, Coach John Bragg, with the confidence between both that John will undoubtedly be elected Overseer when she passes anyway. John, being an ardent Old World patriot, is both delighted to hear the news and dedicated to maintaining the secret in equal measure. The Enclave choose Vault 13 for their guinea pig stock, and Vault 18 is for the moment, filed away.

    2243: At Navarro, Enclave Sergeant Idella takes it upon herself to log and investigate potential fallback points in the case of the base being lost. Among numerous others in the southwest, she comes across Vault 18 and the nearby US Fort Daggerpoint. Tinkering for a while, she re-opens communications with Overseer Bragg. Informing them that the USA was at war with mutant surface-dwellers which sought to destroy America, declaring it to be their civic duty to prepare the "red-blooded and pure" Americans within their vault to join the war effort when called upon. Both Chevy and John take these orders very seriously. Later this year, however, Chevy passes away from cancer. Much to his suprise, however, Coach Bragg isn't elected to Overseer. Enraged and convinced that his replacement hasn't got the moxy to save America, during the passover of office he swaps his own desk terminal for that of the overseer's office, choosing to keep the Enclave contact his secret and the preparation his responsibility.

    2253: Coach Bragg has been spending the better part of a decade grooming his "All-Star Patriots" within the Vault into loyal American soldiers. Encouraging his little club to join the Vault's secuirty team, awaiting a "Day of Rebirth" for America. Elsewhere, Navarro falls. Fallout: New California begins.

    The Pass/San Bernardino National Forest

    Now, I decided since New Vegas already had recycled some Van Buren content and moved some locations to better fit NV's canonical geography (Cipher Tribe, Fort Abandon, Circle Junction all being west of Mojave) I'd do the same here, with Burham Springs.

    2039: Prometheus Coal, a division of Poseidon Energy, opens a coal mine in California. A small village opens up nearby. It is called Eagle Rock.

    2066: With more important things to spend their money on, Poseidon Energy closes the inefficient and dangerous Eagle's Rock mine complex and sells it to the U.S. government.

    2074: Government decision makers order the dumping of radioactive waste into Eagle Rock's lower mines. Enclave politicos help secure a contract for Poseidon Energy to develop and use their AGRICOLA mining robots in the operation of the dumping ground. Not surprisingly, the AGRICOLA lab turns out to be a pretty good bunker as well.

    2077: Bombs drop. Two Poseidon scientists are still trapped in the lab. After four years, one dies of natural illness. After one more year, the other commits suicide.

    2238: NCR Prospectors discover Eagle Rock and quickly realize that it is a source of energy and some water -- albeit a dangerous source. Within the year, NCR miners are there, and more come shortly thereafter. Many of them are dregs/outcasts from the Boneyard and the Hub.

    2243: A small crew of NCR workmen set up Forest Falls Logging Camp in order to log some of the forest's trees for the Republic.

    2245: Outlaw gangs and raider-tribes from other areas of Southern California begin to take refuge in the San Bernadino and San Gabriele Mountains in order to buy themselves time from the ever growing reach of the Republic, and to position themselves to raid Hub and Boneyard. They periodically harass Burham Springs.

    2247: After a severe raid, NCR 5th Engineering Division blows up Burham Mines, causing incredible fires to break out all over the area, even in veins of coal encased in rock. Many die. Many become gehennas. NCR abandons Burham Springs.

    2250: A notorious Boneyard gang calling themselves "The 405 Coyotes" flee into the hills under the leadership of Heartbreaker, they settle in the ruins of Burham Springs, using it as a fortress. They make their best efforts to seal off the monster-filled mine tunnels.

    2252: "The Pass" is now the last refuge for the outlaw bands of NCR. Hearbreaker has formed a shanty-town "pirates cove" of booze, drugs and ass around Burham Springs, and has been collecting the broken remnants of various outlaw gangs into his growing force. Though there are still a number of gangs in the area that aren't so willing to join him.

    2253: The NCR has begun projects of Old World railway refurbishment, as part of this plan they aim to link the Boneyard and the Hub. The Pass is a vital part of this track, and as such under the NCR's new administration an army deployment has been sent into the area along with a crew of railway workers, establishing "Union Town" as a frontier outpost, a base camp from which to civilize the area and neutralize the raider gangs.

    Fallout: New California begins.

    Act 1: Vault 18 and Escape!

    The beginning would be similar to the original, in that it's the day of "the big game" in Vault 18. The PC is 18 years old, and effectively still part of the Vault's equivalent of High School. You recieve the same introduction of Matheson running at you on the field, where you'd be presented with three options:

    I Tackle - Way of the Jock
    I Dodge - Way of the Nerd
    What? I wasn't even at that squarefest! I was smoking cigarettes with
    Kurtz instead - Way of the Delinquent

    Regardless of what you pick here, in the subsequent character creation menus alongside your Tag Skills, Traits and SPECIAL, you must also pick your BACKGROUND. You can either be a born and bred Vault Dweller, or you can choose to be a Tribal. You were one of the refuge children, brought into the Vault at 12 months old.

    Act 1 is generally meant to be quite cosy/slow paced. More "Fallout: A 1950s High School Roleplaying Game" rather than "Fallout: A Post Nuclear Roleplaying Game". Though most of the soap-drama/Vault-Life stuff is largely optional, and you'd be able to breeze through the mandatory quests until escape pretty quickly. Picture if Fallout 3's teenager sequence wasn't as massively "cinematic" and railroaded but actually let you roleplay as a vault dweller. There would be shared side-quests between each "path", benign side-stories within the Vault.

    Way of the Jock

    You are the Star Player of the game! Congrats! The PC is brought into Coach Bragg's office where he congratulates the player on a job well done for winning the game and flooring that spear-chucker, Matheson. Bragg gets you take the Vigo-Matic tester machine to confirm his assumptions about you, and he then gives you a patriotic little speech and offers you membership to his "All-Star Patriots" club as well as a gurantee of a role on the Security Team. If you choose Tribal background, he's much more brisk with you and only offers you the role on the Security Team.

    Outside of the Coach's office, depending on if you chose Tribal or Vault Dweller background a different person will be waiting for you. Tribal and it's Matheson, he sort of begrudingly apologizes and tries to say no hard feelings, "us Arrowheads" should stick together and finishes by saying he's looking forward to being on patrol with you the next morning in Security. Vault Dweller and it's Campbell, fellow player on your team, memeber of the Patriots and Vault Security. He congratulates you and gives you the key to the "Patriots Lounge" where all the coolest kids of the Vault hang out.

    Jock PCs basically live a somewhat satirical version of the stereotypical "Chad" experience in this sequence. Talking to the prettiest girls of the Vault, being extremely popular. You have an RnR sequence which changes if you're a Patriot or not, and if you get to hangout in the Lounge, have some beers and play Blackjack (Using NV's blackjack system) with the cool Patriots. This basically plays out like a tongue-in-cheek Japanese dating sim, but with jingoistic propaganda/tribal racism thrown in if you're in the lounge and eagerly discussing the "Rebirth" of America.

    Your security routine with Matheson and Campbell the following day consists of you doing one or two domestic dispute argument/settlements, followed by "Bug Patrol" which is clearing some of the caves connected to the Vault of Giant Ants. You discover a small opening that leads to the surface in the caves, just big enough for the ants to fit in but not really for people unless you blasted it open. If you're a Vault Dweller, Campbell will hold multiple conversations in this section effectively grooming you with Enclave/Patriot propaganda and conversation. The next day, your routine begins with Bragg asking you to install a holotape at the Security Hub without Security Chief Martin's permission/knowing about it.

    If you do so alongside Matheson and Campbell, Bragg confronts you over the radio, and Campbell in person as they declare that now is the time for the All-Star Patriots to welcome to day of Rebirth, and to cleanse the mutants, the dissidents and those who would fraternize/mix blood with the mutants in welcoming the US Army who are on the way. You are asked if you are with them, or against them. Deciding to join them, you have chosen Conquer and then must shoot Matheson as well as Security Chief Martin. As this happens, the Vault's security turrets come online and begin to open fire across the Vault. Campbell reveals that the Coach told him he has a US Army approved list of patriots and non-patriots in the Vault, and that you were the only variable.

    The security system is logged to kill or spare based on Pip-Boy ID tags, though nobody knows that except you, him and Bragg. The rest of the quest is you and other Patriots hunting down non-patriots and killing them, many of whom don't know what is going on or that you're on the other side. (Cue "Master Skywalker, what are we going to do?" and "Anakin's Dark Deeds" etc). Eventually, when the job is done you head up to the surface and exit out of the Vault door, where you meet a landing Vertibird. Out of it walk three power-armored Enclave stormtroopers, Sergreant Idella and her two men: Kowalski and Jenkins. Bragg meets them, and we then cut/loading screen forward to Idella taking her place in the Overseer's chair. Vault 18 is to become the new home to a new Enclave, and your work is only beginning (Act 2)

    If you refuse, you enter into Escape wherein you gun down Campbell. You and Matheson must then find one of the science team who can shut down the Vault security system. The Escape quest comprises of you and other non-patriots attempting to re-control the Vault, eventually after thwarting enough of the Patriot plans, they decide to instead self-destruct the Vault, and the remainder of the quest is you frantically escaping via the Ant-Cave, as the front door is being sprayed with 5mm by Enclave stormtroopers. In the chaos and confusion, you end up by yourself in the Wasteland on the surface, with nobody else in sight. Onto Act 2.

    Way of the Nerd

    You're knocked for six, you big loser. Much like in the original, you awaken in Rossman's lab and end up filing your character build onto the lab logging computer. You can have some conversation with Dr. Rossman, who says he had no idea why you were on track for Bragg's meathead crew in the first place. He has two lab assistants (alongside yourself now), Kira (a Tribal born kid) and Jamie Campbell (implied incestuous sibling to the Campbell on Security and also a Patriot). Rossman is attempting to finish a communications device, which your first job is to help him complete.

    In doing so, Rossman and the team tune into an NCR radio channel, reporting on Union Town and the Army's efforts. Confirming Rossman's suspicions that there is an organized society out there. You spend the evening having a chill beer with Rossman and Kira in the lab, where you find out more about the background lore and speculating over what this "NCR" could be like. Rossman however comes across something surprising: some sort of pre-established comm-link within the Vault from an outside source, how curious. Your routine the next day is tracking down various "nodes" within terminals of the Vault, meaning you can do a bit of snooping accessing people's private terminal entries and the like. Eventually you narrow it down to Bragg's terminal, but you can't access any communications history. You do however, find Bragg's "Patriot" list and the fact that Jamie has used this list for some sort of program made in the lab.

    Rossman and yourself question Jamie, but she stonewalls you. Together with Rossman you spend some time hacking Jamie's lab terminal, finding nothing. However you deduce that if you pulled an all-nighter, you could try and crack out a timestamped archived version of the program she made. You, Kira and Rossman stay up for the evening running the code, but you all drift off sometime in the early hours of the morning.

    You awaken to chaos as the "Day of Rebirth" is underway, and you are in the Escape sequence. You are approached by a panicked and wounded Matheson, seeking medical attention after being shot by Campbell. Rossman works out what the program was for, and decides to rush to the Security Hub to shut it down. Kira begins to treat Matheson, and here you can decide to either stay in the lab with Kira or leave with Rossman to shut down the turrets. If you stay, you effectivelly assist Kira with treating Matheson periodically whilst doing wave-defence against oncoming Patriots into the lab. Eventually, the self-destruct signal will alert, a limping Matheson, Kira and yourself escape from the Vault and out into the Wasteland. Kira and Matheson both suggest trying to find the Arrowheads. Onto Act 2.

    If you go with Rossman, you fight your way to the Security Hub where a defiant Jamie Campbell stands with her dead brother (shot by Matheson), and you can either talk her into fleeing (Speech), joining your side (Charisma), or you can simply kill her (Gun or sharp object) and disable the turrets. The same sequence happens with the vault self-destruct, with you and Rossman fleeing the Vault. You reach the surface, and Rossman suggests attempting to find the NCR by triangulating the radio signal via Pip-Boy. Onto Act 2.

    Way of the Delinquent

    Vaultball? You're fucking kidding me, right? Nah, instead you and Kurtz were spray painting a little artistic piece outside of Bragg's place, and then afterwards listen to some rock and steal some Med-X from the Doc like the cool dude beatniks you are. Well, that was till one of those jackass Patriot Security pricks turned up and started causing a problem, then Kurtz got all up in his face and, well....

    Your PC creates their character by getting their mugshot taken and being logged into the Security Hub to add to your Vault Record, before you and Kurtz are thrown into the brig. You and Chief Martin have a fun little conversation, then you and Kurtz get to be all lonesome and angry in your cell together. It's not long before Eric Campbell, of the Security team, and some of the "Patriots" arrive from their lounge in the midst of a party to come mock and laugh at you for the degenerates you are. Even though they're just squares, pretty girl Jenny Hail laughing at you might sting just a bit. If you're of Tribal background, you'll get some serious venom thrown your way alongside Kurtz, who is also a Tribal. One of the Patriots expresses how they can't wait to see useless beatnik commies like you and Kurtz hang, soon enough. You can respond as you please.

    The next day, you're let go as it was Kurtz actually doing the punching. Kurtz is meant to hang in for an extra day. Your goals for the day are twofold: busting Kurtz out early and getting some of that Med-X from the lab. Busting Kurtz can be done via traditional stealth, messing with the guards or decieving/lying to them in some way. The Med-X can similarly either be retrieved from traditional stealing from Rossman, tricking Jamie Campbell or flirting aggressively with Kira. You find that Kurt'z room, your lounge where you usually tune into the jukebox, has been sacked by the All-Star Patriots, and the Jukebox is broken. Before you get high, you can find someone in the Vault to help you fix the Jukebox but they might require you do a favour (one of the shared sidequests). You get high in the evening with Kurtz, and end up passing out on his floor.

    The next day, you're awoken by the Day of Rebirth and lots of screams. Discovering what's happened, Kurtz grabs a bat and offers to you that now is the best opportunity either of you are going to get to cave in the skulls of those Patriot assholes. You can deny or accept this offer. Accepting leads you into a sequence of fighting your way through the vault, fighting off Patriots and killing both Campbells, eventually reaching the generator room where a wounded Bragg has initiated self-destruct.

    You and Kurtz can then finish him off as you like. You discover that there's less than a minute left on the self-destruct. You aren't able to halt the process, however the terminal allows you to extend it. Giving you time, both of you flee, an optional objective means risking the timer running out to grab a stock of booze, either way you flee out of the front entrance where a Vertibird is seen leaving. Out in the new Wasteland, you and Kurtz say cheers and head into the desert. Onto Act 2.

    If you reject Kurt'z initial offer, he heads off on his own and you end up running into a panicked Kira who is trying to find Doctor Rossman. It appears she tried and failed to save the wounded Mathelson, and had to fight her way out of the lab. Being a killer has shaken her up a little bit. Together, you both escape out the Ant-Cave and into the Wasteland. Kira suggests heading south, as that's where Rossman mentioned he picked up the signal of something called "NCR". Onto Act 2.

    I will do Act 2 at some point in the next few days. Probably tomorrow evening.

    Basic gist is that there would be 4 factions: NCR, Coyotes, Arrowhead and Enclave. There'd be variations on some of the factions, for instance whether the Coyotes are led by the more business minded/pragmatic Heartbreaker or his more bloodthirsty counterparts. Same with how NCR deals with the Coyotes and the Enclave, and vice versa.

    The Enclave plot has less to do with FEV and moreso to do with a "Nuclear Nellie" atomic artillery cannon stationed at Fort Daggerpoint that the Enclave wish to use to nuke-shell the fuck out of the Hub which is like 40 miles north of the Fort and get retribution against NCR. Similarly, if they get Vault 18 they want to make San Bernardino into their own new fortress-state.
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    This is really good man! Looking forward to part 2.
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    Act 2: Exploring The Pass

    Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope playyyyy

    After the completion of Act 1, there are 6 possible routes that you begin Act 2 under and where you are immediately headed.

    Route 1: Way of the Jock, Alone (Anywhere)
    Route 2: Way of the Jock, Enclave (Vault 18)
    Route 3: Way of the Nerd, Rossman. (Union Town)
    Route 4: Way of the Nerd, Kira and Matheson, (Arrowhead)
    Route 5: Way of the Delinquent, Kurtz, (Burham Springs)
    Route 6: Way of the Delinquent, Kira, (Union Town)

    I'll do a "breakdown" of the main settlements in the region. Union Town, Forest Falls, Arrowhead and Burham Springs. A side-note is that New California takes place in the midst of the summer, during a particularly bad heatwave. This doesn't have huge effect other than it is mentioned pretty frequently by the characters, people are a little bit cranky/poorly tempered and don't want to travel much. Ideally it'd have some gameplay effect on the Hardcore survival mechanics too. Maybe penalties if you're wearing leather or metal armor outside or something.

    Union Town - OST "Gold Slouch" by Mark Morgan

    Built around an old world rail junction and station, Union Town is the basecamp of civilization (i.e, NCR) in the area. The place has a number of disused rail-cars, some of which have been modified into fortifications. The town is mostly built out of the pre-war buildings at the junction, but there's also a few iconic NCR/Shady Sands freshly built adobe buildings here housing the soldiers and Governor Dodge. There's a pre-war watch-tower overlooking the junction that's been converted into some sort of radio-station/communications building, where the two-headed bear banner flies proudly. The population is mainly split between NCR railworkers and the Army, though there's a handful of other travellers wandering about too, and the pre-war railway station has been turned into a bar and trading post.


    The Boxcar Bar and Grill - Where most of the railworkers spend their evenings playing Caravan and getting drunk, and occasionally some of the soldiers when they're on break. There's an NCR sponsored bounty-board here with names of local outlaws, raiders and miscreant tribals. Each one is 250 Dollars for the intact head of the lowlifes, to be turned into Governor Dodge. There's a few more pricey ones on there for higher profile targets, the highest being 5 thousand NCR bucks for Heartbreaker.

    NCR Barracks (Adobe)- Self explanatory

    NCR HQ (Adobe) - Where the NCR's head honcho, Governor Dodge, and his paper-pushing team are stationed. The idea is that this will become the town-hall when it becomes a "real" settlement.

    Far-Go Traders Trading Post - Ran by a skeleton crew of enterprising merchants from out of the Hub, the idea is that this will become a waystation between Hub and Boneyard, as well as cutting ahead to get their hands on any resources the region might produce before the Crimson Caravan or any others get to it. This is the player's bartering post.

    Union Radio - Operating out of a converted watchtower overlooking the tracks, it's ran by a disc-jockey called Marko who lost his former radio job in Boneyard who can't really go back into town. No, don't ask. He's being paid by NCR to also help faciilitate logistical communications in the area. He's got the vibe of your local older redneck podunk radio host who really does just like the music he's playing.


    All The Live Long Day - Davis, the head of the railworkers is very displeased with NCR. His men are being overworked and grossly underpaid. Apparently, this is the case for pretty much all the railworkers of the line.The player can pretty easily lead the conversation into the idea of leading a strike. Davis agrees, explaining that blocking the construction on such a vital part might wake up the politicians a bit to their plight. The player can talk to a number of the workers utilizing Speech or Charisma, convincing them to join along and then can help the railworkers negotiate with Governor Dodge for a pay rise using Barter. If this goes sour or the player has insufficient barter, it's possible to make the strike a lot more millitant - using blasting powder to hold hostage a bridge over I-15 that leads into the Pass from the Boneyard, if it's blown up then NCR will have massive trouble/extended time entering the Pass. This connects to a Coyotes faction quest so I will elaborate on that later.

    This quest will trigger differently if you follow the NCR questline and take a number of jobs from them - a random stranger making more cash in a few days than the workers make in a month is enough to motivate them to strike. Dodge requests you intervene, you can talk down the striking workers with Barter or if things go sour you and some NCR troopers can put down the striking workers Kent State style. If things go poorly, Dodge will be displeased by the loss of life, but will remark that the NCR has had nothing but trouble from the railway program, and that he'll put a report together arguing that this incident means they need a big rethink in the utilization of the workforce on the program.

    Fistful of Bottlecaps - Bounties from the Boxcar Bar Bounty Board. Targets include the leaders of local raider gangs the Copperheads and the Roadkillers, the chief hunter of the Arrowheads and a murderer from the Hub hiding out in Forest Falls

    Dial I for Infidelity - One of the railworkers is convinced a soldier from the barracks is fucking his wife (he is). Resolve it. If the NCR has violently put down the strike before this, the railworker will shoot the soldier in cold blood. You can help him flee to Burham Springs or bring him to justice.

    Woodstock, Baby - The Far-Go Traders need you to pickup a package from the Mojave Express outpost in Forest Falls, and also help them negotiate a better cut on the wood produced from the camp. You can either use high Barter skill or have a good reputation with Forest Falls to achieve this.

    NCR Story-Arc: Given to the player by Governor Dodge

    Power to the People - The town's main generator is giving up the ghost and only working at quarter capacity, it means that they can't use all the old-world rail equipment and when they use any of it, they have to shut the power off to literally everything else in the town. They need a fix, badly. With a high Science Skill you can make a jury-rig fix for the generator using a Recharger Rifle, 3x Electronic Scrap and 2x Scrap Metal. If Doctor Rossman is with you, you bypass the check but still need the parts. If Kira is with you, you can bypass the need for parts other than the Recharger Rifle. Otherwise, you have to go to a nearby old-world ruin and do some dungeoneering to get a replacement generator part to restore Union Town to full power.

    Road Warrior Rumble - Accept the Roadkiller and Copperhead bounties

    All The Live Long Day - (Conditional) - If you haven't done this quest, it will be given to you now.

    Ballad of Burham Springs - A multi-stage quest to bring Burham Springs down. As a stranger, you are perfect to infiltrate Burham Springs. Go into the town and set the stage/sabotage for an NCR frontal assault. Open the mines to release the Gehennas, set explosives on some fortifications, poison some Coyotes. That kind of thing. Ends with a battle between yourself and the NCR vs the forces of Burham Springs, killing Heartbreaker and scattering the raiders to the wind.

    Lost Rangers- Dodge sent out some scouts to investigate Veritbird sightings, but they haven't come back. Find them. When you do, they're dead and near a remote corner of the map. On their bodies is an encrypted NCR holotape. With a science check you can decode it (or if you have Kira with you), revealing that they've discovered Fort Daggerpoint and have confirmed eyes on Enclave soldiers. Bringing this back to Dodge seems to disturb him a bit. If you press on Dodge with your learnt knowledge, you can find out what the Enclave is and their background, and piece together that they were the ones responsible for the "Day of Rebirth" in Vault 18. You are then told to go to Union Radio to contact NCR Army stationed in the Boneyard, code-phrase "Star Spangled" where it's confirmed reinforcements are on the way, though it will take a few days.

    Speak Softly and Carry a Big Gun - With the raider-gangs scattered to the winds, the only real organized threat in the area beside the Enclave is the Arrowhead raider-tribe. Dodge wants you to hash out a deal between them and local NCR. When you reach them, they are very offish and unwilling to co-operate. It seems they were raided by what sounds very much like three Enclave stormtroopers. You can talk them into co-operating with NCR only if you have high charisma, Tribal background and one of your fellow vault dwellers is living at the Arrowhead camp with them. If you don't meet these requirements, you can simply be of Tribal background and also complete a number of specific quests for them (listed later on). If you aren't of tribal background and/or you took the Arrowhead hunter bounty, they are totally unwilling to accept NCR. Returning to Governor Dodge, you are told to besiege the Arrowhead Camp and put the savages down with a platoon. A nasty affair, and one of the soldiers in your squad will have a rather sobering conversation with you about guilt after it is over.

    Assault on Fort Daggerpoint: Onto Act 3

    Forest Falls- OST "Moribund World" by Mark Morgan

    A logging and gecko trapping camp established by travelling workers. They chop down trees (living or dead, there's plenty in the forest), chop the logs and sell the wood to NCR. About as simple as it gets. They aren't particularly caring for the Republic and honestly most of them are outdoorsmen that prefer living in the wild. The camp was established around the time Burham Springs was, and surprisingly, they tend to get left alone by the raiders. Wait, that's kind of weird actually. Isn't it?

    The town is made up of wood and tin old west style shacks scattered around woodstocks and logging equipment, with various gruff outdoorsman wandering about. There's a Mojave Express outpost here and a large communal building where the woodsman chat and drink a very nice homebrewed moonshine.


    Walking in the Sand, Part 1: Jerry, the head of the Mojave Express outpost with a bum-leg needs Couriers. His only one for the outpost has gone missing.
    Deliver a mailbag to Union Town and find his missing Courier. Following a trail, speaking to people in Union Town and following clues, eventually leads you to Burham Springs where the lowlife courier is getting high as balls. Either talk him into getting his ass back to the Outpost, beat some sense into him or talk him into giving his job to you.

    Walking in the Sand, Part 2: This quest is only given to you if you don't have a reputation for helping NCR, the junkie-courier quit his job and you say the right things to Jerry. He'll show you that beneath the main logging building is a rather large chem lab and moonshine brewery where some of the locals cook. He needs you to deliver some supply to Burham Springs as his courier, and then to the Arrowheads. Both require some delicacy in delivery as the recipients at Burham will be convinced Forest Falls have undercut them and the Arrowheads attempt to cheat you for the package. If you have good science skill, you can teach the chem cooks how to better make drugs and even show them new ones.

    Chop Shop: Jerry is attempting to fix up a pre-war motorcycle, but he's not doing a great job at it. It's a project he has been working on at turtle pace for many years at this point, started it in the Boneyard and even hauled the thing with him to the outpost to keep working on it. With high Repair skill, you can identify the components needed. Jerry refers you to the Arrowheads, who live in a mechanical junkyard. Stealing the component or trading it from them in exchange for a Quest (listed below) will get you the part. Congrats, you've got yourself a method of fast-travel across the map.

    Big Bear, Indeed: Forest Falls is regularly attacked by Yao Guai. Go into the woods and track down their caves. If you bring back 6 Yao Guai pelts to the outdoorsmen, they'll make you a unique set of leather armor with a Bear pelt hood, and give you a unique shotgun.

    Arrowheads- OST "Beyond the Canyon" by Mark Morgan

    The Arrowheads are much more on your sort of Khan side of Fallout tribal. More desert-punk rather than noble-savage. I picture them dressing in Mad-Max style armor, kind of liked Lonesome Road's Marked Men with roadsign parts and breathing masks. The idea is that they're descended from desert-punk survivalists that braved the radioactive hellhole that was the everything between LA and San-Diego following the bombs. They're not fully tribal yet, but they're really getting there. They are developing the beginnings of their own language and speak in gonzo slang at times.

    The tribe value endurance and physical strength. They're a hardy bunch. Tough as nails but extremely loyal to eachother, at the cost of them being insular and very dismissive of outsiders. In their tribal history after all, outsiders have tended to rob them or try to eat them. Recreational chem usage is seen as weakness and isn't allowed for punishment of beating, but they're big on chemming up during battle. They use tribal remedies and psycho in equal measure. I think they should have stylish mad-max style makeshift melee weapons. Stuff like the Knife-Spear, but ones unique to them.

    Their tribal village is fortified by a boneyard of scrapped fighter-planes from the nearby Daggerpoint AFB. Inside this perimeter of junk-planes however is your more Arroyo-esque collection of tents, tribal murals and shrines. There's pre-war army equipment scattered about, stuff like jeeps and rusted out radio sets too. There's also what seems to be a crop-farm supported by some makeshift hydroponics tech, connected to a non-functioning wind turbine.

    Much like the Vault, there would be various "minor" quests within the village related to domestics and social stuff.

    Arrowhead Story-Arc: Given by Boss Chagas. They have ambitions to make the Pass belong to the Tribe, and they want your help.

    Born Unto Trouble: - You are put to the test for your worthiness of working with the tribe, you must fight one of their warriors in hand-to-hand combat. Only light sparring though, not to the death.

    Maize From Heaven: The Arrowheads have a junk-hydroponics farm built long-ago by the Vault 18 exiles. However, it hasn't been working for some time and the produce is decent, but not as rich as it once was. If you have Kira with you or high Repair, you can get the wind-turbine and hydroponics technology working. If neither of these are achievable, you will be given a slave collar and told to find someone in Union Town who can repair it, and to bring them to the tribe. A mechanic amongst the railworkers or one of the staff at the Far-Go Traders will do. Put a slave collar on them and bring them back to the Arrowheads. It's also possible to pay them to do this with a sufficient Charisma/Speech check and the right amount of caps, but where's the fun in that? This is one of the quests required for NCR peace outcome.

    Pass the Ammunition: The Arrowhead have a crate-full of dissassembled pre-war millitary grade rifles, but they haven't got the know-how to build them nor how to use them to fight. If you have sufficient Guns skill, you can use that to assemble the weapons and furthermore, teach them how to use them. If this isn't possible, then Boss Chagas suggests killing off the Roadkillers and Copperheads, and bringing all their guns to the tribe. You have to bring them a specific amount of weapons, this can be achieved from anywhere but the Roadkillers and Copperhead camps are easy locales. This quest is required for the motorbike component trade and NCR peace outcome. Additionally, they have Pulse Grenades that can be fixed up using Repair or Science. This check is bypassed if you have Kira.

    Homeland Security: This quest only occurs if you choose to lock-in to the Arrowhead storyline and become a permanent member of the tribe. Sergeant Idella and her two stormtroopers launch a three-man invasion of the tribe, it seems they're after something. Repel them with the rest of the tribe. Time to put those Automatic Rifles and Pulse Grenades to use, huh?

    Party's Over: With the newly acquired Big Guns/Energy Weapons and suits of (tribally customized, yay!) Advanced Power Armor it's time to take the fight to the Coyotes. This plays out very similarly to Ballad of Burham Springs, except the assault at the end is with the Arrowhead Tribe instead of NCR.

    Bridge(s) Over Eye-Fifteen: All that's left now is getting rid of En-See-Yar from the Pass. Using explosives from Burham Springs, wire up both I-15 pass bridges at either end of the Pass that allows for easy access into the hills. Once that's gone, it will mean havoc for NCR trying to get back into the Pass, and it also means Union Town will be cut-off and ready for the attack. If Kira is with you, she will ask you to try and convince NCR at Union Town to evacuate, you can also do this of your own perogative. Wiring up the bridge and then going to Governor Dodge with sufficient Speech, Charisma and at least some NCR rep will allow you to convince him of retreat. This will then speed-cut you to watching one of the bridges blow with your fellow tribesmen, and cut to the ending. If not, wire up the bridge, let blow and move into

    Assault on Union Town: Onto Act 3

    Burham Springs- OST "Industrial Junk" by Mark Morgan

    Burham Springs has two sections: The Old Mine, a bunch of pre-war turned NCR buildings surrounding a mine-pit. The mine pit is now heavily fortified and sealed, with the entrances welded shut. At night, you can hear banging noises coming from the sealed doors. The other section is the bulk of the town, built around it. Ramshackle shanty-houses welded together. Very siimilar to Megaton from Fallout 3, meant to have that multi-layered favela vibe.


    Heartbreaker's Place: The old foreman's office, now turned into his home sweet home. He's accompanied by two mostly nude women who sit by him in his chair.

    Dusty's Desires: Brothel and bar

    El Camino Casino: Self-explanatory

    Chuck's Guns and Ammo: Self-Explanatory

    The Hole: The mine pit, used for dog fighting, bare-knuckle boxing and "Happy Hour" where they use their constructed levy-system to open up the mine doors, and allow folks to wave-defence against oncoming monstrous Gehennas and Ghouls that come out of the mine. Prizes involve casino chips, booze, free-rides with the girls and caps too.

    Burham Springs Story-Arc: Given by Heartbreaker or later, Ripper.

    Trade Negotiations: Forest Falls need to step up their production and cut their prices. Go negotiate. Scare them, convince them or beat it into them. If you beat it into them, other townsfolk will rally to stop you, but from there you can gun them down or intimidate them into backing off.

    Bad, Bad Brahmin: There's a Far-Go Traders caravan coming in from the Hub headed for Union Town. Intercept it, raid it and bring the goods back to Heartbreaker. You'll get your cut. Ripper, Heartbreaker's BFF, will accompany you.

    Rallying the Rascals: The two raider gangs in the area not aligned with Heartbreaker, the Roadkillers and the Copperheads, need to be dealt with. Roadkillers are insta-hostile but you can make a deal with the Copperheads to join Heartbreaker. Or just kill them, your choice.

    Workers of the Wasteland: The railworkers at Union Town are mighty dissatisfied, and a number have come into Burham Springs for some fun, complaining about the situation. Might be able to leverage this to fuck with NCR. Lead the railworkers into a more millitant strike via All The Live Long Day, supply them with weapons from Heartbreaker. Get them to blow the southern I-15 Bridge and inspire violence between the soldiers and the workers, then help them take over the town.

    Couped Up: Ripper thinks Heartbreaker is going soft, or doesn't have the balls, whatever he's not here to make a political fuckin' argument. He's gonna kill Heartbreaker and replace him as boss. You in? If not, you can report it to Hearbreaker and "rip" Ripper's head clean off his shoulders.

    Blast Furnace (Heartbreaker): Heartbreaker wants to re-open the mine, from what he's learnt there was some kind of tech down the bottom of the mine, too. Clear the place out and put out the tunnel fires.

    Peace Pipebombs (Heartbreaker): Go to the Arrowheads and see what it would take for them to make a mutual alliance to holdout against NCR. Turns out, revenge on the power-armored soldiers who've recently raided the village. This is of interest to Heartbreaker as they could be sitting on top of some juicy pre-war gear to help them push off NCR.

    Assault on Fort Daggerpoint (Heartbreaker): Act 3

    Peace Pipebombs (Ripper):
    Destroy the Arrowheads with the Coyotes

    Assault on Fort Daggerpoint (Ripper): The only opposition left in the Pass is those weirdos in Power Armor people keep mentioning. Let's get 'em. Act 3


    The Girl Can't Help It: One of Dusty's girls has fled, and is hiding in Union Town. Go get her back.

    Know When To Fold 'Em : One of the loggers in Forest Falls owes a gambling debt. Collect it.

    Happy Hour: Bare knuckle box, bet on dog fights, survive against waves of enemies for prizes. Fun for all the family!

    Vault 18/The Enclave Story-Arc - OST "Follower's Credo" by Mark Morgan

    It's time, boys. To bring Ameriica back. General Idella, as she is now titled, is leading the charge for Cajon Pass is to be the bedrock of a new US of A. But she needs YOUR help.

    Boy/Girl Scout: The Enclave needs intel on the enemy, the New California Republic and their squatting on US soil. You are to take this listening post equipment, and set it up at the far end of the Pass to monitor the LA valley. Additionally, go to this "Union Town" and collect as much information as you can. Ask around, bug their radio-tower. Steal documents.

    Operation Rusty Paperclip: Some of your former associates escaped (Kira, Kurtz, Rossman) , and despite our efforts, survived. They know of us, and they know of Vault 18. Track them, kill them. Dr. Rossman is a dissident, but he has useful technical skill. Bring him back alive and we will force him to co-operate.

    A House of Cards/Workers of the Wasteland: The mutant civilization is weak, it decays from the inside. Their workers at the railway are boiling over, ready to pop. Help them take out their primitive rage on their NCR masters, weaken each side. Give them guns, explosives and seditious ideas.

    Toy Soldiers: Burham Springs poses a threat, and holds Poseideon Energy technology within. It has to be destroyed, but indirectly. Incite conflict between them and the Arrowheads tribe. Plant evidence, lie, incite violence, false-flag attack. Whatever you need to do to get the apes to fight eachother. Then, when it's done, assault the weakened Burham Springs, pierce the mine and retrieve the Poseideon Energy databank.

    Clearing Shop: Good work, soldier. Here's your suit of power armor and minigun. Now, depopulate the town of Forest Falls. Once you are done there, join your fellow soldiers outside of Union Town, and remove the remaining weakened population. After you are done there, clear the remnants of the mutant tribe, and locate the US Air Force security fob located in the ruins they've built their disgusting village around.

    Battle Hymn of the Enclave: Our strategy is reaching its culmination. Once we retake Fort Daggerpoint, we can use a weapon there to crush the NCR. However, it seems our activities haven't gone unnoticed, and platoons of NCR soldiers have arrived in the area to stop us. We must overtake Fort Daggerpoint from its automated security and ensure the mutant armies don't stop us. Onto Act 3.
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    Act 3: Finale!

    Assault on Fort Daggerpoint (Non-Enclave):
    For non-Enclave factions, the Assault on Fort Daggerpoint is largely the same. Besieging an Old World army base with about two dozen robots. Protectrons, Sentry Bots and turrets. There's also a squad of surviving Patriots, as well as the three Enclave stormtroopers. If Bragg is alive, he'll be wearing a suit of APA too. If not, it will be a random Patriot. The objective is to stop the Enclave from completing the raising of the Nuclear-Nellie elevator platform to the base's roof so that it can be fixed into firing position. The final fight will be with the Enclave Stormtroopers at Nellie on the base roof.

    Assault on Fort Daggerpoint (Enclave):
    You get a little more time as the Enclave. You arrive at the base early, and have to solve some minor puzzles in order to wrangle control of the base and open it up fully. After that you are effectively wave-defending against the NCR. After defeating the last round of Rangers and NCR Heavy Troopers, you get the pleasure of lfiring the Nuclear Nellie on the roof.

    Assault on Union Town (Arrowhead):
    Straightforward assault on Union Town against NCR forces with your tribal-brothers. The ending is Governor Dodge fighting hand to hand with you in a circle made by the Arrowheads.

    Endings: Enclave

    In firing the Nuclear Nellie, the Hub is obliterated in the blink of an eye. The beating heart of the NCR, washed away by an atomic blastwave. The concequences of this reverberate throughout the fledgling Republic, at a turning point of its history the loss of its most populous city and economic core, NCR is dealt a fatal wound. Economic collapse leads to mass civil unrest throughout the Republic to which its weak Presidential administration fails to settle, to make matters worse the millitant Brotherhood of Steel leverages this weakness and begins to gain the upperhand in their new conflict. As the war sours, a dozen different groups with grudges against the government make their move to take advantage of the chaos.NCR is put under a strain it cannot bear, and within a few years a breakdown of law and order occurs, and the states of NCR crumble into bickering, balkanized cities. The radioactive ruins of the Hub serve as a constant reminder to all of California the day the Republic was dealt its killing blow.

    Meanwhile, within the nestled recess of Cajon Pass, the Enclave prepares. Beginning breeding programs amongst the Patriots, introducing rigorous training protocols and developing better millitary technology with whatever resources they have. Vault 18 is renamed "Plymouth Rock", in reference to its role as the stepping stone in the formation of a mighty New America.


    Ending #1: A More Perfect Union (Requirements: Peaceful resolution with the Railworkers and the Arrowheads)

    The civilization of the The Pass finally comes to, well, pass. With the completion of the railway, many of the workers decide to settle in Union Town, giving the fledgling community a breathe of life. The townsfolk begin to interact and trade with the Arrowhead Tribe, resulting in a co-operative relationship. With some time, the area becomes a rustic boomtown. A quaint place in settled country where busybodies from Boneyard or Hub can come to find peace and a simpler life. Efforts are made to re-open the abandoned mine at Burham Springs, and with the logistical and armed assitance of the Arrowheads, these efforts are successful. The Nuclear Nellie at Fort Daggerpoint becomes a stationary guardian angel, protecting the heart of the Republic.

    In time Union Town becomes Union City, and the Pass is incorporated as its own represented territory within the Republic, in decades to come it will achieve full statehood.

    Ending #2: The New California Pass (Requirements: Do not achieve peaceful resolution with the Railworkers and the Arrowheads)

    The civilization of the The Pass finally comes to, well, pass. The Nuclear Nellie at Fort Daggerpoint becomes a stationary guardian angel, protecting the heart of the Republic. With the completion of the railway, Union Town becomes a useful station for the collection of lumber from Forest Falls, the transporation of goods between Hub and Boneyard, and the movements of troops throughout the south of the Republic. Token attempts are made to re-open the ruined mines at Burham Springs, but these efforts are soon abandoned. Though lacking any real sense of community, Cajon Pass becomes a vital lifeline supporting the growing NCR, known as frontier post where a Californian can find honest work.

    The Coyotes:

    Ending #1: Heartbreak Hotel (Heartbreaker ending)

    The Coyotes, in partnership with the Arrowheads, form a strong claim in the region. Armed with the technology from Fort Daggerpoint, the NCR are hesitant to re-approach, particularly after the confusion at Union Town. In this time, Heartbreaker begins to send men to work in the now cleared Burham Springs mine. After getting their footing once more, the NCR at the Pass are surprised when the Coyotes approach them not with weapons but instead, with a deal: In exchange for being left alone, the Coyotes will halt their raiding, sell the NCR coal from the Burham Mine and allow the completion of the railway unhalted. With the presence of the nuclear nellie in Heartbreakers hands, the Republic reluctantly agrees to this deal. In time, workers from NCR begin to filter into the party-town of Burham Springs, seeking honest work in the mine and fun from the casino and bars. In years to come, Heartbreaker agrees to the dissassembly of the Nuclear Nellie in exchange for incorporation as an official NCR territory. The Pass becomes known as a dirty hive of rough riders who work hard and play hard in equal measure.

    Ending #2: Rip and Tear (Ripper Ending)

    Armed with the gear from Daggerpoint, the Coyotes violently push the confused remains of NCR from the area. For a time, the Coyotes celebrate their victory over the Pass. The Pass becomes a basecamp for persistent raids across southern NCR. The NCR do not take this lightly, however, and begin an organized millitary assault on the area as best they can. Slowed by the mountains, the conflict becomes bloody and prolonged, but the Republic has men to spare. This is not the case for the Coyotes, however, who become increasingly feral as they are pushed further back to the mountain walls, losing more and more men with each month of this guerilla war. Eventually, in a final siege on Fort Daggerpoint, a maddened Ripper fires the Nuclear Nellie at the Boneyard. An imprecise and ill-thought shot, the bomb detonates at the fringes of the Boneyard, the blastwave and radioactive fallout kills hundreds, but misses the majority of the population in a city already well-weathered by atomic blasts. The tragedy and outright attack further inspires the NCR to commit to the assault, and the Coyotes are broken. The survivors flee east, to Arizona. Leaving the bloody graveyard of the Pass well behind.

    The Arrowheads:

    Pushing the last of the NCR out of the Pass, with the logging crews see the forest for the trees and trek home with the retreating men of Union Town. The Arrowhead Tribe finally assert their claim over the region. Twice burnt and with no easy way to access the Pass, the NCR writes off the area as being more trouble than its worth. Soon, it is labelled officially in NCR Congress as a "Low Value Non-Cooperative Tribal Territory" and the NCR railway project is given a major revision. The Arrowhead Tribe, free of opposition spread across the San Bernardino Forest, building hunting camps and farms in the wild gullies. Sealed off from the outside world, the tribe of the Pass live simple, if not peaceful lives. In years to come, some members of the tribe will idly dream, wondering about the mystery of the Wastelands beyond the canyon.


    There we have it folks. The finished rewrite of New California that will undoubtedly go nowhere at all. I think barring a few obvious exceptions, most of the endings could be a player's personal canon leading into New Vegas if they wish. I'd like to think there would be "sequel" mods that would explore other regions in proximity to the Mojave. Maybe a mod set in Arizona 7 years after NC, with options to pick up threads from this mod and even connect your characters through choices at the beginning or something.You could have a series of these that eventually build into the option of this shared protagonist being the Courier, though I guess they'd have to be like 46 years old by the time of Vegas. Alternatively, a follow up mod could even be following the Enclave ending and could be about exploring NCR after the collapse/balkanization. Maybe you're an alt-timeline Courier now tasked with the job of relinking the settlements (Death Stranding anyone?)

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed my idle daydreaming and my burning need to write Fallout after my PnP campaign ended.
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  5. Proletären

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Fantastic! Have you put this to the devs?
  6. Atomic Postman

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Thanks, but nah. This would require basically completely remaking the original mod which isn't going to be something that will (or should) happen. I wrote this just because I was bored and wanted to write Fallout stuff.
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  7. Proletären

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Ok, if that's the case one might as well do it as a Fallout 2 mod.
  8. Atomic Postman

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    Mar 16, 2013
    if I had the technical knowhow, I'd love to
  9. Golbolco

    Golbolco It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 12, 2015
    I think this is a real well-done alternate version of F:NC.

    I was also disappointed with the campaign and thought of things I'd change, although they're nowhere near as in-depth changes as your pseudo-design document came out to be.

    I think a major problem I have with the setting is that even with the raider problems, San Bernardino/its national forest is just too close to the Boneyard and Dayglow to not be part of NCR's core civilization. It's directly adjacent to the Long 15, too, which makes a heavy raider presence in the 2260s unlikely. I would suggest that the entire region should already be under NCR control, and the Arrowheads/Coyotes are locals that the NCR just never bothered to integrate. I know you're trying to avoid a Noble Savage angle, so this would have to be nuanced and not make out the Arrowheads/Coyotes as just oppressed under the Republic's boot.

    I like your Enclave arc and I think that for the most part it's superior to what we actually got in F:NC. I've been meaning to play the Fallout Tactics: Enclave mod soon because the ideas of Western Enclave holdouts/diehards interests me a lot. Technical issues are currently in the way, though. Perhaps Union Town could have a sizable population of Ex-Enclave members; Arcade says in NV that many tried and failed to integrate with the NCR population and ended up being pushed further away from population centers. Union Town might be that in-between of Core Region civilization and Arizonan fringe that many Enclave members would end up at during the 2260s.

    I think I read on ModDB that the modders for F:NC did a postmortem and considered some feedback, so perhaps they'll tweak the mod to be more to our likings.
  10. Atomic Postman

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    Mar 16, 2013

    I'm also partially in agreement with the San Bernadino locatio being problematic, and I actually originally intended to make the setting Yosemite National Park but I figured that Yosemite would be extremely hard to pull off in NV's engine and also I didn't want to stray completely and totally alien from the original mod premise. Though I imagine little would actually change, other than perhaps the atomic artillery blast being targeted at Shady Sands rather than the Hub.

    The way I figure, whilst the NCR is a nation it is not as security-blanketed as our modern conception might imply. We also know that the NCR as late as the 2260s does suffer from raider-tribal issues very close to its main cities. We're told in NV that they had a war against various tribes that plagued Owen's Lake as late as 2269 - despite the fact that Owen's Valley is where Shady Sands is located.

    I figured that the Pass wouldn't be occupied by NCR primarily because it didn't have any obvious strategic appeal, and so would largely be ignored until the NCR prospectors came poking and discovered the old world mine. Then, the place becomes a convenient locale for the railway lines whereas before it had very little worth.

    The Coyotes were less meant to be "raiders" in the traditional sense and moreso a well-armed street gang that prowled in the Boneyard until the NCR managed to push them out. Their membership would be composed of various NCR criminals that were on the run.

    It's an interesting idea and makes sense, but I wanted to maintain the original NC element of the Enclave as actively predatory aggressors. I think Vegas already sort of "did" the retired argentinian nazi style enclave dudes.
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