Fallout: New Dead City (OOC)

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    So I have this idea, and taking a cue from the Creators of New Vegas I have some set parameters, if you want to take part in something that has never been done before then post your character in the response and once I get a few people interested, I'll start this thing off.

    -The Idea-
    A RPG based in the areas surrounding New York, New Jersey, Parts of Pennslyvania, Mass (Especially Boston) based around three main organizations/gangs/tribes.

    -Key Players-
    (1) The Institute Based out of Boston Massachusetts

    ~What the Locals say about them: " They're decent folk providing food and shelter for any weary travelers but something just don't seem right about some of these folk...way too calm.
    a. “I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there. “
    b. Operates a small outpost out on Long Island (Queens) that’s barricaded off and only accessible via the subway.
    c. Outpost led by Dr. John Smith;
    [spoiler:dcf029ec25]Name: Dr. John Smith MD.
    Also Known As: Smith
    Age: 35
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Brown
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 160
    Ethnicity: Caucasion

    Stats: Lightweight (4), Wary Traveler (5), Hardy (6), Cult Leader (10), Genius(9), Under Control (5), Coin Flip (5)
    Skills: The majesty of SCIENCE!(Science), Fast Talker (Speech), Set Lasers for Stun (Energy Weapons)
    Perks: Computer Whiz (+Bonus to Science in regards to Technology), Educated (+Bonus to INT), Math Wraith (+Bonus to Energy Weapons)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Religion: SCIENCE!
    Occupation: Researcher/Administrator

    Appearance: Usually wearing cleaned pre-war clothes, has short brown hair that is sometimes parted to the side. Looks young for his age, speaks in quickly.

    Currently Wearing:
    Pre-War Business Suit

    Curently Carrying:
    Pack of cigarettes, box of matches, and Pre-War money ($300).

    Current Weapons:
    Plasma Pistol (w/4 Small Energy Cells)
    Family History: Orphaned by his birth parents and raised by the Institute (+INT, -STR) and became the center attention, always keeping them laughing (+Speech/Barter, -Penalty for being alone)

    d. Roughly 30-40 strong, over half being Scientists and doctors, the rest being hired guns/salvagers
    e. Neutral in all affairs, but has ties to the Bostonian Brotherhood of Steel
    f. Technological Level: Advanced
    Examples of Technology: a working Vertabird, Laser and Plasma Weapons, working Mark III and IX auto doc's, and more

    (2) The Black Bear Tribe Based out of Old York

    ~What the locals say about them: "Stay away, they're vicious killers and slaving marauders. The only business you should be doing with them is the business end of a shotgun. "

    a. “Call no man happy till he is dead.”
    b. Operates Sing-Sing Prison, headquarters being the Empire State Building (Manhattan) and smaller outposts throughout the city (Bronx)
    c. Sing-Sing led by The Warden, Tribal leader Slash Burns
    Name: Slash Burns
    Also Known As: Slasher Burns, Wild Kid
    Age: 24
    Eye colour: Blue
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Stats: Barrel Chested (6),Eagle-Eyed Raider(7), Tough as nails (7), Casanova (9), Knucklehead (4), Catlike (6), Lucky 7 (7)
    Skills: Smooth Talker (Speech), Bare-fisted Brawler (Unarmed), Swashbuckler (Melee Weapons)
    Perks: Devil’s Tounge (+Bonus to Speech and Deception), Super Slam (+Bonus to Melee and Unarmed), Alertness (+Bonus to PER)
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Religion: The Glory of the Black Bears
    Occupation: Leader/Visionary

    Appearance: Has a tall blonde Mohawk, scars and tattoos. Walks with a limp. Has multiple gunshot wounds and a tattoo on his back of Two black bears.

    Currently Wearing: Black Leather Pants, Black Leather Vest, White T-Shirt, Black Combat boots, fingerless gloves.

    Curently Carrying:
    Jet Inhaler, Pouch full of caps (~300-400)

    Current Weapons:
    Ballistic Fist (Right Hand)
    Steel Saw (Fusion Battery Powered)

    Family History: Unknown Maternal; Cannibal (-Stigma), Paternal; Sex Appeal (+Bonus to Speech)


    d. Over 900+ members
    e. Dealing in Slaving, Drugs, and Prostitution
    f. Technological Level: Basic
    Examples of Technology: Stills, Chem Sets, a Robots, mostly conventional firearms, and more.
    (3) The Legion Based out of Old York

    ~What the locals say about them: "Never seen too many ghouls around here before but about a year ago they started showing up. They don't bother us and we don't bother them."

    a. “We are legion, for we are…many.”
    b. Operates out of Coney Island (Brooklyn)
    c. Legion led by Three Ghouls, Icarus, Achilles,and Odysseus
    d. Numbers unknown but mostly Feral Ghouls
    e. Main directive being solely survival of the species
    f. Technological Level : Intermediate
    Examples of Technology: Conventional firearms, Chem Sets, a beached Nuclear Submarine and more.

    (4) The Brotherhood of Steel Based out of Boston

    ~What the locals say about them: "I saw one of those folks in some suit of armor take on twenty armed men and didnt even move. They don't trade with us much...they pass thru sometimes."

    a. “We protect the masses from themselves. “
    b. Operates a settlement Known as The Retreat based out of Staten Island
    c. Led by Elder Matthew
    Name: Theodore Matthew
    Also Known As: Elder Matthew
    Age: 47
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: None
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Ethnicity: African American

    Stats: Average (5), Sniper (9), Tough-as-nails (7), Diplomat (7), Gifted (6), Catlike (6), Coin Flip (5)
    Skills: Laser Commander (Energy Weapons), Knowledge is Power! (Science), and Bombardier (Explosives).
    Perks: The Better part of Valor (+Bonus to Energy Weapons and Explosives, +Bonus to Military Tactics), Cyborg: Eye Implant (+Bonus to PER, +Can see farther than usual, +Low Light Vision), Tough Guy (+Bonus to END)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Religion: The Codex/ Brotherhood of Steel
    Occupation: BOS Elder (Former BOS Paladin)

    Appearance: Wears Blue BOS robes, Bald and shinny head, well groomed thin beard, Left eye is red tinted due to cybernetic implant.
    Currently Wearing:
    Brotherhood of Steel Robes

    Curently Carrying:
    Microfusion Cells x4, Pip Boy 2000

    Current Weapons:
    Tri-Beam Laser Rifle

    Family History: Father was a BOS Knight (+Bonus to Tagged Skills), Mother was a BOS Scribe (+Bonus to Science and Speech)
    d. Less than 30 members (on Expedition)
    e. The recovery of Technology is their main purpose
    f. Technological Level: Advanced
    Examples of Technology: T-45d Power Armor, T-51b Power Armor, Advanced Energy weapons (all encompassing), a working Mister Orderly, and access to large pre-war database.

    [spoiler:dcf029ec25](5) The Guard Based out of Old York City

    ~What the locals say about them: "These folks do more for this city than any other group, they patrol the city and make sure that folks don’t get hurt or worst killed.”

    a. “To Serve and Protect. “
    b. Operate out of the 109th Precinct Police Station
    c. Led by Captain Reyonlds
    d. Just under 40 Officers based throughout the city in small 2 man teams.
    e. Main Directive is the same as their motto; “To Serve and Protect Old York.”
    f. Technological Level: Intermediate
    Examples of Technology: MK II and MK III Police Cyberdogs, Trained Dogs, Conventional Firearms, working Motorcycles, a working computer database. [/spoiler:dcf029ec25]

    -The Initial Setting-
    For whatever reason, you find yourself in the dead Cursed City of Old York (ruins of New York), to the North, a former prison that survived the Great war and now ran by the Black Bear Tribe for the purposes of free labor and to sell the slaves to buyers, a place to showcase them. Sing-Sing is ran by a reprogramend Protocon named The Warden. The Warden and group of Mister Handy's run the prison hand in hand with the Black Bear Tribe.


    In the City itself there are settlements in each of the Five Boroughs.

    Manhattan- The Black Bears; Operate a place known as The Square, a settlement built from old cars, buses and some of the buildings in the middle of Time's Square.

    Brooklyn- The Legion resides hidden in the subway and sewers. Although lights and music can be seen out on Coney Island, no one dares to go out of fear of the Feral Ghoul Hordes.

    Queens- The Institute runs a outpost that is surrounded a settlement of scavengers native to the area.

    Staten Island- The Brotherhood of Steel operates a place called The Retreat, Natives and travelers can find safe haven in the hallowed walls of the Retreat where a rumored Doctor, who has been been around for decades, offers treatment for free.

    Bronx- Native's steer clear of the area, for the area is swarming with mutated Animals but there is a small community that lives out of an Old Baseball Stadium.

    Outside of the city is another story, there are many free towns along the way to the commonwealth.

    Rumors exist and draw treasure hunters to the Cursed city of a hidden treasure somewhere in the city. Records on old Robco computers indicate that the Government had built something somewhere in the city when the threat of Nuclear Apocalypse became all too real.

    I leave this up to the characters themselves. They could get caught by the slavers and end up here. They could be on a rescue mission to save somebody there. Or they could work there for the Black Bears. All in All, the story starts here.

    Unlike most stories there are a few restrictions that I will enforce.
    (1.) There will be no characters from the Mojave, you can reference them, maybe you've heard of something out west but you're characters have never been there. I'm making a line that runs from Illinois down. Chicago is as far west as I'm allowing it.
    (2.) If you're going to make a 'Superman' then you need to make it believable.
    (3.) The Enclave is destroyed and all that remains is scattered Remaments.
    (4.) If you are from the Capitol Wasteland, then you might want to explain what you're doing in the Tri-state Wasteland.


    Walking from Boston to Old York, even walking at a steady pace would take 2 days and 23 hours without stopping (probably roughly 7 days if taking your time and this route would go straight through Connecticut. (Traveling through the settlement of London along the way)

    Old York to DC: About the same time 2 Days, 21 Hours. So again, a week this route of course going straight through New Jersey.

    From Old York to Sing Sing is less than a days walk. (<10 hours) The only straight route being US-9.

    The Black Bears use US-9 heavily and have many sentry posts along the way.

    The standard Black Bear:
    (Think of the Black Bears as a Motorcycle Club without the Motorcycles. )

    Covered in tattoos, bald, goatee, carrying chains, knives, and guns. Wears Leather vest with denim pants.

    -The Empire-

    Only building to remain in the city to remain nearly intact. In the night sky on certain nights, the tower lights up for the world to see.

    Despite the fact that the Black Bears run most of the city, they stay clear away from Hell's Kitchen and the Lincoln Tunnel.

    The Dossier:

    (Weapons commonly used by the factions in the area: )

    -Melee: Knifes, shanks, shivs, crafted and salvaged Machetes, baseball bats, steel chains….
    -Guns: 9mm Pistols, 10mm Pistols.357 Revolvers, Hunting Shotguns, Double barrel Shotguns, Sawn off shotguns, Russian Assualt Rifles, Chinese Assault Rifles, Hunting Rifles
    -Explosives: Frag Grenades, Flash Bang Grenades

    (Weapons uncommonly used by the factions in the area: )
    -Melee: Hooligan Tools, Fire Axes
    -Guns: Service Rifles, Sniper Rifles
    -Energy: Laser Pistols, Laser Rifles, Plasma Pistols, Plasma Rifles
    -Explosives: Dynamite, Rocket and Missile Launchers, Plasma grenades
    -Armor: Pre-War Combat Armor, T-45d/T-51B Power Armor

    Creatures living in Old York

    Rad Gators-

    Locals have had a few run ins with these things, but people from out of town usually put it off as some bullshit to keep people on the surface. They stand 8-9 feet tall and weigh half a ton. They’re smart, deadly and if you ever see one coming for you, your best bet is to just lie down and die.

    Mutts descended from German Sheppards, Pitbulls, and Dobermans. They used to run wild on the streets foraging through trash but now they’re gone…I wonder what happened?

    Giant Rats-
    Live primarily in the sewers
    Rad Roaches-
    Live primarily in the ruins of buildings
    Birds who flock to the many trees throughout the city. Nasty little disease spreading bastards.

    Fauna of the City:
    Apple Trees, Pear Trees….(More coming soon)
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    (I forget, how many S.p.e.c.i.a.l. points again?)
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    Name: Thadeus Mitchell Killgore III
    Also Known As: Manslayer,The Death Dealer
    Age: 27 (almost 28)
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Black (Natural Color brown and now has to be died due to his hair turning White)
    Height: 6’ even
    Weight: 190
    Ethnicity: Caucasion

    Stats: Stronger than most (6), Keen Attention to detail (7), Seemingly unstoppable (8), Strong-Silent type (4), Self Educated (5), Fairly athletic (5), One unlucky bastard (4)
    Skills: At one with the wastes (Survival), Lead Dealer (Guns), and Hack and Slash (Melee Weapons).

    Derivative Perks:
    Boogeyman (Req: >6 END; +Bonus to favored weapon(s) +When knocked down, he can feign death and awaken when it is favorable for him to do so)
    Tracker (Req: Survival; +Bonus when tracking small to medium creatures, [No bonus required when hunting larger creatures as the tracks they leave are easy to find (PER <4) ].)
    Gun Nut (Req: Guns; +Bonus when using Firearms, +Access to homemade ammunition (and therefore different types of ammunition), and +Bonus when cleaning or maintaining firearms.)

    Earned Perks:
    Bounty Hunter: Man Hunter
    (After years of tracking fugitives and criminals, Killgore has insight on their thought patterns, habits, and general frame of mind making it easier to find his mark. )

    Alignment: (Changes time from time: Mostly being two opposites.) Neutral Good and Neutral Evil
    Religion: Follower of his Grandfather’s God, the god of the New Cannanites

    Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin/Bounty Hunter

    Appearance: short professional hair (Think High and tight), Usually well groomed ( 5’ oclock shadow), Covered with scars across his chest, face, and torso; known to wear disguises on occasion: eyes sunk in like he hasn’t slept in a very long time, teeth whiter than most, carries old Pre-war rucksack loaded with basic supplies

    Personality: Moderate Case of Agorapobia

    Currently Wearing:
    Prison Suit, Bomb Collar

    Curently Carrying:

    Current Weapons: (Usually whatever his client provides but he does keep a few weapons handy)
    (Broad Machete and Cold 1911 w/ 1 clip are hidden in his rucksack)

    Family History: Father was a Merc who worked for the Institute in the Commonwealth who taught him to survive early on (Outdoorsman- +Survival -Speech), His mother was a junkie who ran a shop outside of Boston and died of an overdose when he was just a baby (Chem Reliant- +Greater effects of chems -Higher Addiction Rate ).

    Name: Benjamin Killgore
    Also Known As: Benny
    Age: 27 (almost 28)
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Brown
    Height: 6’ even
    Weight: 190
    Ethnicity: Caucasion

    Stats: Average Joe (5), Keen Eyes (6), Reinforced (7), Salesman (6), Know it all (7), Knife thrower (6), Broken Mirror (2)
    Skills: Demolitions Guy (Explosives), Lead Dealer (Guns), At One with the wastes (Survival)
    Perks: Mad Bomber ( +Bonus when using explosives, access to home made explosives), Wasteland Cowboy ( +Bonus when using pistols, Shotguns, rifles, explosives), Misfortune (+Bonus to critical success, -Penalty to critical failure)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Religion: God of the New Canannites
    Occupation: (Formerly) Mercenary/Bounty Hunter/ (Currently) Caravan Boss.

    Appearance: In great shape considering he’s forced into his wheelchair. Short professional hair and well groomed beard. Wears a brace on both legs and can sometimes walk short distances at his own pace. You can tell just from looking at him that he maintains a good attitude. Has a satchel attached to the back of his wheelchair to carry his supplies.

    Currently Wearing:
    Green Flak Jacket, Dirty White t-shirt, green cargo pants

    Curently Carrying:

    A box of 12 Med-X, 2 bottles of potable water, 1 Stimpak, 3 Tins of Mentats, 5 lbs of perishable foods.

    Current Weapons:
    .45 Auto Pistol (w/ 24 rounds)
    Frag Grenade (x 2)
    Tin Can Grenade (x3)

    Family History: Father was a Merc who worked for the Institute in the Commonwealth who did his best to give him a good upbringing but he was never a lucky man (Rarity + Bonus to all tagged skills, -1 Luck), His mother was a junkie who ran a shop outside of Boston and died of an overdose when he was just a baby (Chem Reliant- +Greater effects of chems -Higher Addiction Rate ).


    (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Roy is an expert of chemistry and is capable of creating anything he can think of. It was not a skill born overnight but through trial and error.)

    [ROY BIO]

    Name: Roy Robinson
    Also Known As: Zombie, Rot Face
    Age: 200+ Years
    Eye colour: Blue
    Hair colour: None
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 130lbs
    Ethnicity: Ghoul?

    Stats: Average Ghoul (5), Unwary Dog (4), Hardy (6), Creepy Undertaker (4), Genius (9), Knife Catching (7), Unlucky Bastard (4)
    Skills: Lab Tech (Science), Wasteland Doctor (Medicine), Handyman (Repair)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Religion: Humanitarian

    Occupation: Scientist/Researcher/Able-bodied Doctor

    Appearance: Bald with no hair, (Head is fairly intact with little molted skin), Looks like the standard ghoul but his azure blue eyes almost outshine his zombie-like appearance. Speaks in a southern raspy and hoarse voice. Has a pip-boy 3000C on his wrist, Carries a burlap messenger bag with his tools and an doctors first aid kit.

    Currently Wearing: Brahmin Hide leather jacket, Gunslinger's belt, Black t-shirt.

    Curently Carrying:
    (Messenger Bag)

    One Box of Pre War Junkfood, Two bottles of Unclean Drinking water, ~5 Doses of Jet, Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver, bobby pins, scrab metal
    (First Aid)

    Three Stimpak’s, One Super Stimpack, Two O- Units of Blood, Surgical Tubing, Various Doctor’s tools.

    Current Weapons: (Usually doesn’t use weapons but carries some for protection)
    .556 Pistol with 24 rounds.
    Army Combat Knife

    Family History: Been alive so long and lived so many lives he cant remember his parents. {However, being alive so long has shown a few interesting things: Party Animal- + Immune to Overdose of Chems - Chems dont last long & Drunken Master - +When using Chems added bonus to critical chance with all weapons -Prone to blackouts aka dream quests.[/spoiler:9267c3a472]
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    Real Name: Jonathan Davis
    Alias: Syphon
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 164 lbs.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Color: Light Tan

    Occupation: Scavenger/Drifter

    Physical Appearance: Syphon is a tall, but Lanky fellow. He is quite handsome, compared to the normal wasteland man. He has black spiked hair, and a eye brow peircing on his left brow. Syphon has many tatoos on his shoulder to his forearms, from scribbles to religious references.

    Personality: Syphon is a pretty shady character, but is loyal and fair to one's he care about. He can be crude at sometimes, and sometimes he can be passionate. He's pretty much a thrill seeker and fun guy to be around.

    Clothing Syphon wears baggy blue jeans, with combat boots and a dirty white t-shirt with black fingerless gloves. Over his clothing, Leather armor lays. It's pretty much made up of leather rags, and the occasional metal wiring. Metal chains hang from the shoulder pads, which give him an intimdating look.

    Weaponry: Two 9mm pistols, Sawed-off Shotgun. He also carrys a baseball bat, slung around his shoulder with a strap.

    x9 Stimpacks, 24x Metal Shotgun slugs, 64x 9mm JHP rounds, , Zippo Lighter, Cigarette Pack, and some Catpaw's Magazine all carried in a satchel strung over his shoulder.

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    DELETED- Moved to OP.
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    Real Name: Loo Largo (pronounced Large-Oh)

    Alias:Trader Loo
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 264 lbs.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Color: Light Tan

    Occupation: Caravan Operator (not owner)/Trader

    Physical Appearance: Loo Largo is fat, but thinks he is not fat. Further more, he thinks he is pretty awesome.

    Personality: Loo feels entitled. He is from the Largo family, one of the ruling families of "The Dump". He has traveled far to the east in an attempt to open a trade route with "new lands". His family is hoping to be able to trade scavenged goods and products in areas that are not taxed by "The Dump".

    Clothing: Loo wears a mix of expensive clothing with a crappy poncho over top of it (to hide his "worth")
    He is wearing armor (concealed vest).
    His attire is optimized for travel. he is wearing knee high boots with replaceable truck tire sandals (Viet Cong Sandals) under the boot soles. He has a stash of sandals for sale). These keep boots in perfect shape for an extended length of time.

    Weaponry: Loo has a 9mm Sten carbine (vertical feed) with a long barrel. They are not common in the east (yet) and he hopes to be able to re sell the two extras he brought along.
    He has a Tiger Fish tooth dagger with a full poison reservoir (this is a favorite weapon of his family)

    Healing powder x5, 64x 9mm FMJ rounds (pre war), several hundred 9mm reloads (lead round nose bullets, reloaded casings and reloaded primers), stack of 32rd Magazines
    Ledger book for trade good requests
    Log book for information about travels
    Food: Hard Biskets, dried Armor Fish Meat, solar still for making clean water.
    Large Beer Bottle Canteen (padded with styrofoam peanuts sandwhiched in plastic)

    Loo carries several types of currencies: Militia Money Bullets, Dump Slugs, FayGlow Caps, State Dollars, etc.

    Loo has several Serfs walking with him as porters. They each carry a spear and scrap items. They are not slaves.
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    Welcome aboard!

    EDIT: I'm really liking how this is turning out so far, its a great start. I think, however, I'm sort of dragging out things on my part in favor of giving more people a chance to jump in.

    I'd much rather have the time to use the creative process of storytelling to set up things how I think they ought to be and give anyone out there who reads it and is maybe interested in the story ideas on characters they might want to use. I think it's going well so far but I'll just push myself a little further maybe regarding instead of making posts of quantity but posts of substance and flavor.
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    I want to take a turn with something here so bear with me, I wont impliment it without somebody agreeing.

    I want to advance the musical culture of Old York to the 1970's. Old Holo-tapes scattered throughout the city have new music.

    And then whenever there was a radio on in the story you could use an expanded 20 years of music. That and link you tube to make the post expierience more unique to listen to said song while reading.

    A technique I've used before to help set up the mood.
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    Sounds tight man.. Music always helps in both righting and making scene's more enjoyable. Nice touch!
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    Made something real quick and put it up on the Story page.

    [EDIT] I decided to go a different route with Jeb, I had originally planned for Max to come across the two bodies of them men he had sent to follow Killgore. So I sat down and had Max remember the two giving them a little depth and then I felt bad for them, finding themselves on the other end of business so I started thinking that maybe Killgore (on the lack of other characters in the story/in the area) needed an analogue to his character so I decided that Jeb was going to instead live, Killgore believing to have killed him when he shot him (Jeb's END-10). I'm thinking that Jeb's role in matters is going to be larger than I had assumed. I think things without him would be boring cat and mouse.

    And now the wolf has become the hunted and the Bears are starving.
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    Sep 12, 2011

    Looking for one or two more active participants. If interested all you need to do is reply with a profile and start posting.
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    Name: Andrew Mcwatt
    Age: 24
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Hair colour: Dark Brown
    Height: 6"4
    Weight: 175
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Middle Eastern
    Stats: Limp Noodle(3), Pays attention (6), Do Not Bend (3), Movie Star (8), Knowledgeable (5), He shot first (7), Leperchaun's foot (8)
    Skills: Talk bark off a tree (Speech),Can sell art to the blind (Barter),He shot first(Energy Weapons).
    Perks: All in-Has greater luck when gambling the limit,Cult of personality-No matter what his reputation or karma people always find him likeable,Midas touch-Brahmin appear as nothing but resource machines to this man,Look Ma!, No eyes- Has a chance to score a critical when not aiming or head's crippled.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Religion: "Catholic"
    Occupation: Con artist/Scavenger
    Appearance: Many say Andrew's most distinguishable feature is his somewhat big nose ,but when someone brings it up he changes the subject. His hair is a buzzcut ,his body is somewhat lanky but yet people somehow can point to him and only describe him as good looking or even sexy,he's never found out why.

    Currently Wearing: A hooded poncho,jeans, a gas mask,and military boots with a bandolier and holster acting as belts.
    Curently Carrying: A duffle back slung over his back carrying pork and beans,salsibusry steak,2 stimpacks,and a first aid kit.
    Current Weapons: A Wattz 3000 laser rifle with 3 reloads ("36" Microfusin cells)

    Family History: Has a mother who died during birth (Endurance 1,Luck 2,) and a drunkard of a father who still lives in his hometown Toledo.

    (Look forward to doing this with a luck based character :D )
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    Hell yeah! woooo
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    I completely forgot to give the story a timeline.
    Sing Sing Prison Blues takes place in between 2283-2284.

    The reason I set the date in between this timeline is because it's 6-7 years since the events of FO3 allowing anyone from the capital wasteland to be present in the area.

    It would only take 2-3 months to travel from DC to Old York.
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    These are VERY ROUGH but these are perks that anybody playing that type of character can use.

    These perks are rewarded for prisoners at Sing Sing for their time spent.

    Lesson’s Learned
    Req- (Good Karma, Good Alignment)
    During you’re time in Sing-Sing, you learned a thing or two from the Hard work, and hard beatings you took. (+1 STR & +1 END) (+Optimism ability; you know see the good in people, even if they cant see it themselves)

    A futile Message
    Req- (Neutral Karma, Neutral Alignment)
    You kept to yourself and did as you were told. You didn’t learn much but how keep the peace and stay alive. (+1 PER & +1 CHA) (+Apathy ability; you see people's true nature, but don't really honestly care about, when good or bad things happen to you, you still don't care. ) or (+Narcisist ability; you're the center of your own special world, you gain the added benefit of self reliance but you lose the the ability to empathize with others.)

    Lesson’s Taught
    Req- (Evil Karma, Evil Alignment)
    They kept sending you to the hold everytime you started a fight. You gave more beatings then you took and now your quicker on your feet. (+1 STR & +1 AGL) (+ Sociopath ability; Sometimes people get hurt, and other times they die but it's their own fault, they made you do it.)

    These perks are rewarded for everyone else at Sing Sing for whatever reason they were there, they did learn a thing or two.

    Rules and Regulations
    Req- Lawful Alignment
    You follow the law to the letter. (+1 CHA & +1 INT) (+Lawbringer, you don't make the rules, but you follow them and make others follow them too! When somebody breaks the law, you break them.)

    Lucky Fool
    Req- Neutral Alignment
    (+1 CHA & +1 LCK) (+Fool's Gambit, whenever the oppritunity presents itself to make money and it seems dangerous, you always manage.)

    Free Spirit
    Req- Chaotic Alignment
    (+1 PER & +1 LCK) (+The Bender, you don't follow the law, infact you don't break them either, you bend them to suit your needs.)
  16. JerichoMacrae

    JerichoMacrae First time out of the vault

    Jan 14, 2011
    Seems like good perks I'll try and see which one my character will fall under to receive them or something,hope Killgore doesn't mind a cellmate with crazy luck :D
  17. KillgoreKillmore

    KillgoreKillmore It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 12, 2011
    No, he looks forward to it.

    I'm gonna tweak these a bit and make added benefits to them.
  18. KillgoreKillmore

    KillgoreKillmore It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 12, 2011
    UPDATE: Lots of updated information, going to add on some more informtation into the Dossier.

    A IC update is on the way as I've been busy with some RL stuff and currently working on a HUGE post as we speak.
  19. KillgoreKillmore

    KillgoreKillmore It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 12, 2011
    Need some advice: Should the guards on the floors (the ones who interact with the inmates directly) carry fire arms or police batons or even Compliance Regulators?

    I'm debating because if one of the prisoners got thier hands on a loaded weapon, well you get the idea.

    I am an idiot for forgetting about this, but all inmates are stripped down and given new clothes, (Sort of like the kings) with their inmate roster number on the back. That and they get strapped with bomb collars, and not rinky dinky ones that can be taken off with a bobby pin or crap but only with the special key the gaurds carry.

    Also, I've got this idea of how the inmates get used for free labor. It's volunteer work, dangerous but it has it's rewards, better food, better housing, etc. (Nothing too comfortable but more livable) In short, the volunteers are sent into Old York to salvage for supplies, but in order to be selected for the detail, they have to be semi-knowledgeable or scavenging.

    Six inmates are assigned to a group. Each group has one guard in charge of them. The collars are programmed with proximity sensors so if a prisoner tries to make a break for it, Boom!, they wont get far (25m) but if the guard wishes so they can initiate a timer so the prisoner can go on ahead and search an area but have to return or BOOM!, good bye head. Each prisoner is given a modified 10mm pistol with a chip in it that can not be used to kill the guards but anything else that gets in their way.

    So thats my idea, what are some thoughts?
  20. Syphon

    Syphon A Smooth-Skin

    Jul 12, 2003
    I don't have any issues with firearms, regulators or shock sticks by the guards.

    Are the collars on in the prison, or only on scav operations?