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    May 6, 2020


    I have made a video which showcases what I consider the best build for Fallout: New Vegas. It gives tips to new players on how to bypass the long way to New Vegas and acquire good equipment quickly. I discuss how to make good special choices rather than giving a list of specific stat values and then recommend good traits.

    Subsequently I give advice on skill point allocation, mainly holding barter and lockpicking in contempt as ‘unnecessary’ skills. The main purpose of the video is to denote the most impactful perk choices and explain why such perks are effective. Largely, the video implies that the other perks offered are marginal to improving gameplay. For brevity I don’t discuss all of the perks I did not choose. The video concludes with an explanation of my current gear and the importance of consumables against high level enemies. Throughout the video I demonstrate my character against enemies on very hard with a variety of outfits and weapons.

    The video is only prescriptive for a munchkin min-maxing playthrough. For challenge runs or roleplaying you should take whichever perks you want (even terrifying presence). Because this build is versatile there is a perk that can even the playing field for any character.

    Let me know what you think of the video.

    Edit: I would like to add that traits like fast shot may be effective for improving dps. My issue with fast shot and trigger discipline is the increase in vats cost. For some weapons, increased spread may be a problem (that steady could mitigate).

    If you wanted to create space for demolition expert ranks, two perks I may discard are pyromaniac and them’s good eatin. I don’t use or sell the healing items much now, and I used to use Gehenna more often in conjunction with the compliance regulator. The build is about making all weapons viable while having a core critical focus in melee, energy, and firearms. In hardcore mode, both the weight and cost of explosives makes them less practical for continuous use. However, if you prefer them the demolition expert ranks may push Annabelle over the threshold of killing a deathclaw on very hard. Similarly it would make mercy and red glare quicker and more efficient at meting out damage. With the fat man it is still unnecessary. I still stand by my opinion of perk choices, but it shows that there is room for debate on optimization.

    The perk ‘the professional’ is bugged favorably towards the player in that it boosts sneak critical and critical damage for one handed guns and energy weapons. Considering the importance of the mf hyperbreeder alpha to this build, I would recommend it. If you use weapons like the medicine stick, ‘a light shining in darkness’, or the survivalist rifle as your main weapon you may want cowboy or grunt.
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