Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road Reviews Round-up #3

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    May 28, 2010
    We have rounded up more reviews for Fallout: New Vegas' last story-based DLC, Lonesome Road, mixed as the previous ones.

    The Game Effect, 7/10.<blockquote> Lonesome Road, ultimately, can't compare with what we've come to expect from our Fallout: New Vegas content. Overall, and to be brutally honest, the entire feel of it leaves the impression of a design team that was either very rushed (despite delaying the release date), or quickly running out of ideas. Despite the promise of answering questions, most of those weren't questions we were asking anyway.


    Ultimately, the new elements presented in this DLC don't outweigh the old ones that are being rehashed. And it's even more of a shame because of the magnificent record that Obsidian (and Bethesda before them with Fallout 3) have built up. It may indeed be that this is a great DLC pack - it's just hard to notice, since the expectations aren't on par because of the much better ones before it. That doesn't by any means indicate that nobody should buy it or play it - but, to probably get on the NCR's bad side by quoting Latin, caveat emptor.</blockquote>Thunderbolt, 3/10.<blockquote> In being anticipated as the most important DLC, Lonesome Road already collapsed under the pressure and risks submerging New Vegas in a sinkhole of the pointless. It’s nowhere being as wealthy as Dead Money, it’s more dishonest than Honest Hearts, and compared to Big MT, it’s the real Big Empty. As what is presumably the final expansion of the Mojave skirmish, Lonesome Road is paved in letdowns and enough wrong turns to falsify its promises of bringing things full circle. Consider yourself a victim of highway robbery if you elect to pay its toll.</blockquote>IncGamers, 7/10.<blockquote> In each of the four New Vegas DLC releases, Obsidian has used the opportunity to both expand the Fallout universe and add depth to the characters within it (as well as sprinkle it with new guns and playthings). Together, they form a wonderful collection and present a superb reference point for how to expand your original title in unique ways.

    None of the add-ons can really be subject to the oft-repeated (and justified) claim that the material should've been included in the main game, and at seven or eight hours in length they all provide pretty fine value for money. Each one has its flaws (with linearity being Lonesome Road's biggest drawback), but overall they're a fantastic, collective achievement by Obsidian and should make the (surely) inevitable New Vegas 'Collectors Edition' a must-buy for anyone who hasn't yet sampled these expansions.

    The lights may be going out in Vegas, but the irradiated glow will never dim.</blockquote>Gaming Irresponsibly, 8.4/10.<blockquote> I’m not going to mention anything key to the plot, but although the story is a good one, it just wasn’t everything i expected it to be, I certainly wouldn’t say that i was disappointed, just that my own hopes were too high to begin with. Once you complete Lonesome Road you will have that, inevitable, moral decision to make but this time some of the choices will open up some new areas on the main map for you to explore once returning from The Divide.</blockquote>Gaming Truth, 8.5/10.<blockquote> This isn’t my favorite DLC pack for New Vegas, but for a game that has had nothing but awesome and engaging DLC, this is kind of expected. But then again, it’s like comparing rubies to emeralds – they’re both shiny and awesome to have, so I’ll take as many of whichever I can get. Just like every DLC, however, I just wish it were longer than a handful of hours – and I’m notorious for taking much longer to complete games and DLC than most.</blockquote>Game Rant, 2.5/5.<blockquote> In the end, the most disappointing thing about “Lonesome Road” is all of the wasted potential. The story itself is solid and entertaining to play through, though unfortunately with all of the issues that crop up the story isn’t enough to justify the price tag. Unless you’re a huge fan of Fallout New Vegas or desperate for another trip back into the Mojave, it’s probably best to wait until “Lonesome Road” goes on sale.</blockquote>Mana Tank, 6.9/10.<blockquote> Compared to the other DLC available for New Vegas, The Lonesome Road is a bit underwhelming and short lived. Clocking in at easily less than 3 hours for a bare minimum level, ill-equipped adventurer, I can only imagine how short it would be for someone at the current level cap with insane weapons. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be played as I truly believe that any fan of the game should at least give it a go; if not at the very least so you can have some interaction with the man responsible for your fate. Just don’t expect to understand it.</blockquote>Cross Platform Gamers, scoreless.<blockquote> Although I had high expectations for the Lonesome Road, overall I thought the presentation of it left me feeling disappointed. Traveling the Divide was a intense and rewarding experience but Lonesome Road is a instance where the journey was more fun than arriving at the destination. Although not the strongest DLC piece it’s not terrible. I recommend it for any Fallout fan if they have the character and the fortitude to brave the Divide.</blockquote>Duck and Cover, scoreless.<blockquote> Perks are nice, nothing game changing, but fun stuff, the level 50, yes, 5 more levels, perks are kinda enh, but they are unique. At the end of the dlc you get to make a choice that can drasticly alter your Mojave relations, and open up one new area or the other, or both, but opening them up comes with a cost, as all things do. And ultimately, that's the idea behind Lonesome Road, the cost, and what you're willing to pay.

    First playthough took roughly 7 hours, second and third ended up being around 4-5 each, probably could pare it down to 3 if I tried. This is definately a jewel in the crown of the dlc, forboding and opressive,with enough explosives to keep anyone happy.An aside, you get to blow up many nuclear warheads, try not to stand too close when you do.</blockquote>
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    :shock: Been a while since I've seen 3/10 next to 8.4/10.
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    I just finished the DLC this afternoon and I honestly wasn't very impressed with it. I much rather enjoyed Old World Blues.
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    Typical Obsidian. :)
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    It makes perfect sense, though, doesn't it? I found myself agreeing with almost everything said, both positive and negative. I can't even sort out how I feel about it myself. The big reveal with Ulysses was such a huge letdown, but I very much enjoyed the buildup. It was a fun ride that didn't lead anywhere - how much do I rip them for not delivering, when I so enjoyed the promises?
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    I have to admit that I was more hyped for Ulysses than Burned Man.Even though Ulysses was awesome, the narration wasn't.

    He was rather insane and incoherent, and that's good, as long as he's not the ONLY source of narration. Too bad he was, and the notes/terminals were handled in half-axed way. Like many things in that DLC, to be honest.
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    I enjoyed the dlc though the tunnelers are kind of annoying. The main problem is that at no point do I get the sense that the Divide was a thriving community, the journals narrative wasn't as well executed as the Dead money history of the Sierra Madre. Also, I feel that Elijah is better developed than Ulysses was throughout the multiple DLC. Oh, and that would have been a cool dialogue option if you had played all the previous DLC to remind Ulysses how crazy Elijah was when he starts talking in the same manner.