Fallout: Nuka Break Kickstarter launched

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  1. WorstUsernameEver

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    May 28, 2010
    In case you enjoyed the Nuka Break fan webseries it's worth noting that Wayside Creations has launched their own Kickstarter for the second season. The goal is of $60,000 which will be used for "production, locations, props, visual effects, special effects, etc" in the words of the team.

    As expected for a fan webseries, the large majority of the rewards is non-physical, with the lowest one being your name in a special thank section of the credits for $10, while the highest rewards include Fallout-themed props.

    And here's the press release:<blockquote>Los Angeles, California – (April 28th, 2012) Wayside Creations, in association with Dracogen Strategic Investments, has launched its Kickstarter for a second season of Fallout: Nuka Break. After releasing a successful first season completely funded by fans, the creators are excited to film another six episodes that will be released on YouTube. With director Vincent Talenti once again at the helm, actors Zack Finfrock, Tybee Diskin and Aaron Giles will all reprise their roles from the first fan film, and fan-favorite actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) will play one of many new characters introduced in the second season.


    Wayside Creations is a Los Angeles-based production company specializing in online media. In 2010, Wayside took the reigns of Indymogul.com’s popular do-it-yourself filmmaking web series, “Backyard FX.” In the beginning of 2011, Wayside released the virally popular fan film Fallout: Nuka Break, a short film set in the “Fallout” video game universe. Several months later, a successful “Nuka Break” series was released and nominated for two awards by the IAWTV. Wayside consists of several writers, directors and producers with several years of film industry experience.

    To view the original fan film and season one of Fallout: Nuka Break, go to:


    About Dracogen Strategic Investments

    Dracogen Strategic Investments provides early critical-stage seed capital for new, game-changing startup businesses. Steven Dengler assisted Wayside Creations by donating $5,000 on the Fallout: Nuka Break IndieGoGo.com page, making him an Associate Producer on the project. http://www.dracogen.com

    About 11:11 MediaWorks

    11:11 MediaWorks is a full-service design/effects studio located in beautiful Van Nuys, California. Launched in July of 2001 by veteran effects artist/designer Roger Nall, 11:11 specializes in producing visual effects and imagery for feature film, television, commercial, music video, and interactive multimedia projects as well as for special presentations and events. Some recent credits include Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, Blood Diamond, The Hurricane Season, Spread, Van Wilder 2 & 3, Eragon, Little Man and The Omen. http://www.1111mediaworks.com/</blockquote>
  2. Beelzebud

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Now that money is involved, how long before Bethesda's lawyers shut it down?
  3. WorstUsernameEver

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    May 28, 2010
    It's something I'm honestly kinda perplexed about, but, afaik, they have been in contact with Bethesda in the past and Bethesda was a-okay with the fan series, and they're not profiting from it. Ofc this may mean nothing, because we have good reasons to think that Bethesda's lawyers go gung-ho on their own. We'll see, I guess?
  4. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    But the first season was kind of fan funded as well, wasn't it? My brain tells me that I remember them asking for around 30k dollar.
  5. Makagulfazel

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    Jun 14, 2007

    I'm too much of a cheapskate to help these guys out, though.
  6. TheBearPaw

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Fan Fiction is the suicide pill of creativity.
  7. WadeKSavage

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    Feb 29, 2012
    I would respectfully disagree.

    However, I'm interested to know how the series will develop. It's clear that the 'Nuka Break' team are primarily interested in parody, rather than drama. I'd like to see them push their performers more in this series, but they have a very particular tone for the show so who knows.
  8. dead_alewives

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    May 9, 2006
    That's something I would definitely pitch in for....if I wasn't poor.
  9. Izual

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    Sep 18, 2009
    I hate this.
  10. Diospyros

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I wish them the best, but there timing isn't the best coming hot on the heels of the Wasteland 2 kickstarter. I just gave what I could to the W2 kickstarter and consider this other project a far lower priority. I bet I'm not the only person in this boat.
  11. shihonage

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    May 8, 2007
    I appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort that goes into Fallout fan films like these, but in order for it to generate real interest, it would have to ask for a far more serious budget (2 mil at least), and take the entire thing seriously.

    As in, real script. Real drama. More "The Road", less "Three Stooges".

    The makers of one zombie film ("Undead"?) made some pretty great post-apoc visuals with modern editing software in just 1 mil.
  12. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    I'm not even slightly interested in this. Fan-made Fallout 3 parody? May the Holy Atom protect us from such a waste of time! :P
  13. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Everyone who watched the last season should know that it's not a Fallout 3 parody. Also it became mainly based on New Vegas too and not Fallout 3.

    The first season was pretty well done and interesting. Can't hold up with real TV shows, but so what... it's very good for what it is.
  14. WorstUsernameEver

    WorstUsernameEver But best title ever!

    May 28, 2010
    Besides being post-apoc The Road has nothing to do with Fallout like.. at all...
  15. shihonage

    shihonage Made in USSR

    May 8, 2007
    It better not. If they actually keep the name and keep alluding to Fallout setting instead of a generic wasteland, they'll get sued by Bethesda.

    Also, I was alluding to the mood rather than the exact setting.
  16. WadeKSavage

    WadeKSavage First time out of the vault

    Feb 29, 2012
    I think this is pretty much the right attitude. Also, it would be interesting to see how much development goes into the script with most fan films. Also, The Spireig Brothers (fellow Australians, mind you) did very well with 'Undead', but they also worked hard and found their market early.
  17. WorstUsernameEver

    WorstUsernameEver But best title ever!

    May 28, 2010
    I am.. not even sure who are you referring to anymore? Because if you're talking about Nuka Break, they have a deal with Bethesda and besides, it's a non-profit venture that is essentially the series equivalent to a fanfic.

    And the tone of The Road is enormously different from that of even the original Fallout. No wackiness, no self-awareness, no twisted sense of humor, society isn't really rebuilding, etc. etc.

    I can understand disliking Nuka Break as far as personal preferences go, but can we please avoid being prescriptive, especially when our arguments amount to "ehr.. because!" ?
  18. Izual

    Izual Pipe rifle & chopsticks

    Sep 18, 2009
    What kind of deal do they have with Bethesda? I'm curious.

    Yes, same here. I'd not have donated for Nuka Break, though.

    I respect how these people work hard to realize their movies. Huge fans of Fallout 3 or New Vegas might even appreciate them... But I'm not one of these.
  19. rehevkor

    rehevkor It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Nov 19, 2005
    I enjoyed the show and hopefully after I get paid I can "kick" something their way. Up to 7k now which is fairly promising.
  20. WorstUsernameEver

    WorstUsernameEver But best title ever!

    May 28, 2010