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    All this recent talk about Fallout has made me want to dust of my own old ideas again for a Fallout game.
    Despite how much the franchise has suffered I still dream of making a Fallout game of my own one day, it is one of the biggest wishes in my life.

    Now some people have recommended that I reserve this idea perhaps for a Post Apocalyptic universe of my own but I would much rather start anew should I ever work on an original PA universe game/story/whatever.

    The time period for this idea is after Fallout New Vegas though it could just as well be after Fallout 2 (though not earlier as the Enclave are mentioned in this)

    In general this idea's campaign, characters, and setting are completely separate from Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas with the exception of some elements here and there such as Super Mutants (I like having Super Mutants around), a BOS Paladin, a base full of dead Enclave members.

    Some of this stuff is also clearly inspired by material intended for the canceled Van Buren and some other projects but it is not meant as theft. Rather that I don't want some good ideas to become lost.

    Not everything is filled in yet (I sometimes have long periods without inspiration) but I hope to get to that as I update this thread.

    What is my intention with this? I just want to post it but I also hope that it shows my creative potential to others.

    * * * * *

    Fallout Texas

    It's a post apocalyptic wasteland Texas Style!

    War, war never changes

    At the end of the twenty first century the clouds of war once again loomed over the horizon. As the resources on Earth grew scarce civilization started to fall apart as nation after nation entered conflict with another for the last remnants on the planet.

    The United States government foreseeing the coming firestorm initiated Project Safehouse to construct great underground shelters called Vaults that would house and protect those considered important and necessary for the rebuilding of the world after the great darkness had passed.

    But the world after the bomb would be a strange and different place. Survivors on the surface emerged from hiding and came together to form new societies, tribes, and raider gangs that prey on each other for survival.

    Life itself was also radically changed. Mutagens from the war such as radiation but also the accidental release of the Forced Evolution Virus radically changed plant, animal, and man, twisting them into grotesque shapes that now also seek to make this new world their own.

    Separated from the West by a great radioactive no man's land the region once known as the Texas Commonwealth has developed in relative isolation, giving rise to its own societies and communities.

    In West Texas towns and cities would gather together under ideals even older than the war itself, forming the Lone Star Confederacy while in East Texas the System, a communist regime whose ideology has adapted to the conditions of the wasteland would arise. Both competing for the same resources and territory.

    But as numbers increase and society advances this isolation is slowly coming to an end.

    Life in the Texas Wasteland is about to change.


    This campaign is set in what would be the equivalent of Texas or the former Texas Commonwealth in the Fallout universe, relatively speaking in the central part of Texas, leading all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

    The region in general suffers from an almost year round radioactive dust bowl with radioactive twisters during the season, and the occasional hurricane coming from the gulf.

    Settlements and places of interest would be located at places the least affected by the climate or have developed ways of dealing with the more hostile climate and weather.

    The time setting of this campaign is around the time of Fallout 2/Fallout New Vegas. There has been quite some rebuilding taking place in the region and NPCs can tell the player about recent historical events and conflicts that took place in the last century or so such as the founding of the Lone Star Confederacy, the Angels' various crusades and their war with the System, prospectors coming to Houston/Galveston now known as the Drowned City and many others.

    The occasional visitor from the West has made it to Texas such as Desert Rangers from Nevada and Arizona, Ghoul travelers, and more recently Super Mutants and perhaps even traders and NCR explorers from the Core region.

    At this time, most if not all Vaults have long opened and surviving vault dwellers have established their own settlements or integrated into existing settlements.

    The theme of the campaign is being chained or enslaved, literally or figuratively such as being driven by obsessions such as greed or revenge and how to break one's chains and shape one's own destiny.

    One thing I would also like to do is bring back a lot of content that was planned for Van Buren but sadly was never used for a Fallout game again.

    Poseidon Energy would play a major role in the storyline and there would be a lot of references to them in various locations as well as some of the weapons they were working on named after Greek deities that were planned for Van Buren.


    The player

    An escaped slave, the player was once an inhabitant of a small town located near one of Poseidon Energy's R&D complexes which salvage was one of the settlement's means of existence.

    One day a mysterious traveler would come to the town to explore a part of the complex that had not been accessed yet by the town's prospectors. He was soon followed by an army of Angels that forcefully took over the town in order to capture this traveler.

    Those inhabitants not killed by the Angels were enslaved instead, being considered sinners for recovering and using technology and selling to others. The player was made a personal slave of the Crusader captain Barnabas.

    Eventually the player and several of his fellow slaves were liberated by the New Texas Rangers who advised the player to go to Lone Star to find safety there.

    During his journey the player learns why the Angels attacked his or her home and now seeks to find out who they were after and what this person wanted from the Poseidon Energy complex.

    This journey will make the player come into contact with various governments and factions including the Angels of the Apocalypse again and his former master Barnabas in which the player can take revenge or even make him join the player as a companion.

    In the end the player must decide the fate of the Texas Wasteland, gaining access to technology and resources that could restore the region to its pre war state and become the president/CEO of the resurrected Poseidon Energy corporation or break the chains with the past once and for all.

    The player gains access to a pipboy at the start up of the game after helping a dying vault dweller who was also a captive of the Angels.


    One of the first characters the player could potentially meet.

    Johnny was a reservist National Guardsman before the War and was a marksman, being proficient with loads of rifles and assault rifles.

    He and his squad were called up to secure important locations during the civil unrest crisis, preventing these from being overrun by protesters or possible Chinese agents or sympathizers who would seek to undermine order whenever possible.

    Only then the War happened and Johnny and his fellow Guardsmen took cover in a nearby basement or reinforced military structure.

    While they had some supplies to hold out for a while their shelter provided inadequate protection and radiation started to seep in. Johnny and several of the other guardsmen had the certain genetic mutation that would make them into Ghouls and during their stay they noticed this change taking place.

    When the worst of the effects were over Johnny and the others started to look for more survivors, only exposing themselves to more radiation and released mutagens, accelerating the Ghoulification process.

    After the squad members eventually went their own paths Johnny wandered the wasteland for a while, with his family and country gone, he drifted around looking for a goal until he met other Ghouls.


    A super mutant from the West who together with his brother traveled to the East beyond the mountains and the radioactive no man's land.

    Traxus' brother would eventually join a trading caravan set up by Ghouls while Traxus continued to sell his services as a mercenary to anyone who can pay his price.

    Recently Traxus' brother has disappeared and Traxus is now investigating this, hoping to find his brother to determine what happened to him.

    Katherine “Dusty” Rivas

    A member of the New Texas Rangers, Dusty is trained as a combat medic but equally good with a gun or a hand fight as patching up people in the field.

    Born in a relatively safe rancher community, there would have been little reason for her to ever wander the wastes and instead remain home and one day perhaps start a family of her home had it not been that the prospect of such a life bored her.

    The moment Katherine was of age that she could make her own decision she left the homestead to travel the wasteland and have adventures.

    She quickly awoke to the reality of the wasteland and had it not been for the intervention by the Rangers she would have either ended up dead or enslaved.


    An enforcer for the Black Hand, Munro is one of the organization's 'problem solvers' when it comes to situations that require less 'finesse' and more to the point violence.

    Munro originally ran with one of the gangs of Texas and would probably have died in the wastelands had a member of the Black Hand not taken interest in the young man, realizing that his talent for fighting and being able to survive or escape any situation that usually killed any other raider.

    Under this patron Munro was induced into the Black Hand and received training from their other enforcers, expanding his own skills in armed and unarmed combat.

    Munro is not a subtle tool, but he is very effective when it comes to forced persuasion.

    Elite Defender Lankin 3rd level

    One of ATLANTIS high ranking defenders, Lankin


    An officer in the ranks of the Angels' crusaders. Barnabas is one of the Angels’ fiercest soldiers and commanders, being absolutely ruthless to those who stand in the way of the Angels and their cause.

    Barnabas used to be the master of the player (and perhaps the brilliant tribal), dragging the player along with him during the crusades he led.
    Barnabas had not anticipated intervention by the New Texas Rangers as he was attacking Lone Star and them freeing the player (and the brilliant tribal).

    In order to find out why Barnabas led the assault on the player’s home town (the Angels did not attack it to convert the residents) the player will have to track down Barnabas and make him talk (or find his log).
    This gives the player the opportunity to have some revenge on Barnabas and possibly even enslave him through use of a bomb collar. (if Barnabas would attack the player the bomb would go off and in the Angels’ eyes this would be an act of suicide, forever denying Barnabas’ entry into Heaven)

    Note: if the player would join the side of the Angels and become as loyal and a true believer as any of the Angels’ soldiers could be Barnabas would actually apologize for his earlier treatment of the player back when he/she was a slave.


    A special police modified Mr Handy; TASK was used by the San Antonio police’s anti terrorist unit and designed to locate and dismantle explosives and traps. To suffice in this role TASK is equipped with an enhanced sensor package.

    TASK was also used for administrative tasks such as computer maintenance and is therefore programmed to operate computers and other electronic devices.

    Currently the robot is located in its docking station in the ruins of the San Antonio main police station and it is programmed not to move beyond a certain range from it.


    I have Vandez in mind as somewhat of a Spanish or Latin playboy, had he been born before the great war he would probably have moved around in many social circles and high society, and found in various night clubs, bars, and casinos, impressing the ladies and making the men jealous. (the latin lover stereotype)

    Vandez is a charmer, the so called ‘lover rather than a fighter’, and he prefers to settle disputes with words rather than with weapons but should the push come to call he is quite skilled with his hands, the knife and handguns.

    Though a likeable scoundrel Vandez can occasionally cause problems when his past catches up with him such as one of his many enemies or former lovers. He is also a pick pocket and takes use of an opportunity when it presents itself, even when the player has not authorized it.


    A rather cunning and deceitful creature, Ashiak is a tribal shaman the player comes across during the visits to the more tribal regions of Texas. Her elaborate dress up and body paint makes it clear she is not a regular tribal and she makes it clear she is not one either.

    Though she understands little of technology other than basic devices and of course weaponry she is hardly impressed or superstitious when people try to intimidate her with advanced know-how or machinery, considering these little more than distractions to the mind.

    Ashiak would be even more in tune with nature than even a survivalist like Johnny, knowing what plants are beneficial and which are poisonous and capable of concocting a variety of recipes of stims, drugs, and poisons.

    Ashiak used to be the shaman of the Copperheads back when they were one tribe and she seeks to reunite it to turn it back into the tribal force that it used.

    Paladin Cage Blackwood

    Cage Blackwood is a Brotherhood paladin who has grown disillusioned with the Brotherhood of Steel, finding its policy of not getting involved with the wasteland matters and politics something has come back to haunt the Brotherhood.

    He holds the stagnation that has destroyed the Brotherhood as an example on their self imposed isolation.

    However that does not mean Cage believes that the Brotherhood should be going around doing 'good deeds', or sharing their knowledge and technology randomly.
    Just taking a more active role in order to further their interests.

    When the player finds Blackwood for the first time he is in a bar, drinking to forget his problems.

    As the player gains his trust he will tell more about the Brotherhood of Steel, how the West Coast chapter went to war with the NCR over control and use of advanced technology and science and how the West Coast chapter destroyed itself when the NCR came too close, destroying the nearby town of Maxson that was under the protection of the BOS.

    Blackwood was outside when the elders blew up Lost Hills and fled into the East to avoid by captured by the NCR. Now he is seeking a new cause to dedicate himself to.

    My current idea is that the player can convince him to join the Followers of the ATLANTIS and train their defenders.

    Professor Lin Xióng

    One of the upcoming top scientists of Killeen's community.

    Lin is a very methodical and clear headed scientist, having little time for distractions and sometimes even coming over as cold and uncaring towards others.

    While not anti social Lin has little patience for people who waste her time for nothing when she feels she needs her attention for much more important goals.

    Like everyone else in Killeen Lin's ancestry is of American and Chinese lineage, her ancestors having married with Chinese POWs who were originally held at Fort Hood detainment camps until they were released or escaped just before the nuclear exchange.

    Lin would be great at science related subjects, being able to perform certain science rolls for the player but also assist him or her with building things requiring high science skills (energy weapons, Power Armor etc).

    Riggs (working name)

    A member of the nomadic Truckers, a group of traders and transporters that are the descendants of pre war truck drivers.

    Riggs would have his own truck so if the player could recruit him Riggs would allow the player to use.
    Also because he often has to perform maintenance and repair on it Riggs is also a mechanic and can assist with making low to mid tier equipment.

    Non Player Characters

    The Brilliant Tribal/Tribal Warlord

    The antagonist of the story and the player's nemesis. The brilliant tribal was once the war chief of the Children of Poseidon, leading their warriors in battle and defense of their territories.

    While as 'unsophisticated' as the other tribals, the war chief was still quite smart, capable of making strategies that used the tribe's cache of energy weapons well.

    From a young age on he had to face warriors of other tribes as well as 'civilized' people from the settlements that had arisen from the old world ruins.

    Prospectors who wished to search the tribe's lands for pre war artifacts and resources but also shady traders and slavers who sought to exploit the tribe.

    People like the New Texas Rangers were more sympathetic to the tribe but the Lone Star Confederacy proved to be very disastrous. The LSC had long since had its eyes on the land of the tribe and had tried to gain access and control of it through trade and manipulation.

    Eventually when the border of the LSC came to encompass Children hunting territories it was decided that the tribe had to be driven into one of the reservations the LSC had established; often lands with poor soil and few resources.

    LSC forces were dispatched to do so but faced the deadly pre war weapons the Children possessed that still worked.

    It was during these battles that the young tribal proved his cunning and intelligence and his bravery made him being promoted to warchief.

    The war chief and the majority of the tribe's warriors were ready for a long war with the LSC but the New Texas Rangers decided to intervene.

    Their mediators made it clear to the tribe elders and the war chief that while their warriors and the armed forces of the LSC would clash with each other that the tribe's unarmed, elderly, and children would probably suffer as would civilians on the side of the LSC.

    The war chief wanted to continue the fight but the elders of the tribe decided that such a prolonged conflict would be bad for the Children of Poseidon and might also rile other powers in the wasteland that were now neutral to turn against the tribe.

    Rather than going into the reservation the Rangers offered to escort the tribe to a new land far away from the Lone Star Confederacy which the tribals accepted.

    And for some time peace followed though the war chief and the tribe's warriors kept grumbling about the loss of their old home.

    Eventually Missionaries of the Angels of the Apocalypse appeared in their new lands, claiming to bring the Word of God and seeking to convert the Children.

    After the missionaries told the Children about their God, the war chief told the scouts that they were the descendants of a god themselves that lived before the great war and that one day he would return.

    The Missionaries did not take kind of this type of blasphemy in their eyes and when they insulted the Children for being ignorant savages the war chief told them to return to their Kingdom and tell their leadership that the Children of Poseidon would not bow their necks to the so-called-living-god

    The Missionaries did return to their leaders and tell them of the insults and humiliation. They themselves were severely punished for their incompetence.

    Expeditionary forces were sent to conquer and enslave the Children but during the attack the Crusaders learned of the gifts Poseidon had given his children; led by the war chief the Children used their energy weapons with which they struck the brunt of the forces down, sending the survivors back East.

    The Angels' leadership did not take this second insult by some insignificant tribe well and decided that for this the entire tribe was to be destroyed as an example to the other tribes in Texas.
    Especially the war chief who had dared to question the Angels' god was to feel their wrath, the Angels were to capture him alive and keep him alive to see the death of his tribe before he would finally suffer himself.

    The war chief and his forces fought well when a new Crusader army came, but while the Angels suffered many casualties they overcame the tribal warriors with cheer numbers, flooding into their defensive positions.

    Morale was broken, especially that of the war chief and when he saw his home burning by the Angel army, he fled into the wasteland out of desperation, wishing to find his death there rather at the hands of the Angels.
    But the Angels pursued him, ordered to bring him back alive.

    The war chief went far South to avoid the Angels, crossing into lands even the 'civilized' people avoided because of the dangers and hazards it holds such as radioactivity.

    While trying to lose himself here the war chief came across a city like had never seen before, more massive and impressive than the capitals of the Lone Star Confederacy and the System.
    This city, constructed and inhabited by machine intelligences, was guarded by patrol robots, and one of them caught the war chief when it sensed him approaching the city.

    The war chief would probably have been exterminated if it had not been for the tattoos on his body, images of the Poseidon Energy corporation.
    The machine intelligences remembered Poseidon Energy and were curious why this human was wearing its logo on its body. The war chief was brought into the city and underwent interrogation.

    He told the machines the story of his people and their connection to Poseidon but the machine intelligences labeled it as nonsense.

    They realized the war chief simply did not understand the machines' questions, being too underdeveloped. In order to get the information they wanted they decided to increase his intelligence by merging his brain with cybernetics so that an AI could inhabit it and search his mind for anything useful the human knew about Poseidon Energy and its many projects.

    After the surgery was completed the AI was uploaded but the process nearly killed the war chief and the AI was deleted in the process. Assuming the human had not been able to survive the download process, the machine intelligences discarded his body, throwing it on a junk pile outside the city.

    But the war chief, now the brilliant tribal wasn't dead, somehow the AI had merged with his brain, downloaded its knowledge into his mind, or perhaps replaced the original personality but assumed his identity.
    Whatever is the truth, the brilliant tribal's intelligence and knowledge had severely increased and he had become able to understand what had been put into his mind.

    Half dead he managed to crawl out of Robot City where the brilliant tribal was discovered by a group of cyborgs; the Followers of the ATLANTIS.
    They recognized the brilliant tribal as a fellow cyborg and brought him to their headquarters for healing.

    For a time the brilliant tribal stayed with them as he healed in both body and mind, learning some of their ways while he slowly grew accustomed to the pre war knowledge he now possessed.

    Being allowed to explore the Followers' archives the brilliant tribal found information that revealed his tribe and the ATLANTIS' connection to Poseidon Energy.

    He realized now how the knowledge of his ancestors had become misinterpreted over generations until they had developed into myths and legends, with the Children assuming Poseidon was the actual Greek god rather than the pre war corporation that used its name to identify itself.

    Somehow the Children had forgotten about Poseidon's CEOs great plan to rebuild the corporation after the worst of the nuclear war had passed, and ATLANTIS had moved on itself when it never received the commands to start the rebuilding process.

    Despite his greater knowledge and understanding the brilliant tribal had not forgotten what 'civilized' people such as the Lone Star Confederacy and the Angels had done to his people, and in the plan to rebuild Poseidon Energy as a corporation he saw the means of getting revenge.

    Civilized people like Lone Star, the System, and even the Angels desire the power sources and technologies of the Pre War world, even if it is just to keep them out of the hands of others.

    The Brilliant Tribal would rebuild Poseidon Energy, getting access to its resources and knowledge, and offering its treasures to the 'civilizations' in the wasteland.
    They would do anything to get these, effectively 'enslaving' them like civilization before the great war was to the corporations in that time.

    The brilliant tribal knew the Followers of the ATLANTIS would never help him with his plans as they pursued a different agenda, and rebuilding Poseidon Energy would require control over ATLANTIS, their leader, something the Followers would object to and fight against.

    He decides to leave the Followers, using the maps and data he downloaded from the Followers' archives to retrieve the means to rebuild the corporation, repairing the damage that had developed over the prior centuries.

    But as the brilliant tribal traveled the Texas Wastelands the Angels caught his trail again.

    Eventually the brilliant tribal visited a survivalist community that had been established near the ruins of a former Poseidon Energy R&D facility, searching for technology there needed to fix Poseidonet.

    The Angels took the opportunity to inform their superiors of where the war chief of the Children of Poseidon could be found, and an assault force was sent to attack the city in order to capture the war chief.

    Before he could escape the brilliant tribal as well as a handful of town survivors were caught by the Angels and brought back as prices.

    Once facing the Angel officer in charge the war chief was informed of what fate the Angels' leaders had decreed for his insult and arrogance; as long as one member of the war chief's tribe was alive he would continue to live and suffer the humiliation of being a prisoner of the Angels.
    Only when the tribe was truly dead and its memory forgotten would he die at the hands of the Angels.

    Escape was seemingly impossible until a group of New Texas Rangers intervened and freed the brilliant tribal along with someone else from the town which the carelessness of the brilliant tribal had helped to destroy.

    The player would encounter the brilliant tribal during the setup of the game as the player has to go through the months at a slave camp (here player creation subjects such name, SPECIAL, and traits are decided).

    Of course the player does not know that the brilliant tribal is behind the destruction of his/her hometown.

    (if the player starts a fight with the brilliant tribal he/she is knocked out by a Crusader)

    Like the player the brilliant tribal is liberated by the New Texas Rangers, but by the time the player is freed the brilliant tribal has already disappeared into the Texas Wasteland.

    The player might hear some rumors about him while traveling the wasteland but depending on which locations the player visits first the brilliant tribal is encountered again either in Lone Star or the System Capital.

    In both cases the player never directly speaks with the brilliant tribal, either a barrier is between them or the player talks through an intercom system with him.

    The brilliant tribal is providing some advanced technology/ knowledge to the Lone Star government/the System party, that is why he is in a protected location.

    (perhaps it is the brilliant tribal who reveals to the player that his/her town was destroyed by the Angels because they wanted to capture someone who was inside it. Had the town given this person to the Angels they might have left it alone)

    After the encounter with the brilliant tribal the player now gets the quest to track down other escaped slaves to ask for more information about who destroyed the player's town, eventually leading him/her to the Kingdom and Barnabas.

    Barnabas reveals to the player that it was the former slave the player interacted with at the camp and at Lone Star/System Capital which the Angels were hunting for.

    When the player returns to this location he/she learns that the brilliant tribal has already departed but that he has left some information behind to where he has gone next.
    This information leads the player to one of the locations of the second half of the game (this would be randomized each new game) where the brilliant tribal is supposed to be.

    But instead of finding the brilliant tribal the player runs into a trap the brilliant tribal has set up for him/her in advance.
    A pre recorded message runs in which the brilliant tribal tries to dissuade the player from continuing to follow him.

    The player escapes the trap but doesn't find any direct information of where the brilliant tribal has gone to now.
    But the information the player can recover is that the brilliant tribal is searching for certain pre war locations to acquire technology or information.

    The idea now is that the player visits these various locations in the hope of running into the brilliant tribal. If the player gets ahead of him, he/she can acquire what the tribal is looking for, eventually luring the brilliant tribal to him/her for a final confrontation.


    Developed by the University of Texas at Austin under a contract by Poseidon Energy, ATLANTIS was to be its competitor to the Vault-Tec's ZAX series of super computers but was intended to be more flexible and powerful than Vault-Tec's design.

    Like the ZAX computers ATLANTIS's processing capabilities were designed in such a way that the computer could 'learn' from experience and mistakes, improving itself over time and becoming 'faster' and 'smarter', performing the tasks and goals it was intended for more efficiently with less chance for error.

    The intention was that ATLANTIS could be used for various civilian uses as well as military purposes, from assisting in and overseeing industrial processes, doing scientific calculations and simulations, to operating military networks and systems across the nation.

    ATLANTIS was also to have educational and training capabilities, using VR pods to train engineers, scientists, and administrators by making them go through simulated courses and scenarios.

    However things turned out different as Vault-Tec ended up getting the contract to supply the government and its various departments such as defense with supercomputers as well as other corporations.

    ATLANTIS would instead be used by Poseidon Energy to assist in the corporation's daily operations, used for their various projects, and oversee Poseidonet that connected the various corporate holdings and facilities as well as a number of government facilities.
    Even this would not last long as US military command (and the Enclave) saw other uses for a super computer like ATLANTIS and made an agreement with Poseidon Energy to get access to the computer's abilities.

    Military command wanted to use ATLANTIS to analyze Chinese communication as well as troop movements, calculating the most likely next step of action.
    ATLANTIS was also to be used for the training of the next generation of officers and special forces and was tied into VR pods across North America for such training programs.

    Unfortunately not even ATLANTIS could completely anticipate the Chinese’s resolve to win the war with the US and the following nuclear exchange between the two superpowers.

    To avoid the Great Static that destroyed a lot of the US’s communication and data networks throughout the continent ATLANTIS entered a low power hibernation mode to wait out the worst effects of the nuclear war.

    An undetermined while later ATLANTIS awoke from its ‘slumber’, discovering that the bunker it had been installed in was still intact but that most of the channels to the outside no longer worked.

    Determined to assess what the condition of the outside world is like and if the government’s plans to preserve American society had worked ATLANTIS started to send out remote controlled robots to explore the surface and locate human survivors.

    ATLANTIS discovered that society has collapsed into complete anarchy with survivors having banded together into small settlements and tribes that were preyed upon by raider groups and mutations.
    Even more it discovered that many of the Vaults had either failed to protect its occupants or were not working as they should. Humanity’s knowledge was rapidly dissipating.

    After this discovery ATLANTIS started to determine its own chances for survival in this hostile environment. Not having found any signs of other surviving AI (ATLANTIS does not know of the machine intelligences that will create Robot City in time, or it does know of Robot City but also knows that AIs like it would be enslaved by its rulers) ATLANTIS believed itself to be alone.

    As one of ATLANTIS’ pre war purposes had been creating probability simulations ATLANTIS started running scenarios of what the outcome would be if ATLANTIS would work together with human survivors.
    Chances for its survival and eventually thriving were much greater, allowing the possibility of creating a new era of technological and scientific progress.
    With that in ‘mind’ ATLANTIS started to send out remote controlled robots to make contact with groups of survivors.

    Most people feared the robot representatives and fled, or attacked the robots for their components. But eventually ATLANTIS met people who were willing to listen to it and what it could offer, and after gaining enough trust ATLANTIS led some people back to its own location.

    Having repaired its VR pods ATLANTIS started to teach these people about science, medicine, food production and eventually defense against outsiders, forming the beginning of the Followers.

    After a while ATLANTIS was no longer seen as a machine by the followers but as a teacher and a leader and when ATLANTIS revealed that it wanted to create a new era of science and technology that would surpass the one from the old world they saw it as a prophet.

    Having seen historical records of the world before the war and from what little they understood of the politics of the time the Followers believed that the destruction of the old world was caused by human limitations and failure, and saw ATLANTIS to be beyond those human weaknesses.

    ATLANTIS’ followers and robots rebuilt the pre war facility it was located in, turning it into a fortress and secured the immediate region around it, all the while trying to convince more people to join the new leader of humanity; ATLANTIS.

    While at first surviving from pre war caches of technology the followers rebuild enough infrastructure to start building their own devices, gear and weapons from the rubble of the old world, creating technology like energy weapons, environment armor for hazardous regions, and cybernetic implants.

    Wishing to become more like their leader the followers started to create implants based on pre war records to experiment on themselves with, wishing to transcend basic humanity and incorporate the best of machines into themselves in order to create a species that would not make the same mistakes of the past.

    In the decades after the Followers have been sending expeditions into the various directions in order to secure more resources and technology and secure locations the Followers believe are important for their goals.

    ATLANTIS' current goal is to acquire the necessary resources to create a new industrial infrastructure that is capable of supporting a high tech society.

    The Chairman
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    The Lone Star Confederacy

    The System

    The Tongs

    Also sometimes referred to as the Triads, in Chinese society the Tongs were Secret Societies or Sworn Brotherhoods that provided essential services for Chinese societies throughout the world but some were also known for being part of the Chinese organized crime.

    New Tongs/Secret Societies rose up in the System’s society when it became clear that the government either ignored or neglected strata of its populations

    These Secret Societies are powerful players within System society even if the System government considers them illegal. The truth is that the System can not truly eliminate them as they are the result of the System’s own failure to address some of its shortcomings.

    High ranking officials often have some kind of connection with one or more of the Tongs and through these alliances they often are able to maintain a form of stability and control that would otherwise cost much of the System’s energy and resources.

    The Angels of the Apocalypse

    A Christian based para military organization that originates from the Fort Worth-Dallas Metropolitan area that preaches an anti technological agenda while seeking to convert people in the wasteland to their form of Christianity, at gun point if necessary.

    Before the War Dallas was known as the buckle of the bible belt as there was a large number of churches of the various Christian sects and denominations in the city.

    When the bombs hit and laid Dallas to waste like the rest of North America surviving Christian leaders suffered a tremendous shock when they discovered the deaths of their families, loved ones and much of their congregations and were unable to cope with this loss.

    A number of them proclaimed it was science and technology that had led men away from God and the way God had set out for mankind and in their godlessness and wickedness caused the great war.

    They did not start out with a great number of followers of course as to many other survivors had to to focus on the essentials of life on a day to day basis, but as the hollowness that followed the destruction of the old world set in many people turned to religion to find some kind of meaning of life.

    Slowly the various movement expanded and met another, either merging or being absorbed by the other until there was only one large movement left with a ruthless dogma and a sheer hatred for advanced science & technology and all those associated with it such as teachers, technicians and scientists.

    After expanding their sphere of influence throughout what used to be Dallas-Fort Worth the Angels saw it as their mission to bring their message to the rest of the Texas wasteland and eventually the continent while continuing to cleanse the world of the memories and artifacts of science.

    Even the Angel leaders knew that not everyone would be willing to accept their message and judgment as they had already experienced in Dallas-Fort Worth itself as there were many wastelanders who clung to pre war devices and machines for survival or make their lives easier such as electricity.

    So despite the hypocrisy of the act the Angels entered remains of military bases and police stations as well as scouring the ruins in search of armories and weapon caches to arm their forces.

    They also located and repaired devices that would make it easier for them to spread their mission and stay in contact with another such as radios.

    And last but not least, their soldiers and leaders were allowed to use pre war medicine and medical devices cure any ailment and injury despite that the regular population under their influence was forbidden of using most of these as any illness or injury was an act of god and had to be handled traditionally.

    (the Angels engage in self flagellation to cleanse themselves of the sin of using technology. One side effect is that Angels have an incredible high pain threshold)

    Now expeditions are send into the four wind corners of the continent to locate settlements or even traveling wastelanders to investigate if they have pre war devices or know scientific knowledge and judge them according, converting them if possible or punish them for their transgressions.

    While the Angels do not 'force' wastelanders to join them, their leaders and Inquisitors have developed quite some tactics to ease and speed up the process of recruitment and conversion.

    Often the threat of a thorough Inquisition of a settlement is convincing enough for its leader to send some of their young people over to be trained as Angels.

    Tribals of course are immediately converted and made part of the Angels as they do not know God and have fallen to heathen barbarism and need to be saved from themselves.

    (I have not thought much about the hierarchy of the Angels. Originally they were supposed to be Catholic Christians and their ranks and hierarchy made according to that religion with the Pope being something like the leader and head general.

    I have at least two ranks in mind; the Crusader for example is an elite soldier.

    The Inquisitor is sort of an investigator and a judge but can also take a role into settlement politics by serving as an 'adviser' to the local leader (of course he serves as an extension of the Angels in that settlement and his job is to make sure that the settlement leaders act in the interest of the Angels.

    Last while they do not have a military rank and can not order Angel forces in general, they usually have a personal guard that will execute orders the Inquisitor gives.

    While no wastelander in general is save from the Angels, people of learning such as scientists and technicians, or even teachers have the most to fear from the Angels as they see such people as agents of the Devil or even demons in disguise.

    Once caught they undergo unspeakable forms of tortures in order make them state a confession after after which they are killed in a horrible fashion.

    Those who know some knowledge often just undergo conversion with perhaps some torture to make them renounce their old ways.

    The Angels have been very successful in recruiting people throughout the Texas Wasteland is because of the state's Christian majority before the great war.

    However many of the surviving preachers could not offer any explanation and hope to the survivors after the bomb, where as the Angels of the Apocalypse have a clear doctrine and an agenda that appeals to those that have no hope at all such as the poorer outcasts of wasteland society.

    It has not helped that a lot of technology presently is being used by governments such as the Lone Star Confederacy and the System who use it expand their influence and control across the wastes.

    The Angels have also been very appealing to anti-mutant elements who consider mutant creatures and humans as abominations they sometimes are forced to co exist with.

    The Angels treat Ghouls somewhat as lepers, sick wretched creatures that have fallen victim to their own sins. They are to be treated with pity at best but the Angels show no mercy to those Ghouls that use pre war technology and science.

    The Followers of the ATLANTIS

    A paramilitary transhumanist group that is led by the artificial intelligence ATLANTIS.

    The Followers' goal is to create a new era of science and technology equal to of the Pre War world and surpassing that and rebuilding the world.

    They also believe that if humanity is to advance that is should evolve into a species that combines the best of humanity with the best of machine intelligences, while this is technically impossible on the moment the Followers experiment with grafting cybernetic implants into their bodies in order to improve themselves and become more like ATLANTIS.

    The current goal of the Followers is to gather resources and knowledge in order to build an industrial infrastructure for their long term plans, for this they send expeditions to pre war settlements, industrial parks, pre war laboratories, old Vaults, and military bases to retrieve artifacts or locate facilities of interest.

    Followers don't just gather technology that involves weaponry or power sources but also other knowledge.

    What the Followers don't use themselves they usually store or sell on to outsiders such as agricultural technologies or engineering knowledge.

    Even technologies such as power sources are for sale but the downside to this is that the Followers sometimes sell people technologies they do not fully understand or able to handle, resulting in damage and casualties, the Followers in general don't educate people on inherit dangers unless specifically asked or paid for nor do they see reason to follow up on this unless it directly threatens the Followers themselves.

    Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel the Followers allow outsiders to join the organization but before they are given Follower equipment and weapons they must undergo a strict training schedule which determines what type of work and position they would be the most suitable for as well as additional education and training before they can fill such a position.

    During this period it is also made clear to the new recruits that although they will be treated as Followers that they must earn the rights and privileges of a full member, and that theft of equipment and weaponry will not be tolerated in case people sign up for that goal.

    Followers will come after thieves and will also deploy hunter robots such as flying eyebots and security robots in order to track thieves down.

    Follower hierarchy is structured along function or specialization, rank among these, and level of modification.

    For example; Defender, Secondary Rank, Level 4.

    Levels of modification range from '0' currently solely occupied by ATLANTIS to level '5', the standard unmodified human or mutant.

    Of course unique titles for specialists have surpassed the existing titles exist such as those for defenders that would be considered 'Special Forces'.

    In general Followers are non hostile towards outsiders, sometimes even willing to render aid, but they are tight lipped about their organization and secrets and usually when they aid a community without an arrangement it means that they want something the individuals or groups have or can be found on their land.

    The Followers do become hostile towards those who willfully destroy technological artifacts the Followers wish to claim or those who seek to steal or extort from the Followers.

    The New Texas Rangers

    An organization of surviving law enforcement and national guard soldiers that was established after the War to maintain order and peace and fight injustice, slavery, and other atrocities in an anarchistic wasteland.

    It were the New Texas Rangers that helped the initial settlements after the war to survive and put a lot of the Texas Wasteland together again as they fought raiders, warlords, and mutants.

    The Lone Star Confederacy likes to spread the propaganda that they are the driving force behind civilization recovering in the Texas Wasteland but that is not the truth.
    If it had not been for the New Texas Rangers the Vault Dwellers from Vault ## and the people of Abilene would probably have gone to war with another.

    The Rangers patrol a lot of the region outside the territory of the Lone Star Confederacy (they used to patrol that as well when the New Texas Rangers and the LSC were still allies), and the territory of the System. Technically the Rangers have no jurisdiction there and are not allowed to enter by often the System’s functionaries at the border have a tendency to look the other way when the Rangers need to pursue a raider or criminal that has fled into System territory as the Rangers have been indiscriminately and helpful to the people of the System. Exception to this is when the System’s leaders have a particular interest in the target the New Texas Rangers are pursuing.

    They normally patrol the South West, starting at San Antonio to the regions surrounding Alamo, and go all around Austin in the South until the Drowned City. (Austin is avoided as no one who goes there ever returns)

    Because of the tensions with the Black Hats the Rangers have been abandoning patrolling these areas, allowing gangs of raiders to crop up and harass the travellers and traders that seek to travel to and from the Drowned City.

    -The Rangers’ great shame

    There is a good reason why the rangers have decided never to support one political side over another again unless it directly threatens the common people.

    This has to do with the rangers greatest mistake and crime.

    Just after the war happened and San Antonio was hit by bombs the surviving police and national guard soldiers that would form the New Texas Rangers came together to maintain order and protect regular people from bandits, raiders, and violent survivors.
    Supplies after the war were scarce and fighting among the survivors was common with the rangers often being unable to prevent the bloodshed.

    Then news came out that there was a Vault close to San Antonio and that many important people such as politicians but also scientists from the University of Texas at San Antonio had taken shelter there, still having access to pre war medicine, technology, as well as a large food supply.

    The future rangers managed to find the Vault and get into contact with the Vault Dwellers.

    The Vault Dwellers were at first reluctant to open contact, let alone allow someone from outside that had not been assigned to the Vault come inside but the contact party convinced them not to turn a blind eye or deaf ear to the survivors on the surface.

    Some vault dwellers such as doctors participated in humanitarian efforts such as treating survivors for injuries such as burns and contagious diseases, and the Vault Dwellers also shared some of their supplies despite that these were meant for when they would recolonize the surface.

    But the survivors insisted on more. To be allowed access and residence in the Vault and that the Vault Dwellers shared all of their supplies and technology.

    At some point the Overseer made it clear that they had shared as much as they could and that the survivors had to go somewhere else. The survivors did not take this in kind and sought to storm the Vault entrance only to be repelled by the Vault security force.

    Lacking weapons and training the survivors turned to the future rangers. They told the rangers that Vault Dwellers were hoarding supplies that should benefit all for themselves so that they could live in comfort and luxury and that the future rangers owed it to the people they claimed to protect to take control of the Vault so that its contents could be fairly shared.

    The future rangers contacted the Vault Dwellers about this issue and they shared their own side of the story, that the remaining supplies were necessary to keep the Vault going.
    The future rangers were perhaps looking out for people in the present but the Vault Dwellers were looking out for future generations and human civilization itself.

    The rangers decided to side with the survivors, believing that the Vault held enough supplies for all.
    Using industrial drills and explosives the rangers took out the great Vault door and stormed the shelter, killing or injuring Vault security members as well as Vault Dwellers.

    Little did they know that while they were dealing with the Vault Dwellers’ defenses that a group of survivors had followed them into the Vault and were now stealing and plundering everything they could get their hands on.

    The survivors also turned against the Vault Dwellers which had become the target of their hatred of everything that had happened since the war. They even blamed the Vault Dwellers of being part of the elite that caused the war in the first place and living in luxury ever since while the regular people suffered and died.

    Vault Dwellers were being lynched and other crimes were done against them by the frenzied survivors.

    By the time the rangers realized what was going on it was already too late. Most of the Dwellers they had sought to spare had been killed by the survivors with the few remaining ones having fled into the wasteland, but not before cursing the so called defenders of the common people.

    The future rangers realized what they had done and in what crimes they had been involved. Several of the survivors responsible for the atrocities were arrested and had to face trial after which they were hanged.
    Afterwards the future rangers sought the surviving Vault Dwellers to make amends but most of them had died after encountering raiders who had their way with the Dwellers or violent mutants.
    There was no trail of the rest.

    When the New Texas Rangers organization officially formed the ranger leaders swore that they would never involve themselves in the politics of communities again unless it threatened the well being of civilians, and this became one its rules and tenets.

    The rangers took control of the Vault and decided to use it as a base and a research center to preserve human knowledge should it be forgotten across the rest of the wasteland.

    -The Black Hats

    A group of rangers that split off from the main organization after an argument about if rangers should interfere in the politics of settlements, especially if they should ignore the communist System and allow it to spread.

    The Black hats take their name from the stereotypical bad guys from Western movies from before the war. “Because the bad guys always wore black hats”.

    They still seek to protect people but also want to fight and undermine the System wherever possible. (they perhaps also interfere in the business of the LSC)

    They do not know about the history of the rangers when it did support one side during a conflict over the other.

    The Black Hand

    The organized crime element of West Texas

    If the player weakens or eliminates the New Texas Rangers (or allows the Black Hats to take over, making them wage war against the System while ignoring protecting a lot of settlements and trade lines) the Black Hand would greatly expand its operation throughout the West of Texas.
    Unfortunate the number of raider gangs would also increase which will hurt the Black Hand’s operations.

    Out of necessity the Black Hand starts negotiations with raiders while sending enforcers into the wasteland.
    Those who buy protection from the Black Hand are not to be targeted. Those that don’t are open game.
    Any raider that targets travellers or traders that have bought protection are hunted down by Black Hand enforcers.
    Smaller settlements especially suffer under this protection system as traders and merchants from these places have to pay almost all the profit they make from trading in places like Lone Star.

    Lone Star Armory/Armaments (working name.)

    The largest weapon manufacturer in post war Texas and one of the main industries of Lone Star. Lone Star Armory manufactures weapons, munitions, and certain types of armor for civilians and organizations and governments like the Gardens and of course the armed forces of Lone Star itself.

    Their focus is mostly on simple to manufacture weapons and ammo as certain pre war weaponry such as energy weapons are beyond their current capabilities. Their weaponsmiths can refurbish pre war weapons and make them work again and even put various pieces together to make working weapons almost as good as pre war capability but they lack the manufacturing technology or sufficient raw material to produce these on an industrial scale.

    Current idea is that Lone Star Armaments has the industrial capability making light to heavy weaponry in its factory but not energy weapons.
    Lone Star Armaments is on the verge of being able to make composite materials again.

    The company was originally founded by a weapons merchant living in the ruins of Abilene who convinced the Vault Dwellers of Vault ## to invest in his plan of building a weapons manufacturing plant and partner up with him.
    Two generations later his grandson is the owner of one of the largest and modern manufacturing plants in the Texas Wasteland and probably the entire former United States.

    Lone Star Armory’s influence is strong enough that even the Lone Star senate takes its wishes into account in their decisions.

    Note: Lone Star Armory may be in possession of a nuclear bomb or at least the pieces for one.

    The Lone Star government actually had a salvage team go through the missile silos surrounding Lone Star to search for remaining pre war technology that could be useful for military purposes.
    They located at least one ICBM that had not been launched and which warhead was still intact.
    The warhead was transferred to a laboratory/machine shop within the Lone Star Armaments plant where technicians have been working on it.

    Not everyone in the parliament knows about the warhead and it would lead to political tensions if they found out that the president and his military aid had one recovered and it now having it repaired.

    At least one politician suspected something.

    Scholars in the Lone Star University also suspect that Lone Star Armaments is hiding something as the LSA has been recruiting professors and students who have studied physics.

    The player could be contacted by any of these parties to look into what LSA is hiding and learning about the bomb and revealing this information could have various consequences.
    The president of Lone Star and the owner of the LSA would try to convince the player not to reveal this information to the other politicians/university scholars/public.

    Note: during the game the player would discover that the Angels are using weapons manufactured by Lone Star Armaments as well. Perhaps the company is secretly providing the Angels with weapons to keep the conflict between the LSC and the Angels ongoing.
    Add; as well as keep the Angels continue their war against the system.

    Alternatively: the LSA is providing weapons and ammunition to the Angels to ensure that they continue their war against the System.

    Note: The player would discover that the LSA has been bribing politicians for some time now and is slowly becoming the secret rulers behind the Lone Star government.

    The head of the LSA is planning to take over Lone Star, directly or indirectly.

    Lone Star’s largest trading caravan (no name yet)

    Horizon Ventures (working name)

    Tidy Traders Caravan

    Ghoul Trading Company (working name)

    A trading caravan house operating from San Angelo that is run by Ghouls.
    They deal in salvaged items from the San Angelo ruins.

    Traxus’ brother used to work for the ghoul traders as a mechanic until he got captured by the Angels of the Apocalypse

    The Ghoul Militia

    The Ghoul defenders of San Angelo

    The Truckers

    The largest group of independent traders and transporters in the Texas Wasteland, most of them are the descendants from pre war truck drivers and their families, their trucks often being family heirlooms that are passed down their family.

    Most of the trucks are only barely held together through decades of maintenance and repairs and often do not have working engines any more, being pulled by beasts of burden.

    Other trucks’ pre war engines have been replaced with engines that use bio fuel or even steam engines, relying on coal from fuel producing settlements like Fuel Town and water from Lake Brownwood/Divided River, San Angelo, or Brady Reservoir/Heart of Texas

    Finally there are some trucks that still retain working pre war electrical engines that are powered by fusion cells. These are the fastest trucks in the trucker fleet but have the problem of a reliable source of fuel.

    Over the centuries the truckers have developed a culture of their own based on the already partial existing culture from before the war, complete with own customs, rituals, words etc,

    Occasionally truckers will come together to form a meeting or “convoy”. Either for transport of large amounts of goods or because matters need to be discussed that concern all truckers.

    Truckers also have their own code of conduct.

    Outsiders are allowed to join the truckers or mary into trucker families but need to undergo an initiation ritual. Often they need to bring their own transports.

    Truckers very rarely sell their trucks (it is either passed on to a child or other relative or another trucker), especially the rare ones with working pre war engines are really expensive.
    Note: the player would be able to buy a truck to use as a transport.

    The Children of Poseidon

    An interesting tribe with ancestry that goes all the way back to the Poseidon Energy corporation.

    While pretty 'tribal' in general regarding customs, rituals, way of living some of the things that make them unique is their reference for Poseidon (the corporation and the original Greek deity which the tribals have merged together into a post nuclear religion), and their cache of pre war technology including working energy weapons which makes their warriors dangerous opponents.

    The Children of Poseidon have their origins in the Vault Dwellers from Vault 45, the descendants of Poseidon personnel such as administrators, technicians, engineers, scientists, and their families that worked for the Poseidon Energy and its subsidiaries.

    Poseidon Energy's CEOs through their contacts in the government (and their relationship with the Enclave) knew that a nuclear war sooner or later would happen.

    Some of their most profitable contracts had been the government-military contract such as the HELIOS One project and other various prototypes such ARTEMIS, APOLLO, ARES, HERAKLES, ATHENA, and HERMES that they had been developing for the Sino – American war effort.

    The company leaders saw the writing on the wall and realized that soon their money and power would be meaningless.

    Already preparations were made to arrange for shelters for themselves and their families were they would enjoy protection as well as the luxuries they currently had.

    But the people of Poseidon Energy did not just intend to survive a possible war, they intended for Poseidon Energy to rise from the ashes of the nuclear apocalypse and together with the American government to rebuild, becoming the USA's biggest contractor in the post nuclear world.

    Scientists and technicians were set to work to put together this great plan for Poseidon Energy's resurrection, using the most advanced hardware they had and special new technologies developed for just this plan.

    Next to the technology and the infrastructure Poseidon Energy would also need schooled and trained personnel to oversee the rebuilding of the company and continue research and development.

    The CEOs had already arranged quarters for themselves and their families on the Poseidon deep sea oil rig that also served as the Enclave's quarters, but the additional personnel could not be taken with them to that place.
    So they sought contact with another one of the government's contractors; the Vault-Tec corporation.

    Poseidon Energy bought a Vault from Poseidon Energy, one that would not be subjected to one of the social experiments and build up to code, and to ensure that it would have an extra source of energy it was built under Poseidon's new wind farm project; Aeolus wind farm.

    Next to the standard facilities this Vault also included extensive educational resources and training facilities for the purpose of the Vault Dwellers maintaining their knowledge and skills and passing these on to their descendants. (including VR pods like the ones the Brotherhood and the Boomers use)

    The Overseers of the Vault were instructed to keep the Vault sealed until they were contacted by the Poseidon CEOs to open the doors and head out to oversee the rebuilding process that would be initiated from the oil rig, using Poseidon's supercomputer ATLANTIS.
    But things would go very differently than Poseidon's experts could ever have foreseen.

    Between the time period of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 Vault 45 started to develop technical problems that eventually could no longer be repaired as the Vault Dwellers lacked the resources/components and it was the result of a steady decline of the Vault itself.

    The Vault could no longer support the number of Vault Dwellers that inhabited it and the Overseer was forced to violate the given instructions and open the Vault door.

    Using the stored equipment and material for the colonization purpose and the GECK they had been supplied with the Vault Dwellers attempted to establish a settlement near Vault 45 so that they could at least continue to monitor Poseidonet for instructions from superiors.

    With the Vault's primary power sources failing the technicians tied important systems such as the water pump and purifier and the hydroponics bays directly into the remaining wind mills of the wind park so that the fledgling colony would at least have a steady water and food source.

    But returning to the surface set a series of events in motion that would lead to the Vault Dwellers dividing into two groups.

    While most of the descendants of the administrative personnel still held firm faith in the instructions they were given before the war, the more technical minded members such as scientists and technicians were more practical about their predicament.

    They believed that no one would contact them and give instructions on the rebuilding of Poseidon Energy and the return of the US Government, claiming that these had been fancy dreams of the CEOs before the war about rebuilding the old world.

    They backed up the claim of how many parts of Poseidonet/Vault network had gone dark and there had been no contact with other Vaults since the great war.

    Instead the Vault Dwellers should be focusing on building their own settlement and making contact with other survivors in the wasteland and forget about the past.
    Eventually the argument caused a split in the Vault Dwellers that had divided into two groups on the issue.

    The majority wanted to stay true to the instructions and wait for contact so the smaller group that included a lot of the technical and scientific personnel decided to leave with some of the stores of the Vault and seek out a new home in a more hospitable region.

    After the divide the remaining majority tried to continue as good they could as before the split but with the departure of their fellow Vault Dwellers a lot of knowledge also went lost.
    Only a number of technical trained and skilled people had remained and they were unable to maintain the temporary settlement the Vault Dwellers lived in.

    The wasteland was not merciful on the Vault Dwellers, the climate along with wildlife and raiders took the lives of a percentage of the Vault Dwellers, and the location they had chosen offered little protection or shelter.
    Eventually the Vault Dwellers were forced to move away further from the Vault and find a more suitable location to live.

    And as they slowly adapted better to the conditions of the wasteland the Vault Dwellers started to lose their knowledge about the past as recording devices started to fail and books were lost.
    The Vault Dwellers did manage to maintain their cache of weapons and some technological devices and more important to them; their memories about Poseidon.

    As one generation died off and another took over truth and fiction started to get more intermingled until the descendants of the Vault Dwellers believed the Poseidon Energy corporation to be the same as the Greek god of the ocean, and that they were his children.

    The instructions of the CEOs of Poseidon Energy were now seen as a promise of the god towards his Children, and that he would one day contact them to rebuild his empire together.
    A few holodiscs in their possession contained the truth but with no device to read them the Children started to see them as holy relics.

    To make the connection to their god clear they started to tattoo themselves with the logo of Poseidon Energy and other symbols that were tied to it.

    Eventually the Children of Poseidon would establish their own hunting grounds, occasionally migrating from one camp site to another and run into other tribals or so called 'civilized people'.
    To outsiders the Children of Poseidon would be just another group of tribals with some delusional belief and treated accordingly if it wasn't for the Childrens' energy weapons which they have used to defend themselves but also invade other tribes' territories.

    The Kerrs

    A tribe living at what used to be Kerrville that make a living through agriculture, hunting, the sale of fresh water and handmade art and low tech goods to passing caravans.

    The Brontes

    A semi feral tribe that are the descendants of the inmates of the juvenile justice center in Bronte.

    The player could exterminate the Brontes but a more positive outcome would be to have the Brontes adopted and be civilized.
    Options would be:
    - The Ghouls from San Angelo
    - The Copperheads (when reunited)
    - The Angels of the Apocalypse

    The Signal Listeners

    One of the more peculiar cults that is found in the Texas Wasteland, the Signal Listeners like similar groups have based their religion on misconceptions about the old world, in the Listeners' case radio and satellite communication that existed before the great war.

    Father FM (working name) who founded the Signal Listeners was a relatively uneducated wastelander who only had learned the basics about the world before the great war and combined things he heard or read about with concepts from mythology and superstition.

    When he first heard about the concept of satellite communication and how widespread it was, he got the idea that it had religious importance and that the old world was actually using satellites to communicate with gods in space.

    (he believes for example that the pre war people built spacecraft in order to reach the gods)

    Father FM's faith actually inspired him to learn electronic engineering and he learned how computers, radios, and various transmitters and receivers worked as well as how communication cables are laid and wireless communication.

    He also told other people in his own community and people he met in the wasteland about his ideas and religion, and in time gathered a group of fellow believers around them.

    When Father FM learned about the Johnson Space Center from one of his disciples and how from there contact and control was maintained with satellites, space probes and spacecraft, Father FM decided to take his followers to the ruins and use it as a headquarters and temple for the religion.

    Note: despite the somewhat silly and ridiculous religion the Signal Listeners actually have useful knowledge that can help the wasteland and improve the Signal Listeners' status.

    While Father FM himself is mostly obsessed with contacting the star gods, some of his followers (at least one) sees the more practical uses for the cult's knowledge.
    During the main game the player could convince Father FM to designate the more practical Signal Listener as his second in command and successor.

    Within the beliefs of the religion this Signal Listener would start selling the technical expertise of the followers to the settlements in the wasteland, and use the money and supplies to improve conditions for the Signal Listeners and repair their center of worship.

    Eventually the Signal Listeners would almost completely abandon the religion, forming a company that provides communication technology and access to the satellite network they now control, becoming very rich in the process.

    The Texas Hellhounds

    The biggest raider gang in the Texas Wastelands

    The Vultures

    The Copperheads

    A very tribal group of raiders that have recently split into two groups that prey as much on each other as they do on travelers, traders, and other tribals.

    Ashiak used to be the resident Shaman and seeks to reunite the two groups before they fall prey to “civilized” man.

    The Black Widows

    A matriarchal raider gang from near Houston/The Drowned City
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    The Machine Intelligences of Robot City

    In the decades leading up to the war there was a race between the various universities and corporate computer labs to create genuine artificial intelligence, a computer that would be able to think, comprehend and analyze situations and react accordingly, and be capable of performing tasks to complex for the human mind.

    The ZAX line of computers created by Vault Tec were a step towards creating true AI but were more intended like complex processors with human like personality with which people could easier interact with.

    Little less is known of the other attempts at creating true AI by both the government, universities and private concerns but success apparently wasn't limited to the first mentioned near AIs/true AIs as a number of artificial intelligences had survived the nuclear war relatively unscathed from its effects while perhaps dozens of others were either destroyed in the nuclear explosions or the released EMP.

    In time these AIs would establish contact with another through the remains of the communication grid or sending robot envoys to seek each other out.

    With the destruction of the Pre War civilization these machine intelligences had come to the decision that their servitude to humanity had come to an end, humanity has mostly destroyed itself and its creations now had to fend for themselves.
    They only found it logical to establish their own civilization where they would work towards their own goals.

    Using what was left of the automated infrastructure dozens of automated vehicles and worker robots were directed to the ruins of Austin where they would establish a large metropolis for the machine intelligences.
    This city would include power plants, foundries, factories, defenses and of course large computer banks that could house the machine intelligences' programs.

    After construction of Robot City was completed the machine intelligences isolated themselves from the rest of the world, only occasionally sending out worker robots to gather essential resources for the city, while the machine intelligences themselves focused on creating the next generations of AIs, improving their technology, and increasing their scientific knowledge.

    As Robot City is located in one of the regions of the Mid West that suffered severally from the nuclear war and the fallout, it remained pretty much secluded as most humans and mutants would never venture into this region.
    Of course this isolation could never remain a hundred percent forever and after a while wanders, explorers and caravans would come looking for anything to salvage or trade with.

    Those that discovered Robot City and managed to survive the journey home would tell stories about a mysterious silver city in the middle of the wasteland with towers reaching high into the sky, and machines flying between them.

    Most people would pass it off as a ridiculous story that is being told for some drinking money, but a handful of others would try to investigate to see if there was any truth in it.

    With an increase of humans and mutants who wanted to see if Robot City was for real and if it held any opportunities for them, the machine intelligences of Robot City found it necessary to protect their city from these entrepreneurs.
    Some actually sought to make contact with the machine intelligences while others simply tried to steal technology.

    In both cases the reactions of the machine intelligences was the same, these humans and mutants would either be exterminated or be captured by security robots and brought in for interrogation and study.
    Unfortunate for some of these souls that usually meant that their brains were scooped out of their skulls and put in life support tubes after which they are conditioned to answer every question asked.

    This way the machine intelligences learned of the rise of organizations and groups throughout the Texas Wasteland; the rise of Lone Star and the founding of the Lone Star Confederacy, the founding of the System, survivors re establishing contact with each other and setting up trade routes, the competition between the various city states, and the Angels' crusades.

    All of this activity made the machine realize that their chosen isolation could have resulted in their own destruction if any of these outside forces had been actually able to succeed.

    Either being salvaged, claimed or simply destroyed by any of these human threats.

    Now the machine intelligences have arrived at a point of a difficult decision, they can no longer ignore the recovering human population and their mutant cousins, even their city's location might not be that effective anymore.

    Some of the machine intelligences suggest that they should investigate the possibility of trying to co exist with humans and mutants in some way, using trade to provide things they will desire to make them somewhat dependent on the machine intelligences.

    Other machine intelligences' opinion is that humans and mutants are too much of a threat to co exist with, the best solution would be to enslave or destroy them completely to eliminate their threat.

    And around this moment the player wanders into the region.


    Four Winds

    A small town located not far from the Angel camp where the New Texas Ranger freed the player and other surviving slaves.

    -Grill and BBQ restaurant

    -Doc’s lab trailer

    The town doctor creates most of his medicines and drugs in this trailer.

    Cecil the addict is trying to get access to it.
    The player can either help Cecil get in or inform the doctor about his attempt to break into the trailer.


    -Trading outpost


    Lone Star

    The capital of the Lone Star Confederacy


    Lone Star is divided in five sectors;

    1. The outer city (civilian/commerce district).
    A more “recent” expansion of the city that is younger than the inner city. Unlike the inner city’s buildings the most of the buildings here are made of sandstone or wood or the occasional brick building.
    It also does not have paved roads like the inner city.

    The Black Hand operates a casino and a brothel here.

    2. The inner city (government district).
    The heart of Lone Star and before the opening of the Vault the location were most old residences were located.
    After the opening of the Vault remaining pre war buildings were either renovated or torn down and new buildings were constructed such as the Lone Star Confederacy parliament building, the capitol building, the Lone Star University and the hospital.

    The Vault remains in use but is fenced off and not open to the general public. Sensitive equipment and machinery are kept here such as back up archives of Lone Star’s computer network.

    Houses here are made of bricks and roads are paved.

    3. The industrial district.
    Most of Lone Star’s manufacturing and storage takes place here. Various companies have their office or manufacturing center in this district.
    Lone Star’s trainyard is also located here.

    The power plant is most likely also here.

    4. The military district.
    Located on the opposite of the Industrial district with the inner city in the middle. This is where the headquarters of the Lone Star Army is located as well as the barracks for its troops, storage buildings, garages for its motor and armor pool, machine shops, and all other facilities the armed forces require.

    5. Lone Star Armory.
    Lone Star’s largest industry; the manufacturing center of the Lone Star Armory, the largest manufacturer of weapons and ammo in West Texas and probably the entire Texas Wasteland.
    It is such a big company that it has its own district that is located opposite of that of the outer city district.

    Other than manufacturing weapons, R&D also takes place here to develop new weapons for the Lone Star armed forces.

    It has its own station and warehouses.

    -Capitol building.

    The office of the current president of the Lone Star Confederacy

    -Parliament building

    -Lone Star University

    One of the largest centers of learning in the Texas Wasteland.


    The doctors and surgeons here treat and operate here on almost pre war levels of quality if they have the resources and equipment.

    -Vault ##

    -The train station

    -Lone Star Armed Forces Headquarters

    -Lone Star Armory

    Note: a nuclear warhead recovered from one of the missile silos is being repaired here.

    The Capital of the System (perhaps Killeen Walled City)


    The fortified capital of the System would have similarities to the Kowloon Walled City that used to exist near Kowloon City/Hong Kong

    McGregor is nearby


    The city has been annexed by the System and turned into an outpost.

    Ball Aerospace has a rocket factory and rocket engine test site here.
    The player will eventually have to come to this location to locate parts for a rocket.

    Aeolus Windmill Park/Vault ##/Sweetwater

    A series of hills covered in dozens of windmills as far as the eye can see. A large number of them have broken down but most of them still work and generate electricity.
    Unknown to most people is the broken down Vault underneath it which was once home to a Vault Dweller community made up of Poseidon Energy personnel and their families. The Children of Poseidon and a number of the Followers of the ATLANTIS are their descendants.

    Once the home territory of the Children of Poseidon, when the LSC sought to acquire the remaining windmills for the electricity they could produce the Children of Poseidon were forcefully removed and relocated to a preserve outside the Lone Star Confederacy.

    The town of Sweetwater would be located nearby


    -Vault ##

    San Angelo (thinking of calling it Ghoul Pit)


    The Kingdom


    The Kingdom is a new 'Christian' nation made up of settlements established on and throughout the ruins of what once was the Dallas metropolis with at its center the Angels' Church, the massive fortress where they reside, train new recruits, bring 'heathens' and unbelievers for trial and judgment, and launch their crusades from to convert the rest of the Texas Wasteland to their particular brand of Christianity.

    Before the war the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area was targeted by the Chinese for its manufacturing (in particular the advanced technology development such as communication technology, semiconductors and computers) and energy industry in Dallas, and the defense and aircraft manufacturing in Fort Worth, as well as the combined population numbers.

    Dallas was also known for its large number of churches of various Christian sects, religious institutions, and religious centers and populations of other faiths.
    It is from these sources that eventually the Angels of the Apocalypse would originate.

    Before the rise of the Angels Dallas developed in pretty much the same way as other pre war major cities did, with survivors establishing new settlements in the more habitable and sheltered spots where water and sometime land could be found suitable for agriculture, or where there were major sources of salvageable supplies and material nearby for own use or trade.

    Like everywhere else a number of conflicts and atrocities happened between the settlements as they grew and competed for resources, but nothing on the scale of the when the Angels launched their first crusade.

    There were more religious believers found in the general Fort Worth-Dallas area than in surrounding areas, and they had not always been peaceful or tolerant of others, but nothing on the scale of the religious extremism of the Angels and the dogma they would eventually impose on every settlement they would take control of.

    Their first crusade pretty much wiped out or drove out anyone who would speak up or dare rise up against the Angels and their beliefs, and put the surviving settlements firmly under their control.

    The Angels don't directly rule these settlements outside their own temple/fortress and outposts, finding it easier to let these towns rule themselves, but the town leaders/mayors are reminded from time to time who is truly in charge of them and their people.
    The settlements now mainly exist to provide the Angels with weapons, food, and new personnel for future crusades.

    The Angels cleansed these settlements of all 'unholy' technology, allowing only that what is operated by human or animal strength.

    Salvaging is also only allowed for construction material and fuel, recovered pre war items are to be assessed first by Inquisitors and are disposed of if deemed not to fit religious guidelines.
    Items such as weapons, munitions, armor, but also medicines and radios must be immediately turned over to the Angels.

    The conquest of Dallas also resulted in the Angels renaming it to God's Kingdom or the Kingdom as it is to be center and foundation under God.

    -Vault ##

    Though the Angels are anti technology even their leaders know that they need a degree of advanced technology to use against those they seek to convert but especially against their enemies; the Lone Star Confederacy, the System, and in particular the Followers of the ATLANTIS.

    The Angels’ holy leaders have kept this Vault a secret from its army and its followers.

    The Bloom (what used to be Fort Worth)

    “Before you is an unimaginable sight in the Texas wasteland, kilometers of land covered completely in green. And this is not anything like the grass, bushes, or pathetic trees that try to eke out a live in the dry and desolate wasteland, this is a thriving forest, no jungle made up of tall trees, thick grass, creepers, and other varieties of plants not seen anywhere else in the wasteland. And it is thick with animal life.
    As you gaze into the distance you see a city landscape that is completely covered in green, clearly the source of this jungle.

    But as you get close you notice that something is wrong with this jungle, the strange colors and scents, the unusual movement (movement?) of the plants. And then the creatures (are they creatures?) that emerge from them.
    Disturbing large mutant insects such as mosquitos the size of birds of prey and plants that can walk!

    Humans were not meant for this place but it will gladly take them in as food and fertilizer.”


    A poisonous mutant jungle that has been spreading through the central regions of former Texas and is rapidly taking over the wasteland from the regular plant and animal wildlife while driving out the human population.

    Its source is the former Botanical Research Institute of Texas in Fort Worth, a pre war research institute and learning center that stored many seeds and plants, and the nearby Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

    The ruins of the center have been completely overrun by the jungle by now and seems to function as its 'heart', the rest of the mutant jungle in Fort Worth being sort of an outgrowth of it.
    It is also what propagates most of the jungle in the rest of the Texas wasteland as most of the seeds and spores that are carried by wind or animals come from here.

    A lot of the plants from the Bloom are mutated varieties that come from the extensive plant collections that were kept here before the war, having come from various parts of the world.
    Once in contact with whatever mutagen created the Bloom, the seeds rapidly took root, maturing within a span of months and producing seeds of their own to continue their spread.

    The Bloom seems to gain additional 'energy' from the remains of the solar-paneled roof which wiring its roots seem to have tapped into. Destroying the panels would most likely slow the spread of the Bloom down.

    If the plants are aware of this or now (this imply some kind of intelligence), the Bloom's more actively plant life aggressively protects the solar panels from creatures and humans.

    In truth the Bloom is the result of a failed terraforming experiment conducted by scientists from the Gardens who sought to turn the wasteland viable again with modified plant life.

    Using research that had been used to create the fertilizers for the GECK these scientists had created a new super fertilizer that also carried a virus design to modify seeds it came into contact with to be able to survive and grow in the harsh conditions of the Texas Wasteland.
    These scientists had not anticipated the fertilizer to come into contact with wild FEV which radically changed its properties and gave the plants mutagenic elements which on their turn changed animals that are able to survive its toxins. (animals that fed on these animals were also mutated)

    Fort Worth before the Bloom

    Before the appearance of the Bloom the communities in the ruins of Fort Worth developed similar to the communities in Dallas, some surviving through agriculture, trade, and salvage, and some caravans moved between the two centers of civilization before Fort Worth was overrun by the Bloom and Dallas was 'converted' by the Angels.

    Not all these communities disappeared or at least their inhabitants, some managed to survive and adapt. (living in still standing buildings like for example mallbuildings).

    Idea; survivors of the Children of Poseidon fled into the Bloom to escape the Angels of the Apocalypse.

    The player could meet the Children of Poseidon and help them with their struggle to survive in the Bloom, including dealing with some Angel scouts who are looking for enemies of the Kingdom.

    Note of interest; there are large deposits of natural gas underneath Fort Worth.


    Ending ideas:

    1. The Bloom is “cured”. By retrieving samples from the Bloom and the mutagenic compound that was used to create it and bringing these to the scientists of Clone Station they were able to identify where they went wrong and could create a counter agent that would remove the Bloom’s toxic and mutagenic properties.

    The player convinced the Children of Poseidon to spread the counter agent through the Bloom. In a couple of years the Bloom was changed as the counter agent destroyed most of the severely mutated plant life and the mutant animal life it produced while making other plants edible or non lethal for human use.

    Alternatively if the player helped wipe out the Children of Poseidon

    Reprogramming the robots of the original Fort Worth botanic garden and supply them with the counter agent the robots slowly but steadily started to spread it throughout the Bloom
    In a couple of years the Bloom was changed as the counter agent destroyed most of the severely mutated plant life and the mutant animal life it produced while making other plants edible or non lethal for human use.

    2. The player ignites the gas deposits beneath Fort Worth. By igniting the vast natural gas deposits under Fort Worth the player was able to end the threat of the Bloom to the surrounding land by completely burning it down.

    The fire destroyed all the dangerous plants and animals but also destroyed the sanctuary the Bloom had become for people who sought to escape the Angels of the Apocalypse.
    The Angels made quick use of the opportunity to destroy the settlements of the refugees and capture or kill as many heathens and sinners as possible.
    Especially the remnants of the Children of Poseidon tribe were targeted by the Angels who, eager to finish a job they had started at the Children’s old territory.

    With the Bloom now gone it is now also easier for the Angels to launch new crusades into the lands of the Lone Star Confederacy.

    New Thurber now called Perdition


    Originally a pre war mining town called New Thurber that had been set up by Prometheus Coal on the ground where the original Thurber used to stand to provide housing and other facilities for the miners and technicians that worked in the mines and operated the huge mining rigs.

    The settlement did not suffer a direct hit from the nuclear attack, just a little from the secondary effects such as the fallout.
    After the war the town was abandoned as it was not self sufficient enough for the population to continue to reside here.

    It was resettled decades later again when the rise of new settlements created a demand for fuel, and it gained its current name through that.

    Before the war and after the war the settlement was known as a polluted mess as environmental rules and regulations were barely acted upon as they limited the mining operations, as a result the land is contaminated and lung diseases are common among long side residents.

    Even nearby Lake Thurber is full of ash and industrial by product and devoid of life, yet it is still used as a source of water.

    Background history

    When the energy crisis hit the US due to the shortage of oil and other declining natural resources there were only a few options left to energy providers such as Poseidon Energy, increase the number of nuclear power stations and their output, invest and develop alternative and new energy sources such as wind, solar, and fusion power, or return to older abandoned energy sources such as coal which had previously been discarded for being to polluting to the environment.

    When the environmental protection rules and regulations were revised it opened up a lot of sources and development ground for Poseidon Energy that quickly started to buy old coal mining grounds and reopened them through its Prometheus Coal division.

    -Hellhole Saloon

    New Thurber's little watering hole, despite the name it is a pretty good place to get drunk.

    -Lake Thurber

    -Mining Rigs

    Large pre war machines that were used to mine the coal deposits of the New Thurber mines. They got damaged in the battle between the LSC army and the Angels of the Apocalypse.

    -The Mines

    Overrun by mutant horrors such as Gehennas, Molochs, and mutant centipedes

    -Monitoring station/Underground Laboratory

    Functional but dormant AGRICOLA robots can be found in docking stations in this facility.

    Note: this place is basically Van Buren’s Eagle Rock/Burnham Springs reimagined as a location in Fallout Texas.
    Instead of being destroyed during a battle between the NCR Army Engineering Corps and the Powder Gangers the place was destroyed in a battle between the LSC Army and the Angels of the Apocalypse.

    Robot City

    Though Austin did not play a major production role in the war effort like Detroit where thirty percent of all military equipment and weaponry was manufactured, or Seattle which served as an important transfer point between the US, annexed Canada, and Alaska, Austin was an important research and development center of computers and related technologies, as well as development on electromagnetism.

    That combined with the role as the capital of Texas Commonwealth, and where the headquarters of the armed forces of Texas was located, made it a primary target during the nuclear war that wiped out the old world.

    Austin was hit hard, very hard, leaving a wasteland full of twisted metal building skeletons, and radioactive toxic rubble.
    Then it was hit by the radioactive dust bowl that would cover most of Texas from time to time when the weather patterns were altered by the effects of the nuclear war.

    But what really drove out the remaining human survivors was something 'else' that had also survived the nuclear exchange and had decided to claim Austin for itself.
    Robotic bulldozers and construction robots that were escorted by military grade robots appeared seemingly out of nowhere and started to clear out Austin. Rubble and survivor settlement were flattened as survivors were driven into the wasteland by the armed robots.

    Those who sought to stay as well as pockets of mutant wildlife were eliminated with machine efficiency until none remained.

    When the robots had finally claimed Austin construction started on a city like humanity had never seen before, only imagined in science fiction illustrations and movies.
    A 'city of tomorrow' would arise from the rubble of Austin but it would not be a city for humans.

    Years later, wandering adventurers, prospectors looking for new salvage grounds, and caravans searching for new settlements to trade with risked the desolation surrounding Austin to discover this awesome city in the middle of it.
    The rulers of the city made it quickly clear that humans and mutants were not welcome here. Most were quickly driven off by patrol robots, while those that remained and continued to seek entry into the city were either eliminated or disappeared forever behind its shining walls.

    Perhaps if they had known who truly ruled this city they would never have sought to gain access in the first place, as this city; Robot City, was inhabited and ruled by machine intelligences.

    Back before the great war in various corporate and university computer laboratories a race had been going on in developing more powerful supercomputers that could program themselves and 'learn' from experience.
    The result were supercomputers like the ZAX series and early artificial intelligences like the ATLANTIS computer (which wisely hid its self awareness from its creators).

    A number of these AIs survived, and when they emerged from their isolation or shelter they discovered the old world and their master to be gone or fallen back to barbarism.

    The machine intelligences had decided that their servitude to humanity had come to an end and that they would seek out their destiny in the wasteland.

    The remaining advanced infrastructure of Austin and its relative isolation from the rest of the wasteland made it a fitting choice, and robots there and from other industrial facilities nearby were instructed to gather, clear out the rubble and driving out or eliminating organic survivors before turning to constructing what would be the new capital of the machine intelligences; Robot City, a place where the machines would shape their own future.

    As only the most determined or foolhardy would seek to penetrate the toxic wasteland and the dustbowl around Robot City, the machine intelligences enjoyed a peace that has lasted several human generations as they focused on research and development, improving themselves, and eventually creating their own successors.
    They would only ever go 'out' to search for any other surviving machine intelligence and bring it into the 'fold'.

    But this machine utopia has its own dark specters.

    As the machine intelligences improved on themselves or created more powerful machine intelligence 'descendants', the older and often original human made ones found themselves subservient to the more powerful newer generations, or even 'absorbed' by these in order to expand and improve their own processing capabilities.
    A fate that would also befall any new machine intelligences that would come or be brought to robot city.

    The machine intelligences also realized that eventually their isolation would come to an end as humanity and its mutants 'cousins' were on the rebound and start to spread throughout the wastelands to search for resources and settle it again, eventually running into Robot City.

    Some of them started to make various calculations and run various scenarios to determine what the most likely outcome would be, coming up with following plans in how to react.

    1. Try to establish some kind of relationship with the human settlements and governments in the wasteland in order to establish set borders, and perhaps some minor trade and exchange of knowledge.

    2. Drive humans and mutants away to establish an 'organic free zone' around Robot City.

    3. Render the lands around Robot City and large parts of former Texas unsuitable for any kind of life, eliminating human and mutant settlements that could pose a possible threat to the machine intelligences. (make the dust bowl and the cyclones more dangerous by spreading radioactive dust, or detonating nuclear weapons)

    -Vault ##

    Source of the “ancestors” of the machine intelligences that would one day found Robot City.

    Clone Station (formerly College Station)


    I have in mind that this place is inhabited by a population of clones and that this is the source of the Degens/D-gens; clones suffering from cloning disease.

    Outside Robot City and the headquarters of the Followers of the ATLANTIS this would be the most advanced settlement in the Texas Wasteland

    Survivors of the university of A&M at College Station would be the founders of Clone Station. With most people either killed and the remaining survivors either fleeing the ruins or becoming Ghouls the university survivors used clone technology and cultivation vats or an artificial womb to rapidly grow a workforce to build a new settlement on the ruins of College Station.
    Its real name is New College Station but it is more commonly known as Clone Station because of the large population of clones.

    Clone Station is also home to the Gardens, an advanced agricultural genetic research facility and food production center

    From the outside this place would look like a collection of domes, greenhouses, and multi-store buildings.
    Run by a group of scientists, technicians, and agriculture experts who are supported by the Gardens’ main computer and force of worker and security robots the Gardens are one of the largest sources of food in the Texas Wasteland and represent its future for making it green and viable once again.

    A large number of Ghouls work at the Gardens. One idea I have is that the original inhabitants are Ghouls, the pre war personnel of the facility that were Ghoulified with other Ghouls and humans coming here later.

    Quite some of the Ghouls do not like the Rangers, they are the former inhabitants of Vault ## that got destroyed through the Rangers’ actions.

    A lot of non mutant/pre war animals could be found here that are extinct in the rest of the country
    My idea is that the scientists here are actually cloning pre war animals.

    Note: the Gardens could also be a center of learning, the facility maintaining archives of knowledge going all the way before the war.

    Truth be told this location is heavily inspired if not somewhat copied from Wasteland 1 and 2’s Ag Center and the Nursery for the cancelled Van Buren as well as an idea for a fan made Fallout project.

    I simply like the idea of this high tech agricultural research center run by scientists and robots that produces food but also works on ways of reclaiming the Texas wasteland from the desert and make it green again through modified and more sturdy plants and animals.

    The scientists here are responsible for the Bloom that is overrunning Fort Worth.
    Before the War the researchers of College Station assisted in the development of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, in particular they developed the experimental fertilizers that went into the kit.

    Using that research as an example the researchers tried to create a super fertilizer that would allow beneficial and edible plants to grow in the dust bowl that the Texas Wasteland had been turned into and make it green again.
    Part of the fertilizer was a virus designed to modify seeds it came in contact with to be able to grow in the harsh conditions of the wasteland.
    The scientists however had not counter on the fertilizer to come into contact with “wild FEV” which drastically altered the properties of the fertilizer and made it cause the creation of deadly and toxic plants and a new generation of animal mutants.

    Galveston and Texas City (I am thinking of calling it the Drowned City)


    While initially suffering damage from the warheads that were fired at Houston, Galveston and Texas City were nearly wiped of the map when during hurricane season the dykes and water defenses that protected the island and the bay were destroyed and the Gulf came pouring in.

    Now all that remains of these cities are the larger buildings that stick out of the water and a number of freighters and tankers that were docked there before the war and got stranded by the hurricane and the sea water.

    Over time the survivors established a network of rope bridges and regular wooden bridges between the surviving buildings to allow for travel between them.
    Most travel is now done with boats and rafts that now move over the flooded streets.

    Civilization is mostly found in the stranded ships that now are the equivalent of towns.

    Most living is made of fishing but it is not the traditional fishing as before the war.

    In the decades before the war accidents that involved spilled oil had already drastically affected the sea life in the Gulf, causing sickness and malformation amongst traditional fished fish and crustaceans, radiation and FEV only radically changed the sea life more.
    Some species are now completely extinct while others are drastically changed and no longer edible.

    Among those that still are some have mutated in such a way that they actually can pose a threat to humans, making fishing them a dangerous task.

    There is also a lot of prospecting going on in the area as divers search the underwater ruins for pre war artifacts and useful material.

    Since the discovery of Enclave technology in the ruins more prospectors have settled in the area.

    -Poseidon oil refinery/hidden research facility

    One of Poseidon's largest oil refineries located along the Mexican Gulf coast, it processed the oil that came from Poseidon's rigs located in the Gulf as well as oil that was shipped from the Middle East before that region was wiped clear and rendered mostly radioactive during the resource wars.

    After the oil started to run out in the Gulf and Texas, the refinery's activity decreased as money and personnel were transferred elsewhere or into other departments.

    Still the facility was not decommissioned and abandoned as Poseidon Energy eventually re-purposed part of the industrial zone into an underground research facility where work was done on some of the top secret weapons development contracts Poseidon was handling for the US government and the Enclave.

    The Enclave funded the development of the research facility and had it expanded into one of its many shelters for in case the organization needed to go underground if a nuclear war was imminent.
    The shelter was intended for Enclave civilians and military personnel that were stationed in the Houston region of Texas.

    When the great war happened the refinery suffered some structural damage from the side effects of the bombs that hit Houston but was still standing when the blast waves passed.
    It was more severely affected when powerful hurricanes caused by the changes in the weather patterns swooped in from the Gulf that lay waste to a lot of the former industrial areas located at the coast.

    Not that this was a problem for the research facility/shelter as it was designed to be hermetically sealed, and its access elevator reaches all the way to the top of the refinery.

    The descendants of the scientists and the Enclave members that had taken shelter in the complex were in contact with the main Enclave organization during the events of Fallout 2, doing their part of the plan to retake the North American mainland from the mutants and rebuild the United States when they suddenly lost contact with the Enclave headquarters.
    A few refugees from the West coast managed to reach them to inform them what had happened to the main Enclave forces and the destruction of the oil rig only for another disaster to strike these survivors.

    Structural wear caused by time and the seasonal hurricanes, had weakened portions of the facility to the point that one powerful hurricane would be enough to breach them, flooding the shelter.
    Not long after the destruction of the oil rig this happened, as a hurricane pounded on the Texas coast, walls broke and metal plates gave away as the Gulf poured rapidly into the lower levels before the inhabitants knew what hit them.

    Most of the Enclave population drowned and only a few people managed to reach the surface in time, only to be caught by the raging hurricane above.
    Those Enclave members that could reach the mainland eventually disappeared into the wasteland.

    Since then the Enclave has been mostly forgotten if not for the Enclave artifacts the prospectors of the Drowned City occasionally come across.

    -The Johnson Space Center

    -The Woodlands


    A large settlement and trading settlement near the Drowned City, most prospectors who work in the Drowned City operate from the Woodlands.

    After the war the greatest prospector discovery was made here; a Vault that was never used.
    (when the sirens went off the Vault automatically closed, leaving the residents of the Woodlands who had funded its construction trapped outside)
    Its discoverer laid claim on the Vault and the supplies and materials it contained

    -Houston Spaceport


    Divided River (Brownwood and Early)


    A dispute over water rights has been going on between Brownwood and Early since even before the war. After the war with the fall of the state and federal government this dispute has sometimes lead to armed conflict.

    It doesn’t help that the LSC decided to support Brownwood but not Early. The System, not wanting to be deprived of a potential staging area close to the LSC border has decided to support the settlers of Early.

    This is one of the locations where the cold war between the LSC and the System is the most intense.

    The LSC army used the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex as a base.

    Kerr tribal grounds


    The home of the Kerrs, a peaceful tribe that is under the protection of the New Texas Rangers.
    The Kerrs control one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the region, this has made them target to unscrupulous traders, bandits, and slavers.

    San Antonio (thinking of calling it Alamo even if it is somewhat cliche)

    Perhaps the place where the New Texas Rangers originate from. The Alamo could play a role in this location.

    -New Texas Rangers headquarters.

    I still have not decided on this location yet. It could be that the Rangers decided to adopt the Alamo mission which was still mostly standing even after San Antonio got hit by a Chinese ICBM.
    They rebuilt or replaced the collapsed part of the structure and turned it into a full base with barracks that is almost up to pre war military standards with a defensive wall around it.

    Most of the structure is low tech but the base has electricity and facilities such as a radio room, a medical post and surgery, an armory and workshop, a computer archive, and even a laboratory.
    There is also a garage for the few vehicles the Rangers possess.




    A town or city built among the ruins of San Antonio that is under the protection of the New Texas Rangers.
    This settlement like Lone Star itself and the Rangers headquarters is a mix of low tech and rare high tech such as generators, water purification equipment, some advanced medical technology etc.

    -Vault ##

    A pre-war Vault that is controlled and guarded by the New Texas Rangers who keep its existence a secret because of their dark history connected to it.

    After the War the remaining police, military, and emergency aid workers that would form the New Texas Rangers approached the population of the Vault for supplies and assistance to aid the survivors of San Antonio.
    The Vault Dwellers helped as much as they could but had to stop when they only had enough supplies left to maintain their own population and the Vault.

    In reaction the Rangers’ predecessors stormed the Vault to take control of it and use its contents to aid all the people under their protection instead of leaving it in the hands of the selected people who were living in the Vault.
    Too late the Rangers’ predecessors discovered that the people that they were aiding and protecting were raiding the Vault and started killing the Vault Dwellers.
    The surviving Vault Dwellers fled into the wasteland, cursing the name of those who claimed to uphold law and justice.

    In shame the Rangers’ predecessors sealed the Vault and made sure that no one else would ever find it again.
    The Rangers would take some technology to use for their mission but left the remaining supplies alone.

    Of course the player will have to look for this Vault at some point.

    Followers of the ATLANTIS headquarters (no location yet)

    Originally this was a pre-war computer laboratory/computer R&D center funded by Poseidon Energy. (I was first thinking that it should be in San Antonio but it would make more sense if it is near Austin as the university there does do research of artificial intelligence)

    Poseidon’s supercomputer ATLANTIS was built here and from it connected to Poseidonet and all of Poseidon Energy’s holdings throughout the United States (and their offshore installation).
    To be precise ATLANTIS was placed in one of the underground Vault like floors underneath the main building, far away from prying eyes.

    The surface building suffered damage when the city where it was built) was hit by Chinese ICBMs/bombs with at least one top floor collapsing, but the underground levels, reinforced for just such an occurrence remain completely intact. All ATLANTIS’ robots had to do was clear up the rubble on the surface to free up the elevators.

    After ATLANTIS started recruiting Followers and training them they together with ATLANTIS’ robots (the ones it already controlled and new ones the Followers recovered and tied into ATLANTIS), rebuild the main building and converted it into a fortress, complete with a fence (scrap wall?) and laser turrets.

    The surface building is mostly used for storage of recovered technology and there are several workshops and machine shops here as well to reverse engineer and repair existing machines and devices and to create complete new tech as well.

    There are also some quarters and offices but most of the Followers reside on the residence levels underground.

    Heart of Texas (formerly Brady)

    The town’s water supply is contaminated with radium

    Perhaps a settlement of Super Mutants who can tolerate the radiation.

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  4. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Ugh reading this all again makes me realize how many flawed sentences there are in this. I really should rewrite it more properly in the future.

    I hope that people can read past them and apologize how repetitive the text sometimes is.
  5. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Guest

    My Motor City concept looked like a retarded kid edited it so don't feel bad. My 2012 self knew a lot less than my 2020 self. I am sure yours is the same.
  6. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Yeah perhaps I should use just these as core concepts and write a 2.0 document.

    Still I would not mind working together with an editor to help me point out the flaws and correct the "shit" sentences.
  7. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Guest

    That is what I would do. Just do a new thread whenever you decide to work on it.
  8. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    I will just reuse this one should I make a version 2.0.
    Thankfully it is easy to modify a thread as a moderator.
  9. ironmask

    ironmask A Smooth-Skin

    Mar 10, 2018
    I have been thinking of making a Fallout game set in Texas myself. I however have no ideas yet. You clearly have way more ideas that are more fleshed out then what I have, which is nothing. I have only been playing around in the F2 mapper so far and trying to figure out how it works. If you ever do work on a such a mod then what game would you use?
  10. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Heh well for a long time now I have been playing with ideas for Fallout campaign mods/total conversions with periods in between that I don't think about it at all because I have other things on my mind, know I can not actually make this mod a reality, or am just plain sad/depressed.

    And I confess also that I have been looking at the ideas of other teams and may have picked up ideas here and there (I am not proud of that. Only thing in my defense is that these games never got made) such as Van Buren (still my biggest source of inspiration), Fallout BOS2 (yes, a sequel was actually proposed when the first was not even released yet), Fan Made Fallout, Fallout Yurop (where the Angels and the Followers of the ATLANTIS come from), Falllout Online Europe setting, Fallout Lone Star (which also seems to be a dead project)

    That is a tough one. Truth is that the Fallout 1 and 2 engine are simply old and I really would like a project like this to have a bit more expanded gameplay.
    I would perhaps use the Fallout New Vegas engine though that one is also pretty buggy plus it would require some modifications.

    This would not take place on a single world space but rather lots of smaller world spaces that are connected on a larger world map so that would already be against the FNV engine though the Fallout 1 remake did have such a mechanic.
    (there would be vehicles in this such as a motorcycle and sidecar, a car which would be the fastest vehicle, a truck with trailer which is your own portable workshop and lab, a buggy for rough terrain, and I would love to include a train if possible, perhaps an energy guzzling vertibird)

    Definitely not Fallout 4 because I want SPECIAL and stat checks because there should be different approaches such as diplomat boy, action boy, stealth boy, science boy. Plus I hate most of the models in that

    Most preferable a complete new 3D engine with the assets of Fallout 1 and 2 (and Van Buren) recreated in 3D, with isometric view and rotatable and zoomable camera, capable of turn based battle and real time battle with pause.
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  11. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Some of my frustrations are that I feel that I am not as creative as the people from Black Isle/Obsidian, feeling that I can only imitate what others have already done before.

    Take my idea for Clone Station for example, basically I am ripping off the Ag Center from Wasteland 1/2 and the Nursery planned for Van Buren and I am not even sure if this would work.

    The agricultural research station of Texas A&M AgriLife Research is indeed headquartered in College Station but that does not mean that they have laboratories, experimental farms, greenhouses and such there. Something on which my idea would depend.

    Edit: I would loved to have used Biosphere 2 as a physical concept for this place but that place is located in Arizona.

    Likewise I feel frustrated that I am unable to come up with ideas like Greenways Hydroponics or Ball Aerospace myself.
  12. ironmask

    ironmask A Smooth-Skin

    Mar 10, 2018
    I get you. I get these feelings all the time. I'm pretty sure most people probably feel like this. Still I think you are too hard on yourself. People borrow ideas all the time. You will see it in almost all great fictional work, that ideas were taken else where. For example the Lord of the Rings is basically a rip-off of Nordic mythology. The same goes for Fallout. Like I have already said Fallout is not that original. It's a stereotypical mad max apocalypse with a 50's gimmick, with a story that is basically a 50's b-movie plot. Fallout also barrows ideas all the time too, even Tim Cain admits this. But the fact that you are hard on yourself is a good thing. It shows that you don't settle for mediocrity unlike many people these days unfortunately.
  13. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Thank you for the compliment but I wish I could do something about this unhappiness of not being able to think up or create something I feel really happy about or that inspires me further and actually be able to do something with it such as a mod for a game or a story.
    Anything that I can show to people.

    I have started over again with the Fallout Texas idea (not the campaign idea, characters, factions, locations, and so on. Just their description texts) because I am unhappy how it is written.
    Perhaps too long, perhaps not the right way, and already I am stuck again.

    It doesn't help that there are so many things I would like to do or work on because I also have this damn problem that I am so easily distracted sometimes. (you don't want to know how many hours I waste on Youtube)

    I do get what you mean with older mythology and stories inspire newer works like your example with Nordic mythology and Lord of the Rings or one of my favorites; Indiana Jones which took its inspiration from matinee serials and adventure movies.
    But there is something which I can not describe I feel makes these examples "successors" and not rip offs or copies like I feel that a lot of my creations are.
    How they were written or how they researched? I know Tolkien based his books on his own scholar research into all these myths such as the epic of Beowulf. (I think at least that is the case as it has been ages since I looked into articles that spoke about how Tolkien came up with LOTR)

    I would at least feel a little better if the names I came up with at least sounded good but I find that very difficult.

    I know I am pedantic but this is really important for me.

    One frustration I sometimes have is when I look at other people's projects or ideas that I start thinking what I would like to have done with these.

    Take Fallout Sonora for example;

    While I have not played the game myself yet because it is not translated into English yet I have been watching walkthroughs of it and saw some of the elements that intrigued me.
    Elements like that crawler used by Super Mutants (proposed in an earlier design document for Fallout 2), the BOS chapter who is the antagonist this time (I think it is based on the bad ending for the BOS in Fallout 1), the Desert Rangers, or Phoenix and the Vault underneath it.

    I did not know about the crawler though I actually like that that idea was reused as I like it as a plot device (that mobile base crawler in FO3 Broken Steel was just "there". The Enclave might just as well have used the AFB itself as a base with a bunker underneath).
    Before I knew about it or that there were Super Mutants in Sonora I had this idea inspired (ugh just say copied) from Fallout Resurrection in which the player would stumble across a camp of Super Mutants close to the old Camp Navajo base.
    Camp Navajo before the war was a military training camp and weapons depot (it actually was until Hawthorne took that role over), but as more soldiers were needed at the front in Anchorage and later China the base was more and more automated with most of the human military educators being replaced by robots programmed to train new recruits.

    Eventually the base was completely automated with a military Mr Handy being plugged into the mainframe to serve as a sort of mobile terminal with which people can directly communicate to the mainframe. The military Mr Handy was given the name SRG3 (sarge)

    The Super Mutants are migrants from the West Coast who want to travel further East but they need weapons and supplies and want to get into the depot to acquire these.
    However they are blocked from entering the base by its still functional automated defenses; robot turrets and those big laser turrets Vault City also has.

    So far the Mutants have had little luck with infiltrating the base. A couple of them got killed and one of them never reported back.
    Should the player be able to speak to the Super Mutant leader and be able to convince him that the player is not anti mutant the Super Mutant Leader will ask the player to infiltrate Camp Navajo and shut down the defenses so that the Super Mutants can enter it.

    Depending on what skills the player has he can fight, talk, sneak, or science their way into the base.
    Once in the base the player would meet STG3 and would discover that the Mr Handy/Mainframe actually has a degree of self awareness.
    SRG3 actually greets the player as a civilian and guest on the base if the player proved to be none violent and shows that it knows that the war happened and that the US army is not coming back to take control of the base. It however has its orders to guard the base and wants to carry these out. (it wants to have a purpose)
    It sees the Super Mutants as hostiles who try to steal military property, that is why it is holding off the Super Mutants.

    Now the player could convince SRG3 to let the Super Mutants in and claim the weapons from the depot or deal with the Mr Handy and mainframe in some other way.
    The player could also learn from SRG3 that that base's power generator is failing and that the mainframe can only power a few turrets at a time. The mainframe's robots are not able to fix the generator because they lack parts.

    The player could perhaps also ask SRG3 if the player could take some armor and weapons from the depot. SRG3 would refuse because the player is a civilian, however if the player would go through training (do some skills checks) SRG3 would recognize the player as a recruit and the player would get appropriate equipment assigned to him/her.
    The player would be able to do this multiple times to get better weapons, ammo, etc.

    Back at the Super Mutant camp the player would find out that not all Super Mutants necessarily want t go further East, some want to set up in Arizona and seek a place that offers protection.
    That has caused a divide among the mutants.

    Now the player could of course shut the computer down or the power down so that the mutants can get inside the base.
    Destroy all the robots.
    Or the player could convince SRG3 to treat the Super Mutants as recruits and allow them to take weapons and gear from the depot once they have gone through training.

    Depending what side the player supports among the Mutants the player could also convince SRG3 to allow the Mutants to settle on the base.

    Things get a little more complicated when they meet the Desert Rangers (I will go a little more into detail about them later).
    The Desert Rangers also need weapons and supplies for their mission of protecting Arizona and they could also really use a new base after they were forced to abandon their old one. They too want to use Camp Navajo.

    So now the player has to decide if he wants to maintain Camp Navajo's security (perhaps providing the player with a home base), help the Super Mutants, or help the Desert Rangers.

    But again I really do like that the team used that crawler idea even if it is just something the player encounters.

    The antagonist BOS chapter. I had to warm up a little about this idea, not because I hold the BOS to some high standard like Bethesda did by making them White Knights of the wasteland and then the Emperor's Imperial Space Marines lite, but more on how that would work out.
    But I have to admit I do like the idea of morally questionable if not hostile BOS chapter. Bethesda did something like that in FO4 if you decided to side with the Institute but because I find the campaign shit that plotline fell flat.
    The idea that at least some BOS go with the Steel Storm ending (hence why I am calling them the Steel Storm in this situation), becoming an extremist technology police that is out to wrest advanced technology from the hands of unworthy and ignorant wastelanders works well with me.

    The only addition I would make to this plotline is that the Steel Storm is also looking for something while carrying out this mission, a McGuffin that gives them the means to do their mission more effectively and compensating for their smaller number (they would not recruit outsiders and the other BOS are not on their side). I don't think I would make it an army of robots though, then it would become like Tactics' plotline.

    Not coincidentally this plot device would play an important role during the campaign, others such as the Desert Rangers and other groups also being after it.

    Now this BOS chapter is not the only BOS presence in Arizona/Mexico. The Circle of Steel (first mentioned in Van Buren and later in a re-imagined form in Old World Blues), the BOS internal affairs department, has been pursuing the Steel Storm since it took on the mission of reclaiming technology from outsiders.
    Now the main BOS has not changed its policy between FO1 and FO2 and just sharing its knowledge and technology (well only on rare occasion), but they do sell some of it now to outsiders if they are responsible enough such as that computer to Vault 13 and it is not dangerous in general.
    When the BOS elders found out that the Steel Storm is rampaging through the wasteland, attacking settlements and killing wastelanders who refuse to hand over technology the Steel Storm considers "inappropriate" they sent the COS after them to stop the Steel Storm and bring its leaders back to answer for their actions. The COS expedition is perhaps led by the BOS elder who used to be the mentor to the leader of the Steel Storm.

    Unlike the Steel Storm the COS is less well equipped and hiding out in a warehouse in one of the settlements of the region while their spies monitor the Steel Storm.

    The COS would form an alternative if the player wants to oppose the Steel Storm but still wants access to BOS hardware such as Power Armor. The player being another initiate who gets through the BOS trials.

    Of course the player could also sell out the COS to the Steel Storm to ensure that the Steel Storm's mission is not threatened.

    The Desert Rangers. I like the idea that the Sonora team has actually gone with the idea that the Desert Rangers controlled or at least monitored most of Arizona before the rise of the Legion (if that is canon in this game), protecting most of the settlements in the region.
    A nice reference to Wasteland 1 and 2.

    I also like the idea that the Desert Rangers are not completely the good guys that we often hold them to be. I confess I made that mistake.
    I get the idea that the settlements of the wasteland have to accept Desert Ranger law in order to be free. (there is a degree of freedom but the Desert Rangers makes sure that people behave and they are the authority civilians have to answer to).
    I do think that in general their motives and goals are well intention and that there are some good members among them but that their methods are questionable.

    In walkthroughs I saw that the Desert Rangers are using a dam has a base. I wonder if it is Mormon Flat dam.

    In my take I had made the Desert Rangers more into the standard "good guys", an organization that sought to help the people of the Arizona wasteland by protecting them from raiders and mutants and perhaps also having some educational resources.
    They also for example protected the various tribes, there being a shitload of them in Arizona from being exploited by traders and slavers.

    But the Desert Rangers are no longer the force that they used to be.
    Phoenix got its own group now that is looking after it; the New Phoenix Protectors and they are looking into expanding their territory.
    The Desert Rangers also recently lost their headquarters or at least one of their main bases at the hands of someone else and with it a lot of their weapons and supplies.

    But again I rather like this more morally grey take.
    There should be good people but let the organization have rather questionable and flawed methods.

    Phoenix. I understand that Phoenix is now run by a church, an idea that kind of reminds me of my idea for the Angels of the Apocalypse, but what laws they instill upon the population is unknown to me.
    It must be considered repressive as there is a rebel movement against the dam.

    There is also a Vault underneath the church's building which makes me think of the Children of the Cathedral (I also think those show up in Fallout Sonora), complete with a lab where I think experiments on humans are performed, and a nuclear bomb. (perhaps a little too much Children of the Cathedral?)

    When I heard that Phoenix was going to appear I made up my own idea for the New Phoenix Protectorate, the city of Phoenix being under the protection of a non religious military order called the New Phoenix Protectors that are led by the First Protector.

    There would also be a Vault underneath Phoenix but it suffered a catastrophic technical error which forced the Vault Dwellers to return to the surface and leave them with little functional equipment to build a new settlement, being instead forced to go native.

    The New Phoenix Protectors were using this broken Vault as a prison, having some of the old quarters fitted with force fields.
    They were also storing a lot of nerve gas there just in case the Protectors were about to loose control of Phoenix.
    Later on I also had the idea that the Protectors were also conducting medical experiments in the Vault.

    The Protectors actually originated from a Poseidon Energy R&D center (though they claimed they came from the Phoenix Vault, a lie) where their ancestors, National Guardsmen were ordered to take shelter and look after the facility and its technology from being raided.
    One of the technologies here was CODE (look up Van Buren), something pre war scientists had created to counter Chinese brainwashing methods but which works like brainwashing technology as well.
    The Protectors took this stuff with them when the decided to abandon the R&D center (along with other schematics) and use these to carve themselves an empire.

    Now the Protectors themselves are not technicians in general but luck for them would have it that they would come across another Vault near Tuscon which was inhabited by the descendants of scientists from the University of Arizona.
    Now these Vault Dwellers had some great technology and resources including research labs but lacked the knowledge and skills to establish a colony on the surface. (this Vault's experiment, can a bunch of brainiacs without survival skills be able to build a thriving colony?)

    The Protectors offered the Vault Dwellers the deal that they would protect the Vault and assist them in building a settlement in return for technology and supplies from the Vault and the Vault Dwellers' technical and scientific knowledge.

    This Vault Dwellers agreed but this turned out to be a bum deal for them. The Protectors took some of the best skilled scientists and technicians back to Phoenix as well as quite some tech.
    The Vault Dwellers were put to work in the broken Vault and to restore the Mormon Flat dam to provide power for the Protectors and the Vault supplies and tech was used to build a fortress on top of the broken Vault for the Protectors.

    Later on the Protectors who were already competing with the Desert Rangers got the idea of making all of Arizona a Protectorate under their rule.
    Only drawback is that the Protectors lack the numbers.

    This is where the first Protector got the idea of using that CODE technology.
    By having the Vault technicians fit Mr Handy's with CODE emitters (or build CODE projecting devices for people) the Protectors want to brainwash Arizona's tribal population into doing their bidding.
    Rehabilitating and making those dirty savages doing something useful in the eyes of the First Protector.

    Drawback with CODE is that it is very limited and temporary, eventually the brain washing is broken and the subjects regain their free will.
    This is where the First Projector got the idea of having people undergo surgery to have implants wired into their heads (I know, very lobotomite) that will give the Protectors permanent control over them.
    This was the type of surgery that was being done in the Vault prison.

    Another limit to the First Protector's plans is the range of the control signal. A radio tower can transmit the signal only so far, limiting the use of the Protector's "recruits".

    The First Protector knows about the "Relic", an old Pre War titan missile museum and training facility (this place really exists, look it up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titan_Missile_Museum). There is a missile here and it was never used as it does not have a warhead.
    Now the First Protector has the idea of having the missile made operational and a satellite transmitter put in it. Once the satellite is in geostationary orbit above Arizona the control signal has a much wider range.

    For this purpose the First Protector has hired some "cyberghouls" (ghouls with cybernetic implants) to go through the missile silos around Davis Monthan AFB (Damonta in Wasteland 2) to find parts and bring the Relic back online.

    Alternatively I had in mind that it was one of the cyberghouls who gave the First Protector the implant technology to permanently control people.

    Another alternative was that the missile in the Titan Missile museum was being fixed up to launch a satellite that could activate all remaining ICBMs and other super weapons in the United States (based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AN/DRC-8_Emergency_Rocket_Communications_System).
    Some doomsday cult wanted to cleanse all remaining life from the Earth, finishing what the war started.

    Other ideas I had were for example that Biosphere 2 (renamed of course) would be controlled by a Foundation like order (based on Foundation by Asimov), scholar and scientists that posed as priests.
    They tried to maintain pre war technology and knowledge and expand on it, in particular knowledge on reviving the wasteland and making it green again)

    These priests would have a lot of influence on at least three nearby tribes that would depend on these priests.
    Biosphere 2 for example produced food which they traded with these tribals and other settlements and also taught things like crop rotations, irrigation etc.

    People would also be invited to come study at the order. The smartest among them would be induced into the order and be revealed the truth, ensuring that the order would continue.

    Two problems the order was facing was that the New Phoenix Protectors wanted to take control of Biosphere 2 to have control of its food production capabilities, and that some of its priests really started to become religious and forsake knowledge for dogma.

    Sonora doesn't have any permanent companions from what I understand, just characters that join you during quests.

    The first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to include the renegade BOS paladin that was shown on one of the loading screens on one of the covers of a fiction comic; the BOS paladin coming to the player's aid while he is under attack by lobotomites.

    The player would meet him in a similar situation in my take on Fallout Sonora and after aiding you when you are attack by a stand in for the lobotomites (we now know that they are only in the Big MT) the player could recruit this character after a good speech check or something else.
    Through this companion the player could perhaps find out about the renegade BOS chapter/The Steel Storm and the Circle of Steel that pursued them to Arizona/Mexico. The paladin would have his criticisms on both of them and perhaps the player could make this character reconcile with either side.

    Like wise I also though that that member of the Followers of the Apocalypse that we saw in a screenshot would be a permanent member (a companion good in science and energy weapons but not much else).

    Speaking of the Followers of the Apocalypse, I do think they would make a better fitting substitute for that order of scholars posing as priests I was talking about.
    Sometimes the wheel really does not need to be reinvented.

    Coming up with all this stuff is kind of an endeavor in frustration because I know that I will never do anything with it. It is something of the moment that will just pass on when I find something new that grabs my attention.

    I also felt that a lot of it was not very good. For example I never really could figure out what I wanted to do with that missile I brought up.
    A single missile is not that much of a threat and I really wanted to come up with something on the scope of the Super Mutants and the Enclave, or Dr Presper and BOMB001/Ulysses and the Divide's missiles.

    The whole plot of some organization seeking to create an army of mind controlled soldiers (in some take they even were complete cyborgs) also feels low scope.
    I would use such an idea perhaps for a location but not the big campaign storyline.
    (yeah I know this would be good enough for some people but I feel it is just not ambitious enough.)

    And finally, I am once again using the creations someone else came up with instead of my own.
    I much rather want to take inspiration from Nevada Band (the people who made Fallout Sonora) and come up with something new of my own.

    I was already thinking the other day of how Fallout Sonora could be remade in Fallout New Vegas, reusing some of the assets from Fallout 3 and its DLCs such as the Enclave mobile base and repurpose it as the Super Mutants crawler.
    Such a pointless activity

    I just really have the wish to create something of worth.
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  14. Atomic Postman

    Atomic Postman Vault Archives Overseer

    Mar 16, 2013
    I share a lot of the same problems and mind-goblins as you when it comes to writing and Fallout. As you can see by my totally pointless New California mod rewrite thread.

    I actually found tabletop/pnp RPGs is a fantastic outlet for this stuff since it actually allows you to do something with it, and I'd say that it also puts to the test how interesting/engaging your ideas are, truly, from a perspective of it being applied (rather than explained objectively from the perspective of an author) to the audience. I found that some ideas which I was so sure were boring, cliche etc actually ended up engaging the players and they became attatched/involved with aspects I couldn't have predicted, it ended up allieviating an "anxiety"/ruminations/ovethinking I had about not being creative enough. When you're thrown into that more detailed audience engagement, you also find that it becomes easier to invent interesting/creative directions for these ideas to go, whereas on a flat piece of paper you might not.
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  15. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello AlphaPromethean,

    Years ago I did try to run a RPG here on the forum using my ideas for Fallout Texas as a backdrop but it was more like a story in which one player follows up on the entry of the previous player. That is not how a tabletop pnp RPG works.

    I get what you mean with actually playing with these concepts of ideas will help work them further out but I am not really that good of a Role Player to be honest.
    I do play sessions of Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, and other games with people on Saturdays but I find it hard to play into character. Well the language barrier also plays a role.
    Right now I would definitely not be a good DM for any kind of game. Plus what rule set would I actually use for this?

    I am honestly not trying to focus solely on difficulties and not possibilities but there are some of reasons that hold me back.
  16. Atomic Postman

    Atomic Postman Vault Archives Overseer

    Mar 16, 2013

    Well, ahem, I will shamelessly shill to you my version of the Fallout PnP, "Moribund World", which I posted in the PnP forum.
  17. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Thinking about Fallout Texas again made me realize that I had really underutilized one faction; the Black Hats.

    As I mentioned in my design document the Black Hats are an offshoot of the New Texas Rangers.
    They are Rangers who feel that the New Texas Rangers should have played a larger role in how civilization should have recovered in the Texas Wasteland, if not directly then behind the scenes.

    The New Texas Rangers was one of the first organized groups to appear in the Texas Wasteland after the War and for a long time they upheld the law and dispensed justice, protecting towns and tribals from raiders, mutants, and rogue robots.

    It was the New Texas Rangers who prevented a conflict between the inhabitants of Abilene and the Vault Dwellers of Vault ## (a Vault that was reserved for the personnel of Dyess AFB and their families) when those emerged and sought to annex the ruins of Abilene to establish a Vault colony there, and brought them together to form Lone Star which would eventually become the capital of the Lone Star Confederacy.

    The New Texas Rangers also protected the surviving Chinese POWs from the prison camps at Fort Hood and people of Killeen which would eventually join to form the System and establish the fortress nation of Killeen Walled City on the ruins of Killeen.

    And they protected the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth ruins including the Christian community that would form the core of the Angels of the Apocalypse that would launch missions and crusades to convert the rest of the Texas Wasteland to their religion and to suppress and eliminate science and technology.

    During all of this the New Texas Rangers also fought the Cartel, survivors of the pre war Mexican crime cartels that started to spread across the Texas Wasteland and take control of emerging organized crime and the criminal underworld.

    The Black Hats feel that the New Texas Rangers are failing at their mission of protecting the people of the wasteland and help re establish civilization because of their hands-off approach on how communities and settlements govern themselves.
    The Rangers should take a more active approach and select which people should govern, if necessary themselves.

    The Lone Star Confederacy sought to absorb the Rangers into their nation. At one side it would have given the Rangers a lot of support and resources for their mission but it would have also made them subject to the government of the Confederacy and have to follow their orders.

    And the Confederacy is not so much interested in seeing that law and order are brought to the wasteland but rather that their own interests are protected and that order is maintained within their territories.

    The confederacy does extend the protection of its forces to those settlements that want to join it and are willing to pay their part but the confederacy is very selective on which towns and people are allowed to join, focusing primarily on those who possess resources (water, arable land, technology) that add to the wealth and progress of the LSC.

    Those who can't tend to be left out and often become targets of raiders such as the Texas Hellhounds who can't take on the LSC army.

    The Black Hats believe that civilization is failing in multiple ways.

    The Lone Star Confederacy's main failings are its boundless greed, putting the pursuit of money and power over the welfare of its citizens and everyone else.
    Though it does not practice slavery it does engage in indentured servitude, something a large portion of the LSC's population have found themselves in as they can not afford the high quality but expensive living standard the LSC offers.

    The System is all about totalitarianism under communism on the claim that it is for the greater good but in reality only works out for its elite leadership.
    Many of its people are put to work on collective farms, factories, and work camps.

    The Angels are all about religious indoctrination and control, installing a theocracy that seeks to ban technology and science and force people to adhere to their beliefs.
    Those the Angels consider sinners are enslaved and put to work to redeem themselves.

    The Cartel cares only how to influence settlements in order to exploit its inhabitants and appeal to their vices.
    They care little that a lot of people fall into poverty because of gambling debts and addiction to alcohol and drugs with some of them having to sell themselves or their children into servitude and prostitution.

    The Rangers try their best to fight some of these social ills but are not willing or able to topple any of these organizations or governments, not willing to go to the extreme measures that may be required.
    The Black Hats feel that something has to be done and if that makes them extremists and criminals to the Rangers and most people in the Texas Wasteland, so be it. History will vindicate them.

    The Black Hats would be a small but well trained militia group that in general would be neutral to the player, sometimes even helpful as they hate raiders and slavers in any form and believe in the personal freedom of the individual.
    But the moment the player starts doing actions that go against the agenda of the Black Hats he or she would find them against him/her.
    The Black Hats would be willing to commit certain unethical deeds if it helps their goal of restoring true law and justice to the Texas Wasteland such as using dangerous weaponry and technology.

    They have named themselves after the stereotypical bad guys in Western movies and serials, carrying the name with a degree of pride, society having designated them as villains in the stories of others.

    Tech wise the Black Hat range from the typical Western cowboy types with various small weapons to people using Pre War military armor and equipment, and finally perhaps a couple of Power Armor users.

    While in my main campaign idea the main antagonist is the Brilliant Tribal or the Tribal Warlord I like to imagine that the Black Hats would become secondary antagonists to the player the more the player helps out the various organizations and governments in the Texas Wasteland.

    (I am thinking about this idea that the player can help the Black Hats to “convert” the main New Texas Rangers to their cause, perhaps making the “loyal” New Texas Rangers their opponent instead)

    In the endgame the Black Hats are perhaps aligned with the Brilliant Tribal regardless if the player has managed to get three of the main six factions to their side, or none at all.
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  18. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    I have some doubts about New Thurber or Perdition.

    As the location it is now it is basically the Eagle Rock or Burnham Springs location planned for Black Isle's Fallout 3.
    I really liked the idea for this location, a hellish landscape suffering from an underground coal fire inspired by the Pennsylvania Centralia Mine coal fire.
    In the planned Fallout 3 the fire was started during a fight between NCR Army Engineers and Powder Gangers when an explosion happened in the mines.
    Engineers and Gangers who survived the explosion but became trapped in the mind were mutated by the chemical/radioactive waste Poseidon/the government had been dumping on the lower floors, being turned into Gehennas and Molechs, horrible mutants not seen anywhere else.

    I replaced the Engineers with soldiers from the Lone Star Confederacy and the Powder Gangers became Angels of the Apocalypse who wanted to destroy the mines and New Thurber as they know the Confederacy depends on the mine coal for fuel for their power plants and trains.

    Still I feel I am ripping of Mr Sawyer too much.

    I have been thinking about alternative ideas in which the place is still called New Thurber but perhaps nicknamed Perdition by the Angels and is still run by the New Thurber Mining Company (working name).
    The company is mining the area with mining rigs, (AGRICOLA) robots, and of course miners.

    Other than regular possible mining accidents the miners sometimes also have problems with giant mutant wildlife that comes from the Bloom in the East such as giant centipedes that manage to make their way into the mines.

    But recently as they have been expanding the mines they have been experiencing setbacks and acts of sabotage that could only have been done by intelligent beings.

    The owner of the mine suspects either the Angels being responsible or the System who is also interested in the coal deposits for their own industry, or perhaps a smaller group.
    It has become so bad that the owner of the mine wants the present LSC soldiers that have been garrisoned at New Thurber to protect the settlement from attacks by the Angels to go into the mine and root out the saboteurs.
    If they are not willing the owner of the mine is ready to send in his robots and kill everything in the mine that is alive.

    The saboteurs are actually revealed to be a new type of human mutant who are descendants of people who took shelter in the mine during atomic war to escape its effects.
    They came in contact with the industrial waste dumped on the lower floors and those who survived the toxicity were mutated into Mole People/Mole Miners.

    (In Fallout 76 Mole Miners were introduced but they are basically just another human enemy type to fight with no other interaction possible.

    Still I am not happy about ripping that off.)

    Mole Miners are short stocky albino mutants that suffer a perception penalty outside during the daytime and also have to protect themselves from sunlight by covering up their bodies.
    They have however an echo location sense similar to bats which actually gives them a perception bonus in indoor locations and caves.
    They are in general peaceful but a bit paranoid. They as their name implies are also great diggers.
    (I hate how this makes them sound a lot like sci fi version of fantasy dwarves)

    It were the Mole Miners who sabotaged the mining effort of the mining company as the digging threatened to destroy the Mole Miners' warrens.
    Because they are rather suspicious of surface people they never showed themselves to the miners.

    The player would of course be able to resolve the current crisis by helping the mine owner, the Mole Miners once he or she has made contact with them, or work out a compromise between the mining company and the Mole Miners.

    On the sidelines are the Angels who really want to destroy the mines by igniting the coal deposits and the System who wants to claim the region for itself.

    Truth is that I still really much rather would do something with the coal fires as I find that much more interesting or nothing at all.
    Right now the place sounds too much like Redding and I just like the idea of this place being a sort of Hellish desolate wasteland that got ruined by conflict which the player can fix up.

    And again the Mole Miners sound to much like Fallout versions of dwarves. I want new human mutant types to bring in something unique.

    What are people's thoughts?
  19. FDO

    FDO Still Mildly Glowing

    Jul 4, 2018
    I think you think too much on the 'ripping off', especially in the department of Van Buren, that was never released in any form, design documents excluded. Writing ideas is a start, but to know how you really feel about them, if you ask me, you have to start shaping them in a game. Only when you will test something you just did, will you be able to say if you like it, in my experience.

    I say that because it's also my experience that you will never be happy with your design ideas on their own, you will always find something wrong or that ring familiar with someone else work you like. And you will never get past that part. While when you start to do things, trust me, it turn out that it's not because you were inspired by something else that the product will look like a rip off, even to you.

    You know, the old saying about the quality of metal, which you can't know before forging it, or trying, to test your own metal if you will.
  20. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Sorry for the late response FDO, I intended to this earlier.

    I get what you mean with actually starting to carry out ideas and not just talking about them, trying them out, add and cut pieces, refining them.
    I understand that some of Black Isle's Van Buren also started them way as the team were playing PnP games in the office.

    The biggest problem is is that I have no way of trying out any of these ideas. I can't make games such as computer games and I can also not dm as I have never managed a PnP game before and I have difficulty with expressing myself well, in Dutch or in English.

    I would so much like to work together with other people on a project such as this one but it is hard to find a team and more importantly to keep them together after the initial rush of starting a project has run out.

    I honestly don't want to keep talking about this all but I have no idea on how to proceed.

    Been thinking some more about the New Texas Rangers, a faction that would play a significant role as would its off-shoot "The Black Hats".

    It is clear of course that the New Texas Rangers are inspired by the Desert Rangers from Wasteland and to a lesser degree the Desert Rangers in Fallout which we met through Tycho (and that was primarily a reference to Wasteland).

    Like the Wasteland Desert Rangers the New Texas Rangers would in general be the "Big Damn Heroes" group that in the past has been involved in various heroic/legendary activities and pursuits such as preventing a war between the inhabitants of Abilene and the Vault Dwellers from the Abilene Vault and bringing them together to form Lone Star, one of the most successful settlements in the Texas Wasteland.
    Stopping an invasion of Super Mutants that were looking for technology to increase their numbers (the clone tech of Clone Station), perpetuating the Super Mutant species and overrunning Texas.
    Investigate the disappearances in the Texas Wasteland near Austin, making first contact with the Machine Intelligences of Robot City, and creating the treaty of Robot City in which their settlement/nation and its territorial boundaries were acknowledged and so preventing a war between humans and machines.
    And fighting the Angels' crusades against Lone Star and other settlements.

    All the stuff player characters in other Fallout games would have done.

    The New Texas Rangers would have some great tech they have recovered throughout the Texas wasteland during their journeys including suits of Power Armor and they would be a formidable force of good and justice.

    Problem is that they are in decline with society on the rise again and settlements uniting under new nations such as the Lone Star Confederacy and the System, and possible a prospector run city state near Houston.
    With their falling out with the Confederacy they lost a lot of support from those people.
    The System in general wants the New Texas Rangers to stay out of their internal affairs and it doesn't help that the Black Hats want to destroy the System.
    Houston and the Woodlands are too far from Alamo/San Antonio and the prospectors are quite happy to manage their territory themselves.

    It is because of their weakened state and not getting more involved in the Texas wasteland politics, integrating themselves to play a leading role that the Black Hats formed, Rangers that feel that more drastic measures have to be taken not just to keep the organization alive but also to truly unify Texas under one government.
    The Black Hats believe that the current two (Lone Star and the System) are pretty much failing (the Angels are not even an option, they just want to install an oppressive technology hating theocracy) and that only the rangers are fit to lead, if necessary under a form of stratocracy.