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    So, I posted a topic with my idea in a very primitive state before, nobody payign too much attention to that one I think editing it would just be useless so I am amking a new Thread with the reworked Idea, piece by piece.

    Lets Start with the Basic idea:
    The goal of making Vaults was for the Goverment and the Enclave in turn, to see how would a space colonization work, they knew the war was approaching and that the results would be catastrophic, so they gestated the plan to colonize another planet, and to do this they needed the Vaults. But just studying the effects of isolation and multiple situations in that isolation would not be enough to base your colonizing plan on. You would need to make sure that yo ucould build somethign that could survive in the trip through space and keep their inhabitants alive. But also you would need to make sure the inhabitants wouldn't grow lazy and unhealthy like the Humans from Wall-e, a ship sustained by its occupants, but that woudl keep them alive for enough time for them to be able to sustain it. Vault X (working name) was a colaborative work between Repconn, Vault Tec, Poseidon Energy and muliple food producing companies, its constructuion started at the same tiem as teh Other Vaults, btu it took a lot more time to be compelted, the construction program suffered various sabotage attempts, even when the nature of what was being built was kept a secret. FInaly in 2076 the Orbital Vault was ready to start its experiment, Memebers of the Staff and their Families were chosen as the Inhabitants along with selected control civilian Families, their departure was covered as promotions, vacations and even with stories about witness protection moves.
    "The Experiment" was meant to be a 5 year mission on the Orbital Vault, monitoring the progress they made on selected projects to keep them mentaly and physicaly stimulated, and finaly the effects of livign in Orbit during a long period of time.

    Unfortunately, the war happened two years later, everything was detroyed, communications with eart were lost. The Vault Inhabitants were on the brink of rioting out of desperation, but the Leaders of the experiment managed to control the Situation, they camed eevrybody and even managed to resume the experiment, putting everyone in charge of the projects they were meant to eb doing, with the promise of going back to earth once the radiation and danger died out, and an oportunity to have more power when they returned down there.
    220 years Later after some robot scouting down in the Post Apoc planet, the Vault X inhabitants decendants (who have kept thsi goal in mind after all those years) finaly decided to send a group to find the landing shuttle that was meant to take them down back when the experiment started, and use the tecnology they have been developing over the years to have a chance at rebuilding society down there, but also because it was jus a matter of time before the Vault would just fall apart, the genetic variability to run out and before they couldn't adapt to Earth ecosystem anymore.

    You start the game here, you are part of the group sent down there, your character construction woudl be direct, you make yoru face withotu some excuse about using a maic genetic fortunetelling device, or having your face blown off, then you would be given a little formulary where you would fill in your STATS, SKILLS and Traits specifications. Your are a run of the mill Vault Dweller, you are of no particular field up there, a Blank Slate. Your intiial equipment will be given to you based on the tagged skills, like in NV, you are also given a Commboy, a PIPboy specialy designed to matain communicatiosn with the Vault after you are down there. You are briefed on the mission, and you along with 9 Vault Dwellers would be launched in small scape pods to land on earth, every scape pod would be 1 person capacity maximum, so they have to send a bunch of them to carry the whole team, this scape pods were not part of the original Vault Desing.
    When you and the other pods are reaching the planet surface, a mysterious cannon bullet impacts one of the pods, causing an explosion and scattering them all, sending them away from their original target, only 5 Vault Dwellers out of the 10 survive the incident, but they are far apart from each other.
    You wake up trapped isnide of yoru scape pod, depending on your luck and Endurance you woudl have a number of limbs crippled, and depending on your Skills you can scape the pod in multiple ways, either by Blowing a hole with your weapon, Using your science skills to open it etc.
    After your little encounter with death you will receive a signal on your Commboy. You will meet your mission control, he will inform you that you need to find your crew members, and of course compelte your mission. You will have 3 in-game years to do it. And a Calendary System that would obviously keep track of time and time related events.
    This is a Skecth of the commboy:

    Now for the main characters, The other 4 Vault Dwellers. Each oen had their role on the Vault, and each one will tackle the mission completion in different ways, some might not even want to complete it.

    First one:
    Jacobo, the Vault Guard

    His role on the Groups was of course to protect them against any danger.
    He is a very goal focused person, he only cares about the mission and its compeltion, he doesn't care about the filfthy mutants that live down there, as logn as they don't get in hsi way he doesn't care, he might cause some chaos during the 3 years, you might be able to stop him and his arc, or side with him, or any other approach to his path.

    Laura, The Vault Guard

    Her role on the Groups was of course to protect them against any danger.
    After the fall she starst to scout this new Land, discovering the societies that have formed there, and takign an interest in them, The Vault woudl beneficiate from allying with some of the Factions there.
    Curtis "Red Star"

    Field Leader of the Group
    After the Fall and not only scouting the place but also studying pre war terminals and texts, even soem post ar documents, he comes to the realization that the pre war society that led to the destruction of itself is not what he wants to be using the Vault Tecnology, The people up there are the result of pre war values filled raising, and he Decides to start his own Faction to take control of the Vault once it lands, Under the values and vision of what he considers to be the only rescatable values of Pre-War society and the new found values of post war societies. The Faction of The Red Star. Wich means is he gonna use to achieve this? He will appear after a certain phase in the Main Quest.

    Richard "REPCONN" The Medic

    of course he was in charge of keeping everyone alive and healthy.
    He wasn't as Lucky as the others during the Fall, he lost an arm and suffered major burns all over his body, even hsi tounge, leaving him completely mute. He was rescued by a group of Energy Weapons worshipping tribals. They named him after the plate on the side of the pod they found him. REPPCON. He has decided to stay with them for a while, His filled with guilt over something.

    Nex to come, secondary characters, Factions and the Territory.
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    So far, even though you have barely started, this idea is spectacular, I love your attention to detail, and the intro to the game's writing is on par to the original Fallouts, probably even above par (although other members on the forums may say that is debatable). But I shall hinder you no longer, I want to see what else you can conjure up from your mind.
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    Hahaha, good sarcasm.
  4. Mr Krepe

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    No sarcasm intended, I genuinely think it's that good.
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    So, why call it Vault Landing instead of the name of the region it takes place? I don't know, it's still just an idea in development.
    Now, I am not from the USA, I am mostly using encyclopedias and online information to get my information on the area, so some details may be a little inaccurate or they would make some things out right imposible, so if something like that happens feel free to correct me.
    So well, the settign would be on the New England Commonwealth, consisting on the states of Massachussets, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, it limits directly with Canada, according to some information it also has terrible weather, it has a very interesting geography, with glacial landforms and it is just right next to the ocean.
    The New England commonwealth saw an increase in production of militar equipment, along with their exportation ratio, they saw big companies installing themselves into their territory, like Poseidon Energy, Repconn, Nuka Cola, and big military bases, all of this to be directly transported to the Troops taking part in the Anexation of Canada, and to build Vault Tec secret space project, the Vault-X. The New England commonwealth didn't suffer as much during the crisis that lead into the war thanks to this, btu of course it would look liek the perfect target for a Chinese attack. To prevent aerial attacks a very ambitious project began, the contruction of anti aerial Howitzers, located on the islands east of the region. the project wasn't completed, proving to be too ambitious even for the properous state, draining resources like mad, so out of the programmed 10 bases only 3 were completed, and only one received the full equipment, during the Nuclear holocaust, the bases managed to protect the commonwealth of the major part of the nuclear warheads, one of the bases was destroyed uring the fire, killing the personel inside and making the surrounding are a radioactive deathring, still a lot of the warheads managed to impact the region, destroying a number of the militar bases, cities, roads and airports. Some settlements survived, some became far mroe properous than others.

    The first Faction to introduce here (as it is the easiest one to describe right now) is THE RUST

    They have a similar origin with the BoS, they are the decendants of Soldiers that eemrged from their bunkers after the War was over, but this soldier boys, most of them Traumatized or just blood thrity after the war, reacted very diferently to the situation.
    The Rust stablished a little settlement at the feet of Mount Adams, they are a devious bunch, they manufacture all sorts of very useful and easy to produce tecnology to trade with bigger settlements, mostly focusing on amunition and guns, but they also have a tendency to attack anyone that they perceive as a treat to their bussiness, when they consider that they have somethign useful they want to have for free, sometimes attacking caravans that they just tarded with, and even just for the hell fo it, they act a lot like Raiders, but far more dangerous, armed with Big Guns, militar explosives, good armor etc. Still they aren't idiots, they are not going to waste ammunition attacking a single person or a small group, unlesss they seem to have something valuable with them or they have a grudge against them, so remember, leave your most valuable objects n a safe place when visitng Rust Territory.
    Their name originates from back when they just started with their raiding activity, before they even settled in Mount Adams, they roamed the area aroudn their Bunker, paranoid about invading chinese troops they wehnt about destroying any form of improvised settlement and tribal village they could find, some of them were using Power armors that had suffered a whole lot of miss use and lack of mainentance, they looked rusty. Not all of the soldiers had their armor in such a condition, but after the stories of Demons covered in rusted armor spreaded through the territory and they found graffities warning people of their appeareance they decided to don that look, painting their armors in rusted orange, adorning them with horns, robots carcases and demonic looking images, preying on the fear of their victims, they started to asimilate some comunities with strong people, they build their comunity around made up Tribal-esque legends of evil spirits to cause fear into any one stupid enough to try and take on them.
    Now this comunity can be dealt with in diferent ways, the obvious, and simpler one of course is to conduct an attack on their land and destroy them, but a more ambitious and pragmatic faction would want to make use of them in a diferent way, They could get on an agreement so The Rust would only attack specific settlements an comunities, either to cut competition off, or to force them into join the big Faction they are allied with. Also by planting the seed of disent you could make it break into various splinter groups, each one pursuing diferent goals.
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    I like your drawings! Nice minimalistic, yet expressive style. (a bit giraud/moebius like)

    (text should have no typos though, longs texts are not very pleasant to read if they are full of typos)
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    You are right, I have just ran a SPell check on the text, I am sure there are still some minor typos here and there but there are far less than before.
    So you really think my drawing look Moebius like? That guy is awesome.

    So what do you think of the idea so far? it seems not many people like it :lol:
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    Hmm, some of the premise sounds a lot like one of my old ideas, and I don't mean the space Vault.

    I also had an opening in mind in which the player is a colonist who gets separated from his/her companions when their shuttle suffers damage from a previously unknown defense system.

    And yes, like in your premise the player also had to search for his/her companions.
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    hmmm thats weird, great minds think alike? :lol: I assure you any resemblance to other fan works are purely coincidental.

    Edit: More on this!

    Well I hope that anyone that reads this didn't forget about this little idea, maybe the Rust should not have been the first small faction I should have talk about, it makes it look like I am just rehashing the BOS and makes you expect me to start talking about the New ENgland brach of the ENclave that scaped from Navarro and DC or some such shit. but don't worry, I don't like the Enclave anyways.

    Here is another medium sized faction, Haven.

    Haven is one of the biggest settlements i n the New ENgland COmmonwealth/Wastelands that is actually functional after the war, of crouse this was not an instantaneous thing, there was chaos before they actually started doing progress.
    They are big, the have a lot of production power, but they are not one of the Main factions, they are a fairly Neutral settlement, they are in association with all the three (later four) big factions without taking any active role in the confrontation. The Big Factions are gonna be introduced later, I need to polish them more.

    But for now, lets talk about Haven.
    Haven is composed of today's cities of New Heaven, east Haven, North Haven, and West Haven, they are not a huge settlement but rather four middle sized ones connected with miles of desert between them. They travel around their territory in the restored monorail. Their production comes from Pisciculture, agriculture, textiles from the various animals they breed and metal work. They also have a small militia outfitted with weaponry and combat armor they scavenged, maintained and replicated from Black Rock Fort (wich was restored during the resource wars to house soldiers and backup equipment) Power armors were either dismantled to be used in other important tasks, sold or just given to the high ranking soldiers, and there weren't many of them to begin with.

    HAVEN doesn't have a single leader, it is mostly ruled by the 4 people in charge of the fourth sources of income and subsistence for the settlement, Father Verne, in charge of the Railworkers/Scavengers/Metalworks, Mother Jannice, in charge of the agriculture/Pisciculture/Textiles production, Mau, the one in charge of the caravans and external relations and comunications, and Phil the leader of the Militia.

    Father Verne

    A pretty meek guy, he knows how to organize operations, schedules, etc, but he is not a strong presence, he is fragile and is mostly pushed around by the other three leaders, he is, like said above, in charge of the Railworkers, that also perform all sorts of secondary tasks.

    Yes that one there is a dwarf, I liked those guys from FO1 and 2, they should bring them back.

    Mother Jannice

    Already mentioned what she is in charge of, she manages how the people grow the crops, breed and use the cattle, but also the raising of this huge mutated animals

    mutated Shrimp/lobster/fishes, I still don't have a name for them. The yare the size of a shark, eat everything, from seaweed to meat to leftovers, are hermaphroditic so they can reproduce easily, their meat tastes great, their eggs are very useful for all sorts of things, and their skin is almost like hard scaled leather, meaning they also produce materials for textiles and armors. they herd them in huge cages on the coasts that allow for them to swim, reproduce and have their water changed basically by the second, keeping them healthy.
    Mother Jannice is a very pushy woman, strict and outspoken, she doesn't like Verne that much because of his meek nature.

    Mau, the Caravan organizer, external communications manager.

    A disturbingly cheery fellow, he is smart of course, he organizes the caravans and stablishes business deals with other settlements, but he is also shifty and treacherous, wich works for both good and bad, he can manipulate the other leaders into agreeing with a lot of his proposals and almost none of his men dare to disobey him or slack off in the job.

    Phil, the Militia Leader.
    A very efficient leader, he keeps his underlings in shape and is really into protecting the settlement, he may come off as a little nasty and impatient, but he truly cares about the people of Haven, being the most fairheaded of the four leaders.

    Well thats all for now. Maybe there is more to come? maybe, but for now I would appreciate feedback, either positive or negative.
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    I also like your ideas, and have a similar space station idea myself.
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    I had a couple ideas about the station...

    Its orbit could be failing so they need to find a way to get everyone off of it safely.

    or find a "waterchip" to keep it from reentering the atmosphere at a bad angle.

    or, how about population is getting out of control because they are out of birth control pills so they randomly exile people to earth. Maybe the exiles have no idea why they were really sent to earth.

    Nobody knows what has happened to most of the people sent down.
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    I usually toss these topics off cause most are underdeveloped and/or won't be finished. Yours is very interesting with how much you put into it, especially adding Space as a factor.

    I like WillisPDunlevy's idea of being sent down there to get something necessary for the space vault. It would seem smarter than 'hey, go see whats down there!'

    Anyway, I'll keep looking. If you need any Military advice, get on the horn with me.
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    Well, the whole Space Vault thing is more like a MacGuffin (not a new thing in Fallout story setups) to introduce the plyer character blind into this new region, anything coudl be happening to the Space Vault, but the point is that they need to make it land to end the 250 year long "mission" and you are one of their only hopes, they woudl know about your progress through the Commboy that I alredy mentioned. The Commboys have the landing codes too, making their whereabouts quite important.