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    Hi all,

    Came back to Fallout after years of not playing and happy to see so many people still love the game. Anyways my question, I did use falche to make my character very powerful but now all the enemies I fight just flee right away. Is there some formula or something specific I should not increase in order for the enemies to stay and fight?

    Thanks for any/all help.

    oh using 1.2 version of fallout 1 and falche.

    I just tried Fallout Fixt which claims to have an option to stop enemies from fleeing... or at least that is what I thought it said.... they are still fleeing.
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    Dec 20, 2008
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    Enemies in fallout 1 usually have very low fighting skills and high armor class reduces their chance to hit. When the algorithm thinks the chance is too low they flee. sometimes it's just a matter of wearing power armor and having 2x dodger perk( at least for unarmed pesants. If You've increased armor class *even further* by means of Falche or Vad's editor than even some more if not all enemies will try to run away. What FIXT fixed, was that they never give up when low on health ( they stay and fight until they die) however if their chance to hit you is for example -800%, you should stop wonder why they don't want to fight you. It's because their chance to hit you is "less than zero" or so.

    -tip. The game may state you have no more than X amount of armor class in the interface, however all of what you've input is deduced in terms 1 AC=-1% to their skill level ( basically below 100% of their skill level it effectively means -1% chance to hit for every 1AC). Usually combined armor class of 45 (base + Armor worn AC + any AC increasing perk) or above is the problem. IIRC the highest weapon skill in game for enemies is around 130% but most pesants have 70% or even lower in their unarmed skill for example. now let's pretend you have 10 AG=10AC and wear power armor (25AC) and have 2x levels of dodger perk (2x5AC) =45AC total. the peasant attacking you with bare hands has a 70% in unarmed. 70-45=25% chance to hit remaining for the peasant to hit you. I don't have exact numbers what is the chance to hit sweetspot below which enemies run away, but I assume it is somwhere around 20-25%.

    Think of this.. Put yourself in their situation.. what would you do if there was a person aggresive towards You which You knew you wouldn't even scratch in combat, and is about to kill you. What else would you do besides running if you'd knew you couldn't hide.. hmm.. ?
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    Sep 19, 2016
    Thank you Valcik and Gustarballs1983. I appreciate the help. I turned my ac way down to nothing and gave myself 200% dmg reduction and now every one fights me they just can't hurt me that often.