Fargo Kickstarter interview, Keenan on PC appearance

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    PC Powerplay offers an article-style interview with Brian Fargo, which reads like most of the interviews just after Kickstarter was done and doesn't add much news.<blockquote>The upshot of this process is that any hint of compromise has been swept away in the blast wave. “Here’s what’s great about this project, and fan funding: I don’t need to try and appeal to some new audience. Joe Six-Pack, or whatever. Because I’m making this game for the core audience that wants this kind of game. I don’t have to think about how to broaden the market, or anything else.

    “I’m going to make a game that makes the core fan-base ecstatic, and then I let the chips fall where they may.”</blockquote>Next, design director Chris Keenan talked a little bit about character appearance and portraits on the Wasteland 2 forums.<blockquote>We've been playing around with character customization already as we're building the core system for model creation. We started with a bunch of customizable slots on the character and found that in an isometric/top down view, most of the details get lost very easily. One element that helps us quite a bit is the character portraits. You'll be able to select from many portraits and also import your own. We will have enough slots to give enough choice in gameplay, but not as many as you'd find in a fantasy based game, like WoW. Does a leather strip around your wrist really help you survive the wastelands better? Probably not.

    I've been following the armor discussion as well. I tend to agree that having everyone look like space rangers at the end of games can be a bit distracting. We are looking into designing into the world some additional paths beyond simply "bulky is always better". There are some interesting groups in the world working on different technologies. It is possible to get strong but thin materials. </blockquote>
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    I always enjoy reading these articles, makes you feel like all the discussion/talk about the game will actually come through in the final product.

    It will be nice to see that things like weapons and armor, or more specifically "the best weapon and armor" in the game aren't readily available and in mass quantities to outfit the entire group with the same thing making them all essentially generic and taking away their uniqueness.
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    I liked Icewind Dale for this reason. While there were some items that were in bulk, the actual good items were unique and you had to pick in choose who in your party gets what. Fallout 1/2/Tactics never did that good of a job of making items unique. An exception on Fallout 2 were some of the armors but when you got so far in the game, the BOS armor was pretty much not cool anymore as getting regular power armor would be a better choice. The unique PA being the enclave armor. Anyhow.... 2 cents.
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    Couldn't agree more. My one complaint about Fallout 1/2 was the lack of unique armor types. A few more armor varieties would have been nice. I hope Wasteland 2 gives us more to work with.
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    yeah icewind dale 1 was really good. Icewind dale 2 not so much ^^
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    Wow. You're not kidding. They didn't even mention Chris Avellone's involvement. Was this article written in March and not published until today? o_O
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    The problem with adding new armor it would require 160+ new critter animations, which would take up a lot of disc space, which they didn't have in 1997. Giving the NPC changeable armor takes up about 150+ MB, so imagine if they doubled the usable armors. 3D animation doesn't have this problem, but 3D has less charm IMO.
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    well things are easier to make with 3D, but I think 3D can have some charm, if its done well but its in general more difficult to achieve that if you ask me.