Fixing energy weapon issues

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  1. RenoRocks

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    Jul 30, 2019
    Super Mutants canonically as established in previous fallouts are able to use the energy weapon rifle versions, as you may have noticed in tactics, either with squad members or trying to set up enemy encounters they can pick up the rifle but the interface will say unuseable.

    This is because it is a small rifle and super mutants have not been given the animation to handle it. Doh!

    To fix this change the type of weapon of all energy rifles to heavy. This only affects the appearance they will still require the energy weapon skill and same number of action points as before.

    Another issue is that the pulse rifle was producing the incorrect kill animation. It was applying the melty meaty of the plasma rifle. I have figured out that the default damage assigned to the ammo type overrides the damage setting of the weapon itself at least in regards to animations.

    As a workaround I created a new powerpack based off of microfusion with electric as default damage. This annoys me as it is not canon, pulse rifles are supposed to be able to use microfusion. Unused animations annoy me more however.

    Next step, lasers should really be cutting targets rather than melting, this is of course the result of tactics merging laser and plasma into the one category of energy. Reduces flexibility quite a lot.

    I will research if there is a way to implement that without creating another dedicated ammo type.
  2. JohnnyCasey

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    Dec 13, 2018
    I'm very interested into this. How exactly does this 'dmg type overwrite' work? Does the weapon actually deals different types of dmg depends on its ammo? If so, then all this time, the pulse rifle was actually dealing energy dmg instead of electronic dmg, since the microfusion cells are supposed to deal energy dmg?

    What about other ammo types? I found that AP rocket actually does normal dmg. Will the rocket launcher loaded with AP rocket deal normal dmg, then?
  3. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    In the editor, weapons have a "Default base Damage" and ammo a "Base Damage Type". When you think of it, it's vague at best.

    I think it is a safe bet that the ammo Damage Type overwrite the Default weapon Damage. I feel the weapon "Default Weapon Damage" was added for melee weapons, as melee weapons are not so different in paper than ranged weapons. As you can experience in Tactics, proven by death animations, 12 gauge and rockets are the two weapons with different damage types and it's all in the ammos, yess.

    Be careful though, I once played extensively with "Default Weapon Damage" and "Default Weapon Damage" and they have to be placed in a certain combinaison for the special damage to actually work. Like if you mix Gas and Poison, I think Poison don't work. I had problem applying poison before I finally revert the default base damage back to normal, and then it worked.
  4. raics

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    Aug 17, 2014
    Yeah, pulse weapons were dealing energy damage all this time, that's something I had to fix in my mod too by introducing a different ammo type that does electric damage, which does make sense from the gameplay standpoint as electric damage is fabulously effective against robots and you can make the ammo more scarce while keeping the energy cells for laser and plasma plentiful. It isn't the case for melee weapons, though, they will do normal damage but you can fake it by setting it to fire an invisible projectile when you swing the weapon.