[FNV] Jason's Ascended Armageddon Personal Apocalypse Pistol

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    Laser. Plasma. Ballistic. Explosive. Flame. Long ago, the five weapon types lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Ascended Armageddon Personal Apocalypse Pistol was created. All five types of weapon were brought together in the form of one pistol! You have found one of these incredible and prohibitively-expensive Pre-War Collector's Items, a weapon that could change everything.


    This powerful and unique automatic energy weapon fires a combination of digitally-simulated Minigun Rounds, lethal plasma bolts, and powerful piercing Laser Beams with each shot! This energy weapon generates a lot of heat, and deals with that problem by focusing and venting that heat forwards to aid the weapon's devastating flamethrower function! The digitally-synthesized flammable chemical used in that flamethrower have a fast-acting paralytic drug mixed into the fuel. If your foe gets hit by the flame, there's a good chance that paralysis will claim him for almost four seconds! That should keep foes from getting too close to you! Every seventh shot will also include a simulated Rocket, modified to cause a small and focused explosion on impact.

    It's like having five different automatic guns duct-taped together! Rockets, Flamethrowers, Plasma Bolts, Laser Beams, and Minigun Bullets are within your grasp!


    This powerful energy weapon has no weaknesses! ...Aside from how quickly it chews through MicroFusion Cells.
    Such a high-tech weapon requires a lot of power, after all! Each pull of the automatic trigger should eat through four MicroFusion Cells at once, so make sure you make every shot count!
    That makes it balanced, along with its high skill requirements!
    Recommended Strength of 9, Recommended Energy Weapons Skill of 100. To get the most out of the Minigun Bullets and Missiles this weapon also fires, a Guns skill of 100 and Explosives skill of 100 is also recommended.
    No other gun out there has ever asked this much of the character wielding it, ensuring that it's completely and perfectly balanced. Certainly more balanced than those stupid 9999-damage cheat-revolvers out there. At least I bloody tried to balance this thing through the ammo cost and skill/stat requirements. And it's a lot more visually-impressive than those pieces of crap. My gun even comes with its own piece of lore. Anyway, this weapon can be repaired with any other energy weapon.

    Somehow, you have found one of these incredibly powerful and prohibitively-expensive Pre-War Collector's Items! They were manufactured before the war by Jason Godwin's "Epsilon Industries" company and sold to private collectors as a novelty, deemed far too expensive and energy-inefficient for military use. They're rare, but you have found one and a few of the MicroFusion Cells needed to fire it! But if you're going to use it for more than a second at a time, you're going to need more. A lot more.

    Install and activate, and a script will instantly give you this gun, 44 MicroFusion Cells needed to fire it for almost a second or so, and one popup message that explains what the gun is and how it works. You might want to collect a good number of MF Cells before you start firing.
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    Wow! I bet I can kill a lot of lefties and commies with this thing!
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    Why, though
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    Because raisins.
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    This gun looks like a game-breaker.