[FNV] Poison's outfit from Final Fight/Street Fighter

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    Nov 8, 2018
    Following up on Link's Barbarian Armor from Breath of the Wild, I got an idea for a new armor mod: Poison's garb from the Final Fight and Street Fighter games. I'm thinking of making my next character a pimp/thug, and after seeing Poison in Capcom's fighting games, her outfit looks like it'd fit right in with the wasteland. You could stick her in the Mojave and she could easily fit right in as a wasteland thug.

    I looked over the armor and clothing list in the Fallout wiki and narrowed down the asset sources to the police hat and both of the women's prostitute outfits. Shorts (recolored blue) and shoes (red) from the normal prostitute outfit with a white version of the bra from the exposed prostitute outfit. As for the hat, just take the police hat, remove the badge, and add a chain around it. The chains (hat and belt), handcuffs, and collar will work nicely. The upper armbands? Just copy and recolor the ones from the Sorrows or Dead Horses armors. And do a palette swap for Roxy, too.

    DT: 0
    Item weight: 2
    Location: Doc Mitchell's house
    Effects: +3 to Charisma (hat), +5 each to Melee Weapons and Unarmed (clothes)

    Proof of concept:

    I've also put in requests for the same mod on the Nexus Forums and GUNetwork (using the same name as on here). If there's any takers, I'd appreciate it. This would be a nice change of pace from my usual tribal builds.

    ADDENDUM: Have the shoes use the "BodyAddOn3" slot and include a separate pair of boots. I find the notion of schlepping across the wastes in high heels all the time to be impractical, and would appreciate the option of switching between pairs of shoes. No different from switching between this outfit and, say, a NCR/Legion disguise as needed.
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