FO1 fixt PLEASE HELP: Let's play series ruined by bug?

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    Aug 30, 2019
    Hi guys!

    SOLVED: Apparently you die if one attribute drops to zero. Since my "CHAR" and "INT" was super low I could get passed the dying point by taking mentats!

    So Im recording a series on FO1. Suddenly I start dying from radiation poisoning. I do some research, I testbuy a geigercounter and see that I have only 123 radiation! When googling I found others who had similar trouble but they actually were radiated in the 1000's and that it wasnt a bug. Usually because they'd been to "The glow" wich I havnt.

    So, whats wrong and how can I fix this? I dont have any saves that are unaffected, they all have that 123 radiation and I die at the same time...


    You can also see there that it says: "You feel somewhat nauseous, your skin is red and tender" when I die. Wich is the message you get from the very lowest doses of radiation poisoning.

    Thank you soo much guys!
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