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    Aug 10, 2018
    Hello there! Two weeks ago, I started Fallout 1 and I'm coming now to the cathedral where we gotta find the master, then exterminate him, into basements. However, it's hard for me to take super mutants out. They are too numerous and get powerful weapons which everytime erase me and my teammates (Dogmeat, Tycho, Ian, Katja and four persons, who're wearing a steel armor, are involved in the struggle). My character is level 13.

    About the weapons I currently use, I own a Turbo-plasma rifle and a Rocket launcher. The first one hurts foes only between 30 and 50 points of damage (instead of between 35 and 70 points according to the technical sheet), the second one hurts them between 20 and 40 points of damage (instead of between 35 and 100 points according to the technical sheet). I'm wearing a power armor (given by the brotherhood of steel and then upgraded by Miles in the boneyard). About S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills, I get : 8 in strength (rather 10 while wearing power armor), 5 in perception (but using mentats to raise it), 7 in endurance, 6 in charisma, 8 in intelligence and agility, and just 3 in luck (a poor level that doesn't allow me to get the Alien blaster because the special encounter didn't take place yet...).

    So, could you give me some tips on how to kill easily these foes?
    Do you know a place where we can find some powerful foes (deathclaws, mutants or centaurs) which will allow me to earn lots of xp and then to level up?

    Thank you in advance for your answer and thanks for reading!
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    Ha, ha, I can't remember when was the last time I fought my way in the Cathedral and the Military base.
    Fighting isn't the best approach and before exterminating the Master, you should try speaking with him.
    If you can go back a little with a earlier save, speak to Nicole at the Boneyard until she advice you to find Laura, a follower's spy, at the cathedral. Don't ask for fighting help as the four followers guards are of no help, and screw any attempt to sneak/speak your way inside the Master's vault.

    The same thing goes with the brotherhood and the military base, don't ask for 'reinforcements', it's a bad joke forcing the end into 'fight a army all by yourself' thing. You only need a children of the cathedral robe and enought speech and wits to infiltrate both places quietly.

    But in case, I think the deathclaws from the boneyard's gunrunner area respawn, unless you killed the mother maybe. Grinding isn't really my thing but I think it's the area for that. Else, random encounters around the military base I guess.
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    Pl@sma First time out of the vault

    Aug 10, 2018
    Thanks for your answer. I didn't think about an approach as a children of cathedral spy in order to reach the master inside the vault without any fight. Nevertheless, even though my character is pretty clever, I don't have a really good level in speech skill (less than fifty percent if I remember correctly). Hence, I should save and reload many times when I won't persuade children or mutants.

    I've already encountered Laura who has unlocked the secret door. I've already killed the deathclaws' mother, so I can't fight anymore the deathclaws who spawn and are wandering to the northeast of the boneyard. However, I didn't think about foes (mutants and centaurs, I guess) who can be encountered around the military base. Thanks for your advice, these foes should allow me to level up fastly!
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