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    Best Perks

    Surprisingly enough, i dont remember ever being present for one of these threads, but im sure they've been around :)

    What do you guys usually do?

    Here and Now- a lot of people find this useless, but i dont.. If its used at a relatively high level its like getting a lot of extra exp.

    Educated- another one ive seen dismissed as useless. An extra 2 skill points to distribute per level. Think about it. At level 20, thats an extra 40 points to put out among your skills. For tagged skills its 80% extra and otherwise, 40% is still a large number. Although there are better..

    More Criticals- I dont hear about this one much.. I usually do this along with better criticals and sniper, as i usually pick a sniper sort of character. It is in no way rendered obsolete after sniper, as far as i know. Extra % for criticals is always good. Especially early game you will need it before you get sniper. People sometimes think.. "In the long run that wont matter as much because of sniper".. but most of the game is BEFORE lv 24. I always get this, then better criticals.

    Better Criticals- Every sniper character gets this :). Its nice. I dont remember if this can stack.. but if it does go for as many as possible, in my opinion :). Im pretty sure it does..

    Sniper: Da best :)

    there are some other ones i use.. dont remember though. What do you guys usually go with?>
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    RE: Best Perks

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jan-09-02 AT 08:45PM (GMT)[p]Well, since all my char's have Luck 2, Better/More Criticals are imposible ans Sniper is useless.

    I vote for: Bonus Rate of Fire, combined with 10 AP(reached with two Action Boys) and Fast Shot. You can fire with the Bozar twice and reload in one turn!
    Toughness is also cool.
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    RE: Best Perks

    hmmm... well id have to agree sniper is one of those essential perk you gota get if you a gunner character.
    But myself i like to have good unarmed skills, i found that having at least a 125% in it will get you almost anywere you will gain exp for narmed jobs, like New Reno boxing, you can gain about 3000 exp, and if you make it to Sanfransico, you get something like 12000 if ya beat Lo Pan, and its always fun to punch people:)

    Slayer - If ya love unarmed like me :)

    Bonus Rate of Fire - Combined with fast shot gives you a nice advantage with AP

    Bonus HtH Attack - Less AP to perform unarmed, need i say more :)

    Lifegiver - I found this on good to take as soon as it avaliable, considering your gonna need the as much HP towards the end i just take it (sometimes get 2)

    Stonewall - Because im sick of falling down and taking alot of damage and loosing 3 AP during next turn.
    Frank Horrigan i found knocks me over alot, with this i found he maybe does 1 time ever 4 or so.
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    RE: Best Perks


    Awareness - nothing else really at level 3

    bonus move - not much else at level 6

    better criticals - the best level 9 one

    lifegiver - not really much else is that good

    bonus rate of fire - a good one.

    sniper - not really much else to pick.

    wark wark.
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    Even more

    You can do the training of both Lo-Pan and the Dragon, and you get 8000XP for EACH. Thats 16000 before killing one of them. I think you get 6500 for killing Lo-Pan, so together 22500XP for having a good Unarmed skill!
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    RE: perks

    my lvl 3 fave perk is usually awareness or bonus H+H dmg seeing as i go unarmed characters

    lvl 6 - bonus move (to get closer to opponents0

    lvl 9 better criticals (VERY useful for completely unarmed characters, i got so many instant death criticals after i got this)

    lvl 12 - bonus ap (need lots of ap)

    lvl 15 - bonus h+h attacks (duh)

    lvl 18 - bonus ap (so by now i have 12ap + 2bonusap from lvl 6)

    lvl 21 - lifegiver (need hp cuz you get so close to enemies)

    lvl 24 - slaaaaayer =]
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    RE: Best Perks

    doesnt anyone like quick-pockets?? that perk kicks ass!! only 2 AP everytime u enter inventory. Think about it...why reload when u can go reload inside and heal at the same time?
    Oh yea and get the gain-----thingies they're good for......raising stats and so forth. I got the skin gecko perk for free( absolutely useless.....but FREE!!!) hehe...
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    Apr 1, 2004
    RE: Best Perks

    >doesnt anyone like quick-pockets?? that perk
    >kicks ass!! only 2 AP
    >everytime u enter inventory. Think
    >about it...why reload when u
    >can go reload inside and
    >heal at the same time?

    I always get it at level 6.