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    jet antidote

    im playing fallout 2 through again and ive heard that the doc in the vualt city vualt asks you to get him a sample of jet to study. i dont want to miss this quest again, are there any requirements, how do i get it???

    im playing as a girl with a high CH and IN and i have a high Docktor skill and a moderate First Aid skill. PLZ HELP...
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    Apr 11, 2003
    RE: jet antidote

    Those stats sound good enough but if you have patched the game, he will not ask you. Not immediatly anyway. You have to get the info for the antidote out of someone else.


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    RE: jet antidote

    Dr. Troy asks me for Jet with the patch. Immediately after he gives you the tour thank him and tell him it was very educational. This is not the conversation option most people choose, but it seems to be the only one that provokes the Jet sample quest with the patch.