FO2 Modded Unresponsive/Crashed in Den

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Started a new game in Fallout 2 with following mods installed (in order of installation):
    1. Restoration Project 2.3.3 by killap
    2. Economy and Combat Rebalance Mod 0.6.2 by phobos2077
    3. Miria Mod v2 (for RP 2.3.2) by Endocore
    4. fo2tweaks by burn

    Followed instructions for each and restarted Steam. I play on a laptop with Windows 8.1 OS. Playing on Hard with Rough Combat Difficulty. Fog of War Enabled.

    I am a veteran and have logged over 600 hours playing Fallout 2 according to my Steam account. I decided to mix things up and challenge/reward myself by doing the "Navarro Run". Looted entire base and freed Xarn and K-9. Returned to San Francisco and gave Vertibird Plans to Brotherhood and Shi. Have not sided with The Dragon or Lo Pan yet, or started killing the Hubologists. Returned north to "resume" the game as it was intended to be played. Completed Klamath quests and got Sulik.

    My problem happened in The Den. I avoided buildings/quests that involved walking through doors with children to avoid getting looted. I completed most of Mom's quests, helped Lara's gang, and freed Vic by killing the slavers.

    Then came time to get Bobby and the other children into the squatters building in Den Residential area so Mom can set up an orphanage. My first visit revealed most of the area from aforementioned Fog of War. After I made an agreement with the squatters and Mom to run the orphanage together, I talked to Bobby and the squatters but the Restoration Project Walkthrough says to come back in 1-2 days. I leave the Den and travel about 2 squares south to kill time, then return. I revisit The Den Residential Area and notice the Fog of War had been reset. I also notice nothing is moving on screen and the background music is looping after a few seconds (I do notice in the dark Fog of War that the squatter building has Mom's orphanage sign posted). I press Ctrl+Alt+Del and find my game is Not Responding. I close the game by highlighting and pressing Delete over the game in Task Manager. I waited for game to sync on Steam before trying again. Same problem. I try restarting Steam and it still happens.

    I tried to go into as much detail as I can to see if anything I did caused this error. Anyone experienced or know of this? What could be the problem? How do I fix it?

    UPDATE (April 19, 2018): I found a way to bypass this problem by spawning directly into The Den Residential area when travelling into The Den from the World Map. Fog of War still resets but there was no screen freeze/music loop, allowing normal gameplay from that point onward when travelling to and from Den Residential area to Den West Side.
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