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    Oct 4, 2011
    I know somewhere there is a project going on here to make FO3 more like the orginals. I was in the FO3 boards earlier reading the thread about the SM's in the Capital Wasteland and was thinking of some suitable replacement for them. I am fully fine with this thread being deleted, moved, or whatever just posting it here because it is about a mod basically (or conceptual ideas for one), and for any discussion.

    Well in my opinion the best setting for FO3 would have been shortly (30-80 years after the bombs fell) for the area it's located in and it's current development. This means the BoS is completely out of the picture. The Enclave has some room to work with even within this timeframe as it is not out of the realm of possibility that they would have had a base or some method of operation on the East Coast (still hard explaining how they lost contact with the Oil Rig but the Oil Rig retained contact with every Vault). Mutants are out due to there being no real way for them to be in the area. So some things have to be figured out.

    With mutants gone we need some sort of stop-gap with how the story goes (unless the main quest is completely reworked (which would be great). I was thinking with the resources in Vault 87 and current known specs on it's social experiment that it can still be used. The high levels of radiation in the Vault area with the Geck would give rise to the ability of a ghoul population similar to that of bakers field (The Boneyard) from FO1. The ghoul population from the game can then be traced to that vault as well as exposure to the detonation of the bombs (for pre-war ghouls).

    This doesn't replace the Mutants though but it sent me down a path. The game hints that there were large scale Chinese spying operation within the region and Beth (like always) never really flushed this out aside from the radio broadcast and Madam Docies (sp?). A chinese Ghoul (and non ghoul population) running fighting out of the area and around the capital wasteland would be an interesting idea. The BoS moves to that of US Military Remnants from the Pentagon. Perhaps given the timeframe the Chinese could possibly consider the war still going on (the Chinese ghouls themselves seem to hint at this by attacking everyone). The DC area could become (and much more realistically) a battle between remaining Chinese forces who gathered strength within 80 years (enough for a decent generation) and US military remnants (scaled back as there were WAY too many BoS in the capital wasteland to begin with). Vault 87 high radiation exposure could be centered around the Chinese using their Ghoulish appearance to create fodder (abducting inhabitants in the wastes) for use as Feral Ghoul...meat shields I guess would be the best term. This brings some need to know, stop Vault 87 while cleaning up the water supply. The Chinese remnants would have continual manpower as long as the capital wasteland population reproduces.

    This leaves the Enclave to think about. APA would have to be replaced with T-51b as it was not yet created or at least Raven Rock would have no ability to actually make the stuff. Pre-War textures do exist for T-51b which is a good thing. Their plans could be just as diabolical but their justification is somewhat more believable. They become more a rouge faction of the US Military who's plan isn't so absurdly evil as it is on FO3. The Chinese are ghouls who's main fighting force is ghouls. Contaminating the water would entirely eradicate their Red problem once and for all. The moral choice actually becomes a moral choice. Follow he Enclave, end the fighting pretty fast at the cost of lives (on both sides). Or follow the US Military and have a longer battle that might cost the same, if not more lives. Enclave capabilities at Raven Rock should be enough to create some virus that does target mutations or at least ghouls.

    I dunno this might be a rant but considering existing FO3 assets it's the best I got without remaking TONS of textures. I would begin the modding process myself but I have a bit to learn about how to actually do all of that. This was just me ranting about a mod concept to see what NMA thought about it.
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    Well, it is about modding, so I guess it belongs here. I did edit the title of the thread, though, to correct the spelling mistake you made so people actually know what it's about.

    There have been a lot of these kind of threads in the past, and I should warn you that NMA is quite skeptical about people announing or seeking support for hugely ambitious projects, while they bring nothing to the table themselves beside some overarching ideas.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    I know enough about Geck to be able to do texture replacements and things of that nature. And I am very willing to learn even more in order to create the main quest lines and things of that nature. I've mostly been tinkering with FNV GECK doing just that (texture replacements, equipment spawned by NCP's ect...). Mostly the easy stuff but it is helping me to develop the skills needed to actually help out on a mod like this. Biggest problem is I am not an artist, so textures are WAY outside of my realm.

    All that said while I would love for something like this to be done, and would love to help out on doing it, I'm not holding my breath until it's done.

    EDIT: At some point I was planning on taking the main FO3 file and trying to do the replacements I've mentioned. Even if it is just model replacements for the Mutants and armor changes for the BoS/Enclave. Wasn't going to tinker with the story and just see how the basic aesthetic of fighting Chinese and other feral ghouls seemed. And thanks for the edit.
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    If you wanna a mod that turn FNV/FO3 more into the originals there's only one available, Arwen's Realism Tweaks mod (FNV version or FO3 version).

    Be advised that it change the entire game and introduce sleep/hunger/dehydration in FO3.
    Also, guns, edibles, drugs, meds, consumables are modified too and work very different than the original FO3/FNV forms.
    Everything has weigh, just like in F1/F2.
    It introduces fatigue and strain to the player, but this is an optional module and don't need to be used if you do not want.

    Forget it about having hundreds of caps, hundreds of bullets, tons of stims and endless skill points available, you will be lucky to have a 10mm pistol, 50 bullets and the sex genre also are taken into account.
    If you find a container with more than 5 bullets on it you are also lucky and you can't carry a hospital, a colombian cartel drug and a supermarket with you anymore, at best you will be able to have 4 stims with you. You will progress much more slower than you were used too and need to plan more your character.
    Also, the mod makes some skills very usefull again, like Barter and Charisma.

    Overall is an impressive mod, but is not for everyone. She reworked all the "one magic spell cure", so you don't cure your body with stimpaks, you treat your body until it heals itself (is not a magic health regen also).
    But the mod returned two of the greatest things of the previous games: you can't be a jack of all trades, you will need to specialize into a combat skill and only later - maybe! - you will be able to use a secondary combat skill AND everything you use have a bad and a good side.

    Like she said, "Fallout 3 is supposed to be a RPG and not a FPS".

    These cover the awful game's mechanic, but if you want to change the stupid and retard story you need to create another game.
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    Merged with the previous topic about FO3 overhaul mods.