Games Set In the Fallout Universe.

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    Apr 23, 2014
    I have created this thread because recently, I picked up the Metro Redux on the Playstation 4. I had a mate that said that it was like Fallout so I played it thinking "ok, its gonna be a first person shooter." As I was playing it, I wondered what happened to Russia, according to the Fallout Universe. Very little is known about it. Anyone I've told about this automatically points out that Metro is set in the mid 2030's. I have 2 theories about why the dates don't line up. According to the Fallout Wiki, the middle east had been turned into a wasteland in the year 2054. The world was clearly not afraid to use their nuclear powers, and from what I know of the Soviet, nobody likes them. I know it is still the Soviet union because, as seen in the pause menu, the CCCP can be seen stamped onto Artyom's notebook. Unless Artyom is just secretly obsessed with the old world, then it means that the Soviet was in power during the Great War(What the apocalypse is called in both games.) With this theory, russia was just nuked in 2013, but Even as I'm typing this, I am seeing major holes in it. Much more likely is my theory that the Soviet had changed their calendar. I say this because the real life Soviet Union had changed their calendar twice within a few years. They would do this for a few reasons. One reason could be because in 1964, the Soviet union was the most advanced in the Space Race, Them getting the first Multi Person Crew in space. This is why they wouldn't want to stick to America's "Capitalist Calendar." They would take it back 64 years. The other reason that, in 1936(64 years before 2000), Stalin had began the Great Purge, essentially this would be the beginning of Stalin's suppression of anything capitalist. The Soviet constitution is also drafted in this year. This would be considered as the earliest year of the modern Soviet. It is clear to see why the Soviet would choose this year to start their calendar at. Recent research has said that if a small nuclear exchange were to happen, there would be a 10 year nuclear winter. Scaling this up, it would mean that the nuclear winter would still be in effect in the soviet year 2033.

    You all may be thinking "well, where are all of the things featured in Fallout, Such as Nuka Cola, Radiation King Televisions, and the Chryslus Corvega?" Simple. The leader of the Soviet Union at the time didnt allow them to be exported into the country. Going off the real world Soviet again, they still didn't allow things from the west. In order for the real life soviet union to get the Beatles, they had to smuggle in flexidiscs of Sgt Pepper. It may be simple to smuggle a Flexidisc, It isnt Simple to smuggle a TV, Car, or Pop. They had their own cars. These cars looked nothing like our cars. This is why only those stupid looking minivan like cars are seen in Metro. And since there is no western influence, Vault Tec can't come in and build the vaults, which is why they hide in the metros.The No-westerm-influence thing also shows why they still use vinyl records rather than Holodiscs/Holotapes. Vinyl is still common over there. They still have turntables. It would be easier to smuggle a flexidisc then a holodisc, because they would have to smuggle in players too.

    Mutation of creatures also effects the soviet. The Nosalis are mutated from molerats. You may be asking why american molerats dont look like this. This is because they were either a vault expiriment, or mutated Pre War from Kodiak Bears. Also any creatures seen in metro are fresher mutations. In Fallout, we have about 150 year buffer period, depending on what game you are playing. In Metro, there is about 20 years. Another simple comparison is the Librarians of Metro, and the Super Mutants. All it could have taken was a bomb Containing the FEV to drop in Russia and that explains the origins of the Librarians. Then there is the BioMass from Metro. He is, Like the Master, Directly affected by the FEV. The Dark ones are just ghouls. It is stated that they are just humans that have adapted to the high radiation, much like the Ghouls.

    That is currently all of the ways I have connected Metro 2033 to Fallout. If any of you have any other ways to connect it, or any other games to Fallout, Please leave a comment. I will be adding more ways to connect games when I find more, and when Fallout 4 drops, so I can get some new info to tie games in.