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    Apr 3, 2003
    GameZone is up next with an interview with InXile CEO Brian Fargo.<blockquote>GZ: So in the Kickstarter, you were saying you were planning for six months of pre-development and 12 months of development, how far along would you say the game is now?

    Brian Fargo: We were working on a lot of the storyline, and the character development and individual plot scenes, but to that extent, that work's been done. There's still a tremendous amount of work that still needs to get done. It's funny because when you talk about the $1 million you've got one group of people saying 'Wow, how can you do it for so cheap?' but then others saying 'I know an indie that made a game for 30 grand, why does it cost so much?' For making a full scale RPG, it really isn't that much, you have to become super proficient. One of the things that saves us money is not doing cut-scenes. Those are incredibly expensive and time consuming and frankly, the hardcore crowd doesn't care that much about them, so that saves us a tremendous amount of time. Really it comes down to having a template for having the perfect map, and then we send that out to six or seven designer, and they will all jump on creating their areas and then we collate it, bring it together, and then we'll be feeding this stuff out to the beta testers throughout to make sure the sensibilities that we promised, were hitting all those right notes. I feel more confident in building this product than I have pretty much any other, because of the fact that the fans were involved in the beginning on the front end to test our sensibilities and clearly they like what they've been hearing, and then we're going to deliver it to them. It's like if we say, 'We're going to have gritty writing', it's one thing to say it, but then have fans look at it and say 'This is horrible writing!' that we'll then have to tweak, so the process is really well organized.

    GZ: Right when you talk about fan feedback, my mind goes to Notch and Mojang with Minecraft with how personal they are with their fanbase, are you hoping to replicate something similar to that?

    Brian Fargo: We're going to obsess over it. We already have the fan boards set up. I'll give you an example, people are saying 'What if you make it past your goal, and make it to 1.75 million, 2 million?' and in the old days, I'd say we might do this, we might do that, but now we can go to the fans, and ask them what they would like. More special effects, more audio, bigger content, an iOS version, and I let the fans vote and that way we can figure out what we can provide.

    GZ: So what we read is that it's going to be a top-down, turn-based RPG very much like Fallout 1 and 2. How will it differ from those games, and will there be some modern conventions, or more of a classic gameplay experience?

    Brian Fargo: I think it's going to be a nice hybrid experience between Wasteland and Fallout 1 and 2, along with quite a few graphical updates, but with that said, we're going to experiment with a couple different things, throw it out to the forums, and say what do you guys think about this and that, and adjust accordingly. Overall, yes, it's more of a party based game, much more than Fallout was, focusing much more on the group, rather than the individual.</blockquote>
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    While this is certainly a noble avenue to take, I'm a little concerned about a potential vocal minority asking for horse armor and customizable player houses ect. I really hope the "fans" are true fans of the past games and not some other, newer game fans jumping on a bandwagon with "great ideas!" Someones signiture on these boards quoting Bill Cosby seems appropriate:

    "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
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    I fear the same. And from what I see over a half of posters there doesn't know Wasteland or even Fallout 1. Most people that are creating threads want ideas taken from Baldur's Gate 2 (romances, houses to store items) or Fallout 2 (over-abundance of Easter Eggs, marriages, homosexuals, as many quests as possible and bigger world) or even Bioware/Bethesda crap. This is really a disaster. And what's the worst - there are practically no mods there, I only see that BN is doing something (the rest just observes or does nothing) and there are tons of threads about the same thing, tons of pointless topics and tons of spam. Opening the gates for EVERYONE was a mistake.
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    You are right to be concerned, just take a look at the wasteland forum, you have everything and it's a mess.
    Especially the topic "get your ideas in".
    Moderators/Inxile should really create another thread very similar to "get your ideas in" except that they post themselve the ideas but well worded. Or a selection of clever ideas which are in the initial thread.
    It would be much cleaner and faster.
    And no need to close the actual "get your ideas in" topic but as it is right now it's quite exhausting to go through it.
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    Oct 19, 2007
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    You guys should write about your concerns on Wasteland forums. I doubt this is the right place for someone from inXile to notice and take action
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    We did that in a thread and I even PM-ed one of the inXile staff. No response so far.

    My suggestion is - nuke the forum, delete all posts and start over. Or lock whole forum giving everyone some time to copy posts they think are worth copying and then start over.
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    This is as good a ground as any. Use our Wasteland forum for feedback if you want to avoid the busy or mixed nature of the official ones. InXile will read it.

    It's not really a problem so far. There's mixed signals but usually one side dominates heavily (like against romance/housing). Everybody gets a voice and that means you hear a lot of stuff, but it's usually pretty easy to see where the majority is leaning.
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    I agree with you Brother None, the forum should stay open.
    I just would have liked one clean, clever topic like "get your ideas in" where we can vote yes/no but only to well worded questions from moderator/Inxile.
    Of course InXile will do what they want but it will be a quick/clever way to give our advice avoiding the rest.
    Meantime i will do as you suggest now and post on the NMA wasteland forum if i got suggestion to formulate.
    Sorry for the topic hijack :oops:
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    Not to nit-pick, but why does (among other things) homosexuality = disaster? Was it a problem in F:NV?

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    Some people are homophobic enough that they consider any homosexual characters in a video game to be a disaster, apparently.
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    I don't conclude homophobia immediately, i like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so i like to think it must be some people have a flawed interpretation of 'realistic' characters in which minorities must be so rare, for the PC to run into any breaks immersion.

    I think Brian Fargo has enough experience in development and interacting with fans to pick out the ideas the community as a whole wants.

    As for player houses, as long as the 'house' ties to the setting, having a quest to say, set up your own Ranger Station hideout doesn't seem like a 'bad' idea to me. The BG2 player strongholds were a cool idea, had their own quests and were relevant to the player's character.
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    Man, this is amazing this is happening. I'd imagine a lot of the more hardcore fans ponied up the cash, therefore the concern regarding the more casual fans isn't a huge worry for me.

    What'll be interesting is how much the devs take on board, considering they've a whole host of lore to draw on.
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    Apr 26, 2003
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    May 22, 2010
    good find! I have voted on a few ideas. Some good ideas and some no-brainers in there.
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    On the issue of housing, I don't have a problem with it. Let's just not get too tied to the idea of a "house".

    The car in Fallout 2 served the same function as a house, which at the end of the day is mostly about storage. I'd love to see something like the F2 car.
  17. Lexx

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    Well, the car made you travel faster on the worldmap. A house does not and if it's only about dropping your items somewhere, I am pretty sure you can just place them somewhere in whatever map and be done with it.
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    This. I would rather see some kind of HQ like in the original, but greatly improved upon. If you are a Desert Ranger then you probably have a base of some sort, so why not really? I don't want it turning into a Bethesda experience either, but Fargo won't do that.
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    you know, sometimes I really think things have evolved. People became more intelligent. Or Wiser. Or what ever. That you don't have to "hide" really anymore.

    And then? Puff. All gone in 1 min.

    I see that happen so many times. Long time friends. People I work with.

    One thing I like about Vegas. I think they did a good job on that homosexuality thing. Its feels believable how its written.
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    Yeah, I agree. There are lots of opinions being bandied about, but it's pretty easy to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. I think things will become more focused once there are hard facts about the game to argue about.

    Of course, it wouldn't hurt to ban everyone under 30 from posting ideas. :mrgreen: